My Lead System Pro (Is It The Best Network Marketing Training for Home Business?)

Can MLSP Network Marketing Training Helps Your Home Business?

Whether you are are traditional home business owner or in network marketing business, My Lead System Pro might be one trusted solution to help you stop badgering your friends and family to join your business opportunity. 

Founded in 2008, this company prides itself as the pioneer in helping home business owners grow their business, particularly those in network marketing business.

It achieves this by providing businesses with the best network marketing training on how to attract fresh leads, recruit more signups and get sales by applying attraction marketing formula.

For the past one year, there were many updates made to this system but lack of updated reviews online. 

With the most updated information provided in My Lead System Pro 2019 review here, I hope it can help you decide whether MLSP is a good fit for your home business.

What is My Lead System Pro?
How Does MLSP Works?
Compensation Plan of My Lead System Pro 
Price of My Lead System Pro
Is My Lead System Pro A Scam?


Product Name: My Lead System Pro

Founder: Founded by Brian Fanale, Todd Schlomer & Norbert Orlewicz in 2008

Product Type: Network marketing training system with affiliate business opportunities

Price: From $49.97/month to $299.97/month (Detailed explanation below) + Upsells

Best For: Business owners, network marketers and experienced affiliate marketers

Summary: My Lead System Pro has excellent network marketing training focusing on attraction marketing formula. However it is quite costly and only suitable for people who are ready to pay for high ticket membership fee.

Rating: 80/100

Recommended: Yes, for experienced marketers

What is My Lead System Pro?

My Lead System Pro caters specifically for two types of people, one is people currently doing network marketing whereby their main objective is to get more leads, prospects, customers sales, and sign-ups in their network marketing company.

This group of people need the skills to build a network marketing team. 

The other type of people are those who are currently doing traditional business and looking to make more money by leveraging on the power of internet marketing.

This group of people either have their own products or planning to create books, courses, coaching services, etc to sell.

They will not be building a networking marketing team.

As mentioned earlier, MLSP focuses on a marketing strategy called “Attraction Marketing“, which simply means ATTRACTING customers to you by offering values to build your brand. 

This is one of a more effective strategies to make money online, used by many super affiliates.

To name some, they are Patric Chan, Naidy Phoon and Adeel Chowdhry.

It is not easy to apply attraction marketing strategies. 

You need to have content creation, lead generation, and page building skills and knowledge to profit from such strategy. 

MLSP understands this and therefore offers a series of training lesson so members can learn how to apply attraction marketing formula to grow their leads and sales online. 

This includes providing tools and various Done-for-You campaigns to help members quickly start a home business online, promoting MLSP.

How Does MLSP Works?

Other than the Done-for-You campaigns and Leadership Development program which I'll explain later, I'll first share with you features of MLSP network marketing training and tools inside member's dashboard.

MLSP Network Marketing Training  

There is a total of 46 different training inside member's Training Library. 

Other than teaching members about fundamentals of attraction marketing formula, list management and customer development, it also provides other online marketing training.

These training include blogging (learn how to start a beauty blog here), Instagram marketing (Learn how to become Instagram influencer), Facebook ads, creating eBook, video marketing, content creation, keyword research, prospecting strangers, sponsoring and recruiting, and many more.

All membership level will enjoy training wake-up call podcast and weekly marketing webinars to walk you through new information about network marketing and teach you what you need to do to set your system up.

As a premium member which is the highest level of membership, you can also get premium mentorship training, a special training from core member of the  MLSP's Executive Mastermind Team.

One downside about MLSP is you might feel overwhelmed with so many choices of training found inside this platform.

If you are a complete newbie, you won't even know which training to start with unless you have a dedicated mentor.

To enjoy this privilege, you need to become Premium member, which can be quite costly to most people.

Despite charging high subscription fee, I would say the network marketing training inside My Lead System Pro is indeed comprehensive compare to other one-time payment program like CB Passive Income which only provides you solo ads and YouTube marketing formula.

MLSP Tools & Software

On top of the comprehensive high quality training offered to MLSP members, to make online marketing works, there are also tools provided. 

Inside MLSP, you are provided with a list management tool, CRM software, and a basic tracking system.

These tools allow you to store information of your leads, write to and communicate with them to grow your business and also to track your campaign links .

The Done-for-You system consists more than 100 different types of ready-made campaigns for you invite people to join this program. 

These campaigns are categorized into 4 different groups that promote different products with unique commission rate, depending on the type of membership that you pay for. 

MLSP Campaigns
MLSP Profit Campaigns (100% profit for every sale made)
MLSP Product Campaigns
MLSP System Campaigns 

All campaigns will start with a lead capture page created using a tool called Funnelizer inside MLSP. 

This tool is very similar to WP Profit Builder that helps you to easily create lead capture pages and sales funnels. The only difference is WP Profit Builder is so much cheaper at one-time payment compared to MLSP.

Once your prospect subscribe through your page, they will be offered to join My Lead System Pro membership through different attraction marketing strategies applied within the system. 

And you will make an affiliate commission when someone pays.

Other than promoting existing Done-for-You campaigns, you can also build your own custom opt-in page, sales page and sales funnels to drive leads. 

Unless you are an experienced online marketer, otherwise I wouldn't advise you to do this.

One last tool that I would like to mention here is the newly introduced MLSP Sites. 

With this blogging feature, you can access to their premium hosting, security and plugins.

However MLSP Sites option is not available to basic membership which I'll explain later.

If you are keen to try blogging, you can get access to 2 free websites with this platform.

Affiliate Compensation Plan of My Lead System Pro 

Here comes the interesting part about its network marketing opportunities. 

The affiliate commission rate enjoyed by each MLSP member varies according to the leadership level they are in, ranging from 30% to more than 50% commission per sale. 

There is a total of 8 leadership stages you need to climb in order to make more money as MLSP affiliate. Here are 50 other ways to earn more money online.

Leadership Level: L1 – MLSP Partner Leader
Leadership Level: L2 – MLSP Pro Leader
Leadership Level: L3 – MLSP Industry Leader
Leadership Level: L4 – MLSP Master Leader
Leadership Level: L5 – MLSP HoneyBadger 
Leadership Level: L6 – MLSP Global Leader
Leadership Level: L7 – MLSP Galaxy Leader
Leadership Level: L8 – MLSP Partner Leader

To qualify for Level 1 leadership, you must at least recruit 2 direct premium members, Level 2 with 5 premium members and all the way up to Level 7 with 200 premium and Level 8 with 500 premium members. 

On top of the required numbers of premium members, My Lead System Pro also requires leaders of all levels to maintain certain percentage of “active” members to qualify for benefits offered in each stage. 

This means having 500 premium members who are not active will not quality you as MLSP Partner Leader, unless you achieve the minimum percentage of active members. 

Despite MLSP claims itself as an affiliate program, its multi-tiered membership stages and commission scheme might indicate otherwise.

Price of My Lead System Pro

Each new member will be offered a one-time opportunity to try out MLSP for 10 days at a price of $9.97. 

Once you are ready to take up this network business opportunity, you will then choose to pay $49.97, $149.97 or $299.97 per month, depending on the plan that you choose.

If you pay yearly, you might get around 10% discount.

The good news is all plans come with 30 days money back guarantee.

As a basic member, what you will be getting is really the basics which I don't think can help you start a home business to quit your day job. 

But if you already has a business and just want to grow more leads, then basic plan should be good to start with.

This is provided you do not need a business website as this feature is only available to member who signed up for Professional or Premium membership.

With basic membership, it might not possible for you to move up the leadership stages as the minimum criteria to qualify for Level 1 leadership is that you must have at least 2 premium referrals who pay $299.97 per month.

Is My Lead System Pro a Scam?

No, My Lead System Pro is definitely not a scam. 

In fact it is a market leader in attraction marketing and I would say MLSP has become a reputable virtual coach in network marketing industry. 

Like what I mentioned earlier, if you are an existing business owner, MLSP will be an excellent choice to grow more leads and customers by just joining basic membership.

However, if you want to excel and make 6 to 7 figure income as a real network marketer, then you must first be ready to invest into high ticket premium membership of $299.97 per month to truly optimize benefits of MLSP. 

This doesn't include other upsell training that can cost a few hundred to few thousand dollars which you can find some details here.

To tell you the truth, inside MLSP income disclaimer, it was reported for the month of November 2018, that checks with average amount of $558.74 were sent to only 18% of affiliates with an active account.

MLSP disclaimer clearly states that income of each affiliate marketer varies and highly depend on individual effort to achieve success.

Despite there are huge successes reported on the internet, however the average check amount is less than a thousand dollar.

Seriously, if you are new and paying $299.97 a month will put you in some form of financial stress, then I suggest you start by reading my free guide to start a small business online.

At least it's free and won't cost you anything.

I hope by now, you should already have a greater understanding on how My Lead System Pro works and can decide whether this business opportunity is for you.

If you've experience to share about any network marketing training, please do leave me a comment below.

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10 thoughts on “My Lead System Pro (Is It The Best Network Marketing Training for Home Business?)”

  1. This looks like great training for the more advanced marketer who knows what he is doing and has already seen some success in other avenues. I tried this for the trial period, and decided not to take them up on their offer as they were quite pricey and I didn’t have the time to devote enough time to the system.

    In the mean time I will carry on building my websites and selling products at my own pace and not be stressed about the huge financial outlay.

    1. True, price is one factor that turn off many people. And it is quite worrying to know that only 18% of MLSP active affiliates receive affiliate check in Nov’18. Guess it really takes extreme hard work to make it in network marketing industry. You have a website too? What’s the domain? 

  2. This is indeed an amazing program where I believe many leads can be generated. In fact, I am considering to join this program too. 

    However, the cost of joining is really too high. If anyone wants to access to its blogging platform, you need to pay at least $150 per month. 

    Do you happen to know any cheaper strategy or program to start a small online business? 

    1. Hi Peter, 

      In fact, there are many good programs out there. But not every good program is suitable for everyone. Before you select a program, you really need to consider many things like how I managed to identify my best internet marketing course by asking these questions. 

      If you are on a tighter budget and want an affordable strategy, paying lesser for advertisement, I suggest you to check out My FREE Guide to start a small business online. 

      Inside this guide, you can find free strategies that I used to make money online. Hope this helps. 


      Florence Ki

  3. Thank you for presenting this information. It does look like it could be of help to certain people, if they already have some knowledge and some income from their business. It looks too costly, though, for someone who is relatively new to network marketing or online business. 

    I appreciate your honesty and forthrightness in pointing out the benefits of MLSP, and at the same time offering a free guide that could help anyone, regardless of their present budget.

    I myself have tried a few different network marketing business, and have received a little bit of training in that. But I was never able to really see success in network marketing. Personally, I have found affiliate marketing to be much easier.

    Thanks again for the great review!

    1. Great that you find this post valuable. Actually I’ve seen quite a few people earning a lot of money doing network marketing. However, what they didn’t share with you is how much they actually invest to reach where they are now. 

      In any business, it is either you use “money” or “time” to earn more. There’s no doubt about it. Only you know how much money or time you have. 

      That’s why not all program is for everyone who wanted to make money online. To the least, MLSP is not for me as I am not ready to invest in such high ticket program. 

      For me, I rather learn from Wealthy Affiliate, applying SEO-optimized content strategy to build my authority blog and monetize. It takes longer time but can really yield decent income without paying extra for advertisement. 

      Here’s how I make money learning from Wealthy Affiliate after the first few months joining. 

  4. This is the first time I have heard/read about MLSP. I do not view it as an opportunity for persons who are just starting out on the internet to break into the online marketing world. Especially if you are low on funds. My experience has shown that in spite of the profits of selling high ticket items it is often more difficult to make the sale than if – as a new, small business owner – you begin by selling cheaper affiliate products. So while MLSP may be a very good platform for an online busness, if you do not have the funds they are asking for, that can take you through at least six months with a return on investment, then I suggest that you look elsewhere. 

    1. Yes, I won’t risk my hard earned money to invest in a program that requires such costly investment. I rather spend money taking real lessons from real program that are packed with high quality training content than high income affiliate opportunities. I guess MLSP membership fees is charged so high because they spend a lot of resource to develop their multi-tier affiliate system. Unless you really take action on this system and have some money to buy advertisement, otherwise I suggest anyone to just get my free guide to start online business

  5. I mean at MLSP they must be doing something right, if they’ve already been around for roughly 10 years.

    I would love to some day go through all of what that system offers, sadly I don’t have a budget for it at the moment.

    Either way, the article was really insightful. I learned a lot. For what it seem to offer, it’s probably also well worth the money. In that sense, it’s pretty awesome that they offer what essentially is a trial version. One thing that I wanted to ask on that though as you might know this.

    What kind of access do you get for the learning materials at MLSP with the trial version? Is it all of it? Or is it rather only a small percentage or some very basic courses?

    Looking forward to your reply!

    Cheers and have a Great One!


    1. Hi Matiss, if you sign up for free trial of MLSP, you will get access to all features offered to basic members. This means you get all the 46 training courses, done-for-you funnels, webinars, private community group, custom autoresponder integration, bonus marketing guides and pdfs, and many more.  

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