Neways International is Now Modere: Should You Invest Into This MLM Company?

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Welcome to My Neways International Review

Hey guys! I’m back once again to give you the latest reviews – for now I will be giving you the straight facts about Neways International, an MLM company founded in 1987, originally called “Images and Attitudes”, thereafter rebrand as “Neways International” in 1992, and currently using the name “Modere” since 2015.

Now, before I move on to introducing Neways International to you, let’s first distinguish multi-level marketing (MLM) company from a pyramid scheme.

An MLM company focuses to provide both products and training to its customers and distributors. Even though the main focus of an MLM company is to promote its products, members are also encourage to earn commissions as distributors.

What is Neways International?
Inside Neways International
Who is Neways International For?
The Truth About Neways International
Things I Like About Neways International
Is Neways International A Scam?
How I Start A Small Business Online

Unlike pyramid scheme, MLM is not a scam. A pyramid scheme will eventually become a big scam as it focuses to recruit people to generate profits but not on creating valuable products for clients.

In short, a pyramid scheme only wants to get your money and having a product is just a disguise.

This review aims to determine whether Neways International is another pyramid scheme or a legit MLM company that offers great values to both its customers and distributors.

Before I continue, if you are tired of scams, and want to know how you can start a legit online business so you could quit your day job, then I suggest you to follow the steps I took that has allowed me to earn a full time income working at home.

Here’s my honest Neways International review from an independent 3rd party.


Product Name:
Neways International (rebranded as Modere in 2015)

Founder/Owner: Founded by Thomas and Leslie Mower

Product Type: Health and Wellness Multi-level Marketing Company

Price: $29.95 distributor kit, plus $399 Builder Collection Package

Best For: People who are experienced in networking, sales or even familiar with how affiliate marketing works. Must be passionate about the products.

Summary: Neways International, now Modere is a legit MLM company that sells health and wellness products, at the same time recruits people through both online and offline channels. Like other reputable MLM companies, Neways International offers valuable products.

However, it can be hard to earn money because of the saturated market and also infamous history of its fraudulent owners including product violation issues.

Rating: 5/10

Recommendation: Yes, if you are passionate about its products, otherwise it’s very tough to persist until achieve success.

What is Neways International?

Neways, International, now Modere was founded by Thomas and Leslie Mower in Springville, Utah in 1987. It is a Multi-Level Marketing company that offers only safe, eco-friendly products, categorized into personal care, health and wellness, and household care.

What makes Modere different from other MLM companies is their concept of safety and social retail. Modere is said to be the first MLM company that introduces this innovative concept into their marketing & distribution strategy.

Social Retail is a business model where distributors or clients are rewarded for sharing their experience of each product on individual preferred social platforms. Rewards can come in the form of cash, reward points or other form of bonus.

If you want to know more about how social retail works, watch their explaner video below:

In 2006, Neways International was acquired by Golden Gate Capital and now under the name Modere, owned by Z Capital and some other shareholders, including its Chairman Robert Conlee.

Robert Conlee is not a new kid on the block and in fact he has established a good credibility in MLM industry. He was the CEO of Xango and President of NuSkin before joining Neways International as CEO and now as Modere Chairman.

Now let us dig further to find out what’s the business opportunities Modere is offering.

Inside Neways International

After doing a robust research on available latest reviews on Modere, members’ feedbacks and clients’ experiences, here are some important details about Modere that you must know.

The Products That Emphasize on Safety

When I visited Modere website, I was impressed by their wide range of products, particularly the fact that their products are chemical-free attracts me.

Modere products fall into 4 main categories namely:

  • Collagen Sciences –products that have collagen and act as supplements
  • Health and Wellness –food supplements such as vitamins, fiber and omega-3
  • Personal care – the usual skin care, hair, and bath products
  • Home care –hand soap, laundry powder and dishwashing liquid

Although I haven’t personally try their products, the most popular product as recommended online is the M3 Body System comprising of 3 product items combined with a lifestyle-based approach to weight loss.

These are the 3 supplements that form part of the M3 Body System:

  1. Burn – increases your metabolism rate so you burn more calories
  2. Sustain – a pea protein powder which suppresses your appetite, decrease calories and provide protein to your body
  3. Sync – a fiber supplement which improves digestion

Ideally, you have to take 3 supplements and make 3 lifestyle changes for a minimum duration of 3 months.

There’s a guarantee that you can definitely lose weight if you follow through their guideline, otherwise, you are entitled for a refund. People who went through this program can expect to loss around 1-2 lbs. a week.

Some lifestyle change recommendation under this program include cutting down on sugary drinks, refined flour, white rice and to avoid oily foods. This includes drinking sufficient water and walk at least 7,500 steps a day.

Despite this lifestyle change is quite challenging, however there are many success stories you can find from real Modere members. And that’s pretty impressive.

Become A Social Marketer

Basic Requirement: To become a “Social Marketer”, you have to purchase their distributor kit worth $29.95. That’s the minimum requirement.

The distributor kit includes product training and marketing materials. Ultimately, you still need to buy their products in order to make your selling more convincing.

Their social marketer program consists of weekly training from in-house Modere team in the Facebook group that offers some basic operational training on how to work around membership site.

If you are always on the run, there’s a corporate training app for social marketers too. Most are basic stuffs and nothing much about social media marketing.

Option to Earn More as Builder: If you are serious to build this as a full-time business, you can opt to buy into their $399 Builder Collection Packages that includes products you can use to promote your business.

To give you an idea of their Builder Collection Packages, there are 4 types of packages you can choose from, depending on your needs:

  • Pro Fitness
  • Pro Skin Care
  • Pro Collagen 
  • Ultimate Pro

Whether you are buying Distributor Kit or Builder Collection Package, training on how to promote Modere products and recruit distributors through online channels is really minimal.

Unless the person who sponsor you into this program is skillful in online recruitment, creating online sales funnels and experienced in multiple sales networking techniques, otherwise you might need to pay additional to learn from external courses.

So, you will still end up investing more to successfully run this business. Unless you are passionate about Modere business concept and its products, otherwise this business can’t be long term.

You’ll lose interest when can’t see results after some time.

Compensation Plan

People will normally join an MLM company with the hope to earn a full time income so they have time flexibility, at the same time enjoy life with the wealth they accumulated.

Just like most MLM companies, there are three main types of income you can earn in Modere. Let me explain each to you one by one.

Customer Acquisition Bonus: You can earn up to 60% from your customers first order and up to 25% from re-orders, depending on your MLM ranking.

As you move up the rank in this MLM compensation plan, you can earn more. Here is how the bonus structure works:

There is a total of 1 + 7 ranks or titles offered in their compensation plan. Why do I say 1 + 7 but not 8?

Like what I’ve mentioned just now, most MLM companies are only allowed to create over-riding commission or bonuses up to 7 levels. That’s the reason why if you are just a Promoter, no overriding commission is given.

As a promoter, you will enjoy 10% commission when someone buys with your MLM link. This is called Customer Acquisition Bonus (CAB). However, you won’t earn anything from customer reorders.

The commission percentage of CAB that you receive depends on your current MLM rank.

For example, as a Platinum member with 15 active customers, you will earn 50% CAB and each time they reorder, you’ll get 20% retail commission.

This also means the higher rank they opt to join as new member, the more they’ll pay to buy products. Which means, you can get more Retail Commission and CAB.

In short, you get to earn bigger bonuses when your downline buys more products and recruits more people.

Additional Bonuses and Incentives: These could be in the form of incentive trips, prizes and free products. For example, the more activity points you earn from customer referrals, social marketers can earn free products. You also get a chance to have an all-expenses paid vacation to various countries if you qualify for a Modere Escape.

Modere gives social marketers different bonuses to motivate them but you must have significant achievement in order to get these bonuses. This means, you must work very hard to recruit and ensure your downline continue to be active. It’s never as simple as it looks.

  • First Order Bonus
  • Team 3 Bonus
  • Lifestyle Consistency Bonus
  • Elite Team Lifestyle Consistency Bonus
  • Dynamic Team Leader & Director Bonus
  • 4 & More Builder Bonus
  • Sharing Bonus
  • Consistency Selling Reward
  • Leadership Development Bonus

MLM compensation plan is very confusing but the principle remains the same. As you move up the rank, you'll unlock more commissions but this does not mean you can work lesser as there's a constant need to continuously recruit new members.

Who Is Neways International For?

Neways International (now known as Modere) is ideal for people who have vast experience in doing network marketing and sales.

As this MLM company encourages members to do their promotion online, this person must have prior experience with driving online sales using various methods such as paid advertisement, traffic from Facebook and organic traffic through SEO and other organic traffic sources.

Modere products are priced to suit middle-income earner and therefore anyone who already have similar networks of friends will be an added advantage.

However, we all know it’s never as easy as it claims to earn full time income in MLM industry. Being an affiliate marketer myself, I’ll only choose few of Modere products to promote and earn affiliate commission.

I won’t focus to build teams and expand this business even if I join. It’s just too tedious to manage all your downlines who come from different background, culture, needs and expectation.That’s just too much work to do.

If you too agree to what I say, here's how you can become affiliate marketer as a complete beginner.

The Truth About Neways International

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the old Neways International. I have made my own digging and let me share with you the facts which I found.

Truth #1 Involvement in Scandals

Although the old Neways International has been promoting wellness, it has been involved in several controversies.

Back in 1993, the FDA ordered a product recall of one of Neways’ weight-loss products because it contained harmful amounts of prescription drugs.

Then in 2003, Neways violated another law when it sold an anti-aging dietary supplement containing HGH (human growth hormone), which requires a prescription.

Another major scandal is the tax evasion case where the Neways founders Thomas and Leslie Mower were convicted in 2006. These are major red flags in terms of leadership.

However, all this happened before rebranding to Modere. I guess that’s also the reason why this company decided to do a total rebranding – to erase the inglorious past!

Truth #2 Saturated Market

With the many MLM companies in health and wellness niche, competition can be very intense.

If you are not passionate about the products, you would find it difficult to compete in this crowded marketplace. And before you even achieve success, you could have lose interest and give up.

Running an MLM business requires the promoter to have consistent passion and energy in order to influence others to do the same.

The desire to get rich is not sufficient to help you keep going. Unless you really have strong belief with the company, otherwise I bet no one can sustain this business.

Truth #3 Not Easy As Claimed

If you’re a newbie and literally have no experience in multi-level marketing, then you will have a hard time making money based on Modere’s compensation plan.

You can’t get rich by selling products alone. If you look at Modere's 2017 Income Disclosure, the figures are kind of depressing.

The truth is, approximately 90% of the social marketers can't even manage to earn an annual average income over $5,000. Imagine you are only earning this meagre amount per annum despite the huge amount of time and money you’ve invested, won’t you free frustrated?

The 2% people who is really making a real income from Modere is either extremely good with network marketing or most probably they entered the industry at an early stage, therefore capture more market share.

Again, I prefer to earn money from promoting various products rather than putting all my focus on one MLM company, so I won't have to face the stress of managing downlines.

Wealthy Affiliate Login

Things I Like About Neways International

Despite I have no intention to build a full-time business with any MLM companies, but I can’t deny that there are still many things I like about this company.

For instance, I like the social retail concept focusing on online social marketing to drive sales and recruitment. Well, it’s never easy to convert cold leads to become customers, but if you get your sales funnel right, the business can be scaled at tremendous speed through the web.

Therefore, it’s important to choose an upline or sponsor who knows the best techniques used in social marketing so they can give you free training.

The best thing about social marketing is that you can automate your sales funnel using tools like LeadPages, Thrive Architect, Unbounce and Lander App to get leads and sales, instead of meeting them face-to-face.

Another thing I like about Modere is their clean label approach to 30 years of product development and manufacturing. There are no harmful ingredients such as sodium fluoride, petrolatum, mineral oil, phosphates and parabens in any Modere products.

A number of companies also boasted of eco-friendly products such as Herbalife, Beachbody and Advocare.

What makes Modere special is not only their products are eco-friendly but even their manufacturing plants utilize 100% wind power. Their product packaging is also 100% environment-friendly!

Is Neways International A Scam?

Neways International (now rebrand as Modere) is a legit MLM company, operated for 30 years that offers only safe, high quality eco-friendly products to their clients.

Despite the controversies surrounding the company, their BBB rating is still A+. All customers’ complaints were addressed without delay. I would say their support system is superb.

However, it’s very painful to recruit, nurture and retain your downline. That’s why I won’t recommend anyone who has no networking and social marketing skills to join this company.

There’s just too much to do in order to move up to the top. Distributor retention rate is low as most people give up before achieving success.

If you just want to earn a full time income, then I would recommend you to focus on promoting products from multiple MLM companies instead on one. At least, you won’t need to manage downline.

What you need to do is just to focus on generating online traffic through affiliate marketing techniques and earn commission.

This way, you can already earn 10 times more than the 90% people who failed in MLM companies. No stress to manage downlines at all.

How I Start A Small Business Online

My journey in putting up a small business online promoting affiliate products wasn’t an easy one. I had to juggle my online business while working in a 9 to 5 job.

It took me a lot of effort to finally get to the place where I finally managed to earn enough money to leave my full-time job.

Now, I’m happy earning affiliate commission at the same time earning decent consultancy fees from proving marketing services to local businesses.

If you want to learn how I managed to do this, I suggest you check out my free guide to start a small business online.

Again, no pain no gain. It’s all about hard work and consistently taking action.

I hope you learned a lot from my Neways International review and please share with your friends if you like this review so they can make informed decision.

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4 thoughts on “Neways International is Now Modere: Should You Invest Into This MLM Company?”

  1. Boniface-AndroidBix

    I tried one MLM back in 2009 while I was a broke college guy. Just like other people, I struggled even to buy the starter kit – it was only around $30 at that time. Since then, I never want to try MLM anymore as I was compelled to buy into more products to convince my downlines into buying the same. Just can’t afford to continuously invest more without seeing much return. Never heard about affiliate marketing for mlm products. Will definitely give it a try. Do you know any training course that’s good to start affiliate marketing? 

  2. Thank you for this insight into Modere. I totally agree with you that it’ll be difficult for a company who has bad history to re-brand themselves. This makes it even more difficult for their members to convince buyers that there’s nothing wrong with their products. Don’t think anyone can make enough money from this MLM company to sustain their daily living, unless they have good online marketing skills. 

    1. That’s exactly what I’m trying to say. Rather than spending money to buy these MLM products to start the business, better to invest in a good affiliate marketing course and choose good products from multiple MLM companies, promote and earn affiliate commission. At least your investment can be diversified. Here’s one best training course you might want to consider. 

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