Non-Blogger Youth Lose 61% of Their Lifetime

Most graduates will start to look for a job after leaving college. However we all know that most jobs available are not able to support the high cost of living. With the rapid growth in internet, venturing online has become one viable alternative that provides various opportunities for the unemployed youth.

There are many young millionaires who do not own any high rise building but instead work in their pyjamas at the comfort of their home. Don’t be surprise that youth with rugged jeans and t-shirt who walked passed you is a millionaire. Most of them start blogging in their teens.

You can become one too. What you need is just to create a WordPress account and start writing your first post. It's free anyway. Alternatively, you may want to consider the platform I’m using now that comes with 2,000 beautifully designed website templates. Just key in your preferred domain below and start blogging. It is entirely free and requires less than 30 seconds to start.


If you are still a youth, here are 4 awesome reasons to start.

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#1 Blogging fills up your free time

Youth are perceived as innocent and lack of direction to many. They often do not know how they should embark in their career. Many youth would procrastinate by constantly continuing their college life, taking degree after another. Some will even attempt to do poorly in college in order to stay longer and avoid getting into working life.

Another very common procrastination is to surf the net until wee hours without any objective or simply play games non-stop. They just want to spend their time to kill boredom. Others who are more extreme tend to mix with the wrong person, get drunk, involve in morally wrong act or even regular fights. Well, I am not saying all youth are the same. There are many who act positively too.

Blogging is a way of positive experiment unlike other negative acts mentioned earlier. Being a youth, you can share your emotion, passion and knowledge with the world simply by blogging. This can influence in a positive manner. It definitely gives you a sense of satisfaction and place you on a whole new level.

#2 Gives you a sense of significance

Let’s be frank. Everyone needs to feel some sort of significance in their life. They want to feel needed and important to others. Being a youth, I am sure you need acknowledgement more than anyone else. It literally boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Imagine you receive acknowledgement from people whom you have never met before … wouldn’t you feel on top of the world? You will then be more than happy to help others. You can make the world more beautiful simply by blogging.

I’ve been interacting with many people since I start blogging. This really makes me feel good. It feels even better when my readers write good comment about my blog. Such achievement is something money cannot buy.

#3 Face the Real World Now

Blogging enables youth to understand the real world adult is always talking about. Getting into a college does not guarantee you a decent job anymore. The world is so competitive nowadays that you have to acknowledge the challenges you are going to face when leaving college.

There are still many naive people who think blogging is the easiest way to earn a living. That's what make people who failed online perceive earning money from blogging is a myth. This is totally wrong. Like being in employment, in order to earn from blogging, you need to put in effort and be persistent. There’s no shortcut at all. When you start blogging, you will be able to understand the effort and consistency required to earn yourself more credit. By then, you will realize how the real world works.

We all know the real word is tough. It is a matter of whether you choose to face the truth now or later. By blogging, you will be able to confront the reality while you are still young and full of energy. By the time you reach my age, most probably you can relax and travel around the world as and when you like it.

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#4: You are in control

Life is full of challenges that often occur at a time you least expect. If you are not in control, how are you going to respond positively to the challenges? The deeper you move into the college system, the lesser control you will have. The uncontrollable situation will become stronger as you move into the workplace. But why?

Many people who leave college will be locked into a 9 to 5 job. They have to clock in for work everyday just like a machine. I am no different from them now …. still working for others; just because I started blogging late. I am not saying working for others is wrong. But being a youth, you can have better choice.

There’s minimal flexibility when you are working for others. Basically, you are not in control for 18 hours everyday (10 hours working including travelling time and 8 hours sleeping time). Assuming you are working 20 days a month, it means your total uncontrollable time per year can be calculated as follow.

Uncontrollable hours

You are not in control 61% of your time if you work for others!

How many people have you seen working from 9am to 5pm everyday? If you see yourself moving towards this direction, maybe is the right time to start blogging and be in control again.

Time is money. If you start now as a blogger, by the time you complete your study, you will then have full control on how to spent your time. You do not need to follow the status quo and get into rat race in the employment world.

Start Blogging Now

To parents who are reading this, you can consider encouraging your child to start blogging now. This will indirectly made them master the art of writing and other skills such as creating video, podcast, infographic and many more.

For youth who are interested to start your own blog, you can get started here. This is where I learn content creation too. When you are inside, do connect with me (here's my profile). For those who are interested to know more on how to monetize your content, please stay tune for my next article. See you.

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2 thoughts on “Non-Blogger Youth Lose 61% of Their Lifetime”

    1. Hi John,

      I started blogging 10 years ago to promote my spa business. During those time, anything you post will be taken up. It was very easy to drive traffic. However it is not the same anymore. You need to put in more effort and good strategy to succeed.

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