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Today I am going to review Norwex, an MLM company that sells home cleaning materials and promises people to earn a fulltime income through its multi-tier income opportunity.

My aim for this review is to give you a third-person perspective about its very intriguing business opportunity to help you make better decisions.

What is Norwex?
Most Popular Norwex Product
How to Make Money With Norwex?
Who is Norwex For?
The Truth About Norwex
Things I Like About Norwex
Can You Make Money As MLM Consultant with Norwex?
How I Start A Small Business Online

Will this company gives you the lofty life it promises? Is it worth investing your hard-earned money? Will you live the life you want by becoming one of its consultants?

I know a lot of you are looking for legitimate ways to make money online and finally quit your demanding job.

Like you, I too have searched for a legitimate business opportunity online until I have found a proven strategy that helped me earn a full-time income from home.

If you want to learn how I earned a full-time income without doing MLM, please feel free to check out my My #1 Recommendation.

Meanwhile, if you want to know how to make money as an MLM consultant with Norwex, then here’s what you must know.


Product Name: Norwex

Founder/Owner: Bjørn Nicolaisen

Product Type: Home cleansing and personal care MLM company

Price:  $200

Best For:  Moms and housewives who enjoy selling homecare and personal care products

Summary: Norwex is a legitimate MLM company that sells chemical-free homecare and personal care products. While you may earn extra money with Norwex, it has very demanding requirements which will make you rethink of joining. Other than that, there are more things you should know about this company making it a smart move to read first before signing up to it.

Rating: 6/10

Recommendation: No

What is Norwex?

Founded by Bjørn Nicolaisen in 1994, Norwex is a Norwegian MLM company that sells eco-friendly home cleaning and personal care products. Unlike ordinary products found in malls, Norwex is said to be chemical-free, therefore they are safe for use at home.

Like many MLM company, it claims to help people earn money by selling its products and earning commissions through the recruitment system.

If this is your first time to hear about MLM, it is a legitimate business that offers members a multi-level income opportunity.

MLM is often mistaken as a pyramid scheme because of its recruitment structure. However, while MLM’s purpose is to move products, pyramiding scheme is more focused on recruiting people to earn a share of the investment money that members put into the company.

If you want to know more about pyramid scheme, do check out the FDC explanation about pyramid scheme.

Moving forward with Norwex, I believe they do sell great products. Before jumping into conclusions, I want to take you to what’s inside this MLM company so you will know whether you can make money at all or not.

Most Popular Norwex Product

Norwex sells tons of chemical-free homecare and personal care products. Each product is aimed to improve the quality of life by radically reducing chemicals at home, which is actually a good cause especially for families with kids.

The flagship product is called EnviroCloth, which is a wildly popular micro-silver cloth with anti-bacterial fiber features that breakdowns germs and bacteria.

All you need is to dip into the water and wipe in dirt-stricken areas at home, such as your sink, bedroom tables, and furniture.

It is sold at $18.99 which is slightly more expensive than those cleaning cloth sold in online market like this microfiber cloth sold in Amazon, which is only $12.81 for one pack containing 21 pieces.

How to Make Money With Norwex

To start earning money with Norwex, you need to become a Norwex consultant by paying $200 for its starter kit, which includes training, marketing, and other materials to help you get started with your business.

However, as a new consultant, you may get the kit for FREE if you’re able to sell $2000 in sales within the first three months but you still have to pay the tax plus the shipping fee which is $9.99.

To reach this sales quota, you would have to throw on average 3-4 parties within the first three months.

Throwing parties is the main strategy to earn money, recruit people, get free products, and get discounts when making from selling Norwex products.

If you’re a consultant, you can host a party in your own home or invite another consultant to host the party in her home.

The amount of money you can earn by throwing parties will depend on how convincing you are as a salesperson.

However, on average a host can earn between $200-400 in free product. You can sell these products at their suggested retail price and get their full cost as your profit.

Norwex Parties

Here’s an example of how the party works. If you host a party and you convince 5 guests to buy your product, you will get the famous EnviroCloth for free.

The more buying guests, the more free products you can get, which you can sell to earn their full cost.

You can also earn discounts for your next purchase if you host parties. On average, you can earn $160 if you host 1 party in a week.

You’ll earn the greatest discount worth $3,200 if you are able to host 5 parties in four weeks. The image below will show you a run-down of the discount you’ll earn by hosting as many parties as you can.

NOTE: As a consultant, you will need to host parties in order to gain more sales and advance in rank.

Now, moving on with Norwex’s compensation, I love that this company is very product-oriented and pretty simple allowing you to earn in two ways – Retail Sales and Commissions.

But here’s the catch…!

While Norwex’s commission structure becomes bigger and bigger as you rank up, the requirements for keeping your position and commission also gets tougher.

Basically, there is a total of 8 rankings in Norwex as per image below.

You will need to reach a specific sales quota every month and maintain a specific number of active downlines in order to advance in rank. As you advance in rank, the requirements get harder and harder, making it hard for you to keep up.

Now let’s talk about each income stream starting with the retail sales.

Retail Sales

As a Norwex consultant, you can 35% profit by selling its products. This is probably the most straightforward way to earn money through Norwex and apparently higher than other MLM business.

But I can’t say it is the easiest way to earn money because, in order to sell as many products as you can, may be working throughout the day and night convincing people to buy from you.

As I’ve said before, you need to host parties in order to make more sales and get discounts for your next product purchase from Norwex.

In my opinion, hosting parties just to sell products is a costly investment aside from the fact that it is no longer the most effective way to promote products.

Tier-Based Commissions

When you’re a consultant, you’re not eligible to earn commissions yet.

You can only start earning 3% commission when you become a Team Coordinator which is the second rank next to the Sales Consultant. Put it simply, you’ll have to reach level 2 in order to start earning commissions.

To reach there, you need to have at least 3 personal recruits and a total of $250 in personal retail sales for each calendar month. Hence, you need to host as many parties as you can to generate more sales and build more downlines.

As I said, the commissions get bigger as you advance in rank. If you want to earn more commissions you need to host parties more seriously and recruit members in order to keep up with the requirements.

Higher commissions are realized when you become an Executive Sales Leader where you can earn 5% commission on group sales, 2% on your personal recruits, and 2% on your personal level downline.

However, in order to become an Executive Sales Leader, you need to submit minimum of $400 in personal sales and maintain 25 active consultants in your downline, which is pretty demanding and difficult to achieve unless you work very hard.

The commission continues to rise as your rank level goes up.More commissions and bonuses open up when you reach the highest rank, which is the Senior Vice President Sales Leader.

When you become Senior Vice President Sales Leader, you will earn all commissions up to your 5th level downline plus bonuses, which is shown in the image below.

However, in order to become a Vice President Sales Leader, you need to have 85 Engaged Personal Recruits, 600 Engaged Consultants in your Commissionable Downline, and $750 in retail sales every month to keep your status and $1000 personal retail sales to keep your commissions.

Although Norwex sound cool at first, I doubt if anyone can sustain this business. The fact that you’ll have to abide with their increasing requirements to continue receiving commissions is very demanding.

The need to maintain a monthly sales quota only pressures you to host a lot of parties to dispose of products while the need to maintain active downlines forces you to fall into the vicious cycle of recruiting people.

Moreover, sourcing parties to recruit people and nurturing downlines to commit and follow-through the MLM process can be very challenging and time consuming.

It’s like you’d be constantly begging someone to help earn company incentives that are actually very little in value compared to the effort you would be spending to nurture downlines.

Who is Norwex For?

Norwex is only for highly persistent and self-motivated individuals who are willing to a walk extra mile hosting parties, selling products, and recruiting people for more commission.

MLM business might be appealing for someone desperate of a cozy lifestyle but only a few people have gotten rich with this business. As with Norwex’s compensation structure, only the ones on top are able to enjoy big income while those at the bottom end up with table scraps.

In order to thrive with MLM, you must be very hardworking and persistent otherwise MLM business won’t work for you. The question is: are you ready to give up your present job to join the MLM industry?

If you’re not willing to fully commit being that person, then the best answer is no.

The Truth About Norwex

Norwex seems really a good company if you want to start earning extra income but as I’ve said, there are many things that you should know first before signing up to it. Here are some truths about Norwex.

Truth #1: Oftentimes Mistaken as a Pyramiding Scheme

Norwex literally lists the increasing number of recruits needed for you to advance up each rank and be eligible for more commissions, which forces you to focus a lot on recruiting as much as you focus on selling products.

This structure oftentimes put Norwex in question for being a pyramid scheme but the fact that they also put emphasis on sales and require you to increase sales to move up the ranks is a good sign.

The drawback of being rumored as a pyramid scheme is that people focus more on the negative feedback, making it hard for newbies to sell its products including the idea of making money through its MLM business opportunity.

Truth #2: It Uses the House Party Model Which is Very Outdated

As I’ve explained above, Norwex will have you host parties as the only way to teach people to run this business, which is an outdated style for recruiting people and selling products.

Hosting parties can be very costly, and can take a lot of time and effort which is not a wise investment especially for newbies.  Sooner or later, you will run out of people to invite and you won’t have enough people going to your party.

In the end, you’re leaving money on the table when you can reach a lot of people leveraging the internet.

If I were you, I would promote multiple products from different companies through an affiliate website, which doesn’t require too much effort like MLM.

Truth #3: Expensive Investment Due to Inventory Loading

The fact that Norwex requires members to maintain a monthly sales quota in order to keep their ranks and earn commission tempts you to engage in inventory loading.

In the compensation plan, I have explained that the sales requirement increases as you advance in rank. If you can’t meet the sales requirement, you’ll be convinced to purchase products yourself so you can stay active.

Inventory loading is the act of overstocking or stockpiling products, which you can barely sellout just to reach the sales requirement and be eligible for commissions and bonuses.

Truth #4: Misleading Claims Over Products

Norwex claims that its microfiber cloth can remove 99% of bacteria from the surface but it is not entirely true. The company’s microfiber cloth may be far superior in picking up dirt but there’s no way to prove it is capable of removing 99% bacteria which can only be seen through a microscope.

Truth #5: No Income Disclosure

I tried to search for information about Norwex income disclosure but found nothing making it hard to tell whether its members are actually earning money.

MLM companies are required to publish their income disclosure for transparency. Since Norwex doesn’t have a compensation plan, it has clearly remised in its duty to allow potential distributors to have real insight into its plan by purposely omitting a piece of very important information.

Things I Like About Norwex

The goal to help households become chemical-free through its natural products is one of the few things I like about Norwex. With the prevalent issue of pollution, it is highly important for people to prioritize optimum health by using chemical-free products.

Norwex also offers 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee which enables members to get a refund if not satisfied with its products.  However, although there are things I like about Norwex I still would not recommend this as a business opportunity to anyone.

There is no experimental proof for the anti-bacterial effects of its products, which makes me doubt if they can remove bacteria at all.

Also, the 60-day money-back guarantee may be a progressive strategy to drive sales but the refund process can be tedious you’ll end up keeping the product instead of returning them.

Can You Make Money As MLM Consultant With Norwex?

Norwex is a legitimate MLM business that sells chemical-free products. However, I do not think Norwex is the best way to make money as MLM Consultant.

Unlike Jeunesse that encourages members to promote and recruit people online, Norwex still focuses to hold home parties. That’s is too tedious and time consuming to truly earn a decent living with MLM.

If you want to earn money without going through the tedious process of hosting parties and keeping with the demanding requirements of this company, I recommend that you promote products from multiple MLM companies using affiliate marketing.

This way you can have more product choices, earn multiple sources of MLM commission and won’t be tied up with a single MLM company.

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How I Start a Small Business Online

I used to do MLM for a short time but the need to spend more time and effort in order to earn a very small amount made me quit. Being rejected by people – including friends and families –  after putting so much effort in selling face-to-face is also very demotivating.

So I ventured into a new business called affiliate marketing where I was able to earn a decent income without hard selling and begging people to make purchase.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying MLM is not a good system. You may earn extra income with MLM but the process is just too complex and challenging for me.

If you want to learn a simpler way to earn money, do get my free guide and follow through the process.

Unlike MLM, the strategies that I will be sharing to you do not involve complex process allowing you to comfortably work from home.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my Norwex review. If you find this information useful, feel free to share it in any of your social media channels.

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