Opinion Outpost Review: Is This Paid Survey Site Worth Your Time?

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Welcome to My Opinion Outpost Review

Joining paid survey sites is a well-known method to make additional money online. With most sites having hundreds of thousands of members, there's no other online cash making strategy quite as popular.

However, the trend of other similar work at home strategies to earn profits on the Internet has somehow turned the web into a place full of scam sites.

This is actually why you have to find out the legitimacy of survey programs before giving them a shot.

If you've found my blog, I am sure you have been looking for an honest Opinion Outpost Review.

As you've come this far to know if this site is worthwhile to spend time answering surveys, I'm definitely not going to disappoint you. Do make sure to finish reading this.

What is Opinion Outpost?
Inside Opinion Outpost
Who is Opinion Outpost For?
The Truth About Opinion Outpost
Things I Like About Opinion Outpost
Is Opinion Outpost A Scam?
How I Start A Small Business Online


Product Name: Opinion Outpost

Founder/Owner: Dynata (www.dynata.com)

Product Type: Paid Survey

Price: Free to join

Best For: Anyone who do not mind to try their luck doing survey just to earn a few extra bucks

Summary: Opinion Outpost is similar like other online paid survey sites. As as you sign up, verify and update your profile, you will have access to the preliminary surveys. However, reports of low memberships, few offered surveys, non-credited points, closed accounts makes this not a worthwhile site to spend your time with.
Recommended: No, if you want to earn full time income

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What is Opinion Outpost?

Opinion Outpost is a paid survey program owned by a survey reserch consultancy firm called Dynata (known once as Survey Sampling International). This company also has other numerous sister sites like SurveySpot, OpinionWorld, and Choozz.

The company's headquarter is listed in Shelton, Connecticut, United States. Before it was absorbed by Dynata, Opinion Outpost is regarded as one of the pioneers in paid online survey programs.

Opinion Outpost allows people to share their opinions and answer questions to surveys. In exchange for time spent on the site, users get survey reward points which they can exchange for money, credits, gift cards or a donation. The exchange for points as of this writing is 1 point = $0.10.

Similar to the vast majority of survey sites like Swagbucks, Survey Club, and FusionCash, Opinion Outpost allows free membership. You can easily join by providing your name and email or register by using your online accounts from Facebook or LinkedIn.

There are people who feel uncomfortable over sharing their own data online, and this is true. All things considered, what I can say is that Dynata did what's expected with GDPR guidelines. That is a sign that the organization is honest with your security.

The GDPR sets higher models for businesses when it gathers individual information from site users, so you do not have to worry that your data will be compromised.

Inside Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost works just like other survey sites. As soon as you verify and update your profile, you will be given preliminary typeform surveys to assess your demographics, interests, and status.

All you need to do is, to be honest, and provide answers applicable to the questions. This allows them to know the type of surveys they will give you.

After joining, you'll receive a confirmation message. Clicking the email verifies your account. You will then be asked to complete your profile.

Opinion Outpost only asked common questions such as a home address, gender, status, education, income per year, occupation, age of children (if applicable). They didn't ask for a phone number or credit card for that matter.

Opinion Outpost will send you surveys by email and this is when you know surveys become accessible. There are restrictions in terms of time availability, so you should begin your survey and complete it before the allotted period. You can likewise check for new surveys by signing into your account and then tapping on the “Take Survey” button.

Before you get access to various surveys, you need once again, respond to some preliminary questions concerning your interests and lifestyle. These inquiries will decide if you can be an ideal participant for that survey.

Be aware that some questions can be re-stated in various ways to check whether you're honest with your answers. Some of the most common questions are about lifestyle such as your job, income, vehicle, house, the appliance you own, products you buy among many others.

If they ask you questions and your profile don't fit their customer profile requirement, your survey can immediately end, with no chance for earning some points.

If you do happen to accomplish a survey to earn points, it will be credited several minutes after they check your answers.

More often than not, the lengthier the survey, the more points you'll get. In any case, the reward isn't constantly corresponding to the length. For instance, there are 40-minute surveys worth 25 points, while there are 20-minute surveys worth only 5 points.

It's possible to exchange points for e-vouchers or physical gift vouchers from stores. The current reward from stores includes Amazon, AppStore/iTunes, MileagePlus, Alawar Games. Recently some users report of rewards from H&M and Argo.

However, the stores and brands rewards can be removed or replaced without notice. So, if you're aiming to exchange points for H&M gift voucher, it can be gone in your next visit if the company reward is not associated with the survey program any longer.

Who is Opinion Outpost For?

Opinion Outpost is accessible for those in the United States, Canada, and the UK. Any individual that's already 18 years old or above can join and start filling out preliminary profiles. As soon as you answer questions, you'll start receiving surveys corresponding to your interests and related lifestyle.

The survey program is for those looking for ways to get some funds online. The platform also works for those with extra time to spare, such as part-timers, seasonal workers, single parents, retirees, and those in between work. Opinion Outpost is also an option for those who like to share their personal lifestyle, favorite products, and interests.

The Truth About Opinion Outpost

After you answer the initial surveys to determine your interests and demographics, they will start sending surveys via email and you can also check them through your dashboard.

Notably, I have to look closely into the survey program to see if this is worth your time. Here are some of my findings:

Truth #1 Survey Platform

Compared to other survey programs, the site design and layout isn't as professional as it looks. It's as if the site uses a free web template. The landing page is as simple as you can get without eye-catching color schemes, images, graphics, and animations.

Opinion Outpost's current site looks average and substandard in terms of the user interface. I've used several survey programs and my first impression for this survey site is that it has been done by amateurs.

Truth #2 Site Complaints

To get the vibe of a survey program, I always make it a point to look into the feedback and reviews of other users. For Opinion Outpost, the complaints of members far outnumber the compliments.

There are too many upset users on different levels with complaints such as the site provides very few questions that members can't get any points, not meeting requirements of surveys, non-credited points after minutes of answering questions, or worse, there are cases of closed accounts before payouts.

Truth #3 Lack of Support

One of the first way to know the authenticity of paid survey programs is the company's support system. If you send a ticket, inquiry or complaint, you will feel that the support comes from automated software. This has been the experience of a majority of members who request for customer support.

Truth #4 Restricted Prizes

There are prizes and other gift alternatives to exchange your points. However, you'll soon discover that some of the prizes are restricted and limited.

Some of the reasons can be that time to avail reward run out, reward not available at a certain time, or they will downright tell you that you can't avail of a gift reward.

Truth #5 Few or No Available Surveys

According to a majority of past users, you'll be able to receive a few surveys in your first couple of weeks. However, this can be fewer as the weeks go by as the company gathers your personal tastes and way of life.

Things I Like About Opinion Outpost

There are some things I do like about Opinion Outpost. It's owned by reputable international survey research firm, Dynata and it's free to join. They also have well-known rewards which vary according to your preference on how you will exchange your points.

If you're just like everyone else, looking for ways to earn money online,  this survey site gives you  the option to redeem your points to cash. You can do so using PayPal, where they will send your money to your account. PayPal is safe and for the most part, faster than waiting for a check.

Opinion Outpost also has reduced the limit in terms of exchanging points for rewards. For instance, you can earn $10 as soon as you reach 100 points. Other survey programs can go as high as 500 to 1000 points before you can redeem.

Members also have options to exchange points for miles rewards, game credits, as well as gift cards to iTunes and Amazon. You can likewise convert your points as a donation to the American Red Cross.

This platform also offers different cash prizes from time to time. Rules can vary but most of the qualified participants need to be regular users of the site and also the top members. So the more surveys you complete, the better opportunity you have to win big prizes. They also have a referral program where you can earn points for recommendation to friends.

Generally, it's one of the quickest paying survey sites. You can get your money after redeeming your points in less than a day. You may be able to see your earned cash in PayPal in less than 24 hours. Other survey sites can take a week or more.

Is Opinion Outpost A Scam?

Opinion Outpost is a real online source to earn some money by completing surveys, so this site is not a scam. It is a company that has been in the industry for around 10 years now. They do have a dependable client base and several testimonials from members.

However, there's something I feel exceptionally disturbing. Almost majority of the feedback from members mention a review like “it was the best survey site on the web, though not any longer”.

For most users, Opinion Outpost lost its luster and quality. The downtrend pattern is additionally alarming with lower traffic rankings and very few new members signing up.

There are not a lot of surveys offered right now and the realistic chance to earn the minimum 100 points for $10 payout can take you several weeks, even months to achieve.

Also, depending upon your profile, interests, background, and lifestyle, they can dismiss you out of nowhere. There are reports of members not able to access their accounts, fundamentally losing earnings. So, basically, you'll just waste your time sharing your insights to the company.

Well, at the end of the day, no one but you can choose if it's worthwhile to take these surveys or not. If you are really serious to earn full time income online, affiliate marketing is still the best.

How I Start A Small Business Online

Opinion Outpost is a real survey site, but, I am not recommending it by any means, to anyone.

Wasting precious hours of your life answering questions in exchange for a few dollars is really something you must think twice. Many times it's just not worth to spend that kind of hours with only so little return.

I've tried different methods and strategies to start a small business online and finally able to incorporate one business model that eventually help me cover basic needs and quit my c-level job.

However it takes time and effort to make it work. If you do it right, you'll see your business gradually grow to become one that can give a enough money to live the life that you want. But this is only for people who are patient and dedicated to achieve their goals.

In case you like to follow my proven method so you can work at home, here's a free guide I've put together to help you achieve your dream life.

So, what do you think of Opinion Outpost? Feel free to share your reaction within the comment section below.

Also, be sure to share this guide to your friends so they can be informed and they decide to find better online earning methods.

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  1. Firstly I want to say that the Opinion Outpost really do well in making sure that the member’s details are safe. This is because many survey platform out there are using tricks to accumulate people’s information and sell them out for money. But to be sincere, this kind of income method is not that great. Too much work with too little pay. I heard about affiliate marketing. Does it really work? 

    • I used to spend time of doing surveys too. Just doesn’t work. Yes, affiliate marketing is a great method to earn a full time income at home. However, you need to learn the skill in order to make it work. And it’s really hard work and dedication to achieve success. You might want to read my article on how affiliate marketing works for a complete beginnerto find out whether this is really for you. 

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