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Are There Still Many Opportunities For The Unemployed Youth?

You must be asking “what's the point of going for academic degree” when there is lesser jobs in the market. The fact is the rise in unemployment is causing concern not only among graduates but also the nation as a whole.

There are just not many jobs available and many countries started to encourage young people to start new businesses so to more create jobs in county.

However, shifting the focus of graduates from job hunting to starting own business is not easy. Many still choose to stay in a 9 to 5 job that can give them stable income.

If you're tired of not getting any job after spending 4 years in college and neither can you afford to start a brick & mortar business, then I suggest you learn how I managed to earn a full-time income working at home with affiliate marketing. No magic here – hard work and consistent action are required.

The strategy that I use work for me and I'm not sure whether it's good for you too. However, there's no harm trying.

If you still prefer to get a job, here are some opportunities you must consider that can land you in your dream job.

Opportunities to Learn through Online Courses

Being unemployed is not really a bad thing as it gives you reason to try various opportunities before getting the right one.

What you have is time where none who are still employed have. You can trade your time for knowledge and get ready for the next job opportunity.

One good way is to start learning from free online courses, get your certification and upload onto your LinkedIn profile. This can increase chances of you being noticed by potential employers.

Online Courses from Leading Universities: If you are not aware, there are 800 universities around the world that offer more than 10,000 free online courses for the past 7 years. Many are leading universities such as Stanford, MIT, Yale, Berkeley Harvard and Oxford. With over 45,000 hours of free audio and video lectures from leading universities, I am sure you can learn something and prepare yourself for the next career opportunity.

Coursera: With over 30 million learners who signed up for this learning platform, Coursera now has more than 2,700 online courses with 50% in the field of technology and business. Despite not all courses are free (you can only sign up for free via individual course pages), Coursera does provide financial aid to those in need. To quality, applicants is required to write a 300 word essay and provide justification for your need for financial aid.

Open2Study: With 49 specialized free high-quality education online spread over four weeks, you will receive free certificate for each successful completion. You can study real courses with real value anytime at your convenience. In just four weeks you are able to acquire new knowledge to explore the next opportunity in your career. Courses are provided by leading Australian businesses and educational institutions and it won't cost you a cent.

CodeAcademy: As one of the largest online coding schools, CodeAcademy offers wide variety of free coding skills in different languages such as Phyton, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, Sass, HTML and CSS. Since 2011, more than 24 million students have benefited from CodeAcademy. If you are a beginner, this is the perfect platform to learn how coding works.

Udemy: With over 80,000 training videos on Udemy, you can learn at your own pace in the field of business, design, photography, IT & software, marketing and many more. Most of the courses are not free yet affordable, starting from $11.99 for beginners. To find free course, you just need to apply “filter” on each search.

Wealthy Affiliate: If you just want to learn a simpler method to start affiliate marketing, then Wealthy Affiliate might be the only one program you should consider. It comes with a comprehensive step-by-step training and tools to help you get started. You'll learn how to create website, produce content and drive web traffic to earn affiliate commission. Below is how you can start for free.

Opportunities to Network Face-to-Face

It is undeniable that networking is important for you to uncover more opportunities.

With easily accessible social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many more, young people prefer to bring their conversation online. This reduces face-to-face interaction significantly.

However, many successful people spend lesser time on social networking platforms, or rather they have professionals to manage their social presence. You sure can miss out connection with them if lingering online is the only networking activity for you.

Try to attend conferences, workshops, launches or other business events to make real connection.

If you attend one, here are some ways to maximize your opportunities.

Plan Your Outfit: Planning for your outfit at least two days before the event can help to get yourself noticed. I am sure you want to send the right signal to people you meet right? Choosing something that is clean, professional and can create a unique personal brand image for yourself will enhance your opportunity to network. You will also get good chance to be tagged in someone’s social media post too. So, make sure you look great.

Engage in Small Talk: Small talk can very engaging when used correctly despite it can be awkward, uncomfortable or even intimidating to start. In order to excel, first you must dismiss any misconception that such conversation is meaningless. Cultivate a genuine interest on people you meet. Treat them as though as they can potentially become your best friend. Then you will find it easier to engage in powerful small talk. Also, approach strangers with happy emotion and it will be reciprocated. Lastly, be authentic.

Prepare to Talk about You: Successful people love to share their stories. But at the same time, they are constantly looking for new stories of others too. When you share about yourself, make sure it is unique, interesting and concise. Try to switch between talking about yourself and asking them questions on what they do to keep the conversation engaging. Remember, nobody like to hear your stories continuously without having the chance to express theirs.

Follow-up: It is really a big mistake if you didn’t follow up with the connection you made during networking event. You can connect with them on LinkedIn, Twitter or even Facebook. There is no point going if there is no follow through afterwards.

Remember, if you are looking for job opportunities, networking is never an option anymore. It is in fact a necessity.

But if you a person who always shy away from meeting people, then you might want to start working at home to earn a full time living. Here's how I start in less than a month.

Wealthy Affiliate Login

Opportunities to Volunteer & Work in NGO

Since time is something you have and can afford, I would recommend you to become a volunteer in NGO.

Regardless of the academic level you are in, I am sure anyone has the capability to contribute knowledge and expertise to support social and community development.

The good news is, some NGOs offer free training to equip people with necessary skills, followed with more jobs opportunities.

One unique benefit serving the NGO is the opportunity to know more successful people.

Don’t forget, most NGOs are initiated by them. They have more time to offer, more knowledge to share and are more willing to groom potential youth.

Despite having said that, I believe contributing genuinely is the pre-requisite towards bringing more opportunities on oneself.

I've on numerous times volunteered whole heartedly without asking for return. Although there are many people who don’t agree that I spend too much of my time volunteering, I still continue doing it.

And when I least expect any return, it landed me on a promising career despite it was also one last employment I got myself into before decided to start a small business online and work at home.

Opportunities to Work At Home

Can you really remain unemployed and choose to work at home?

For many who are still working for others receiving stable income every month, it might be frightening to think about sitting at home not knowing how much you can earn tomorrow.

But if you are unemployed, there is nothing you should worry about. To help you get started, here are 2 work at home business opportunities you should consider.

Write An Ebook To Make Affiliate Commission: I've a friend who quit her 9 to 5 job to start an ebook project as part of her affiliate marketing business.

Ebook? Sounds too difficult? That's how I feel too. But amazingly, she told me it is easier than you can think of.

And she published her professionally designed ebook so quickly that I bet you won't believe if you haven't seen one.

Apparently, she uses an ebook creator software called Sqribble, a very powerful tool that can creates ebook in seconds!

What she did was to first create an ebook as free giveaway in exchange for email addresses of her subscribers.

After she got hold of their data, she then promotes affiliate product to them by sending them emails. 

So when people click on the affiliate link inside the email and buy the product, she earns a commission. That's how she makes money!

Start A Blog To Make Affiliate Commission: Another opportunity for the unemployed youth is to start a blog to promote affiliate products and earn commission.

Here is the income proof of one 21-year old youth who chose to earn affiliate commission by starting a blog. This business has helped him make 5 to 6 figure income consistently at home.

Jerry Huang Latest Success Story in Wealthy Affiliate_ Commission Sept 2018

In fact there are so many work at home opportunities online and most don’t really require any investment except you might need a good internet connection, a computer and a headset. 

If you want to learn the exact method I use to quit my C-level job and still make full-time income working at home, click the button below and start learning.

Whether you want to start brushing up your skills to prepare for future employment, join a community to expand your network, volunteer to gain more experience or start a home online business, it is entirely up to you.

There are just so many opportunities you can choose from when you are unemployed. Working in a 9 to 5 job is definitely not your only choice.

So, stop asking yourself repeatedly “why should you go college”. Rather spend more time to explore business for the unemployed youth that you might have missed out.

If you find any other opportunities for the unemployed youth, please do share in the comment box below. I would love to know your thoughts.

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84 thoughts on “Opportunities For The Unemployed Youth”

  1. Hi Florence Ki,

    A very informative post, I am quite interested in what you have to say. I see you keep mentioning Wealthy Affiliate, is this something that anybody can sign up to? If so, are there any costs involved?


  2. Hi Florence,
    This is a great post. Many unemployed are so focused on the job they don’t have that they don’t realise they can be building a business that may mean they won’t need a job! Nice work.

    1. Cherie you are right. That’s why I am sharing this post with the hope that more unemployed will benefit. I’ve been through similar situation. Sometimes, one just need to spend some time thinking through things and a solution will just present itself.

  3. Well I’m not exactly youth any longer ( I’m now 40! ) but I suppose these options relate to me as well right?
    I like the idea of learning about internet marketing but how long dies it take to get nailed down?
    I need money – like all people, but how long will this course take to get under my belt?

    1. Chris, it is never too late to learn. I’ve seen many retiree learning to build a business online too. From the success stories I’ve heard, it took around 6 months to 1 year to really see the result. Well, everybody work at different pace. For me, I post 2 contents every week as I’ve employment commitment too. But I’ve already got my full ROI. Just keep learning and you will definitely succeed. Do let me know if you need any help to start. I’ll be glad to assist.

  4. Hi Florence
    Nice idea for you to give a post about unemployed youth. I think the volunteer work makes you see the real what is happening to the world now.
    Great video presentation by the way. It’s so true many of us have great idea but don’t implement it like all the reason you present in the video. I hope this video will make our youth became more active about their surround and take immediate action of their idea.
    Last, great post you have here and all the best to you.

    1. Thanks Saiful. Ideas are plentiful. But very often, people just talk about it. Just like those unemployed youth, some may just complain of not able to find a job, but ultimately it’s them who needs to make a decision. I really hope this article can open up their horizon on the opportunities available out there.

  5. When I read your article one thing stood out to me the most and that’s actual communication with people. I think people spend too much time socializing on their gadgets.

    I love the tip on volunteering. Like you said, not only are people interacting there are other values to it such as helping without expecting anything in return plus it’s also another great value to add on a resume. Great info and tips.

  6. Great post Florence, liked how you enumerated all the available options for the young and unemployed.

    I’m young, in uni and can relate to the frustration of there being no place to find work and having to stay without money, but fortunately, opportunities online help keep me a float.

    We need more young people learning about what they can do online.

  7. Hi Florence,

    I’m one of the WA premium member too. I find that your website is reali informative and useful. I’m still working on my website though. I think I still have a long way to go before my website can be like yours that holds good and quality content. Do I have to do anything else to my website beside adding quality content to achieve better ranking in search engine? As I’m still not very sure how my website can actually be in the search engine. Thanks.


    1. Eunice, I am sure the only reason you want your site to rank on Google is to bring in more traffic right? Actually, other than using keywords you can also try other non-SEO methods which you can find here.

      Hope this help.

  8. Hi Florence,

    This article reminds me of my time in college – unemployed yet not feeling the economical pressure as what I am going through now. But I was experimental – I took the time to travel the world, learn a new language and make friends with the strangest people on earth. It was fun.

    Then, I became employed and I wasn’t happy. I have no time to myself or to explore other passions. Now, I look back and wondered what took me so long to embark on the entrepreneurial journey.

    I am now a professional by day and a blogger by night. It’s tiring and challenging, but the only way I could see myself achieving time freedom is to have an online business, so I am not looking back.

    p/s: I love the animated video. I am that kid on the tree 🙂

    1. Kathy, I saw that you follow my twitter @florenceki. Thanks for following. Yes, I totally agree that having 2 portfolio is tiring. I am in the same position too. But not yet an entrepreneur like you. Here’s what I do during day time.


      Well, in life everything is about learning. I love to learn non-stop. And find it very fulfilling learning and sharing real ways to make money online.

      Do come back for more post as I’ll be sharing minimum 2 posts a week. Cheers.

  9. Wow, what an amazing video. That really was nice to watch and id love to know how you did that. I hear a lot about wealthy affiliate and the web is full of great reviews. How has your personal success been with them? My favourite promotional sites are the ones where someone is saying “look, ive quit my job and doing this full time” or living the good life doing something they enjoy. Have you hit this point yet? and if so how long did it take?

    1. Chris, thanks for liking my video. Actually, I conceptualized the idea and got a sponsor to create the graphical part. I did this as a volunteer as a member of Junior Chamber International, a NGO on entrepreneurs.

      As for Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve super awesome experience with them. They never fail me even with the toughest scenario. I’ve written review on my experience with WA. You may want to check out here. It also includes my personal earnings after learning from them.


      I am still working towards the “D-day”. But I believe everything is about effort and persistency. Nothing is instant … delayed gratification and sustainability is what I am aiming.

      If you ask me how much time is still needed, I am giving myself another 2 years. LOL… by the time I reach 40 yrs old!!!

  10. Hi, Florence, really great and helpful site. Unfortunately, the situation is bad all around the world and young folks should have a chance to live a normal life without worrying too much about a future. . This kind of articles are one way for them. Thank you again, and keep up the good work.



  11. Hi Florence – Great post. I love the way you have focused on the positives of being unemployed. – you have time on your hands.

    Your assessment of Wealthy Affiliate is spot on. It is the best mentoring program around.

    Even if people don’t want to get involved in on-line marketing having the knowledge will them in good stead

    Keep on posting


  12. A very interesting article on options for the unemployed youth. When I was younger and unemployed I was often advised to take up some sort of volunteer work to boost my CV. Whilst I understand this is good for the CV I also knew that I needed to earn – it was a double sided blade. If I could of even earned a tiny amount through volunteering I would have gone for it. What are your thoughts on this?

    1. Hmm… maybe you could start volunteering by offering your knowledge to them. I am sure as time goes by, you will be rewarded. However I still think volunteering should not be mixed up with making money. If you are interested to earn some extra income, maybe you should checkout my review on Wealthy Affiliate. This definitely can help you earn some money if you follow through the courses.


  13. Hi Florence,

    I am not a youth (anymore), but I have been unemployed for a while. What I discovered actually is that after many years of being employed and very good at what I do (or what I did), a point in time came that what I know is fast becoming obsolete or outdated.

    From then on, I took the time to learn what is in demand. Or what is required. So I did take the time to learn something new, roughly about 4 months, and I did learn.

    When I tried to consider volunteering, I didn’t find the group that suited my ability, or availability. Otherwise, I would have something to list down on my volunteering activities. That would have been great.

    Now, I know you said get into social networks. Then in another part, go offline. That would require a great balancing act, because engaging in social networks, while a global society, that is considered to be anti-social. Anyway, good points you have there.

    I guess I have nothing to disagree about what you said in your article. I am one who is always looking for opportunities to do online biz, so I would look at Wealthy Affiliate program. I hope I attain what you have in 6 months time.

    Till then. Thank you!

  14. Great point on always learning. If you have the time while being unemployed the best thing you can do is better your knowledge. This will benefit you for your whole lifetime. Being humble is always good advice and usually tells people you are willing to try new things and learn how to do it the right way. Plus they are more apt to give you more of the knowledge they have that they might not give to another. Excellent article!

  15. Hi Florence,

    Thanks for writing this post. This is a great article to encourage the youngsters to build their own business online. With the exponential growth of social media, online business platform and free course like Wealthy Affiliate, the competitiveness has made things easier for the people who are new to the cyber world.

    Great post!


  16. Building an online business is a great way for young people to make money Being young, they will naturally be familiar with the technology and will find it easy setting up and running a website. Well, anyone can set up and run a website using WordPress, but if you are young then it is like having a head start where these things are concerned.

    There are not many job opportunities for young people these days, probably mainly because employers are being persuaded to keep older people in work until their later years. So starting an online business is a great option for a young person, as long as they can find within themselves the self discipline to stick with it.

  17. Hi Florence,

    I really love what you’re doing for the youth here! One think I noticed is that your paragraph on ‘Opportunities to Network’ didn’t have any information on where to look for conferences, workshops etc. This may be a completely new experience for your readers who may need ideas on where to go to find these resources (links for any really good sites, any events that you know of or recommend would be great to share).

    Question: How on earth did you make the video? It’s brilliant!

    I wish you the best of luck with your site.

    1. Ryan, I would suggest those interested to network physically try to find out whether there are any local events happening around. You can easily do a Google search on this.

      I didn’t do the animation technically myself. I got an animator to sponsor the production. What I did was conceptualized the idea, do the storyline and do art direction. This is the power of collaboration!

  18. Hey! this is really really a great post! the pictures you have added are so nice and suitable! i went through your all pages and posts! you have done a great job so far! its very easy to understand! that’s what people look for! i have been waiting to check out websites like this and keep it in my mind! so that i could easily be in touch! you have done a great job so far! i wish you a very good luck!
    cheers, Hasitha!

  19. There are really plenty of opportunities available for the unemployed youth and instead of wasting their time they can choose any of this mentioned in your informative article. I think all these opportunities are equally good and it’s just a matter of choice. When it comes to my choice I choose the idea of building an online business because it allows you to acquire some professional skills, learn how to become financially independent and support yourself and your family. Plus you can network with other knowledgeable and experienced people and benefit from them.

  20. I loved what you said about time. That is something I find I have so little of now that I am older and have a little family of my own. When I was straight out of school I had so much time on my hands, imagine what I could have done with it!
    I think you have hit the nail on the head with the opportunities, I really think people think too small and inside the box. There are so many opportunities out there if people just look.
    The way of the world now is certainly to start looking online for business opportunities. The incredible thing I have found is that I live in a tiny little town far away from anything and the job opportunities are so scarce, the pay level here is also incredibly low I don’t know how anyone survives in a local business. Working online takes all this limitations away which is really incredible. You can make money from people on the other side of the world.
    Great post and I will have a look at Wealthy Affiliate, how would you rate their training?
    Kind Regards

  21. Very good info, actually there are tons of people that will be benefited from your posts, so keep up the good work and you will see how many people will come to see your posts, i will tell my brother about it right away, I can garantie he will be interested

  22. Fantastic article!! Today’s youth know more about technology and the internet then any other generation before them. They are able to find their way around the internet on a variety of platforms. Their extensive knowledge in technology alone can help them succeed with an online business. I know many individuals who would give anything to find out more about how the internet works and the numerous devices that we use today to access it. I don’t know about anyone else but I see a profitable online business in helping others discover the many ways to experience and explore the world wide web.

  23. Dear FlorenceKi,

    I would have to say I agree with you, there are so many youth that are so fixated on getting the dream job they never can have.Yet, as you mentioned Time is a key factor to success, going after get rich schemes is never a wise decision to make. Given time over the months or so, much progress can be made if one knows how to exert their time and effort into taking up Internet Marketing.

    It has been thanks to Wealthy Affiliate that I have a Website that I am passionate about and love to write new content on. 🙂

  24. Hi there,

    Great article you have here. It is unfortunately the case everywhere, that it is hard to find decent jobs. Especially for the youth. Employers want people with experience and unfortunately the youth are just starting out. My daughter is going through this right now. She just graduated high school this year and it has been hard for her to find a decent job. She has plans of going to college next year but even then it will be several years after that before she gets her degree, and that’s not even guaranteeing her a job. Thanks for sharing.

  25. It’s great that I found your article because I do know some teenage friends who are struggling to find work near where I live!

    Cool! You have outlined some great ways to make money online here for people who are unemployed, and Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a perfect option for anyone wanting to build a sustainable online business that generates a monthly income.

    Thank You for this!

  26. Hello Florence,

    Great post & straight to the point before i was thinking that building a website needs a programmer & i thought before to learn programming to establish my website & then have my own business till i found wealthy affiliate & i found that creating a website will take only couple of minutes, thanks for sharing & wish you all the best :).


  27. I think you are offering some very good advice in your article on opportunities for the unemployed youth. Being humble when approaching those from which you seek guidance (or perhaps even a job) is a very good approach.

    Volunteering is another good one. It’s a chance to do something constructive and positive, as well as learning some new skills in the mix.

    I notice you mention Wealthy Affiliate and online marketing. Not a bad idea for young people to get involved in business online. Many of them like to spend time online anyway. They might as well do something useful with that time and earn some money.

  28. I like the idea of a community of members that help each other in reaching their online success goals. Sharing information that benefits others has always been the best way to get help in return when you need it. I feel it’s difficult to help people when I still have so much to learn but I always help when I can. I truly believe that being honest and generous will pay off eventually.

    1. You are right Carolyn. I totally agree with you. That’s why my aim starting this business is to share whatever knowledge I have with regards to doing business online.

  29. This is a great post. Very interesting and it is obvious you put a lot of time and effort into it. I am always on the lookout for opportunities, especially on the web. Wealthy Affiliate is truly a great education resource and hosting platform, I would recommend anybody to check it out and sign up for a membership. It is well worth the money, I have learned so much in such a short amount of time.

  30. This is definitely an opportunity for me. I always wanted to eventually end up earning passive income or home business so I don’t have to work at a traditional work force. I never thought this opportunity will come so soon as I have discovered Wealthy Affiliate. I am still new at this, but it’s great learning about all of this so I don’t have to think about going to a 9 to 5 job to make income.

    1. You are right Joon. We are lucky to learn from Wealthy Affiliate. I have many friends who are still paying very high fee to attend internet marketing workshop. And many of them regret doing so. Hope we are able to introduce WA to more people.

  31. I really savor the possibility of building your income around your passion. And in todays world it feels more possible than ever.

    My only worry is the technical aspect to be honest.
    But lets say I get my mind around that, would I be able to keep up with the training?

  32. First glance site seems legit, nice post about wealthyaffiliates! clean crisp design as well. Your information is really well put together, I’d suggest a better title layout but other than that the initial layout and posts are nice. Maybe get a site icon to it is really easy. through your account settings I’m pretty sure.

    1. Thanks for the nice comment. You are the 1st person to comment on my site layout. Well, so far my readers seem happy with it. I will just stick to what it is now.

  33. Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn an extra or even a fulltime income online. It can take a while before you start to earn any significant income but if you press on you will make it.

    Unemployment on the other hand is not a good position to be into and Wealthy Affiliate might just be the answer to it.

  34. Great read Florence,
    I think youth today should definitely start building their own Online Business. One can never be too sure of the economy, its fine today and it can go down tomorrow.

    I wish I had come across this article of yours while I was studying, I would have made some extra income and wouldn’t have burdened my parents with debts.

    1. Lol… It’s never too late to start. Just need to be persistent and work hard to achieve our goal. Wish you all the best. Do let me know if you need any assistance.

  35. I have recently joined Wealthy Affiliate and am very impressed with it. The guys there teach you everything you need to know to make a successful website. They also give you the opportunity to create your website while you learn. I highly recommend WA. They have taught me so much.

  36. Great post! These are excellent ideas for the unemployed youth. I agree, teenagers can be so focused on their career choice and the colleges they want to get into without even considering all of their options.

    I wish I would’ve stopped to look at all my options before going straight to college after high school graduation. I might’ve considered more business opportunities early on.

    Looking for volunteer opportunities is definitely a great idea for unemployed youth. You can gain so much experience and knowledge from volunteering at different places. And a lot of jobs now look at your volunteer work when considering to hire you.

    I’ll share your ideas with teenagers I know. Thank you for sharing these ideas.


    1. Lol.. how I wished I found Wealthy Affiliate way earlier. Guess we need to work extra harder to make things happen. Cheers!

  37. I have done my engineering from compute science but unfortunately due to may reasons I missed many chances of getting a job in a reputed company. For 2 long years I waited for opportunities, but couldn’t find one, it was the time when i realizes that its that high time and I have to do something on my own. As I had good writing skills, i was willing to start my blogging website, so I came in contact with the WA community. It was very easy to set up a website using their tutorials and the also helped me whenever I was facing any problem regarding the website and hence I started writing blogs. Its been 5 years since I started my first website and today I own 3 successful websites and earn a handsome amount using various affiliate programs. It was a very good experience for me and I will also suggest to anyone who is interested in writing to at least give it a try, as this worked well in my case.

  38. I enjoyed the content. I really liked the layout. I liked how you broke your sections down to small manageable sections. I liked the way you changed the color of your heading to be different from your other text, It really caught my eye. the content was very informative and gave some really good ideas.

  39. Hi Florence, 

    Way to tackle such an important subject with what seems to be a great solution. I have a nephew who is a little lost on what he wants to do, jumping around from job to job. I think He’s in college though for environmental engineering. I believe Wealthy Affiliate should work for him. Will get him to try. 

    Thank you

  40. It’s a fact that the global community is shifting and that is changing employment options.  The margins are thinning on paying people so wages are stagnant.  What better time than now to start your own business from home as you mention.

    You are correct that there are lots of opportunities if you think outside the box and find the right plan to execute. I see your link to Wealthy Affiliate…is this something for a newbie to try?  Do I need a website already in place to try this training?

    Thanks for another great post with so much useful information!

    1. Whether you are newbie or experienced marketer, Wealthy Affiliate can help. You don’t need existing website to start. This program provides all the training, tools and resources you need to start an affiliate business. You can try out for free too. Here’s the link to Free Register Wealthy Affiliate program. 

  41. Hi Florence,

    Thanks for posting. From kids still in school to people my age, 50 and older, work security as the Boomers and Pre-Boomers knew it, no longer exists. I believe that everyone has got to instill some form of entrepreneurialism into all of their professional activities. The key to all this is education, and you are providing a valuable service by making readers aware of all the sources of education and training they can turn to in order to gain valuable, life-changing knowledge. And then, as we say in French: “Il faut oser”…We must dare…we must go out and ACT.

    Great post! I thoroughly enjoyed it.



  42. Hi Florence,

    I rarely post comments on the internet, but I couldn’t go without thanking you for this amazing article which contains a lot of helpful information. As I finished school, I would like to wait a year before applying to university (I’m searching for my passion) and I don’t want to waste time during this year. I’m grateful to have found your article, and will definitely take a look at each and every site that you suggested! 

    In addition, I have a question about a platform that I heard of.. Skillshare. What do you think of it?

    Thank you in advance,Nick.

  43. Lakesha M Malone

    Very informative Article the Youth must know all their opportunities. So they will have a fair chance to make a way for themselves and don’t have to be treated as “Emerging Adults” – staying home and depending on Parents until 30 years old. You indeed shared great information on opportunities available to the youth. Awesome post!

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Unless you are ready, otherwise don't join my online journey