OptimizePress Review: Can The New 2019 Upgrades Optimize Your Conversion?

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Welcome to My OptimizePress Review

Having highly-converting landing pages are important to grow a business. Therefore choosing the best landing page builder can be critical to determine your business success.

It’s said that OptimizePress is among the best options to consider if you want to create optimized web pages without any coding and designing knowledge.

What is OptimizePress
Inside OptimizePress
Who is OptimizePress For?
The Truth About OptimizePress
Things I Like About OptimizePress
Is OptimizePress A Scam?
How I Start A Small Business Online

After reviewing so many type of landing page builders, I do have some reservation about this conversion tool.

Just like you, I too spend a lot of time and money testing various landing page builders.

Fortunately, I got it right on my second attempt and ended up using Thrive Architect – one with just sufficient features and affordable for me.

Before I share with you the truth about OptimizePress, I would like to let you know upfront that I’m in no way affiliated nor earning any commission from this company.

That’s why you can be assured that whatever I am going to share here is nothing short of only honest view.

Furthermore, the strategy that I use to earn a full time living online does not require me to use any landing page tool if I choose not to. If you want to know how I did without investing in landing pages, then I suggest you download my free guide.

Now, let’s jump straight into my OptimizePress review and find out whether this is the ideal tool you should invest in.


Product Name: OptimizePress

Founder/Owner:  James Dyson in 2010

Product Type: Landing Page Builder and Conversion Tool

Price:  Core plan $97/month, Publisher plan $197/month and Pro plan $297/month

Best For:  Ideal for blogger or new marketers who only want to create optimized landing pages.

Summary:  OptimizePress is one of the oldest and more established landing page builder in the market. However, the recent years of industry development has pushed this brand to re-develop an entirely new system 3.0 to replace the older version of Optimize 2.0, which is can't be compatible with each other. Existing users will have to use both versions at the same time, in order to take advantage of new features inside the new OptimizePress 3.0

Rating:  6/10

Recommendation: No, because there are better options out there.

What is OptimizePress?

OptimizePress is founded in 2010 by James Dyson, making it among the oldest page builders in the market. It’s trusted by more than 50,000 businesses worldwide with version 2.0 introduced in year 2013 and 3.0 launched recently in May 2019.

Using OptimizePress, there’s no need for you to understand even a line of code, neither are you required to have designing skills. Its simple drag-and-drop visual editor helps even a complete beginner to create professional designed landing pages with some training.

Among the pages you can create using this optimization and conversion platform include sales page, membership site, webinar page, opt-in page, and many more.

There are 3 types of price plan for OptimizePress. Core plan at $97 (3 sites), Publisher plan at $197 (10 sites) and Pro plan at $297 (30 sites).

All packages comes with

  • 30-days money back guarantee;
  • Unlimited pages; and
  • Support from reliable team

There’s no monthly fees with OptimizePress. But if you want to have yearly support and updates, then there’ll be a yearly renewal plan offered to you 30 days before expiry.

Unless you choose Publisher or Pro plan, otherwise you won’t have access to advanced features such as A/B testing, advanced elements library, video background, page engagement actions, and exclusive plugins archive.

The video below shows you a quick preview on how it works.

Inside OptimizePress

As I mentioned just now, OptimizePress 3.0 was launched this year with enhanced user experience, focusing to engage, convert, and WOW your customers.

This means you‘ll spend less time using the plugins and able to quickly create the pages that you need.

The first new product called OptimizeBuilder, a visual editor was released in mid of May 2019. There’s a plan to introduce 2 additional new products – OptimizeFunnels and OptimizeCart, which will only be launched once OptimizeBuilder plugin is released completely to all existing customers.

However, there’s also a plan to create new subscription-based OptimizePress Suite plan, whereby new customers will be billed annually, just like the business model adopted by LeadPages, Unbounce and Instapage.

The New OptimizeBuilder

OptimizeBuilder is a visual editor that’s build on clean and simple code offering you the speed and capability without complexity to create landing pages. Some of the revolutionary features inside OptimizeBuilder include as follow.

Intuitive Visual Drag & Drop Editor – The new OptimizePress Total Drag & Drop Editor is designed with additional conversion focused elements to improve user editing experience in building your page

Unlike other similar platforms that provide a fixed sidebar control widgets, OptimizeBuilder intuitively shows relevant control directly on the page itself. They call this in-line visual controls that make you editing a breeze.

With this on-page control widget, you are able to save time and quickly identify settings that are relevant to the elements you are editing. All the options you need are right there inside the page

Section Elements – This new feature housed a wide range of section library or pre-designed content templates that comprise of Call to Action, Content, Team and Testimonials.

With section element, users are able to include pre-designed opt-in, thank you, membership, pricing, testimonials and other content sections as part of your main landing page.

And finally, for the longest time, OptimizeBuilder can now work with any WordPress theme. This enables you to work with your preferred theme, and at the same time able to add additional elements found inside the new visual editor onto your pages.

With all the new marketing elements, it’s time to get rid of old plugins that’s notoriously proven to slow down your site.

Despite these are new elements from OptimizePress 3.0, but Thrive Architect has already been offering these elements named as Content Marketing Pack inside its plugin.

That's why I don't find any special about section element inside OptimizePress 3.0.

New Templates Cloud System -Whether you need sales page, thank you page, opt-in page, 404 error page, webinar page or any other pages as part of your marketing strategy, the full range of templates and collections inside OptimizePress 3.0 enable you to quickly launch any web landing pages, customizable to your branding elements.

Regardless of which cloud template you choose, it’s all optimized for conversion in today’s marketplace.

Users can choose from the 60 ready-to-use free industry-specified templates or purchase more sophisticated templates from OptimizePress Marketplace, costing between $8 to $18 each.

All templates are designed to work exclusively with OptimizePress theme or plugin.

With the ready-to-use templates, you can conveniently import the features and functions that you need with just a single click of a mouse button.

Lightning Fast Page Load Speeds – The landing pages inside OptimizePress 3.0 were optimized for conversion with increased speed of editing. It loads lighting fast on desktop, tablets and mobile devices too.

Advanced Lead Capture Function

Lead capturing is a process of saving the information of a lead with the intention to convert the lead to become paying customer. Lead capture pages include capture forms such as request forms and newsletter subscription forms where a customer enters his or her details to subscribe.

Information entered by a customer can include email address, company details, title of the customer, phone number, and many others. These details will help in converting the customer into a paying customer.

OptimizePress offers advanced lead capture tools that include.

  • Easy Opt-in Forms – Create forms where customers can opt-in with their details using just a few clicks. Immediately, you can capture the data from your clients upon subscription or sign up.
  • OverlayOptimizer –This tool allows you manage the way form pops up, enters and exits a page, and control settings for border, padding, size, time delay to see the box, and many others.
  • Button Creator – As the name implies, you can create specific designs for your button including testing how user interacts with each button.

Comprehensive and Advanced Integration

Another excellent feature with OptimizePress is its advanced and comprehensive integration capability.

You can integrate OptimizePress with CRM, autoresponder and sales & automation platforms such as Mailchimp, iContact, ConvertKit, GetResponse, AWeber InfusionSoft and many others.

OptimizePress can also integrate with a number of payment & social media platforms such as PayPal, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

OptimizeMember – A Membership Plugin

One of the things that users love about OptimizePress is the ability to create membership sites, complete with renewable subscriptions and tiered customer privileges.  

Based on the normal practices, you might need to buy external membership plugin to implement this onto you site.

However, with the new OptimizePress, the ultimate membership tool is available in the form of a plugin called OptimizeMember, enabling you to deliver content, files, and data, restricting access to only your members.

Functions of this membership plugin feature include.

  • Offer Drip Content – This function is where you can push your content on specific schedule. It’s very useful if you want your member to receive emails automatically under a given schedule.
  • Member Packages – If you want specific site members to access certain packages, this tool will distribute pages based on user access.
  • Third party Membership Plugin integration – You can integrate this feature with other third party services such as autoresponder or CRM, making the most out of your membership management.

A/B Testing or Experiment feature

Although this feature is not included in the basic package, having this feature would greatly optimize conversion of your landing page.

The A/B testing feature allows you to compare the performance of multiple pages, and determine which page works better.

You can then identify issues and improve on existing call-to-action buttons, text, image, video or even your offers based on the detailed report generated from the test.

There are two types of tests that you can conduct with the A/B testing feature. These are:

  • Offer tests – Determine whether the offer is demanded by your site visitors.
  • Structural tests – Focus to test various elements on your page. This test will tell you whether you’re using the right image, headline, color, font and other elements on your page.

Who is OptimizePress for?

OptimizePress is ideal for individual bloggers or marketers who just want to create simple websites and landing pages. It’s also suitable for small businesses who do not want to pay external web developer to do the job due to budget constraints.

However, if you are an advanced marketer who uses funnel strategy to earn a living online, then OptimizePress might not be a good conversion tool to start with.

Unless its future new product OptimizeFunnels offers great funnel elements, otherwise it’s better to stick with a more established platform like LeadPages.

If you are a complete beginner, I suggest you to try Thrive Architect, at least its visual editor features are more mature technically, thus won’t lead too much troubleshooting.

The Truth About OptimizePress

Indeed there are lots of things to like about OptimizePress however; I also found a few features and functions that the company may need to look at.

Truth #1: No Free Trial

There’s only 30-day money back guarantee without any free trial. You still need to enter your payment details and get charged on your cards.

Truth #2: No A/B Testing for Basic Plan Users

If you subscribe to the basic plan, you won’t have access to A/B testing which is a very important feature to optimize conversion and sales. I suggest to only pay for basic plan if only membership feature is required.

Truth #3: New System Might Be Unstable

As OptimizePress 3.0 is an entirely new system and can’t replace nor is it compatible with Optimize 2.0, therefore this tool might require more user-testing to determine its stability and free from unnecessary trouble-shooting. Temporarily, it’s best to avoid investing in OptimizePress 3.0 until proven stable.

Things I Like About OptimizePress

Like other landing page builders, building pages with OptimizePress does not require any coding nor designing skill. That’s why I find this tool quite user-friendly and can effortlessly help to ease my work.

Other things that I like include the 30-days money back guarantee and the fact that it offers OptimizeMember plugin even at their basic plan.

If you are running a tier-based pricing plan to sell your product, this plugin will save you some money without having to pay for another separate plugin.

Well, they do offer pretty standard features compared to competitors. Just like LanderApp, there’s still not much uniqueness about this plugin.

Is OptimizePress A Scam?

OptimizePress is trusted by more than 50,000 entrepreneurs and businesses across the globe. Despite being the oldest landing page builder within its industry, it’s still preferred by many entrepreneurs such as Casey Zeman – owner of EasyWebinar.com and Melanie Duncan from MelanieDuncan.com.

However, I still won’t recommend OptimizePress as there’s nothing unique about this landing page builder and furthermore, you can get better value with Thrive Architect at the same price.

At least with Thrive Architect, you get 5 licenses, 300 landing page templates, and unlimited free updates which you can’t find such great offer with OptimizePress.

How I Start A Small Business Online

I started my affiliate marketing business building product review blog to drive organic traffic. Although I did not start my business using conversion strategy, I did find the need to create well-designed blog pages in order to grow my business. That’s how I ended up paying for Thrive Architect.

If you want to learn how I earn a full time income working from home without the need for any landing page builder, then I suggest you click the button below and follow through the step-by-step training.

I hope you find my OptimizePress 3.0 review useful. Please feel free to share this post so more people can make informed decision.

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