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Probably the greatest challenge in any kind of business is to capture new leads. In any business, there are bound to have competition. That’s why having the ability to quickly capture the targeted list is essential to continuously grow new clients.

This is where a lead capture page comes into the picture. While many small businesses hire web designer to create landing pages for their business, others who have tighter budget opt to use simple tool to build theirs.

One such lead capture tool is called PageDyno. If you ever heard of Landing Page Monkey, you would probably heard of its replacement called PageDyno. In fact recently, the former ceased to accept new customers, and redirect its page visitors to PageDyno.

What is PageDyno?
How Does PageDyno Work?
Who is PageDyno For?
The Truth About PageDyno
Things I Like About PageDyno
Is PageDyno A Scam?
How I Start A Small Business Online

Just like Landing Page Monkey, PageDyno claims to help you create sophisticated and professional-looking lead capture pages with only a few clicks. While other page builders allow plugin onto content management system like WordPress, PageDyno is one that adopts cloud tool.

Although I earn a commission from promoting marketing tools and training programs via this blog, I’d like to let you know upfront that I am in no way affiliated with PageDyno. Neither am I promoting this software to earn a commission.

You’re definitely in good hands and will get the most accurate review of PageDyno from me.

Having said that, if you’d like to know how I managed to earn a commission with this blog, do grab a copy of my Free Guide to Start a Small Business Online.

Now, let’s find out whether PageDyno is one lead capture page builder that you need.


Product Name:

Founder/Owner:  PromoteLabs, same as Landing Page Monkey

Product Type: Cloud-based Lead Capture Page Builder

Price:  Annual subscription at $79 for early birds and $199 upon public launch, which is yet to determine its date.

Best For: PageDyno is best for small business that runs on a tight budget, does not require an information-packed lead capture page and has no intention to nurture its leads.

Summary: PageDyno allows you to create basic lead capture page with a limited design feature. Its pages support video embeds, image, and text with multi-step pages, mouse-away pages, and third party site overlay.

Rating: 4/10

Recommendation: No.

What is PageDyno?

PageDyno is a lead capture page builder that offers limited design features at a yearly subscription. It claims itself business-friendly and guarantees more opt-ins and less hassle for small businesses to quickly build stunning pages.

You simply have to log into their builder dashboard and start creating your first opt-in form directly from its platform. With PageDyno, users are not required to pay for additional hosting as this service is included in their subscription.

The good thing about this feature is that it doesn’t need expert knowledge to use – even beginners can create squeeze pages that stand out. Some popular features include the ability to add video backgrounds and images without any coding involved.

Overall, there’s little to no learning curve involved. Currently, this platform offers a coupon that gives you $10 discount off the annual plan. Any user who subscribed during this time will receive a lifetime guarantee of a fixed discount.

The question now is its predecessor, Landing Page Monkey that has already ceased operation. Will PageDyno follow its footsteps?

How Does PageDyno Work?

As mentioned earlier, PageDyno is a cloud-based platform, and users are required to log into its dashboard to create their lead capture form. With PageDyno, there’s no burden for your existing website to upload unnecessary plugin that can slow down page speed.

Inside member’s dashboard, there are only a few tabs you could see consisting of one that allows you to start creating your page. It’s called Landing Page tab. Inside this tab, you can find Page menu, Create New page and Page Management

Landing Page

As you click on the Create New Page tab, you’ll first be requested to set up your page. Under this, you have the option to name your page, put pages into your desired category, include meta information to optimize for search engine,  insert page background image or video, set a page redirect and finally integrate your page to multiple email marketing tool.

Once you are ready, you’ll then proceed to design your first landing page based on a preset of design features available in the Form Content tab.

Inside this tab, users are provided with a basic template where you will have the options to customize colour, font style, video, image, and call-to-action button style. You’re then required to determine the button link you want the CTA to direct.

If you’re an advanced user, you can also have better control over your dashboard through the advanced settings. It lets you access SEO settings of your page, make further edits on the elements such as rounding the edges of borders or corners, and many others.

Satisfied with landing page settings, you can then proceed to save, copy the link, and share your page on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or even email to your database.

As the hosted page has a weird character domain, therefore I suggest that you download the page and host on your customized domain to make it looks professional. Of course, that’s provided if you’re willing to pay extra to get a customized domain and additional hosting, out from PageDyno.

Finally, if you want to edit an existing page, you can proceed to your Landing Page Management tab to make the changes.

Tracking results of each landing page is important to determine whether your page is generating the desired outcome. Under this tab, you are also able to view simple metrics of your page performance such as number of views and conversion.

To quickly make a copy of existing page, you can use the page cloning feature which is among the most-sought after feature by many marketers. This is because it allows the creation of similar landing pages with only a single click.

It’s particularly beneficial if you need to quickly create multiple pages for your advertising campaigns. The best part about this feature is that although you are creating clones from a specific page, you can still make distinct changes in each clone to make them look unique.

Other features include pause, preview, get code, reset stats, and delete a page.

Integrations with Most Email Marketing Tools

Another great thing about PageDyno is the ability to integrate your page with third party services such as MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, SendinBlue, ConvertKit, and many more.

Mobile Responsive

You’ll be glad to know that all pages made from PageDyno are mobile responsive, so your page can be viewed correctly on all devices. There’s no need to adjust your page as this will be generated automatically as you create your page.

Who is PageDynoFor?

PageDyno is best for small business that runs on a tight budget, does not require an information-packed lead capture page and has no intention to nurture its leads.

However, if your business requires rich content to convince, then PageDyno is not suitable.

In such situation, I would suggest you opt for Thrive Themes, one conversion-focused WordPress plugin that comes with hundreds of rich content landing page templates, multiple website tools, more advanced A/B testing, and in-depth analytics to bring your business to the next level.

The Truth About PageDyno

While PageDyno is easy use, I find that it’s simply too basic and can never be adequate to generate leads.

One notable limitation with this platform is that it doesn’t come with any form of landing page template. Unlike other page builders such as WishPond, Unbounce, and ProfitBuilder that come with hundreds of templates, PageDyno does not even have one.

For the basic design that it offers, you can gain access to similar and more advanced designs for free when you subscribe to any email marketing tool that’s a necessity when capturing leads. For an annual subscription of $79, I don’t think it’s worth paying.

I rather pay an additional of $150 per annum to gain access to multiple landing page designs, secured hosting, database storage, email automation, and advanced performance reporting with Aweber, a popular email marketing tool in the market.

Things I Like About PageDyno

Seriously, there’s nothing I like about PageDyno. It’s just not worth to pay a yearly subscription of $79 to gain access to the simple lead capture form.

Furthermore, you won’t know whether this page builder will follow the footsteps of its predecessor and suddenly close its platform.

Although the amount is not significant, I won’t invest in a tool that is highly possible to disappear one day.

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Is PageDyno A Scam?

It’s no longer relevant to put a stamp of PageDyno. The fact that this tool is over-priced already turn me off. Well, I think PageDyno will not last long.

How I Start A Small Business Online

I’ve been learning online marketing since I was still a high paying c-level executive working in a government-linked company. I knew that one day I’ll be able to quit my stressful job and start working from home.

Well, my dream came true, thanks to one awesome program that I’ve been following until today. In fact, there are many good programs out there, just happen that I found this one that works perfectly well for me. This is the program if you want to find out more.

I hope you enjoyed reading my PageDyno review. If you find this information useful, please share with your friends so they can make better decisions to choose the right lead capture page builder that can help to grow their business.

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