PageWiz Review: Best Landing Page Creator To Generate Business Leads in 2019

Welcome To My Pagewiz Review

Landing pages are proven to effectively reach prospective clients. One popular landing page creator that is used by many online businesses today is called PageWiz.

It’s an innovative landing page creator and optimizer that is designed for businesses, marketers, and bloggers to get leads, sales and grow their business.

What is PageWiz?
How Does PageWiz Work?
Who is PageWiz For?
The Truth About PageWiz
Things I Like About PageWiz
Is PageWiz The Best Landing Page Creator?
How I Start A Small Business Online

Its highly intuitive drag-and-drop visual editor allows users to create landing pages without the need to write a single code.

To let you know upfront, despite I own online business and earn a commission from promoting affiliate products, however, I am not promoting PageWiz and neither am I receiving any benefits from them.

That's why you can be assured to only get the most honest, impartial and unbiased review from me.

If you want to know how I start my online business and ultimately able to quit my c-level job, I suggest you check out my free guide to start a small business online.

Now, let’s quickly find out what is PageWiz and whether this landing page creator can help you generate business leads and ultimately accelerate your business growth.


Product Name: PageWiz

Founder/Owner:  Arik Liberman, founder and CEO

Product Type: Landing Page Creator

Price:  Basic plan $25/month, Standard plan $42/month, Plus plan $84/month and Pro plan $169/month as you pay yearly. All plans come with unlimited landing pages and A/B testing. Notable differences of each plan are the number of visitors and custom domains.

Best For: Marketers, small marketing agencies and businesses

Summary: PageWiz is a simple yet powerful landing page creator that is affordably priced to suit almost every business. It offers unlimited A/B testing, unlimited landing pages, pixel perfect drag and drop visual editor and other campaign features essential for small marketing agencies to generate business leads for their clients. However this tool only comes with one type of popup with is called lightbox. There’s no exit-intent nor timed popup offered.

Rating: 8/10

Recommendation: Yes and highly suitable for a complete beginner.

What Is Pagewiz?

PageWiz is a simple yet powerful landing page creator that is affordably priced to suit almost every business. It offers unlimited A/B testing, unlimited landing pages, pixel perfect drag and drop visual editor and other campaign features essential for small marketing agencies to generate business leads for their clients.

Founded by Arik Liberman in 2011, PageWiz contributes significantly to provide innovative solutions with more than 100 well-converting landing page design templates to serve any business niche.

A favorite of this platform is that it offers much more valuable plans at an astonishing price, particularly in A/B testing and its seamless integration with existing marketing services such as Salesforce, ZOHO CRM, GetResponse, MailChimp and more.

Despite it doesn’t offer any WordPress plugin, you can still create any kind of landing pages that can reside under your subdomain without any plugin.

Here’s a quick introduction to PageWiz.

PageWiz Pricing

Like what I’ve mentioned earlier, PageWiz offers highly competitive pricing starting from as low as $25/month up to $169/month depending on your needs.

Comparably, it provides more value at affordable starting price than most of its competitors such as Instapage, Unbounce, and Wishpond.

All plans come with unlimited A/B testing, unlimited landing pages, custom domains, email marketing integrations, secure hosting, secured lead management and the ability to manage multiple client accounts, making it the best landing page creator for small marketing agencies.

Below are the latest pricing plans offered by PageWiz if you opt to pay yearly.

Basic plan costs $29 per month but if you pay yearly, you will receive 15% discount off the monthly price. In this plan, you’re limited to 5,000 visits per month and 2 custom domains on top of all the other features offered in all plans.

As the various plans are self-explanatory via the image above, it’s pointless for me to explain one-by-one.

Should you have any questions about its features and price plans, you can quickly get an answer via messenger chat on PageWiz Facebook page.

Or if you want to try out PageWiz immediately, you can subscribe for their 30-day free trial to test out any plan without the need to register your credit card.

How Does Pagewiz Work?

PageWiz can host your pages and let you manage your leads from its secured hosting. There’s no need to install anything to use this platform at all.

Everything is provided by PageWiz except you might need an autoresponder such as AWeber to nurture your leads. Among the best services which PageWiz provides include the followings.

Pixel-Perfect Drag and Drop Builder

Most of the landing page creator offers drag and drop visual editors but for PageWiz, it went extra miles to offer pixel-perfect feature.

This means users can place any elements anywhere they want (really anywhere), without being restricted to column-based design.

You have absolute control over designs of your pages. If you are a person who has high expectation to your designs, the PageWiz might be a more suitable choice.

Some elements available to users include unlimited Google fonts, powerful form builders, one-click video widget, parallax scrolling, call-to-action button with lightbox popup, the flexibility to include custom code and adding multiple forms per page.

Design Templates for Specific Business Niche

With more than 100 templates to choose from, with each having unique designs for specific niches, you’ll have less trouble designing your ideal page.

The huge variety of templates help you create pages such as consultancy, webinars, sales page, opt-in pages, homepages and so many more in order to achieve your marketing goals.

While other page builders such as OptimizePress impose fees on advanced design templates, PageWiz templates are entirely free.

All templates are professionally designed with premium looks!

While you can use the existing templates to create your pages, you can also create pages from scratch.

The best thing about using this feature is that it works with the drag-and-drop feature that allows you to pull up elements and simply drop over your desired area.

Secured Free Hosting with GoDaddy

Hosting service is an integral part of any website. PageWiz provides highly secured hosting in partnership with GoDaddy for your landing pages without additional charge.

On top of that, all the email leads that this landing page creator send out to your inbox will be stored in a cloud-based server whereby you can access your leads and export the statistical data 24/7.

With this, you can take your hands off of hosting services such as Hostgator, BlueHost or WordPress which often dries up your budget.

Unlimited A/B Testing

Testing your page prior to launching is an essential procedure in order to identify issues and pinpoint areas on the page that needs work.

Also, A/B testing enables you to determine the strong elements in your landing page thus giving you an idea of the things you need to consider in future campaigns.

Usually, advanced features such as A/B testing come with a costly price and are usually not included in the basic plan of most landing page creators.

However, for PageWiz, A/B testing can be accessed by all users regardless of which plan you subscribed. There’s no limit to how many times you want to do testing.

With the A/B testing feature, you will not only be able to improve the looks and design of your page you will also be able to increase conversion and potential to make sales.

Innovative Lead Notifications & White Labeling

PageWiz will send you a notification when someone opt-in to your form. This means you’ll know who and when a site visitor leaves their detail on your site.

This is called Lead Notification.

However, if you are a marketing agency who are collecting site visitors’ details for your clients, then White Labelling will be a great feature to impress them.

PageWiz White Labeling feature lets you customize the lead notification emails your clients receive from your Pagewiz account to your brand.

It will look as through as these email alerts came from you or your company and not from Pagewiz, just like the sample below.

White labelling can create a professional brand image and can build trust with your clients.

Real-time Statistics

A well-designed landing page must be equipped with real-time statistics to track progress. PageWiz allows you to track the progress and performance of your page from the moment it goes live.

With this feature, you can monitor on a daily, weekly, monthly or even annually important details such as a number of page views, visitors, click-through and conversion rate of your campaigns.

If you ever find out that your page is not performing as intended, you can then make an adjustment to align with your goals.

Neat Knowledge-Base Resource and Tutorial

Pagewiz dashboard is very neat and easy to use. It comes with fairly-structured knowledge-base resources and collection of tutorial videos where you can get all your questions answered.

The knowledge-base itself presents users with an array of solutions to any possible issues or challenges when using the software. Simply enter a keyword in the search bar of the knowledge-base and you’ll receive a number of results.

These results will lead to different blogs as well as articles regarding how you can solve a problem related to your given keyword.

Additionally, PageWiz is loved for its huge collection of tutorial videos on its Youtube channel as well as its videos uploaded via Vimeo.

These videos feature a step-by-step guide on how to proceed with using some of the features.

Examples of some videos include “How to optimize pages through A/B testing,” “How to design custom landing page,” “How to set anchor links,” and so much more.

Who is Pagewiz For?

PageWiz is ideal for marketers, small marketing agencies, businesses and bloggers who want to increase leads and convert sales.

With a variety of templates for pretty much any kind of business, PageWiz is perfect to be included as part of your conversion strategy.

I strongly feel that the features offered in the Basic plan of PageWiz are highly suitable for a complete beginner who is tight with budget and want to stretch every dollar to get the most value.

It’s particularly valuable when all plans come with advanced features such as A/B testing, unlimited landing pages and custom domains, which is normally not available in basic plan of its competitors.

The Truth About Pagewiz

Although I am impressed with the features offered by Pagewiz, there are still some shortcomings that you must know before investing in this landing page builder.

Here are some of the hard truth I found about this tool.

Truth#1: No WordPress Plugin

Most landing page builders such as Thrive Architect come with WordPress plugin where you can easily create additional landing pages inside your WordPress dashboard using third party plugin.

However, Pagewiz does not provide such a feature. If you need to use the same domain as the one that you’re currently using on WordPress, then you’ll need to create a subdomain to build new pages with Pagewiz.

This means, rather than using on your new landing page and host on Pagewiz, you can only use a subdomain

Personally, I don’t think there’s any issue with this but to some people who prefer universal branding, it might not be the best option. 

Truth#2: Limited Popup Triggers

Popups are proven to increase conversion and therefore if you are planning to adopt conversion as part of your business growth strategy, popups are a must-have.

Unfortunately, Pagewiz only provides an action-based trigger to show its popup. This means, if you want to your form to show as popup to your visitors, then they must first click on either a link, image or button.

Unlike Leadpages and Lander App, Pagewiz does not provide timed popup, exit-intent popup nor any scroll trigger.

This means you might be losing out on a significant number of potential subscribers when they landed on your page.

Truth#3: Challenging For Marketers with Financial Constraint

Despite recurring fees is common for any landing page builders, however with features provided inside Pagewiz, you can easily pay a one-time fee to use Profit Builder to get the same features other than you need to find alternatives for hosting.

Unless you do not want any hassle to handle the technicality of creating and hosting your pages with other hosting providers, otherwise subscribing for Pagewiz might be expensive for those with financial constraint.

If you want to save some money and do not mind the hassle, here’s how you can create your website with minimum investment.

Things I Like About Pagewiz

Probably one of the best things I like about Pagewiz is the ability to create and test unlimited landing pages.

As mentioned just now, these advanced features are normally not available in the cheapest plans of other similar products.

But Pagewiz understands its importance and generously included in their basic plan. This has greatly added value to subscribers.

Furthermore, there’s also free SSL hosting that’s highly secured and also the rare pixel-perfect designing feature.

If your strategy is to create landing pages to promote your business, then Pagewiz is definitely one landing page creator you should consider.

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Is PageWiz The Best Landing Page Creator?

PageWiz is not only a legit conversion tool but also one of the best landing page creator that's equipped with sufficient features to generate business leads and sales.

Its impressive customer support is something that you can hardly get from other cheaper alternatives.

I’ve tried to communicate with PageWiz via their Facebook messenger and to tell you the truth, I literally get replies within minutes.

That’s impressive for a small setup like Pagewiz.

How I Start A Small Business Online

I started my small business online focusing on SEO strategy to promote affiliate products and earn passive income.

Therefore, investing in an advanced landing page creator like Pagewiz is not necessary at this moment.

That’s the reason why I use Thrive Architect, a highly affordable and simple alternative that enhances SEO-optimized speed for my blog.

If you want to learn the exact strategy that I use to earn a full-time income working at home, do check out my free guide and follow through with the recommendation.

Inside, you can find a comprehensive step-by-step method on how you can start your first online business without paying monthly for expensive page creator.

I hope you find value after reading my PageWiz review. Do share this post on your Facebook or Twitter so more people can make a well-informed decision when selecting the perfect tool for their business.

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13 thoughts on “PageWiz Review: Best Landing Page Creator To Generate Business Leads in 2019”

  1. Thank you, it was a friend that introduced me to PageWiz when I told her I was looking for a way to boost my business. According to her, a good landing page is all I need and she says that PageWiz is well priced and that it is very effective. Coming here to read, your review has reassured me about this platform. Thank you for sharing. I’ll definitely give it a try. 

    1. Glad to know that my article helps. Do give me some feedback after giving this tool a try so I could give more juice to my review. 

  2. Thank you for coming up with such a in-depth review about PageWiz landing page creator, I think your review is spot on given the many features you have mentioned about PageWiz. Am so impressed by their facebook response as I tried chatting them up too and they responded fast on time. I will share this post link on my twitter handle. 

  3. PageWiz is indeed an awesome landing page creator to be incorporated as part of any conversion strategy. However, I find that the limitation to 2 domains at $25/month can be quite costly for people with a tight budget. A cheaper alternative is Thrive Themes that only cost $19/month whereby members can access more than 10 conversion tools similar to PageWiz, except you might need to host your pages yourself which is not really an issue as hosting fee is only a few dollars. Just my humble opinion. 

    1. Thanks for your opinion. In fact, I use Thrive Architect, one of the WordPress theme bundled inside Thrive Themes to build my website. So far, my experience with this WordPress visual editor has been very satisfying. I will consider to sign up for Thrive Themes to start my conversion strategies soon.  

  4. I must admit I’m quite impressed with what this page builder has to offer. Seem very affordable for a start if you are only targeting for 1 or 2 websites. However, I’ve quite tight budget and currently would only want to focus on creating niche websites and get ranked on Google. Will PageWiz a good option or is there any better ones? 

    1. Hmmn… if you are just trying to create niche websites and leverage SEO tactics to get ranked on Google, then PageWiz might be too much for you. I suggest you try Wealthy Affiliate, whereby you can build and host more than 25 websites with only $19 per month. There are free trainings on how to generate free traffic to your site too. I highly recommend you to check it out. 

  5. I have come across several landing page builders and some of them are overly priced although they do have great value that somehow justifies the pricing. Pagewiz looks like a landing page builder that would be of great value and the pricing is very reasonable and is affordable and compared to other similar landing page builders I would have to say that I am impressed.

  6. I am glad that PageWiz is good for a complete beginner. But what if I only want to create niche website but not ready to create sales pages? Will PageWiz be a good choice as well. I heard about this Thrive Architect which is a highly affordable website builder. Any different with PageWiz? 

    1. Well, PageWiz is only good if you focus on conversion strategies like building specific pages with conversion in mind. But if you are only thinking to start with niche website, then Thrive Architect is a better option. At least it’s only a one-time payment and when you need to build specific pages for conversion purposes, there’s an option to upgrade and unlock other tools.

  7. Great article you  you have written up here concerning the rudiments that constitute the performance of pagewiz. It is really awesome to see and read about. Knowing fully well how this operates seems like a green light signaling the need for me to start building my landing page and besides, this us just a normal drag and drop and not the one that requires having deeper knowledge so I can design and code some thing. Pagewiz has really made it all very much simpler to make use of in building a landing page. Thumbs up

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