Parallel Profits Review (My Early Prediction of Their Business Model)

Parallel Profits Review and Logo

Parallel Profits by Steve & Aidan

Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth once again going to launch their breakthrough product named Parallel Profits on Clickbank early next year.

Based on what was released earlier, this would be an entirely different product ever launched by both of them since starting their partnership few years ago.

Parallel Profits, according to them is an once-in-a-lifetime income-generating opportunity for anyone who wants to start a small business online.

As the launch date is still 45 days away, there is only a small amount of information that I can get.

But I will keep on updating this Parallel Profits Review when the date is approaching so you can have sufficient information to make the right decision.

At this point, I will cover the following segments below.


Product Name: Parallel Profits

Founder: Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth (launced in 2019)

Product Type: Parallel Profits is a program to teach you on how to start a small business providing simple services to local busineses. 

Best For: At this point, Parallel Profits is suitable for people who want to start a small local business 

Summary: Will update once launched

Rating: Will update once launched

Recommended: Will update later. 

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Who is Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth?
Their Past Programs
About Parallel Profits
Why Reach Out to Local Small Businesses?
Is Parallel Profits Worth Your Investment?
Parallel Profits Latest Updates on 23/1/2018

Who is Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth?

Both Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth are considered online marketing veterans and have been around this industry for over a decade.

Steve was previously the CFO of a Fortune 500 company with vast experience in running big corporation. Whereas Aidan is a successful marketer who started with nothing but determination to make online marketing works for him.

I would describe their partnership as extremely successful thanks to the diverse background they bought together; one with excellent management skills while the other with extensive experience in online marketing industry.

Their joint business focuses on three pillars as follow.

  1. Niche Sites & eCommerce Stores
  2. Internet Marketing Training & Coaching
  3. Small Business Marketing

Together they have created two very successful programs, one is called 100K Factory in 2015 and another is 7 Figure Circle in 2018. Both programs generated millions in revenue that have helped hundreds of people to achieve success.

You can check out Aidan’s blog here.

Their Past Programs

So what is 100K Factory and 7 Figure Cycle?

100K Factory focuses to help students make money online via creating ecommerce stores selling affiliate products and 7 Figure Cycle on the other hand is the upgraded version of 100K Factory where you don’t even have to create individual ecommerce website to sell.

The aim of this upgraded program as its name implies, is to help students achieve 7 figure income goal within a year by following its 7-step compounding system.

As you can see from the image, the 7 steps include:

  1. Identify suppliers
  2. Scan their listings
  3. Pin-point your winners
  4. List the winners
  5. Prepare your shipment
  6. Send inventory to FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon)
  7. Profit & get paid

This system alone has proven to help more than 517 students succeed WITHOUT:

  • A website
  • Spending a fortune on products
  • Waiting weeks for products to arrive
  • Any product development or branding
  • Any customer support
  • Needing to run any paid Ads

What they did is to leverage on the huge traffic of Amazon and also the insider analytics of this giant marketplace using 7 Figure Cycle’s unique technology.

Most of their programs are so powerful to the extent that they only allow you the opportunities to join their program during a very short period of time. This is to ensure only the best quality program is dedicated to you.

Right now, their doors are closed.

About Parallel Profits

There’s very little information about Parallel Profits at the point when I am writing this review. But one thing for sure, Parallel Profits is way more than a training program about PPC, SEM or even affiliate marketing.

It is actually a BUSINESS MODEL providing coaching to its students on how to sell simple services to local businesses.

The good news is you only need as little as 7 sales to create a $100,000 income per year if you follow its step-by-step business model. Not much details about the business model available at this time.

So what are the simple services provided to local businesses?

Since Aidan and Steve are veteran in digital marketing services, I believe it is about providing services of this industry to small local businesses owned by solopreneurs or those with less than 50 employees.

Services will include building an ecommerce site, setting up affiliate program for local businesses, manage PPC/SEM, content marketing, SEO and other online marketing tasks.

The objective is to help local small businesses grow their market and increase revenue.

Apart from providing fundamental coaching about digital marketing strategies to its students, as the name implies, I suspect there are 2 business models inside Parallel Profits.

The first business model is to provide necessary coaching, support, tools and proven business model for students to build an internet marketing agency to target local small local businesses. Students are required to build their own agency brand and provide those services using skills learned inside Parallel Profits.

The second model is for students who prefer only to do sales without the need to do hands-on digital marketing tasks. In this model, students will promote Parallel Profits as an agency including outsourcing the technical work to them.

There is no need for students to worry about creating a brand, domain name or website. Neither will they need to worry about copywriting or marketing materials. Everything will already be set up and ready to go so they can secure their territory and start making sales with immediate effect.

Students who choose second business model won’t even need to have face-to-face interaction with local businesses as Parallel Profits’ unique capture system offers variety of built-in-lead-generation and processes to get sales.

All these will remove the hurdles that people hit when trying to build an agency business and subsequently will dramatically increase their chances of success.

Whether you want to start a small local digital marketing agency business or promote your existing brick & mortar business by leveraging on online channels, Parallel Profits has everything for you.

Parallel Profits will do a soft launch on 23rd January 2019, official launch on 29th of the same month, and the cart will close on 7th February.

As usual, their program is mostly high ticket and currently priced at $2,497 (one-time payment) or 3 payments of $997 that will only be offered for a limited time – in this case is only for a total of 17 days.

Why Reach Out to Local Small Businesses?

A research conducted by Small Business Administration (2017) shows that there are 30 million small businesses accounting for 99% of all businesses and 54% of all U.S. sales. Another research by TD Bank shown that small businesses create about 2 out of 3 new jobs in the U.S. each year.

Without a doubt, small businesses play an important role in driving the country’s economy and providing goods and services across the nation. However they too face the challenges of finding new customers and increase revenue. Most small businesses fail within 5 years with the main reason due to insufficient fund caused by inability to generate sustainable revenue.

Despite 66% of small business owners say that finding new customers is their top priority, there is a whole lot 70% of them not confident about the marketing tactics they applied on their business. There is still a 30% local businesses operating without a website. There is obvious lack of marketing knowledge, skills and results in most of the small business venture.

I would say the potential to provide digital marketing services to grow these small local businesses is very promising.

Buy why would Parallel Profits leverage on student’s geographical advantage to reach out to local businesses rather than approaching the businesses directly via online channels?

It is more about cultural and proximity advantage. Most of the many small businesses are still not very confident in managing their marketing activities online and prefer to trust face-to-face interaction more.

Study canvassing over 44,000 people from more than 100 different countries found that operating in locations closer to their customers helps firms resolve issues faster. Customer proximity also improves customer satisfaction and retention rates.

It is believe that firms with local offices understand customers and markets better because they are steeped in the local culture. This can help boost brand visibility.

That’s the reason why Parallel Profits reach out to local businesses by leveraging on its students’ skills, knowledge with geographical advantage. This can help the company grow their business globally without the need to understand local culture nor invest in local resources.

In short, students pay Parallel Profits to join the program but at the same time help the company to reach out to local businesses so Steve and Aidan can grow their digital marketing business quicker and more precisely.

That’s a brilliant business model Parallel Profits has created – both for the company and its students!

Is Parallel Profits Worth Your Investment?

With the good track records Aidan and Steve have created for themselves, I believe Parallel Profits will be another breakthrough program that can help more people achieve financial success.

Of course it will not be cheap either. As I mentioned earlier, this is another high ticket program for people who have money to invest in the business at the same time willing to put in effort to make the business works.

Unless investing a few thousand dollars will not bring too much financial burden to you and your family, otherwise I won’t recommend you to try.

The good news is, by launching on ClickBank, Parallel Profits also agrees to provide money back guarantee to all its students. There is no risk on your side if you decided to invest – of course this is provided you took all the pre-requisite actions to make it a success.

While we are all waiting for this awesome launch, here’s my free guide to start small business online if you are keen to learn more.

When I can get more information, I’ll update this Parallel Profits Review so you can make the right investing decision on the launch date.

p/s: If you find this article valuable, I hope you can share on Facebook and Twitter too.


Parallel Profits Latest Updates on 24/1/2019

Here's Soft launch Welcome Gift from Parallel Profits that was released only recently.

[FREE BOOK] The 3-Step Blueprint For Building A Business That Makes $100,000/year In Profits With Just 7 Sales Or Less….

Inside this guide, you can learn strategy on how you can take advantage of “An Unprecedented TWIST” that Aidan & Steve has developed to set up the entire business for you on a silver plate so you can start making sales almost IMMEDIATELY.

* Tips: As this is a proven yet legitimate business, there's still work involved to engage local small businesses like how I make money providing marketing services to local businesses.

Once you grab this FREE Book, you'll be able to get access to 2 other high quality training to setup an agency business and serve your local small business. The series of free resources, training and webinar includes.

1. The Blueprint
2. The MindMap
3. The Workshop

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10 thoughts on “Parallel Profits Review (My Early Prediction of Their Business Model)”

  1. Wow I think that’s a lot of information already lol. This is another online business opportunity for me. I think anything that is not scam and affordable I’m up for lol. Can’t wait to see more info about it after they launch. I need good information like this. Very helpful. Thank you.

    1. You are welcome. I am also looking forward to their launch. Will keep on updating this Parallel Profits Review once I get more information. 

  2. Thank you for bringing this program to our knowledge. Any info on genuine ways to make money online is always appreciated. I’ll be bookmarking this to keep up on updated info about this program. I hope the developers keep up to their good track record. For me, right now it’s a bit expensive to try out but I hope those who do join get their money’s worth.

    1. Yes, the price is indeed on a high side. You might want to check out the program that helped me to start my small online business. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate. I highly recommend you to check it out.  

  3. Dear Florence,

    Thanks for the helpful and insightful review post.

    Yes I do have came across many experts advising to focus on the local small businesses and indeed its a really huge market with less competition for bloggers. The stats you shared is very helpful. One of my friend is a blogger and he is making 1000’s of dollars on focusing on the local small businesses.

    Good names behind the product, Money back Guarantee, Good business model everything sounds great but the problem for me is their pricing and to be honest its very very expensive.

    I do know few genuine programs where they provide top class training and support for a lot cheaper price.

    Thanks again for the great review post.

    Much Success!


    1. Yes, I am also helping local small businesses to design their online marketing strategies and run campaign, but on a very small scale. If need to become a full-fledged agency, then setting up a solid team is very important. I guess Parallel Profits are providing such business model and team support to their students. 

  4. It’s always good to stay up-to-date on upcoming opportunities, so I appreciate you taking the time to let us know about the impending release of Parallel Profits. From the past programs you outlined, it seems that Steve and Aidan have extensive experience in their fields, which is important to me at this stage of my personal and business development. Do you have any personal experience with either of the two past programs you outline in your article?

    1. Unfortunately I haven’t got the chance to join their program. Their program is quite exclusive and each product launch only lasted for a very limited time. Further more, I am not into ecommerce which were their focus for previous two programs. For Parallel Profits, I am very excited and look forward to this launch. Hopefully, it won’t be another ecommerce or Amazon kinda thing anymore. I might consider to join. 

  5. How much are the services that the person is giving to local businesses? To only need 7 sales to make $100,000 in income sounds like a really expensive service. 

    Also, I am kind of curious to know why local businesses would need to set up affiliate programs as well? I’d figure it wouldn’t be necessary unless they are trying to expand globally as oppose to locally.

    1. I haven’t got the full details about this program. That information was given preliminary. Yes, local businesses particularly those with products targeting consumer will be interested to setup their affiliate system so they are able to sell more. Many are interested but do not have the knowledge/expertise to do this. So they will need this type of service.

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