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Welcome to My Postloop Review

I appreciate you dropping by to my site to read another review.

Today, I am going to review Postloop, a comment exchange platform where people can earn money by leaving comments on blogs, forums, and websites.

If you are a writer or a blog owner, you may have heard about this site. It works very similar to sites like The Forum Wheel and ContentGather.

But is Postloop legit or is it a waste of time?

I was curious about finding whether this site would be a great source of extra income so I joined to test it.

In this review, I will provide my honest view about how this site works and also tips on how to earn more money.

What is Postloop?
Inside Postloop
Who is Postloop For?
The Truth About Postloop
Things I Like About Postloop
Is Postloop A Scam?
How I Start A Small Business Online

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Before you broach the idea of signing up to Postloop, I want you to read through this review and find out whether it matters to try it.


Product Name:  Postloop

Founder/Owner: Unknown

Product Type: A marketplace for writers to earn money by leaving comments on forums

Price:  It is free.

Best For: Experienced writers who want to earn small cash during their free time.

Summary: Postloop is a legitimate marketplace for experienced writers to earn extra bit of money by posting on forums. The site claims writers to earn as much as $0.08 for each post.

Although this site is legitimate, there a limit as to the number of posts you can make in a day leading to a low income potential.

Rating: 5/10

Recommendation: No, I would not recommend this site as a substitute for your full time income.

What is Postloop?

Postloop is a comment exchange platform that helps writers earn extra income by leaving comments on blogs, forum, and websites.

If was founded in 2010 but was closed for 6 months starting November 2016. In April 2017, it started running again, catering to both writers and blog owners.

There are two ways to use the site. If you are a writer, you can use the site to post comments and earn money. If you are a blog owner, you can use this site get comments for your site.

For those who have yet to start anything, here are additional 50 ways to earn money online.

To put it simply, Postloop is a marketplace for writers and blog owners to exchange services. Writers provide comments to blog owners and get paid.

On the other hand, blog owners get the comments and increase engagement in their website.

Inside Postloop

Anyone can register and join Postloop as long as you can prove to the company that you can write well.

To have access to the site, you must first create an account on Postloop. A link is sent to your email and you must click on that link to activate your account.

Once your account has been activated, you will need to take a writing test for the company. The writing test will require you to create 10 posts on the Postloop forum.

This will show the company that you are capable of creating engaging threads and commenting on existing threads by other users. So you need to give your best shot here.

But before you can start the test, you need to create another account on The Postloop Portal, where you can access the forum and post comments.  Using your sign-up information, it will just take a couple of minutes to complete this stage.

Once done, another link will be sent to your email. You will have to click this link to verify your account and then subscribe to The Postloop Portal to get started with the test. The subscription is free but it means you will receive notifications whenever users post comments on the thread you’ve created.

Your 10 posts will be subject for review. Normally, it takes 24 hours for the site to get back to you. However, if you’ve signed up on Friday to Sunday, the process will take a little longer.

Once you passed the test, Postloop will grant you access to the Job Board and you can start earning money by posting comments on the forums. If you did not pass the test, you won’t be able to re-apply.

As a tip, it is very important that you pay close attention to spelling and grammar as the site will judge your comments based on these criteria.

Here are my tips that you may consider to qualify as a writer for Postloop.

  • Good grammar
  • Good spelling
  • Proper capitalization
  • Proper punctuation
  • At least 4-5 sentences per comment
  • Post unique and fantastic comment (not copied from anywhere on the web)

The Job Board

The job board shows the list of forums that you can comment on. The number of forums you can join depends on the initial rating you got from the test. The higher your rating, the more forums you can join.

 I will discuss later on this review their rating system. 

Each time you post on the forum, you will earn points for your work. However, the number of points you can earn depending on how much the blog owner is willing to give.

To start posting, just click on the link and click on “Post New Thread”. I suggest that you choose the topic you're interested so you can craft out the best comment and gain more points.

The harder you work, the more points you will earn. You can post as many as 10 comments in one forum which you need to spread out in one day.

The Rating System

Postloop will highlight the forum available for you on the job board depending on your rating. The site rates their writers on a scale of 1.0 to 5.0, where 1.0 is the lowest and 5.0 as the highest.

The drawback here is that you will not have access to other forums if your rating is lower than 3.0. You need to work hard to get at least 4.0 rating and start having access on more forums.

As I said, your initial Postloop rating is given to you by the site based on the 10 trial posts plus your next 3.0 rating that you receive from site owners. Your rating will increase or decrease depending on how much the forum owner is willing to give.

Each blog owner will give a rating from 0-5 based on grammar, spelling, length, and many more. It is important that you strive to write the highest quality post to get a 5.0 rating.

Your rating is updated every 30-day cycle. This means that the site will add all the ratings you receive within 30 days and that will be your rating for such period. This is good because if your rating is low in the past month, you will have a chance to recoup it by leaving fresh comments on new posts.

Take note that some forums will have their comments moderated, so you will not receive your rating until your comment is approved. Some forums also have non-paid sections so if you happen to post on one of these sections, you will not receive any credit. It is very important that you check the forum information first before leaving any comments.

The Point System

Each site you post comment on will give points between 0-5.  You will earn more points if you spread out your comments throughout the day than posting them altogether in one hour. This is probably because it lowers the site’s ranking for SEO.

Each point you earn on Postloop is convertible to $0.08. However, if you have a higher rating you can earn up to $0.12 for each point.

Normally, when you leave several comments on one site within very short time intervals, they can appear too spammy for Google Algorithm to not notice at all. The site will suffer the negative impact while you receive a lower rating.

Some forum owners will give a perfect score for fantastic comments.

Referral Program

Referring you friend to sign up to Postloop is another way to earn money.  Postloop generally gives 20% of what your referral earns.

All you need to do is encourage your friends to sign up to Postloop using your referral code.

How Are You Paid?

Postloop requires that you have a PayPal account in order to cash out your points and request payment only when you have at least $5 in your account.

Note that your withdrawal is subject to Postloop review which can take up to 24 hours.

Who is Postloop For?

Postloop is best for experienced writers who are capable of creating fantastic comments on forums.

Postloop has a very high standard and most of the forum owners are very straightforward with their verdicts. Since they are buying their points, you can’t expect them to be very generous if your comment is poorly crafted.

If you have poor comments, you may not receive any points. That is why experienced writers will have greater advantage using this site.

However, just like legit write-to-get-paid sites such as Listverse, Textbroker, and Online Writing Jobs, I will not recommend Postloop as a substitute for your full time income.

While there is no limit how much you can earn from this site, there is a limit as to how many posts you can make in a day.

This reduces the chance of earning big if you type extremely fast.

That's the reason as to why affiliate marketing is still my best method to earn a full time income, one method that I can start within one month with real minimal investment.

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The Truth About Postloop

Low Earning Potential – This site seemed like a lot of work for a little pay unless you capitalize on the referral program and earn 20% of what your friends are earning.

Also, since the number of comments you can make in a day is limited, there’s no guarantee that this site will give you the ideal income that you imagined.

High Rating Requirement – Some site owners require that you have at least 4.0 before you can post. If you have less than 4.0 rating you won’t be allowed to post.

Confusing Point System – Generally, your points will also increase and decrease depending on your rating. If you have a high rating, each point translates to higher dollar equivalent. If you have a low rating, the equivalent is lower.

Only One Payment Option – Unfortunately, for non-PayPal users you would have to create a PayPal account since the only payment method for Postloop is PayPal.

This can be annoying for some folks who use some other payment methods like bank transfer, cryptocurrency, debit, etc.

Rating Can Fluctuate and Expire – As I said, the rating is updated every 30-day cycle so you need to consistently maintain the quality of your work to uphold your rating.

If you happen to miss a couple of weeks, you won’t be receiving any points for each week which will catapult on your rating for the next month.

Things I like About Postloop

I like that Postloop is free and you can add to your list of legitimate website to extra bit of money during your free time.

You can capitalize on the referral program which lets you earn 20% of your friend’s income. This is by far the best way to earn big money from Postloop instead of simply posting comments.

However, I still would not recommend this site as a substitute for your regular income.

There are a lot of uncertainties in this website that will affect your earnings such as how many points the forum owner is willing to give, and how long you can maintain a 4.0 rating.

In other words, there’s no guarantee that you will rip huge income solely out of Postloop.

Is Postloop A Scam?

Postloop is not a scam. It is a legitimate marketplace for experienced writers to earn extra income by simply leaving comments on the forums.

Writing comments definitely would not be an issue especially if you enjoy this type of work.

However, expect to earn much less than the minimum wage even if you type extremely fast. The number of comments you can post in one day is limited which consequently decreases you earning potential.

Also writing highly engaging comments requires creativity. This is a lot of hardwork for writers to convince forum posters to give a perfect score.

At the end of the day, only you can decide whether Postloop is worth your time. Again, this is definitely not for me.

How I Start A Small Business Online

Overall, Postloop is a great site to earn extra bit of income. However just be aware that it will not make you rich.

If you want to earn a full time income, I highly encourage you to try a proven strategy I use to make my first genuine income using legitimate techniques.

However, let me remind you that like any business venture, your online income takes time to grow.

Clearly there is no shortcut to success but instead of wasting your time earning relatively low from petty websites, it would be wiser if you click on the button below and take action.

I know a lot of you might be thinking the other way around and are wavering whether this is just like the inconsequential websites I used to review.

Trust me, I was like you at first but I took the courage and found my way to my first 5 to 6 figure income.

I was very thankful to make that move.

I appreciate you reading my review for Postloop.

If you find this review useful, please feel free to share this in any of you social media channels and help others make an informed decision.

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4 Comments on "Postloop Review: Get Paid to Post Comments Online"

  1. Hi Florence! 

    Great review! I haven’t heard of Poostloop before, but I was very curious about how it worked and it was actually legit when I started reading the beginning of your post. And I was even more interested in Poostloop when I read it was free. 

    However, it seems like it is very difficult to earn a lot of money from here, specially if you have a limit of comments per day. 

    I will check Poostloop out for myself and then see how it works for me. I will make sure to follow your suggestion and pay attention to my grammar, spelling and punctuation. 



    • This is also the first time I heard of Postloops. But I still won’t consider spending my time in this platform. Would rather focus on affiliate marketing to build a rock solid business. 

  2. I agree with you that postloop is really for experienced writers. The requirements are of a very high standard and not for common people who have no writing experience. So, for those who have such a qualification, this can be a good opportunity. And the referral program is a good plus to increase the revenue. Postloop can really be a nice opportunity to make some extra income. 

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for the review of the Postloop platform. It really opened my eyes to what the potential is, as many people have been telling me that it is such a great place to earn while providing comments. As I read through, it seems to me that this is a notch better than the survey platforms, but still, not ideal.

    You are limited in the amount of money you can earn, the time you trade for the money means that you can never scale the platform to increase your earnings in the same amount of time. At the end of the day, you will have an upper limit, even with a  high rating for your comments. That upper limit will likely not provide you an income where you can stop working elsewhere.

    As you say, as a side gig for those times when you are not doing other things, you can use this Postloop platform, but if you do not put enough effort into the comments or making comments. your rating will go down and your income as well. I agree that you would be better off creating a business that is much more recurring in design for income.

    Affiliate marketing is one such model, as is online training, or selling tools or software. All will allow you to do the work upfront and then sell the result (or promote sales) again and again. In essence, you are trading much less time for much more income, and there is no limit.  

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