Profit Injector Review: Latest or Outdated YouTube Cash Generator?

Profit Injector Review _ Latest or Outdated YouTube Cash Generator

Is Project Injector The Solution to Make Money Without Producing Videos?

We all know YouTube is definitely one traffic strategy you must have to grow your online business.

But there are still many people who are reluctant to start producing YouTube video thanks to the “perceived complexity” in creating one.

What if I tell you there's a solution to turn YouTube videos to become your cash generator without you having to produce any video at all?

Sounds great? Here's the good news.

Project Injector is a new product created by Jamie Lewis (a video expert) sold on Clickbank and JVZoo, that claims to help anyone make money by posting FREE ads on videos created by other people.

What you need is leverage on the engine of Project Injector and follow through the step-by-step training.

This Project Injector review will show you how to make money by placing FREE advertisement on other people's YouTube.

Who's Jamie Lewis?
What is Profit Injector?
How Does Profit Injector Work?
What I Like About Profit Injector?
What I Don't Like About Profit Injector?
How Much Does Profit Injector Cost?
Can Profit Injector Build A Long-Term Business?
My Long-Term Strategy To Start A Small Business Online


Product Name: Profit Injector

Founder/Owner: Created by Jamie Lewis in Jan 2019

Product Type: YouTube marketing system

Price: $47 (Clickbank), $37 (JVZoo)

Summary: It is a system consisting of training and tools to help you make money by leveraging on other people's YouTube video.

Best For: People who do not mind to spent time making money without building own cash generating asset

Rating: 70/100

Recommended: No

Who is Jamie Lewis

Jamie Lewis is a well-known name in the marketing industry who has created several credible products that help marketers from around the world build their business.

Recently he partnered with Tom Luna and Matthew Tang to create Profit Injector to share his secret method that has generated massive cash for him.

What is Profit Injector?

Profit Injector is a new system that teaches you to place free ads on existing YouTube video that do not belong to you and generate income.

The idea is to find videos that are not yet monetized, contact the owner and strike a deal with him to split share the profit.

What Jamie is trying to tell you is there's a way for you to get Free YouTube Video Ads and make money without having to waste time creating your own video content.

Sounds cool right?

But is Profit Injector legit of just another scam? And can Profit Injector generate cash for you as a long-term business?

Like many other hyppy sales video, Profit Injector shows screenshots of massive paydays and luxury living including whatever is shown below.

1. Never reveal this strategy before
2. Total newbies managed to make money
3. Offer only available for a limited time
4. Best, optimal time effective ways to make a lot of money
5. Don't have to pay for ads
6. Easy and non-complicated
7. Low risk solution

Sounds familiar?

Let's find out more and explore the feature inside Profit Injector.

How Does Profit Injector Works?

Like I mentioned earlier, Profit Injector works by throwing the idea of splitting your affiliate commission with video owners.

This is done by putting your unique affiliate link onto the video description box that belongs to the original owner applying arbitrage tactics taught inside Profit Injector.

Here's an overview of the technique called YouTube Arbitrage taught inside Profit Injector.

Step 1: Choose a Niche
Step 2: Find YouTube video that has decent traffic but hasn't monetize
Step 3: Connect with the owner
Step 4: Make money and split profit with the owner

Here are some features found inside Profit Injector that can help you implement YouTube Arbitrage.

Jamie's Library of Video Marketing Training Tutorials: You will be able to access tons of video training and pdf with some private tutoring from authors of Project Injector.

Some skills you will learn include content creation, how to setup YouTube account and build subscriber base from scratch.

YouTube Software: This software is the engine behind Profit Injector. What it does is to help you identify YouTube video of your selected niche that has decent traffic (with or without monetization) so you could email the owner to offer joint venture.

Email Swipe: Like other make money program, you will be able to use the pre-written email copy to suggest a partnership with video owners. This saves you time from creating your own.

Customer Support: If you get stuck anytime or have any question to ask, there is a support team and replies are guaranteed within 24 hours or less.

What I Like About Profit Injector?

Reputable Creator: Jamie Lewis has build a credible reputation for himself over the years. If he's willing to share his money-making secret with you, then this method must have worked for him.

Even it might not be as effective as those days when he first apply the strategy, it might still be workable now if you are willing to put in extra effort.

Exact Method Shown on Sales Video: Unlike other systems such as 60 Minute Profit Plan, Second Income Center or American Online Jobs where you won't even know what they are selling after finish watching the entire sales video, Jamie is showing you upfront what you will be getting when you buy his system. There's no guessing game here.

60 Days Money Back Guarantee: Any product that you buy from Clickbank or JVZoo, you will assured with 100% money back guaranteed if in any way you are not satisfied with the product. No question asked.

What I Don't Like About Profit Injector?

Not Disclosing Critical Information: The sales video never tell you that Jamie Lewis has build a reputable brand for himself as a marketer who successfully make a lot of money online.

This authority makes it easier for him to convince other YouTube video owners that he can help them monetize their video if they allow him to post free ads on their videos.

I am not saying a complete newbie will not have this opportunity. But the truth is people need to trust you before allowing you to advertise on their YouTube content.

Furthermore, you'll still need to find ways to split the profit if it's an affiliate commission.

So there's certain degree of difficulty for complete newbies.

Upsell: I know upsell is common in any program but if the training or resources can't sufficiently let anyone make decent income, then the sales video should not make it sound like as it's “simple” to make money with this strategy.

Inside Profit Injector, there are 3 upsell, consisting of training and done-for-you campaign as shown below.

Upsell #1: Training Class $197 (One Time Fee)
This is a one-on-one hand holding up to twice a week with Jamie personally where you are going to speak to him directly and ask questions.

Upsell #2: Training Class for 6 Months $97
Same access with Upsell #1 but with a shorter duration of only 6 months.

Upsell #3: Profit Injector Business in A Box $297
Access to Jamie's most successful Adwords campaign for EVERY niche. These campaigns can be plug & play to your own Adwords & other ad network of your choice.

Look, the best marketing campaign today will lose lustrous the next day if overly used. Despite these are Jamie's best performing campaigns, how sure are you it will still produce the same results today?

Time Consuming NOT Time Effective: Yes, to certain extent, like what Jamie says, you can save a lot of your time without the need to master complicated method.

But what about the time you spent to search for YouTube videos that're not yet monetized but have decent monthly traffic? The engine behind Profit Injector is not going to accurately tell you which video has yet to monetize.

Even if you found those with high traffic without monetization, but don't forget only a small percentage of people will click on your link. Furthermore, you need to convince the owner to partner with you.

As a complete newbie, you might need to spend more time finding your way to identify these cash generating YouTube videos and do the convincing sales job.

How Much Does Profit Injector Cost?

Project Injector cost a one-time fee of $47 if you click on Clickbank link and only $37 if you click on JVZoo link.

This system is sold on both Clickbank and JVZoo affiliate marketplace with lifetime access.

Can Profit Injector Build A Long-Term Business?

This is an older tactic used many years ago to make money from YouTube when it was not even popular yet.

Will this tactic works today when video owners have full access to the many choices of monetization? I bet it can depending on the market you are targeting.

However, video owners are not stupid.

Once they see how you make money out of their video, they will want to take 100% profit rather than splitting with you.

If this system is accessible to everyone via Profit Injector, in no time, video owners will learn the exact method you use to monetize from their videos and they will continue to do it without you.

This also means all the time and effort spent finding high traffic videos and convincing video owners to split the profit with you will be wasted in the end.

To me, this is not a long-term business. But if you really want to give this a try, this is the link to the best price you can ever get

My Long-Term Strategy To Start A Small Business Online

Even though Profit Injector is not a scam, I will not consider this system because it is not a long-term business model.

Neither do I want to spend my time convincing video owners to later realize they will abandon the partnership so they can make 100% profit for themselves.

If I need to spend time building an online business, I rather spend time building one that can give me continuous income.

I personally prefer to build my own audience by publishing own content, so I can control the asset (content & subscribers) for long term monetization.

And I am lucky to have found a program that's beginner friendly and proven to work by many renown marketers. The best is you won't even have to pay for any advertisement to make 5 to 6 figure income.

Here's a free guide I've put together to show you the exact strategy I used to start my small business online.

I hope this Profit Injector Review has given you a better idea on how to make YouTube videos your cash generator.

If you want to know more ways to make money online, do leave me a comment below.

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4 thoughts on “Profit Injector Review: Latest or Outdated YouTube Cash Generator?”

  1. Hi Florence. I have heard about this type of money making opportunity before but never knew exactly how it worked. I’ve often toyed with the idea of trying to make money by placing ads on Youtube videos but this sounds like a lot of work with little payoff. Also, the upsells are a concern to me. It sounds like you would be putting out more money than you would be getting back. Thank you for taking us inside this offer! I think I’ll avoid this one! Alanna

    1. This strategy inside Profit Injector can really help people make money but as I said, this is an outdated strategy where anyone could do it themselves by doing a keyword search on YouTube. In fact YouTube is a search engine on its own, therefore software provided inside Profit Injector might not be that helpful. Unless what you are paying for is the training, otherwise I don’t think anyone should buy this system. 

  2. Hi Florence! This really sounds great! Being able to profit from the traffic generated from YouTube without producing videos!

    But as you have also stated, this method has probably worked for Jamie Lewis because he already has a reputable brand and it’s easier for the video owner to trust him. But in our case, being total newbies, it will be very difficult for video owners to trust us. And in this connection I have a question: If I have a YouTube video that I haven’t monetized yet and it has decent traffic. And somebody I don’t know writes to me saying he want to place his affiliate links in my video and split profit. Wouldn’t I prefer to join that same affiliate program and place my own affiliate links and earn all the commission?

    Thank you very much for your critical eye concerning Profit Injector. I greatly appreciate your experience giving us an idea of what works and what doesn’t. Thank you very much!

    1. You are right. That’s why this is only a short term solution. It can never be build as a long term business. Personally, it’s not my style to start any business that is only for a short period of time. That’s why I rather choose to start my business with Wealthy Affiliate because the strategy taught inside this program is evergreen. 

      Despite it takes longer time to see results, but at least this strategy can help me make passive income for LONG-TERM. That’s what I am looking for. 

      On top of saying this, recently I found one very good program called CB Super Affiliate Training created by Patric Chan. This training program is packed with high quality content and some critical tools to build an authoritative business. And can be a very good supplementary training to Wealthy Affiliate. 

      I urge all Wealthy Affiliate members to check it out with its 60 days money back guarantee. 

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