Second Income Center Scam: How It Avoids Legal Liability?

Second Income Center Scam
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Welcome to My Second Income Center Review

I've been doing desktop research on this program called Second Income Center for quite a while and most results show this program as a scam.

But I feel skeptical with the results as most reviewers are members of Wealthy Affiliate, an affiliate marketing program with a handful of members criticized by product owners for giving inaccurate reviews.

To find out the truth, I decided to sign up for Second Income Center and get insider stories about this program.

First, I would like to let you know that I am not in any way associated with this Second Income Center and currently is also a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

My intention of writing this Second Income Center review is to give you an unbiased analysis on how this program works and to explain on why there are so many Wealthy Affiliate members calling this program a scam.

Here's how it goes….

What is Second Income Center?
How Does Second Income Center Works?
Why Wealthy Affiliate Members Call It a Scam?
Is Second Income Center A Scam?
How I Make Money Online?


Product Name: Second Income Center

Founder: Unknown

Product Type: Work-at-home affiliate marketing opportunity

Price: Personal Computer cost $97 + upsells

Summary: A front-end platform that uses very old marketing tactics to collect emails from you, then promote various make money opportunities to you. In short, this is not a business opportunity but simply just a platform to generate leads so they can SELL your personal data to third party or ask you to buy into other affiliate system. I don't suggest anyone to even spend 5 minutes on their website. If you have time to spare, I suggest you to get my free guide to start a real online business. You can download from the button below.

Best For: Nobody

Rating: 0/100

Recommended: No

What is Second Income Center?

First, it was really difficult to locate the sales page of Second Income Center as most of the review posts did not place a link to its sales page.

You might think I am not that clever as I may have missed checking on its homepage.

I did but I just can't find the sales page.

After going through one hour of research, I finally found NOT the sales page but a Second Income Center opt-in page hosted on this domain,

Second Income Center optin page

They do not have a sales page!

In order to get inside this program, I sacrificed one of my email and opt in to their list to get a cheat sheet to make $500 to $1500 a month.

Unfortunately, my geographical location is restricted by this system.

Optin to Second Income Center rejected _ Restricted countries _ Malaysia

To give you an accurate review of Second Income Center, I decided to use a VPN service to change my server location to Singapore, United States and Hong Kong respectively, then try to opt-in with other emails.

That's how members from countries not supported by Wealthy Affiliate gain access to their system.

Hopefully through this way, I can access to this program and give you a comprehensive review of Second Income Center.

Too bad, the result is even worse. My access was blocked due to reasons shown below.

Second Income Center rejected my subscription to opt-in for their cheat sheet.

Despite this, I still received an email from them asking me to confirm my subscription to receive my request for SecondIncomeCenter  Employment-Listings from a company named “ACRAMAX”.

The question is, when did I ever request for employment listing, and furthermore is from a company that I've never opt-in for?

What I agree when opt-in was to get the cheat sheet.

Again, to find out what is Second Income Center, I decided to click on the link in that email and immediately I was directed to a thank you page created by

This is when I knew big time that my email address was SOLD!

Arcamax Pubishing as its name indicates, is an online publishing company and provider of news and syndicated features starting year 1999 .

This company distributes (or maybe spamming) hundreds of featured articles to millions of subscribers by email daily.

When you check their BBB rating, the most common complaint made by subscribers is receiving excessive emails from this company, that's causing disturbance.

Up to this point, I am really frustrated yet confused with this so-called money making opportunity offered by Second Income Center.

If I continue to do a legitimacy search of Acramax Publishing, I might be wasting too much of my time looking for the right program to start making money online.

Therefore I decided to stop searching as my gut feeling told me that Second Income Center is a big scam!

How Does Second Income Center Works?

Second Income Center is obviously a big scam.

What they want is just to get hold of your email address by applying out-dated online marketing tactics to make money out from you.

This tactic will lure you into giving them your email address voluntarily by promising you some sort of cheat sheet or goodies.

Whether you managed to get a copy of the so-called cheat sheet or not (you can get it here without giving out your email), they will continuously send offers to your mailbox or even SELL your personal data to third party.

In my case, they sold my email address to their so-called “customer or affiliate program”, like Arcamax.

Second Income Center is just an affiliate marketer applying out-dated method to coax you into giving out your emails and buying the affiliate offers that they promote or those promoted by third party on their behalf.

The grey area that saved them from legal liability is the “confirm your subscription” email that they send to you immediately after you opt-in, just like the one shown below.

Confirm Your Subscription_ Second Income Center Employment Listing

Inside this email, they did tell you what you'll be getting in future but it's far from the same intention as to why people sign up.

In general, people sign up with the understanding that they will receive promotional emails from the company/program they sign up with.

Very seldom subscribers will ever thought their personal data will be sold to third party.

Second Income Center are taking advantage that many people won't bother to read the privacy policy, or will missed the twisted message in “confirm your subscription” email because they are eager to receive the freebies.

As I read Second Income Center privacy policy, it was to my horror that this company actually SELL YOUR PERSONAL DATA to third party!

Before you even click the “confirm your subscription” button, you already compromise your email address to all third parties associated with Second Income Center.

The only way you can unsubscribe from all third party list is when you unsubscribe via a link inside its privacy policy and this will take 10 days to see effect.

Without unsubscribe with this unique link, you might need to individually unsubscribe from each third party list and this can be an endless process.

Why Wealthy Affiliate Members Call It a Scam?

Now I truly understand why Wealthy Affiliate members call Second Income Center a scam.

There are many people who fell prey to this type of scam leading them to receive many offers in their inbox.

One such offer mentioned in most Wealthy Affiliate members' reviews of Second Income Center is Personal Computer.

This offer is a complete scam and is one of the reason why Wealthy Affiliate members concluded Second Income Center is a scam.

Here's their justification …

Second Income Center is a Doorway to Another Scam Program Called Personal Computer: Personal Computer is a link-posting scam program whereby this program make you to believe that simply by posting affiliate links, you are able to make real income online.

Below is how the sales page looks like.

To increase your urgency to buy into this opportunity, Persona Computer claims to limit numbers of daily purchase.

It will even give you a very limited time to make decision.

The truth is these type of program will never limit any purchase as what they want is to get the most money from you.

Don't ever fall for the “limited availability” fake claim.

The real problem with Personal Computer is that “link posting” is not a real online business opportunity.

Anyone can easily pay up to a few thousand dollars on advertisements to get thousands of links that can't convert to sales.

Without saying, if you are a complete newbie, it will be tougher to learn sales conversion optimization.

You need real strategies to make link posting works.

Only by receiving comprehensive online marketing education, you are going to make real money.

And it takes time to learn. It's never as easy as what Personal Computer or Second Income Center claims.

Fake Persona: All actors inside Second Income Center are actors from Fiverr or some stock images that you can buy online.

When you decide not to subscribe, there'll be a pop-up that tries to convince you one last time to buy their program.

This pop-up will make you believe that Second Income Center is helping people like Melissa Johnson to achieve financial freedom.

Like how I exposed another scam program 60 Minute Profit Plan, Melissa is just a fake character from stock photo.

Welcome to the stock images of Melissa.

Melissa Johnson of Second Income Center

And there is this guy below that appear inside the sales video of Second Income Center.

Apparently, he is nothing more than a paid spokesperson from Fiverr.

If all people and characters inside Second Income Center are fake, how real can this program be?

Is Second Income Center A Scam?

Second Income Center is obviously a scam.

This program can't help you make $500 to $1,500 every day as claimed inside their opt-in page.

What they want is just to get your email address, sell your personal data to third party or promote more offers to make you buy.

It's really a waste of time spending time checking their offers.

This method is not only outdated, unethical and Second Income Center is trying to game the legal system by hiding the fact that they sell your data inside privacy policy.

They even lie to you that your data won't be sold on the page that you opt-in.

Biggest Lie of Second Income Center

To prevent any legal case that can potentially inflict the real owner due to privacy infringement, therefore real owner will never be revealed.

From their privacy policy, I only found out that the owner “might be” someone with the name Tyson Maxwell who resides in Arizona.

Who knows whether he/she is a real person or not.

If you happen to see any program without real person as owner, then I can assure you it is a 100% scam. No doubt about it.

How I Make Money Online?

I never believe making money with quick and easy way. Any quick money is most probably a scam and anything easy is mostly not sustainable .

Unless you are a real lucky person, otherwise, I don't believe anyone can quickly and easily make money.

Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I am proud to say that this program has indeed help many people start a decent online business.

If you are still searching for a decent and genuine program to start making money online, I suggest you give Wealthy Affiliate a try.

It's FREE to start trial session with no credit card required. If interested, you can click the link below or check out how I make money with Wealthy Affiliate.


Head over to Wealthy Affiliate now and register for a FREE Starter Membership where you will receive 2 free websites, 10 free training lessons and 7 days free access to learn from SUPER AFFILIATES.

Wealthy Affiliate Signup for Free Starter Member


I hope by reading this post on Second Income Center review, you are now convinced that this is an obvious scam.

If you have any experience to identify scam or any question you want to ask, please leave me a comment below.

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6 Comments on "Second Income Center Scam: How It Avoids Legal Liability?"

  1. What a crazy little scam they are running, they sure have put in the hard work to make it look as legit as possible. If affiliate marketing doesn’t work, you have a career as a Private Investigator for sure. Thanks for highlighting the danger of Second Income Center and how it avoids legal liability

    • Private investigator? Lol… fortunately affiliate marketing strategy that I learn from Wealthy Affiliate works for me. Otherwise I might really need to become a PI. 

      If you are keen to learn the exact strategy I used to start my affiliate business, here’s a free guide that I’ve put together for people who want to know more. 

      Seriously there are just too many grey areas when it comes to avoiding legal liability. That’s why I would advise anyone to first read the privacy policy of any website that want to get hold of your personal data. 

      This can avoid any discrepancy if it ever happen.

  2. Wow!!  I save the word scam for the not so good opportunities that are not good at all.  Second Income Center is obviously a scam and not even a convincing one.The great thing about Second income Center is that it looks so bad that hopefully most of the newbies will even see through it and run before getting rooked in.Thank you so much for taking the time to put the effort in to write such a great review that will hopefully drive away the newbies from buying a scam product.Dale

    • Great to know that you find my Second Income Center review valuable. Please do share with your friends so more people can avoid getting scammed by this unethical company. 

  3. Awesome review and thanks for taking the time to try and actually join!

    I know at Wealthy Affiliate they do take a hit as a lot of newbies write unfavorable reviews based on others opinions. 

    I see you haven’t done that, Congratulations

    I believe your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate is a valid one. All I have ever heard is they are upfront about it not being a get rich quick scheme and that you actually have to put in some hard work but that it pays off!

    onward n upward

    • Thanks Dennis for taking time to read my Second Income Center review. In fact, I love doing reviews the way Wealthy Affiliate teaches. The more reviews I produce, the more knowledgeable I become in terms of identifying legit and scam program. 

      That’s why to certain extent, some program at one glance, I’ll be able to know whether it is a scam.Despite saying this, I still believe we need to produce only accurate reviews with our own critical analysis so we don’t abuse the trust our readers have on us. 

      There are too many product owners out there claiming Wealthy Affiliate members scammers. That gives people an impression that WA only teaches unethical method to produce product reviews. 

      This is something that I totally disagree. 

      Not only that WA didn’t teach unethical product review, in fact it specifically created a dedicated training to teach people about how to create accurate product review on its Affiliate Bootcamp Training.

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