Secret Affiliate Review: The Shocking Truth!

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Welcome To My Secret Affiliate Review

So you’ve probably received an email about this awesome way to earn $900 a day from Secret Affiliate.

Now you’re trying to investigate whether this claim is true.  Well, you have definitely come to the right place because today, I am going to reveal the shocking truth about this website.

Before I continue, I want to thank you for your interest in my review. You have done the right thing to do your own research before signing up into Secret Affiliate.

There are many ways to earn money online and I believe you landed here for one similar reason that's to achieve flexibility in life.

I used to work in a 9 to 5 office environment. Despite a high-paying salary my job did not allow more flexibility in schedule.

So I quit my job and found a way to earn a five to six-figure income by working on my legitimate online business.

As I ventured the virtual world, I have witnessed a lot of people who have lost their money into scams. So now, I want to share what I know so other people will be aware.

Now, what is the truth about Secret Affiliate? Will this program helped you earn more income or will it rob you from it? Here's one way to find out and I'm going to tell you everything you need to know. 

What is Secret Affiliate?
Inside Secret Affiliate
Who is Secret Affiliate For?
The Truth About Secret Affiliate
Things I Like About Secret Affiliate
Is Secret Affiliate A Scam?
How I Start A Small Business Online


Product Name: Secret Affiliate (

Founder/Owner: Unknown

Product Type: Done-for-You affiliate system

Price: $17 + upsells

Best For: Nobody

Summary: Secret Affiliate is a done-for-you affiliate system that gives you more than 50 ready-made websites within minutes. These websites will be inserted with a few of your affiliate links (highly possible affiliate links of other people too) but can't help you earn more than $900 a day as claimed inside its sales page. The site is too secretive and it's definitely not worth your time to even look at it.

Rating: 1/10

Recommendation: No

What is Secret Affiliate?

Secret Affiliate is a done-for-you affiliate marketing system that claims to help you get hundreds of dollars in commission through affiliate marketing in just 4 simple steps.

We know for sure that affiliate marketing helps website owners earn money but it takes some time to get their website popular before they can realize actual income.

Affiliate marketing is where you promote other people’s products by linking their product page to your website. Once people visit your website and click through your affiliate link, you will earn a commission when someone buys.

What the Secret Affiliate does is provide you with traffic sources so you do not have to undergo the hassles of marketing. Here's how to get started.

First you need to sign up Secret Affiliate for $17 and plug into the secret traffic source that comes exclusively from the site. With the sites you plugged into, all you need to do is insert your affiliate links.

Since the site provides the traffic sources, it becomes very easy for you sell. For every person that clicks on your link, you will earn $5 to $500 depending on the type of product.

This is how you can earn as much as $900 per day. The more you sell the bigger income you can generate.

But is there truth to this claim? Is the secret system or traffic source even legit or worth a try?

Let’s find out more.

Inside Secret Affiliate

Once you pay $17 to sign up, the site will help you set up a small website which takes only a few minutes. Once your site is set up, Secret Affiliate Website will allow you to create more websites (more than 50 websites) within one day where you can promote millions of products.

Secret Affiliate calls it its first “secret weapon” where you do not have to create a domain name for each website. All you need is to copy and paste a few links and leave the rest to the site's automation.

Next, Secret Affiliate will give you access to its second “secret weapon” which is to access over 1.3 billion customers.

The owner, whose identity was not disclosed, refers to this as his “secret 1.3 billion goldmine” where you gain the opportunity to earn 7 times more from each website.

The owner promises that some of the links will be your affiliate links that can help you make at least $5,000 per month.

However, let me emphasize again that ,only a few will be your affiliate links. Now, if you build 50 websites and only a few are your affiliate links what happens to the rest of the links?

Regardless of your experience in affiliate marketing, the site nevertheless gives access to training videos and tutorials on how you can earn money through affiliate marketing.

What is suspicious with this offer though is that the site does not have photos or at least a teaser to show some of its training materials. Sometimes, it can be difficult to trust a site that has.

Who is Secret Affiliate For?

Secret Affiliate claims to be best for people who want to venture with affiliate marketing and earn more money with a small capital.

The website targets people who don’t have their own website yet and aims at helping them build their website the fastest and easiest way using its “secret” system.

But does it really help people at all? Everything in this program seems to be so “secretive”.

Considering the low price which is $17, it might sound like it’s worth investing. But if I were you I would not waste my money on such as secretive website.

Despite the site offers 60 days money back guarantee but I’ve checked everywhere and there is no way to ascertain whether people who have complained about the site have got their money back.

The Truth About Secret Affiliate

Unknown owner. There is no information whatsoever regarding the owner of the site. You will only hear a male voice over from its audio-visual presentation but I’ve searched everywhere and I couldn’t find a single bit of data about its owner.

Inside privacy policy of Secret Affiliate, the owner is also trying to wash his hands from whatever responsibilities that may arise out of signing up to the site. This means that if something goes wrong with the product, you cannot hold the owner liable for it.

It’s always a warning sign when there is no information about the owner – what is he trying to hide? Who will you complain to if you have some issues with the product?

Sure there is a contact button but the site only provides a general contact email. You are really not sure who the real person is behind this email.

Wealthy Affiliate Login

Secret Traffic Method:  The owner of the site made it clear that it will take at least 50 websites to earn $5,000 a month. Legitimately, building a website takes about 14 weeks at a minimum to launch. Here's how you can build one for free. But this site claims you can build a lot of them in just 2 minutes, then you can start plugging them onto its secret traffic sources.

What is discouraging is that the site never explained how its secret traffic method works.

Everything about Secret Affiliate is a “secret”. That means you are not really sure what you’re signing up to. There’s something fishy in this site, isn’t it?

In general site traffic is categorized mainly in two categories – paid and free traffic. All of them requires effort and a lot of working to get people to click on your affiliate link.

Paid traffic includes people who come to your site through sponsored ads like Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads or Google Ads. Free traffic sources includes SEO, guest blogging, back linking, email newsletters, and many more. Here are more free traffic sources, and it's legit.

If you think about it, all of these traffic sources requires strategy which you can’t find in Secret Affiliate.

If you’re a fan of Neil Patel, you would know the legit way of getting traffic to your website

So, if its is really true that Secret Affiliate will give you traffic through its 1.3. gold mine, how does it market your site? Will it do it for free or you'll need to pay for it? For sure, $17 would not be enough to get some sponsored ads.

Plus if it’s really true that every buyer will buy the same “secret website” then Google won’t rank them. Secret Affiliate also says that there’s no need for content for your site, whatsoever. If this is the case, then the site won’t even pass Google Algorithm. What you will have is an empty website floating somewhere without traffic.

Google Algorithm is how Google ranks billions of websites on the internet. Normally, Google uses the algorithm to determine which website has useful and relevant information every time a user types a certain keyword. Duplicate website is not going to ranked on Google.

As you see, affiliate marketing needs a lot of effort. There is no shortcut to it like the secret website by Secret Affiliate. Everything in this site is a blatant lie.

Income Disclaimer. The site you can earn as much as $5 to $500 for every person that clicks on your affiliate link. But if you check it more closely, the site clearly says on its disclaimer that “there is no guarantee that you will earn ANY money using the techniques and ideas in this product.”

So it is possible then, that you may NEVER earn money at all. What happened to its “1.3 billion gold mine”? Didn’t it promise you to earn from this secret website?

As what I can recall, the site claims that you will start earning money within hours. You will be able to see your income updated every hour and see the earnings keep growing. What is really the truth about this website?

Honestly, I was so disappointed by how many times Secret Affiliate mentions the word “secret”. The more it gave reasons to not trust it all.

Plus it claims that they do not purport as a “get rich scheme”. But from the way it markets its website, it seems like it is really a get rich scheme.

Unrealistic income.  The owner said he has been using this secret website of his and allowed him to earn as much as $937 every day.

You will see screenshots in his video of how much he earns every day. At first glance, the numbers are really mind blowing.

But there is no truth to all of this.  Perhaps the owner was able to earn a huge income out of the people who have signed up to his website and clicked on his affiliate links. But there is no way to proved that other people have gotten rich because of Secret Affiliate.

There are no testimonials and most of the reviews you will find on YouTube from the people who have tried it are really bad.

Hyped-up Sales Video. This website is telling you exactly that you will get as much money as the owner does by signing up to this website. The owner even shows his bank account information with as much money as €3,000 to €4, 000 coming in on a daily basis.

For me this is just too boastful. These are just hyped-up sales pitch to lure people to sign up to it. A legit owner would not normally disclose his bank statements to entice people unless he is too desperate of convincing people to sign up.

No transparency on Price: For a price of $17 per person who signs up to this site, it is impossible for the owner to be able to host a couple of contests for its top affiliates that give $100 to $2,000 every week. Where does Secret Affiliate get such amount of money?

The generosity of this site is just so unbelievable that it doesn’t help me but wonder if it really gives the prizes at all. I’ve searched for testimonials from people who might have won a prize from Secret Affiliate, unfortunately I found no one.

Things I Like About Secret Affiliate

There is nothing in this website that I like about. For me this site is just a scam.

Sure the site offers a 60-day money back via ClickBank so indeed, it gives your money back. But to get the refund, the owner will try to offer you more upgrades which will make the process long, you will end up giving your money.

Very often, the quality of upgrades will not help you earn income without doing any work. Getting your money back, in general will be a tedious job that you rather give up on the process. In the end, they will still be able to get hold of your money.

Is Secret Affiliate A Scam?

Secret Affiliate is totally a scam. Besides the fact that the real identity of the owner is not disclosed, I couldn’t find any piece of evidence of people who have gotten rich out of his site.

The “secret” program which it claims to help you build 50 sites within minutes is a shame.

It takes real hard work for people to earn good money out of affiliate marketing. There is no shortcut to it.

What this site is trying to do is not build a shortcut to getting rich. Its “secret website” is a fraudulent scheme to earn money.

I definitely would not recommend this website to anyone.

How I Start A Small Business Online

To achieve that $900 a day using a number of websites, each earning you at least $10, is very challenging. Even getting just a little closer to this target is already difficult.

As I said, there is no shortcut to earn a living online. Like you I have searched everywhere to find a legitimate business opportunity.

My goal is to have flexibility – that is able to work less hours and earn more money. Fortunately, I found a way to do this and quit my day job.

If you are still struggling to find one, please feel free to download my free guide, which shows the exact method I used to build my online business.

However, I would like to say that there is no magic formula involved in this guide – just honest and proven tips that works well for me.

I hope that you have learned a lot from this Secret Affiliate review. Please do not hesitate to share this on any of your social media channels and help other people make informed decisions.

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