Secret Millionaire Bot Review: The Real Truth Exposed!

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Welcome to My Secret Millionaire Bot Review

If you have landed on this page, I am sure you are trying to explore opportunities that can help you start a small business online and work at home.

Secret Millionaire Bot is another program sold on ClickBank marketplace that claims to help people make money effortlessly using automated bots.

The truth is I’ve reviewed so many make money online programs offered in ClickBank and almost 95% are either low quality program or scam. Is this the same for Secret Millionaire Bot?

In this Secret Millionaire Bot Review, I am going to expose the truth about this program so you can make the wisest decision for yourself.

What Is Secret Millionaire Bot?
Inside Secret Millionaire Bot
Who Is Secret Millionaire Bot For?
The Truth About Secret Millionaire Bot
Things I Like About Secret Millionaire Bot
Is Secret Millionaire Bot A Scam?
How I Start A Small Business Online


Product Name: Secret Millionaire Bot (

Founder/ Owner: Charles Allen (pseudonym)

Product Type: Secret Millionaire Bot is an affiliate marketing training course that claims to teach anyone earn money online using Instagram. In short, it’s about how you can sell another person’s product on Instagram and make a commission.

Price: $37 + Upsells

Best For: I guess it’s only good for the owner himself

Rating: 5/10

Summary: No doubt it’s possible to earn money by building on your Instagram followers, however there’re much more to learn in order to really make a profit. The training inside Secret Millionaire Bot are mostly the basics and can’t help anyone earn a real living from Instagram unless you are willing to buy into the expensive upsells.

Recommended?  No.

What is Secret Millionaire Bot?

Secret Millionaire Bot, priced at $37 (which you can get a discounted price at $17 on exit pop up) is said to be created by Charles Allen, a person who represent the elite society of underground online millionaires.

If you think you’re few of the lucky ones to enroll for this premium club, then I guess you better think twice.

Inside its sales video, there are testimonials from people making huge profits with little effort, thanks to this system that comes with an automated push button that can easily help you earn as much as $2,000 or higher a day.

Seriously, up to this stage, I really doubt Secret Millionaire Bot can deliver what it claims. Let’s dig further and find out the truth as we go into member dashboard.

Inside Secret Millionaire Bot

Once you are inside Secret Millionaire Bot, you are asked to watch a short welcome video that promotes John Crestani’s product called The Super Affiliate System priced at $997, including a so-called free website that can cost you money. How can a free website cost anyone money?

Anyway, this tactic was also used in many low quality programs that I’ve reviewed previously whereby some of these programs were also promoting the same upsells.

Fyi, John is indeed a very successful online marketer but this doesn't mean Secret Millionaire Bot is a real bargain. Both are 2 different programs!

Well, inside its training menu, you can find eight-week training videos whereby you are required to watch one or two video per week that lasted a total of not more than 15 minutes per video.

I can’t understand why Secret Millionaire Bot wants you to watch all the videos, spread into 8 weeks where you can easily complete watching all in less than a day.

The only reason I can think of is they want you to spend longer time inside member dashboard so they can keep promoting more upsells to you.

High Ticket Upsells

No upsells cost any lesser than $100 each inside Secret Millionaire Bot and here’re the 3 upsells I can find, on top of those you can find inside your mailbox, since they already got hold of your email.

Upsell 1: Secret Millionaire Bot Pro at $147
This is a “Done For You System” where everything will be created for you. Imagine you are asked to part with more of your money even before you explore the basic product? Only product that can’t help you make money will try to coax you into buying more upsells. Again, if you click away from this upsell, you’ll be offered a $50 discount to buy Secret Millionaire Bot Pro at only $97. They just want you to buy!!!

Upsells 2: Secret Millionaire Bot Team at $147
The creator of Secret Millionaire Bot Team claims to have secret connection with someone inside Google. Through this connection, they found bug in Google search engine that can allows you to make money from untapped opportunity. So when you buy Secret Millionaire Bot Team, you’ll be given special access into this untapped opportunity and make more money, quicker than other people. Do you believe Google will make such a dreadful mistake? This is crap!

Upsells 3: Million Dollar Replicator at $497.00
I am not sure whether this expensive upsell called Million Dollar Replicator is the same as the one I’ve previously reviewed as scam, but paying a hefty price of $497.00, knowing this might be another useless program (or maybe scam) is definitely not the risk I am willing to take.

Who is Secret Millionaire Bot for?

Despite the owner claims that Secret Millionaire Bot is good for a complete newbie who has never try to earn from Instagram, some how or rather I feel skeptical about this. If you really want make money through Instagram, here's how you should start to build yourself as Instagram influencer before even talking about making money.

How can a complete newbie make money by merely investing $37 for a program that comes with less than 2 hours training? Furthermore, there is no updates included in the training.

To be very frank with you, there are many ways to earn money online, but it definitely requires more just training. You need tools to make things work.

At bare minimum, you need to have a website and this alone will cost you around $15 per month. Who’s going to pay for it?

The Truth About Secret Millionaire Bot

There’re too many suspicious claims made inside Secret Millionaire Bot. Here are the real facts about this suspicious program that I managed to find out for you.

#1 Fake creator/owner: I strongly believe Charles Allen is a pen name. The tactic to use pen name has becoming popular in digital space as most of my reviews show the same. If you ever do a search on Google, I bet you won't find any information about Charles Allen other than his name being associated with Secret Millionaire Bot.

To validate my suspicion, I dig further and found out that the disclaimer on its sales page states the same – the spokesperson uses Pen Name!

#2 Fake Testimonials: Don’t be naive, the so-called members who claimed to have earn money from Secret Millionaire Bot are paid spokespersons from

These are the similar faces giving fake testimonials in other program that I’ve reviewed previously such as EZ Bay Payday, and The AZ Code. Who knows maybe all these programs share the same owner?

#3 Unethically Associates With Reputable Brand: Secret Millionaire Bot is trying hard to mislead you by showing logos of reputable brands such as CNN, Forbes, HuffPost and other trusted brand like McAfee Secure on their sales page.

Seriously, Secret Millionaire Bot was never featured on these news channel, neither were they partners of Google Play or App Store.

#4 False Scarcity: I bet you’ll agree with me that if any program claims to have limited spots, anyone will be tempted to join. That’s the exact strategy Secret Millionaire Bot used to lure you into joining their program.

Think hard, if the program is legitimate and offers high quality features, do you think they’ll discontinue, knowing very well that the market is huge with more than 7 billion population?

If they do this, they are giving up the opportunity to sell their product to a huge 7 billion people! That's crazy.

As program owner, don’t you think you can earn more by continuously tapping into new market? There’s no reason any legitimate program will choose to discontinue unless the program itself is a scam which risk to be exposed at any time.

I don’t think legitimate program will ever use scarcity as a strategy to promote their programs, at least not those that are legits like CB Passive Income, Wealthy Affiliate or Power Lead System.

Things I Like About Secret Millionaire Bot

Using Instagram to earn money is definitely legitimate, however, before anyone can do that, at least you must first build your Instagram followers and learn how to run paid advertisement to get sale, if you do not have much free traffics.

I would say the only thing I am positive about Secret Millionaire Bot is the fact that it’s sold through ClickBank that automatically comes with 60 days money back guarantee. Despite it takes much effort to get your money back, at least it’s still possible.

Is Secret Millionaire Bot A Scam?

If you think spending $37 to buy low quality training that’s not going to help you earn a living online yet requires you to invest more money do not mean nothing to you, then this program might be alright for you.

However, since this program uses black hat marketing tactics, which is highly misleading, I am 100% sure Secret Millionaire Bot is definitely one program I won’t waste my money buying.

I do not recommend anyone to invest in Secret Millionaire Bot.

How I Start A Small Business Online

I started my small business online promoting affiliate products when I was still earning a decent income as a c-level executive in the last company I worked with.

You must be wondering, what’s the need to put in extra hours when I was already earning more than many others.

Like you, my ideal career is never a 9 to 5 job. I dream of having flexibility to do things that I like as and when I want to, at the same time have a stable income. But working in a day job can never help me realize this dream.

Therefore I decided to explore other alternatives and chose online business as it’s the most affordable to start with.

After years of effort and lots of trial & error, I finally managed to earn enough money and quit the job that took away my most precious time with family. Now, I do not only earn affiliate commission but also earn some consultancy fee from providing marketing services to local businesses.

With both sources of income, this gives me more options to do things that I really care for.

If you want to learn the strategy I used to earn a 5 figure income by just working at home, I advise you to checkout this free guide and follow through the steps to achieve the dream life that you truly want for yourself. Tips: hard work and effort is a must.

I hope you enjoy reading my Secret Millionaire Bot review and please share with your friends if you find this review useful so they can make the right decision.

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7 thoughts on “Secret Millionaire Bot Review: The Real Truth Exposed!”

  1. Great review Florence,

    Secret Millionaire Bot looks really interesting and well promoted so I was in fact, quite intrigued to give it a try. However, those upsells instantly turned me down so I decided to do some research to see that maybe I’m not the only one appalled by it. Lucky I found your page, glad to know I’m not the only one! And god, those fake Fiverr actors! 

    If Charles is really serious and honest about his program, he would have at least got his own team as testimonials to make his program look more transparent despite those hidden upsells. Guess it’s a definite no for me!

  2. I really hate those sales pages that create urgency. It’s just too frequent these tactics were used. After reading your review, I don’t think Secret Millionaire Bot basic plan can bring anyone any income. If the upsells is cheaper, I might consider to upgrade. Anyway, this program is just too “weird” and can’t gain my trust. 

    1. Yes, better stay away. Nothing is easy in this world. It’s all about hard work and consistent effort. If you do not mind to spend time building a long-term online business, then I suggest you to follow the method I use to achieve full time income. I’ve put everything inside this FRE GUIDE. Hope you can find this useful. 

  3. Wao! I feel like you’ve saved me some time and disgust. Thanks a lot for such review.

    I’ve expended and claim money back guarantees more times than I’d like to admit (ad I’ve missed some money when not realizing about time limitations on these guarantees too). Whenever someone is providing something too good to be true, most likely, it’s because it isn’t.

    It reminds me a call from a “Private investor” willing to invest my money and letting me know $200.00 would be enough to get insane money in autopilot; my response: If you have such power… What are you doing sitting on a call center cubicle and calling me buddy?

    I understand that, If there’s an auto-pilot money making strategy that really works, the one who created it is expending his time drinking margaritas in a foreign luxury hidden paradise instead setting up that knowledge into a course to be marketed in other to get a couple of extra thousands.

    It starts being disgusting and ends up being funny. Thanks for saving me from the momentum euphoria!

  4. I always respect people that have wise ideas of turning a platform where majority of the people are using to catch fun into a brand promoting platform. I must commend secret millionaire bot for that. What I detest most is taking advantage of the people in a worse way. I already had bad impression about clickbank products and this one comes again. Thanks for sharing a review to unopen their scamming tricks they called legit. Their upsell is high just like the membership fee. Is this $37 or so for a lifelong membership or what? What are those things that requires one to spend like $15 for website? I don’t seem to understand.Is the user going to be operating on both Instagram and website? Why am I asking all this question? Well, I just want to know everything about them in order to stop the innocent people from falling the their trap. The opportunity you recommended is also my top recommendation. Trying it is not a waste of time but a way to financial success.

  5. Hi Florence,

    I think you have done a pretty good job in reviewing the Secret Millionaire Bot. Fyi, I just started out my online business on part time basis recently and I consider myself a newbie eventhough I’ve went through quite a lot of affiliate programs out there, but not this one.

    I really feel lucky enough to have came across your post here, which has given me a real insight of what is this Secret Millionaire Bot is all about. And you even show in details of what the product owner is offering in his program, and what I like the most about your review is that you have revealed the unknown hidden tactic used by the product owner in using fake testimonials!! This is really an eye-opener for me as a newbie in the internet marketing business. I never before thought that someone (a product owner) would be using Fiverr to buy testimonials!!

    Again, thanks for your post here as it really helps me a lot and I believe it does help others too especially people who have not heard of Secret Millionaire Bot before.


    1. You are welcome Jeff. I’ve started this product review blog to prevent more people from felling prey to scam by unscrupulous people. If you are interested to expand your knowledge on the various possibilities to make online business your main income, I suggest you check out my top recommended program, one that has helped me quit my c-level job and work at home. Hope this helps. 

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