Stack That Money Review

Stack That Money Review - is it suitable for beginner affiliate marketer

Is Stack That Money suitable for beginners in affiliate marketing? (2018)

Stack That Money claims itself as the world’s largest premium affiliate marketing forum that is consistently active. Also known as the home to many successful “underground” affiliate marketers since starting in 2011.

But internet marketing industry is changing so fast that we are not sure whether this forum is still active and up-to-date in 2018 (after a long 7 years apart).

This review will share with you all about Stack That Money and its relevance in this constant changing industry. Including how Stack That Money can bring more value to affiliate marketers, particularly a beginner.

Stack That Money Review Summary

Product Name: Stack That Money

Founder: Founded by Stackman, Lorenzo Green & Besmir in 2011

Product Type: Premium Affiliate Marketing Forum

Price: USD$99/month, No free trial

Best For: More for Advanced Affiliate Marketers

Summary: Stack That Money is not for Beginners. Information overload is the common problem. If you are looking to generate free traffic for your affiliate marketing business, then Stack That Money is not for you. It focuses mostly on paid traffic, particularly on mobile and adult marketing.

Rating: 80/100

Recommended: Yes (for affiliate marketers who are experienced and ready to spent at least $500 - $1,000 per month on advertising) 

If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing and NOT ready to invest in paid traffic, then I highly recommend you to start with my #1 recommended program.

This program shows you step-by-step beginner’s guide on affiliate marketing.

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What is Stack That Money?

Stack That Money, the world’s largest premium affiliate marketing forum claims to house the “best of the best” thought leaders in the industry.

It is said to set standards for forum discussion. And only offers high quality and up-to-date content from diverse community.

To gain access to these experienced “underground” affiliate marketers, you need to pay subscription of $99 per month.

This fee excludes supplementary training and tools offered as alternatives to free ones.


In simple term, Stack That Money is an Exclusive Affiliate Marketing Forum that has “no free trial or free membership”.

Forum discussion threads and all its offerings are exclusive to their members only.

What Stack That Money has to Offer?

I would say the most valuable thing becoming a premium member of Stack That Money is to get your handheld hold by the whole community.

This includes all the basic training and tools necessary to run successful campaign. Offerings include: 

Follow Along Campaign. This is a forum thread to seek for advice from experts to improve your campaign. You just need to write a journal (or log) telling people how your campaign works.

As you provide more information, then more people can help you.

They will advise you what you are doing right or wrong and how you can improve. You can succeed too if doing alone but of course will take longer time.

However, as you read more, you can still find many of their members fail to achieve profitable conversion and gradually stop posting (I believe to succeed, it's more much more than just joining a premium forum).

Stack That Money Member who Fail Campaign

AffExpert Tools, free. You get access to a lot of free basic tools such as keyword building tools, competition analysis, landing page, fish spy, ads uploader, and other Stack That Money adult spy tool (if you are doing adult niche).

Stack That Money AffExpert Tools

Exclusive discounts. For more advance marketing software, tools and training, discounts are given to members. This helps to save money along the way.

Campaign Case Study. Of course no marketer will ever tell you the nitty gritty or detail on how their campaign work to prevent unnecessary competition.

But in Stack That Money, people actually post their real campaign strategies and details into sub-forum (mostly past campaigns).

Basically the whole blueprint of the campaign. This is CRAZY!

AffJobs. Stack That Money also connects business owners in the affiliate marketing niche to job seekers through AffJobs.

You can pitch to the employers for jobs such as writing, design, landing page, and other related jobs. However, some track record is required before you can apply for the jobs.

I guess this is just an ancillary services provided to its members. There are too many free, easy to subscribe job seeking platforms out there such as Textbroker (read my review here), Upwork and Freelancer.

Nobody would pay $99 per month just to get a job.

Stack That Money Meetups. Knowing that face-to-face meeting is important for affiliate marketers, Stack That Money also organise yearly Stack That Money Meetups exclusively for their members.

Stack That Money Global Meetup

The Affiliate World Conference is recognized as one of the most important global affiliate marketers’ conference in the world.

This conference is so significant that even Neil Patel says “Affiliate World is the only Absolutely Must Attend global conference for superaffiliates”.

Stack That Money Affiliate World Conference for Super Affiliates

The Real Truth About Stack That Money

Beyond Affiliate Marketing. Stack That Money is not only about Affiliate marketing as it used to be. With the growing interest in eCommerce, it has created a dedicated section for this.

Other evergreen popular topics include mobile, Facebook, PPV, Adwords, adult and pop advertising (despite many says pop advertising is no longer effective).

Fewer SEO or Free Traffic Discussion. If you’re looking to earn money online with free traffic, then Stack That Money is not for you.

The SEO forum section in Stack That Money is small and information provided can be easily found elsewhere (for free).

You can better stretched your dollar by spending $99 a month to pay for link building services. Or maybe hire someone to create fresh content, target long tail keywords on your site.

Stack That Money is only worth the money paid, if you are committed to apply paid traffic (or CPA) as your marketing strategy.

Careful planning is important, otherwise will burnt more marketing dollars down the road.

Costly Step-by-Step Affiliate Training! If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing, there is a 40-day free tutorial specifically for you. One of the highly recommended topic for beginner to start with is pop traffic.

I guess the tutorial is not comprehensive enough.

Therefore Stack That Money introduces iStack Training. This training is created by the team in the forum, as well as other industry experts.

iStack Training is recognized by Stack That Money as a more comprehensive step-by-step affiliate marketing training, suitable for beginners.

But, iStack Training is expensive. You need to pay an additional one-time fee of $1,497.00 on top of the $99 per month to gain access.

The truth is, many find it too costly to pay $99 per month, especially beginners. 

With such high cost to join premium forum, how can beginners start? You must be thinking, is affiliate marketing for beginners?

There are always solution to all situations. In fact, affiliate marketing can be affordable to start too. 

If this is the case, I would recommend you to join the affiliate marketing program that I mentioned earlier. You can start anytime for free. You will be given 2 websites and step-by-step training, suitable for beginners. No credit card required!

On top of that, if you want to gain access to more training and tools, monthly premium subscription is only a small fraction of what is paid to Stack That Money (not even half of the amount).

Is Stack That Money still Relevant in 2018?

Stack That Money Forum still works, but less active. What Stack That Money does so successfully is bring together diverse group of super affiliates and get them to share actionable, insightful, and real advice.

For example, when you run your campaign, you start a forum thread asking feedback from super affiliates on how your campaign can be improved. They will then provide you with real solutions.

The good news is, Stack That Money forum still works!

This is as opposed to most affiliate marketing forums, where people are just bragging about their results or trying to sell you something.

However, unlike in 2011 when Stack That Money first started, now you see more beginners repeating the same questions. The forum too appear less active, but it isn’t dead!

Major Content Need Upgrade! When you’re charging big bucks each month for forum access, you should at least ensure that your content is updated or at par with industry standard.

In the 40 day free tutorial for beginners (people who’ve just joined), it is said that POP traffic is one of the best technique for beginners to start affiliate marketing.

However, in 2018, senior moderator of the Stack That Money who created the tutorial confirmed that POP traffic is longer as effective as it did a year ago.

And nowadays, people will immediately click away from these offers.

So why is Stack That Money still include the slowly dying pop traffic in its beginner’s tutorial?

Isn’t Stack That Money supposed to shorten the success curve of its member?

I believe there are still relevant stuffs that you can learn from Stack That Money. You’ll just have to sift them out.

But if you are new to affiliate marketing, then Stack That Money might be too advance for you.

Pros & Cons of Stack That Money

What I like about Stack That Money?

There are wealth of information available. So much to learn here. Most popular threads contain information more useful than courses I’ve seen.

To really benefit from Stack That Money, it really depends on your ability to select and consume the right information.

Do you have the ability to sift out irrelevant information?

Expensive, but still reasonable. Many might think $99 is expensive, but compared to the value you can derive from tools & resources available, it is reasonable.

So even if you just join for one month, you are still likely to enjoy great benefits

… even if you decided to cancel the following month.

Prevent making the same mistakes of other marketers. Yes, there are many members who are not able to run successful campaign.

But with the journal they provide in the “Follow Along Campaign” thread, you can avoid repeating the same mistakes on your campaigns.

Connect with Marketers Face-to-Face. You get the chance to meet marketers and even super affiliates through annual STM Meetups.

What I don't like about Stack That Money?

Very Secretive and Underground. Stack That Money is very secretive, like underground community but with many successful yet low profile marketers as premium members.

Let's think about it. How many of the marketers can you recognize?

Only for paid traffic. Stack That Money focuses on paid traffic like CPV and CPA. It is not really suitable for new marketers who only have time but little money to offer.

I guess, this premium forum in general is telling you in order to earn money, the fastest way is to first have money. But that’s not the only way!

Price is not really affordable. Yes, I mention price is affordable earlier.

But what about people who just lost their jobs? Or a retiree who is struggling to meet dead ends? Or maybe a graduate who is unemployed?

What are the opportunities available for them?

$99 per month is just too much! Not all tools are needed when you start as a beginner.

It is advisable to find cheaper alternative, one that is affordable yet enough for you to start. 

Information overload. This is how most beginners feel. Many just don’t know where to start. It gets even worse when there is so much information to consume.

In the end, you learn a little here and there with no in-depth knowledge (like me when I first started).

This is not going to make you any money.

Experts lack eCommerce knowledge. There are only a few experts in Stack That Money that are truly experienced with ecommerce. Some are not even up to the standard.

Information in this area is not sufficient and audience targeting lacks precision.

There are much better option with eCommerce online courses than Stack That Money.

You can quickly outgrow the “experts” giving you feedback. Even the most experienced member is not able to guide you much on this.

Who is Stack That Money for?

Stack That Money is not for anyone. Definitely not for beginners who want free traffic!

It is for marketers who are ready and willing to invest money in making campaigns profitable.

If the idea of spending $100 per month on buying advertisement scares you, then this style of affiliate marketing is probably not for you.

A beginner should refrain from starting straight away with paid advertisement. When not careful, you can easily pour thousands of marketing dollars into the drain.

I would say advanced marketers are more suitable to join Stack That Money.

Stack That Money is not for beginner

Value for Money?

As mentioned earlier, Stack That Money is only valuable if you already have some experienced in affiliate marketing.

You must be ready to spend on paid advertisement in order to earn money online. 

One of their moderator also mentioned that it will only make sense to try out Stack That Money once you have good tracking platform, solid hosting and some money for testing account. Do you already have these?

Basically, what you need to do is to find the most profitable advertising campaign (search through the thread), then scale it up and make a lot of money.

But, there’s definitely risk associated when it comes to paid advertising. Of course, it could be rewarding too.

The recommended bare minimum initial capital is $500 to $1,000 per month.

My Take on Stack That Money

I will only recommend Stack That Money for marketers with experience in paid advertising and ready to invest money.

Definitely not for beginners who only want to profit through free traffic.

Again, I want to stress that I’m not saying Stack That Money is bad. I think it is great.

But first, you need to be interested in the type of affiliate marketing that majority of Stack That Money’s members are discussing – mobile & adult marketing.

Otherwise, spending $99 per month is a big ask for information you might never use.

How to Start as Beginner in Affiliate Marketing?

As a beginner, you need something that’s not going to cost you a leg and an arm. Still, you need to start somewhere.

I would highly recommend you to start with the affiliate marketing program I mentioned during early stage of this review. Whatever is provided there, is sufficient for you to start and earn money with free traffic strategies.

Here are some members in this program who successfully earn money online without paying for advertisement.

Despite the income they get is not really a lot, but look, this is only from selling one affiliate product. What about if you are experienced enough to sell other products? 

Wealthy Affiliate Members earn money online testimonial

"If you are determined to start affiliate marketing with NO paid advertisement, this is what you should do"

Your Next Step

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