Stack That Money Review

Stack That Money Review

Is Stack That Money Good for Beginners in Affiliate Marketing? (2018)

Stack That Money claims itself as the world’s largest premium affiliate marketing forum that are still active. It is also known as the home to many successful “underground” affiliate marketers since starting in year 2011.

But internet marketing industry is changing so fast that we are not sure whether this forum is really active with new content updates (after a long 7 years apart).

This Stack That Money review will show you how this program works and continues to remain relevant within the industry.

I will also share with you how Stack That Money can bring value to newbie in affiliate marketing. 

What is Stack That Money? 
What Stack That Money has to Offer?
The Real Truth About Stack That Money 
Is Stack That Money still Relevant in 2018? 
What I Like About Stack That Money
What I Don't Like About Stack That Money
Who is Stack That Money for? 

Value for Money? 
My Take on Stack That Money (how to start as beginner in affiliate marketing)


Product Name: Stack That Money 

Founder: Founded by Stackman, Lorenzo Green & Besmir in 2011

Product Type: Premium Affiliate Marketing Forum

Price: USD$99/month, No free trial

Best For: More for Intermediate to Advanced Affiliate Marketers

Summary: Information overload is the common problem inside Stack That Money. If you are looking to generate free traffic, then this program is not for you. It focuses mostly on paid traffic, particularly on mobile and adult marketing.

Rating: 80/100

Recommended: Yes, for people who are ready to spend at least $500 or more per month on advertising. 

If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing and NOT ready to invest in paid traffic, then I highly recommend you to get my free guide to start a small business online. 

What is Stack That Money?

Stack That Money is the world’s largest premium affiliate marketing forum that claims to house the “best of the best” thought leaders in the industry.

As a industry leader who set the standards for forum discussion, STM only offers high quality and up-to-date content.

To gain access to these experienced “underground” affiliate marketers, you are required to pay a subscription fee of $99 per month.

This fee excludes supplementary training and tools offered as alternatives to free ones.

In simple term, Stack That Money is an Exclusive Affiliate Marketing Forum that has “no free trial nor free membership”.

Forum discussion threads and all its offerings are exclusive to their members only.

What Stack That Money has to Offer?

I would say the most valuable thing becoming a premium member of Stack That Money is to get your handheld by the whole community.

This includes providing members with basic training and tools necessary to run a campaign. Members will be able to enjoy the following: 

Follow Along Campaign. This is a forum thread to seek for advice from experts to improve your campaign. You just need to write a journal (or log) telling people how your campaign works.

As you provide more information, then more people can help you.

They will advise you what you are doing right or wrong and how you can improve. You can succeed too if doing alone but of course will take longer time.

However, as you read more, you can still find some members fail to achieve profitable conversion and gradually stop posting (I believe to succeed, it's more much more than just joining a premium forum).

AffExpert Tools, free. You get access to a lot of free basic tools such as keyword building tools, competition analysis, landing page, fish spy, ads uploader, and other Stack That Money adult spy tool (if you are doing adult niche).

Stack That Money AffExpert Tools

Exclusive discounts. For more advance marketing software, tools and training, discounts are given to members. This helps to save money along the way.

Campaign Case Study. Of course no marketer will ever tell you the nitty gritty or detail on how their campaign work to prevent unnecessary competition.

But inside Stack That Money, people actually post their real campaign strategies and details into sub-forum. However these are mostly past campaigns. 

AffJobs. Stack That Money also connects business owners in the affiliate marketing niche to job seekers through AffJobs.

You can pitch to the employers for jobs such as writing, designing, creating landing page, and other related jobs. However, some track record is required before you can apply for the jobs.

I guess this is just an ancillary services provided to its members.

Stack That Money Meetups. Knowing that face-to-face meeting is important for affiliate marketers, Stack That Money also organizes yearly STM Meetups exclusively for their members.

The Affiliate World Conference is recognized as one of the most important global affiliate marketers’ conference in the world.

This conference is so significant that even Neil Patel says “Affiliate World is the only absolutely must attend global conference for superaffiliates”.

The Real Truth About Stack That Money

Beyond Affiliate Marketing. Stack That Money is not only about affiliate marketing as it used to be. With the growing interest in eCommerce, it has created a dedicated section for this.

Other evergreen popular topics include mobile, Facebook, PPV, Adwords, adult and pop advertising (despite many says pop advertising is no longer effective).

However, I am not sure whether Instagram marketing is in their discussion forum. If you are interested in this, do check out my article on how to become Instagram influencer and earn money online.

Fewer SEO or Free Traffic Discussion. If you’re looking to earn money online with free traffic, then Stack That Money is not for you.

The SEO forum section in Stack That Money is small and information provided can be easily found elsewhere (for free).

If you prefer free traffic by applying SEO strategy, then you can better stretched your dollar by spending $99 a month hiring someone to create SEO-optimized content, target long tail keywords on your site.

Stack That Money is only worth the money paid, if you are committed to apply paid traffic (or CPA) as your marketing strategy.

Costly Step-by-Step Affiliate Training! If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing, there is a 40-day free tutorial specifically for you. One of the highly recommended topic for beginner to start with is pop traffic.

I guess the tutorial might lack comprehensiveness. 

Therefore Stack That Money introduces iStack Training that is created by the forum team, as well as other industry experts.

I believe iStack Training is more comprehensive and focus to teach affiliate marketing for the beginners who just joined Stack That Money.

But, iStack Training is expensive. You need to pay an additional one-time fee of $1,497.00 on top of the $99 per month to gain access.

With such high cost to join premium forum, you must be thinking, whether affiliate marketing is suitable for beginners?

In fact, affiliate marketing program can be affordable to start too. You should check out the affiliate marketing program that  helped me to start my online business.

I started for free by registering for a Starter account. With 2 websites and first 10 lessons given to Starter member, you should be able to at least understand how affiliate marketing business works and start to build your very first website. No credit card required!

Unless you want to gain access to more training and tools, otherwise I wouldn't advise you to join as Premium member. But if you decided to join premium, the subscription fee is only a very small fraction of what Stack That Money is charging, not even half of the price.

You can join for free here  if you want to try it out.

Is Stack That Money still Relevant in 2018?

Stack That Money Forum still works, but less active. What Stack That Money does so successfully is bring together diverse group of super affiliates and get them to share actionable, insightful, and real advice.

For example, when you run your campaign, you start a forum thread asking feedback from super affiliates on how your campaign can be improved. They will then provide you with real solutions.

The good news is, Stack That Money forum still works!

This is as opposed to most affiliate marketing forums, where people are just bragging about their results or trying to sell you something.

However, unlike in 2011 when Stack That Money first started, now you see more beginners repeating the same questions. The forum too appear less active, but it isn’t dead!

Major Content Need Upgrade! When you’re charging big bucks each month for forum access, you should at least ensure that your content is updated or at par with industry standard.

In the 40 day free tutorial for beginners (people who’ve just joined), it is said that POP traffic is one of the best technique for beginners to start affiliate marketing.

However, in 2018, senior moderator of the Stack That Money who created the tutorial confirmed that POP traffic is longer as effective as it did a year ago.

And nowadays, people will immediately click away from these offers.

So why does Stack That Money still include the dying pop traffic inside beginner’s tutorial?

Isn’t Stack That Money supposed to shorten the success curve of its members?

I believe there are still relevant stuffs you can learn from Stack That Money. You’ll just have to sift them out.

But if you are new to affiliate marketing, then Stack That Money might be too complicated for you.

What I like about Stack That Money?

There are wealth of information available. So much to learn here. Most popular threads contain information more useful than courses I’ve seen.

To really benefit from Stack That Money, it really depends on your ability to select and consume the right information.

Do you have the ability to sift out irrelevant information?

Expensive, but still reasonable. Many might think $99 is expensive, but compared to the value you can derive from tools & resources available, it is reasonable.

So even if you just join for one month, you are still likely to enjoy great benefits

… even if you decided to cancel the following month.

Prevent making the same mistakes of other marketers. Yes, there are many members who are not able to run successful campaign.

But with the journal they provide in the “Follow Along Campaign” thread, you can avoid repeating the same mistakes on your campaigns.

Connect with Marketers Face-to-Face. You get the chance to meet marketers and even super affiliates through annual STM Meetups.

What I don't like about Stack That Money?

Very Secretive and Underground. Stack That Money is very secretive, like an underground community with many successful yet low profile marketers as premium members.

But how many of these marketers can you recognize?

Only for paid traffic. Stack That Money focuses on paid traffic like CPV and CPA. It is not really suitable for new marketers who have more time but little money to offer.

Price is not really affordable. Yes, I mention price is affordable earlier.

But what about people who just lost their jobs? Or a retiree who is struggling to meet dead ends? Or maybe a graduate who is unemployed?

What are the opportunities available for them?

$99 per month is way too much for these people. I would advise them to find a more affordable alternative to start with. 

Information overload. This is how most beginners feel. Many just don’t know where to start. It gets even worse when there is so much information to consume.

In the end, you learn a little here and there with no in-depth knowledge.


Who is Stack That Money for?

Stack That Money is not for anyone. Definitely not for beginners who want free traffic! It is for marketers who are ready and willing to invest money into paid campaigns.

If the idea of spending $100 per month on buying advertisement scares you, then Stack That Money is probably not for you.

I would say Stack That Money is only suitable or marketers who are ready to pay for advertisement and at the same time ready to take the risk of losing money.

Value for Money?

As mentioned earlier, Stack That Money is only valuable if you are ready to spend on paid advertisement to earn money online. 

One of STM moderator affirmed that it will only make sense to try out this program when you have good tracking platform, solid hosting and some money for testing account. Are you prepared with these?

Basically, what you need to do is to find the most profitable advertising campaign (search through the thread), then scale it and make a lot of money.

But, there’s definitely risk involved when it comes to paid advertising. Of course, it could be rewarding too. If you are ready to pay for advertisement, take risk and not afraid of losing money, then Stack That Money is valuable for you.

My Take on Stack That Money

I will only recommend Stack That Money to marketers with some experience in paid advertising and ready to invest money.

Definitely not for beginners who only want to make money through free traffic.

Again, I want to stress that I’m not saying Stack That Money is bad. I think it is great program.

But first, you need to be interested in the type of affiliate marketing that majority members are discussing – mobile & adult marketing, second you must be ready to lose some money as part of the learning curve.

Otherwise, spending $99 per month is a big ask for information you might never use.

How I Started as Beginner in Affiliate Marketing?

I started affiliate marketing by paying for a lot of high price but low quality programs that can't help me make any income.

As I kept searching, I found the affiliate marketing program that I mentioned earlier. I guess, I was lucky. This program has helped me make money with free traffic strategies. 

Of course, when you don't pay for advertisement, that's where hard work, consistence and patience play critical role. 

Here are some members who successfully make affiliate marketing a full-time job after learning with this program.

I too will be doing full-time in another couple of months.

Eddy Wealthy Affiliate Success Story
Mike Aff Training Latest Success Story in Wealthy Affiliate_Comm Sept 2018

If you too want to start affiliate marketing with least investment so you could quit your day job and do full-time at home, then this is what you should do NOW.

Your Next Step

To help you get started with Affiliate Marketing, head over to
Wealthy Affiliate
now where you'll get:

  • Step-by-step guidance
  • 2 Free websites
  • Training on Affiliate Marketing to help you monetize your website

Wealthy Affiliate


But of course, if you do not mind to start with paid advertisement, I believe Stack That Money should be an excellent forum to start with. 

I hope Stack That Money Review that I've shared here has given you better idea about this program.

p/s: If you find this article useful, please share on your Facebook and Twitter. 


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58 thoughts on “Stack That Money Review”

  1. I’ve heard about this affiliate marketing forum but didn’t realize how expensive it was to be a part of. Since I’m new to affiliate marketing, I don’t think this is for me as of now. I would prefer to focus on free traffic growth and not just paid. Thank you for sharing about what Stack That Money forum actually offer. 

    1. You are welcome. I am happy that you find this post informative. If you prefer free traffic, Wealthy Affiliate will be a better choice. Many members earn decent income learning to start a blog business with Wealthy Affiliate. I highly recommend you to try. 

  2. Hi and thanks for doing an open and honest review like this. It is so important with all the different opportunities online these days to be able to differentiate between what is right for you as an individual. I agree there is a real difference in the readiness of some affiliate marketers.  Which is why it is so great to have a platform that trains and coaches you through every stamp like Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks again, Kenny

  3. Wow, that’s a big and thorough review of Stack That Money. I am glad to know that it is not a scam, but also at the same time, it’s also good to know that it is a system that’s not for beginning marketers. $99 a month is definitely pretty steep for a lot of people, but of course I see why it’s that high as you already want to be making money in your marketing efforts, but want to take it the next level with paid marketing campaigns. It is interesting that there is a separate training for beginners that will cost you over $1,000. Thanks for the review. 

  4. The price, $99 per month. Way more than Wealthy Affiliate. But, compared to ClickFunnel, the price still reasonably cheap especially for advance marketer. Making money with paid advertising is the fastest way to get results. But, I don’t see that beneficial for a beginner. Well, as a beginner, I would stay away from this for a while. If my site getting good traction and want to move even further, I’ll go with Stack That Money. Thanks for this article. I’ll bookmark it for future reference.

  5. It is nice to read articles for different affiliate marketing platforms as not all of them are real or easy to follow by everyone. Even if a platform is not a scam it may be difficult for people to start anew and in this regard I think WA has really nailed it. $99 for a monthly subscription is way too much and I find it hard for new affiliate marketeers to invest so much without knowing if they succeed. WA may also feel overwhelming at the beginning but at least it gives you a free option in order to have an opinion by yourself if it is worth it as well as the monthly fee is way much more affordable.

  6. I’ve always curious on what is this affiliate marketing all about. I’ve read reviews and reviews to almost all of the affiliate marketing companies online. One of them is all about Stack That Money. Somehow, most said no because it’s expensive. I agree with what you said, It is a great company but not suited to people like me who have no $99 per month. 

    Thanks for making me understand all the more on not to engage on this affiliate marketing company.

  7. Hi Flo,

    To pay $99/month to belong to a forum and only get some basic tools included in the price seem like a rip-off to me.  I don’t believe in buying traffic and link building.  It is only viable if you are going to get conversions.  You can have a million backlinks and website visitors, but if they are not really interested in what you are selling, it is a waste of time and money.

    I hate upsells and it seems STM have a few of these.   Another important factor for me is to have the option to join for free.  This gives you the opportunity to evaluate the program and decide whether it is for you or not. 

    You recommend Wealthy Affiliate and I notice you can join for free and no credit card required.  This seems like a much better option.

    Thanks for a great post!

  8. Hi, Thanks for giving detailed review of Stack That Money. Your article will help a lot of people, specially beginners. Spending that amount of money and depend on paid traffic to start on affiliate marketing is not a good idea. If that is Stack That Money is teaching… I guess I better stay out of it.

  9. Thanks for an honest review of Stack That Money, you clearly laid everything out there; who this is for, what they offer and how much does it cost to join.Since I am just starting in affiliate marketing and have not actually earned a revenue yet, I’d say this is definitely not for me. I do not think it is wise to spend money on traffic when you’re just starting out. It is a bit expensive too compared to other platforms. Although there are great benefits to joining, I will stick with Wealthy Affiliate.

    If you don’t mind me asking, have you joined Stack That Money? Why or why not? 

    1. Hi Alice, in fact I am still considering to join STC. The only thing that is pulling me back is some review that I found about the forum getting less active. I think by next year I should be joining. As of now, I will just stick with Wealthy Affiliate

  10. Wow! Florence, what an impressive review on Stack that Money. You have covered every aspect and given the good and the not so good reasons for joining this program.

    This definitely appears to be a program for people who have no money problems to begin with. 

    My choice would be Wealthy Affiliate anytime, we might not feel we have our hands held all the time, but if we have a question all we need to do is ask and we receive any number of replies. Site support is always there for us, as are so many knowledgeable fellow Wealthy Affiliate members. 

  11. I think it’s quite expensive for anyone to join STM. You have to be sure if you decided to join. With $ 99/month, you can have more opportunities outside the programs. Such as Wealthy Affiliate. With the only half price from STM, you’ll get a comprehensive program for beginner to advance, from free SEO to paid ads, and so on. With a great community inside that encourage and support you to be successful in your online venture.

  12. STM, well.

    Another expensive Affiliate Marketing Programme.

    Definitely not for beginners, whom to my mind,  need to be nurtured and tended as you would a garden.

    Forgive the synonym, but  you can see  where I am coming from, surely.

    I have an extremely long way to go to being a super affiliate in any capacity, but; 

    I don’t get the need for then, ‘ the more experienced affiliates’, do they  need to pay out money to improve, when  I would say they are possibly at the top of  their tree anyway?

     I believe these programmes are still  aimed at the new adventurers out there, trying desperately to try and build, a hopefully reasonable income online.

    A good post,  informing  new ones starting out to avoid programmes, such as  STM.

    To those looking:   

    We can read all the hype, but trail down to the reviews, do your research and then make a informed decision.

    Thank you


  13. This looks interesting. It seems to me like this is almost like a gathering place for affiliates to pool knowledge and experience, is that right?

    I think the secrecy aspect and price tag may be something that would be discouraging for me because it is easier to trust a business when they are transparent and you know what you are in for. However if it has stood the test of time it may be worth trying it to see if there is any benefit to my business. 

  14. It is great to have people to do such great reviews for us.  Stack The Money just seems to be in a league of their own and most wouldn’t want to spend that money.  I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and am convinced there is no better platform anywhere in the world.  So anyone reading this article and looking to get started in making money online then you shouldn’t waste any more time and get signed up now.

  15. Hello Florence, thanks for the thorough and in-depth review about Stack That Money. It was an eye opener but I still prefer your number one recommendation. Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal when it comes to making money online and building a successful online business. The training they offer are excellent and the community they have are amazing. They are rooting for you to success and they will give you the help you need. I will surely recommend WA to everyone. Thanks for the post Florence. 

  16. I have heard of STM I seen some say it is a scam I have seen some like your post more of a balanced review saying it is a good product. It is just not suited for people that don’t have the money to pay for paid ads. From what I can see in your review that if you aren’t willing to invest the $99 a month and your aren’t willing to pay for paid ads then this isn’t for you.

    Plus it does seem like a decent program for what it is I can’t say anything bad about the program since I haven’t invested in their program. I just know that beginners should just know don’t get sucked into a program that has only one way of getting traffic especially paid ads. I only say this because not everybody wants to pay for paid ads and second even if you have the money to invest sometimes we aren’t interested in that method that they teach you know?

    WA is a good program to start especially if you are wanting to leverage a blog in order to get your free traffic plus the other free ways they teach. I see blogging is for some not all I do recommend WA though and always will.

    I thank you for this in depth review and I know whoever stumbles upon this review will get to know if this program is right for them. 

    I hope the best for you.


  17. Ngonidzashe Manzwangani

    mmmh, as a beginner in affiliate marketing, Stack That Money is a none start  for me, mainly, because of two things

    (a) It is too expensive, even if I want to join the program as a premium member, $99 per month, from the start is just too much

    (b) The reason that they only need super affiliates is a pure drawback for many newbies. When you are new in this business, you need to interact with people in the same level with you, share experiences and grow together.

    I am in the process of looking a legitimate Affiliate marketing platform, I have signed up with your recommendation above,I will be looking on the training in the next week, and if it goes well, I will definitely upgrade to premium tools. I like Wealthy Affiliate because the price is reasonably affordable.

    Thank you so much for a great review


  18. Hey, Florence! I found this to really be an amazingly thorough article on the Stack That Money. 

    I definitely got what I needed, meaning that this is probably not something I would enjoy at this time. I hate so much the scamy upsells or when you pay for a membership and then it turns out that you have to pay extra for some other exclusive membership, and then for some platinum membership when you have finally access to everything.

    I’m not 100% if that is what you implied, but that is what I got from article that there are lessons and sections you have to pay extra for.

    On top of that, I do not think that paid advertising is such a viable option to start out with. Sure, if you have much money to spare, why not. But that advertising does not necessarily guarantee profits. So, you might end up loosing a ton of money without earning anything.

    I do believe, however, that paid advertising definitely is a valuable tool, so that you’d have more reach when your business is actually going and growing well. But as I said, I do believe that starting with that is just cocky.

    Nonetheless, the information they provide is probably very valuable to learn, so sometime in not so distant future I just might sign up for it – to learn, not to earn through it.

    Thank you for all the insights, I appreciate it!

    Cheers and have a Great One!Matiss

    1. Lol… staying lean without spending additional on complex training which you might not need it is really necessary. 

  19. I completely agree with you here. If you’re a complete beginner to affiliate marketing,  there are 2 main things you want to keep low and that is pricing and information overload. Prices at around $99 per month is quite expensive especially if you’re on a low salary or living off your pension. I’ve seen that wealthy affiliate offers incredible training for beginners, do you think it is suited for people with absolute no knowledge on affiliate marketing?

  20. I have not heard of Stack that Money, it was an interesting review. 

    I saw a few typos and grammatical errors. For example, “handheld hold by the whole community.” “hold” can be deleted. 

    I thought the review was fairly thorough. It was clear that it is probably better for someone new in affiliate marketing to start with free traffic. It seemed that the only real benefit of STM is to know people who have been in the industry awhile and learn from them. I would say this is also benefit of Wealthy Affiliate, so is probably not necessarily unique to STM. 

    At the beginning of the review you mention that this site is not for beginners and does not have training for beginners, but at the end of the site you mention the iStack training, which is for beginners. Is this different than the STM? You also mention a 40 day free trial, but had previously stated that STM does not have free trials, so is this STM or another program?

    1. Hi Erin, thanks for pointing out the grammar mistake. Done the amendments. 

      iStack is one of the paid training offered inside STM forum and they do come with free trial for STM members. Whereas STM itself is paid forum membership without free trial. STM focuses on paid traffic. 

      I would still suggest anyone who is new to affiliate marketing to start with free traffic. Better to make mistakes without incurring any cost. The best is to learn from Wealthy Affiliate, like how I start my blog. 

  21. Hey Florence, Thanks so much for sharing this awesome review of Stack the money with us!!. this is clearly not an affiliate program for beginners and if you consider the expensive price as well as the  monthly recurring fee I’ll say its not worth the shot except you have the money to spare. 

    1. Lol… who knows there might be many who are willing to pay for free traffic. Anyway I still suggest beginners to start affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate. This program has helped many people to earn decent income. 

  22. Hello there. Thank you for this review. Okay, so Stalk that money is not suitable for beginners? I never knew. Information can be so misleading at times. Thank you for your review. Your number one recommendation is the way to go for beginners like me. I am a beginner. I am currently using your number one recommendation and I have seen how awesome it is.

    1. Unless the newbie is ready to invest money into paid advertising (or most probably ready to lose some money to learn), otherwise I won’t recommend Stack That Money. 

  23. Stack that money looks pretty cool for anyone looking to invest lots of money in advertising their businesses and want to take their business to the next level. With Stack That Money, advertising will be very effective as I have seen from your review. It’s a pretty cool Platform but, don’t you think $99 per month is a lot of money?

    1. Well, that really depends on individual. If you have money to invest in paid advertisement, why not. But if you have more time rather than money to invest, Wealthy Affiliate would be a better choice. 

  24. Sujandar Mahesan

    I’m a beginner in affiliate marketing and I was considering Stack the Money for starting it off. Thank god I read the review and now I understand that even though this is a great platform it is not for beginners who are just starting of with affiliate marketing.

    Thank you for the heads up. Really appreciate it.

    1. It’s my pleasure. I will also be considering Stack That Money when I am ready to invest more into paid marketing. At this moment, I still prefer to focus on free marketing strategies taught inside Wealthy Affiliate to grow my small online business. 

  25. I obviously lived in a bubble, because it didn’t even cross my mind there are programs and platforms for advanced, up and very well going affiliate marketers! $1000/month for advertising only, what a life 🙂 It would be very interesting to try it once you are at that point and upscale it even further. For me, however $99/month is a bit much, specially if there are no SEO basics. I will keep your info in mind, and hopefully one day I can give Stack That Money a try!

    1. In fact, paid traffics is the most predictable traffic. And it is easier to scale once you get the numbers right. However, not all people are willing invest in paid ads. In fact at the very beginning you could easily lose money doing this. Therefore I started with free traffic strategy, learning from Wealthy Affiliate. 

  26. julienne murekatete

    Thank you for sharing with us this great review on Stack That Money.Many people are interested in earning online money through affiliate marketing but it is a big problem to know which program is genuine.

    I can say that Stack That Money is not good for me because of my financial state. Will definitely give it a try when things improve. 

    1. I hope the best for you too. Alternatively you might want to get my free guide to start a small business online. In this guide, I will show you the exact way on how I started my first online business that generates income for me.

  27. I honestly don’t think STM works for newbies. Mind you I’ve been through many programs and wealthy affiliate is the best route to begin with. Many other programs just want your money and they don’t bother to respond to your questions. But WA is different. It’s 24/7 support is superb!

  28. Hi Florence. Thanks for your honest and detailed review on Stack That Money. It is so confusing nowadays because of the mushrooming affiliate programs that it is becoming increasingly difficult for newbies to separate wheat from chaff. This program seems to be too costly when compared with Wealthy Affiliates. In my opinion newbies should start with WA as they offer 1 month free trial isn’t it?

  29. It’s crazy that I avoided ‘Stack That Money’ years ago but, still fell victim to several other programs that offered even less to beginners. Maybe Stack That Money is good to learn paid advertising but at this moment, I will just stick with free organic traffic that I learned from watching YouTube. It’s a bit slow though. Is there any program that’s good to learn free traffic?

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