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Real Ways To Earn Money Online

Are you currently unemployed (read “Opportunities for the unemployed”)or want to run away from rat race to live a dotcom lifestyle? Or maybe you are currently a blogger who is not earning enough, or existing entrepreneur who wants to be successful online? If you fall into one of these categories, then you may want to ask yourself this question.

“Am I willing to start blog site from scratch to earn money online and if yes, what steps would I take?”

Whether you like it or not, the business world has changed. It is now a challenging, borderless and exciting world. Twenty years ago, it was about starting brick and mortar business locally. Today, with the World Wide Web (www), and easy access to internet and social media platform, building a global business is just within clicks – of course with greater challenge.

I’ve learnt  about building blog site and discover how it can enriches my life, increases my bank balance and provides me with lifelong learning opportunities. Blogging has further strengthen my belief that anyone can make a difference if they have the passion to share online. With this strong belief, my desire to SHARE is even greater. But if you are not a blogger, then you may lose 61% of your lifetime and you may want to find out why here.

Learn blogging to make a difference in your life

Learn blogging to make a difference in your life


 It can,

  • Open doors of worldwide opportunities that you may have never dreamed of
  • Increase your bank balance while you sleep
  • Enable lifelong learning as you blog
  • Create a platform to reach global audience
  • Leverage on tools and technologies to bring you closer to success

Sounds too good to be true? Well, I can feel your doubt as I once had this feeling too. Let’s explore the common doubt about blogging.

Barriers that stop you from start blogging

Blogging is something when embraced and focused, it can bring out your passion, hidden abilities and undiscovered talents. It can be the agent of personal change and self-development to create an impact on yours and your reader’s life. If blogging is so great and benefiting, why are so many people refrained from starting their own blog site?

Reason #1 – I cannot create perfect content

I have to really admit that it is never possible to create a blog post that is 100% free of grammatical errors and expression. You just need to make sure that you’ve done every care to make your content into shape, then close your eyes and hit the publish button. Go back and edit anytime you feel like it as this is the beauty of publishing online – you can redo and undo anything! So, stop giving yourself this excuse and start your blog site now.

Reason #2 – I do not have original content

You are afraid that your content is not original and this makes you no difference from others. I am sorry to bring the truth to you – THERE ARE NOT MANY ORIGINAL CONTENT. Many actually gather content from difference sources, adding their own thoughts and publish. There’s nothing wrong with this. We call this curation!

Steve Jobs expressed strong agreement with the following aphorism which he ascribed to the famous painter Pablo Picasso:

Good artists copy; great artists steal.

The art of creativity starts with copying, transforming and finally combining with your own mixture.

Reason #3 – I am Nobody

Do you think only geniuses will have great accomplishments? Many people who succeed in life start by being a nobody. I am still a nobody at the age of 40….  So what’s wrong with this? Geniuses who achieved success are sometimes just talented and lucky.

Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. It is only a matter of time that persistent will overtake talent. Don’t let this urban myth stops you from pursuing your dream. Combine with passion, your persistent and innate ability,  miracles can happen.

Keep dreaming!


Forgot to live our dreams (1)

Reason #4 – My time is meant for my love ones

If anyone is busy, then being a single mother with a teenage son, I am 10 times busier. Yes, blogging will take up a lot of your time and many potential bloggers use this as an excuse to never start. But let’s look at the bigger picture. If you are one day a successful blogger who earn while you snooze, won’t you have more time for your love ones?

To start, you just need to strike a balance. Watch less TV, get up early and stay up late when the house is quiet. I still spent quality time with my son everyday even though I blog. Now, I’ve earned his respect and become a role model for him.

Reason #5 – I cannot write

Hey, blogging does not mean that the only way to create content is by writing. If you think your writing is bad, then you may want to look at my first post. I am not going to direct you to the link though. It is just so embarrassing to do this.

In fact, writing can be learned. You just need to do some reading and start writing. You might give me the excuse that “writing is just not me”. If this is the case, you can try video blogging or even include infographic in your blog. Visual is getting more and more important (check out how to get free images for your blog). Many areas of interest such as food, travel and fashion are communicating with images more than text.

The Solution?

“Stop Procrastinate and Just do it!”

Never wait for perfection or the right timing to start or you will never reach your destination.

So how to start blog for free? I first started blogging using and gradually turned to use WordPress as the latter allows more tools. If you are interested to start blogging with free domain, free hosting and free blogging lessons FOR LIFE, then start by typing in your preferred domain here.

This platform offers you everything you need to start a blog site. It contains 10 free lessons to start blogging and a lifetime free hosting and domain. Provided you want to learn more, it is literally free for life! I've written a review on this platform after hosting my blog here and you may want to check out my personal opinion here.

Remember, it is always better to start blog for free before you really become serious with blogging. I hope after reading this, you will be more motivated to start blogging. But if there is still anything that is stopping, then you may want to share with us in the comment box. We would love to hear from you.


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