Non-Blogger Youth Lose 61% of Their Lifetime

Most graduates will start to look for a job after leaving college. However we all know that most jobs available are not able to support the high cost of living. With the rapid growth in internet, venturing online has become one viable alternative that provides various opportunities for the unemployed youth. There are many young millionaires who […]

Real Ways To Earn Money Online

How To Creatively Write Catchy Headline in 5 Seconds

In the last article, I’ve written on how to write SEO content that rank on search engines whereby one of the pre-requisite is to write a catchy title. In the real world, we need to acknowledge the fact that it takes more effort getting people to read your content as I personally browse titles for […]

How To Deal With Content Theft

If you ever find someone stealing your content, claim as theirs or even monetize with your content, I am sure you will feel frustrated and angry. Some may feel powerless to do anything about it due to lack of know-how. There are in fact some actions you can take to claim back your content. Now […]

Internet Business Is Not A Choice

There are lesser career opportunities for the unemployed nowadays as thousands of employees especially from oil & gas industry were laid off due to the plummeting of crude oil price. It is affecting oil producing countries such as Malaysia, Nigeria, Iran, Russia and Venezuela. Its adverse effect is wide spreading and many companies are withholding their investment […]

Internet Business Is A Myth

For many  there, we have all been there. Driving in massive traffic to go to the office that we hate, then sitting for 8 hours waiting for 5 o’clock and be jam again in the traffic before we reach home tired with no energy to do anything except dreaming that one day these will never […]

Real Ways To Earn Money Online

Content Is Not The #1 Factor To Succeed Online

We’ve always heard many internet marketing experts telling us that content is the #1 factor to succeed online. No doubt I do agree with this to a certain extent, but somehow or rather I think there are more to it to successfully build a sustainable business online. Well, this myth has indeed attracted many to start online business with the […]

Succeed By Giving More

Online business is one of the many money making opportunities for the unemployed. Many have tried to make money online but in actual fact, out of 100 people maybe none of them are able to really create a sustainable business online. These people who fail will then start to believe that “making money online” is actually a myth. […]

Real Ways To Earn Money Online

The #1 Seed In Your Internet Jungle

Finding a SEED product is Important There are various money making opportunities for the unemployed whether it is promoting a product online or offline. With either way, it is often not easy to find a good product that can convert well and also allow you to eventually expand into other markets. Your ultimate goal is for the people who initially […]

Opportunities For The Unemployed Youth

Are There Still Many Opportunities For The Unemployed Youth? There is a rise in unemployment whereby this has become one of the global issue many countries are facing. It affects especially the graduates as we often hear them complaint on the lack of jobs. Most graduates placed too much focus to search for jobs and failed to realize other opportunities awaiting them. […]

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