Real Ways To Earn Money Online

Forget About Facebook: Is Not Going to Help Your Business!

Is Facebook still effective to drive traffic I still remember during those days when I first started Facebook page in 2007 while still operating my manicure shop in Malaysia. I literally get many likes the moment I started my page even without paying for any advertisements. During those days, Facebook was “cool” as you see “all” updates […]

Real Ways To Earn Money Online

I’ve made 3 Mistakes Starting My Relationship with Twitter

As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve recently just started my serious relationship with Twitter with the intention to improve my blog traffic. To me, having Twitter is simply sharing of high quality content to gain more followers. With this in mind, I use a tool namely WP Tweet Machine to automate tweet or retweet and ignore any @mention or DM from […]

Real Ways to Earn Money Online

How To Create Twitter List

I’ve been just started my relationship with Twitter this October via @ClickWebSuccess. So far, it has been an enjoyable relationship compared to the one I had with Facebook. I guess it is the speed and the limit of 140 characters set by Twitter that attract me. Thin content sharing in Twitter really squeeze the best out of […]

Real Ways To Earn Money Online

7 Tips To Effectively Grow Your Local Business With Twitter

There are many local entrepreneurs who use Facebook for their marketing campaign. Most overlook the importance of Twitter to gain business from this amazing network. As per Statista, there are over 307 million monthly active users on Twitter in the 3rd quarter of 2015 and by 2018 Asia will become Twitter most important market overtaking U.S. The best […]

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