Take Surveys for Cash Review: Is This A Legit Program To Help You Quit The Job?

Take Surveys For Cash Review by ClickWebSuccess

Welcome to My Take Surveys for Cash Review

First of all, I would like to thank you for making an effort to know more about how you can earn money online.

You may have found my site because you're looking for ways to earn enough money through paid surveys, so you can eventually quit your job. You may have seen work at home promotions and ads for Take Surveys for Cash and you might be asking – if Take Surveys for Cash is legit or is it a program you should avoid?

I've used paid survey sites for some time now, and I can rapidly tell whether a survey program is legit or not. In this Take Surveys for Cash review, I'll demonstrate to you why you must be cautious about joining this site.

What is Take Surveys For Cash?
Inside Take Surveys For Cash
Who is Take Surveys For Cash For?
The Truth About Take Surveys For Cash
Things I Like About Take Surveys For Cash
Is Take Surveys For Cash A Scam?
How I Start A Small Business Online


Product Name: Take Surveys for Cash

Founder/Owner: Jason White

Product Type: Paid Survey Intermediary

Price: $39

Best For: Nobody. It's not necessary to pay for survey list 

Summary: The Take Surveys For Cash is NOT a helpful program to help you make money online. It's a platform that provides few tips on how to approach survey sites. Even if it provides an aggregate of legit survey sites, you can find these for free with a quick search.  Take Surveys For Cash is just an intermediary or middle man. This means you have to pay money to get started on the surveys. Actually, you can directly sign up in the survey sites and they require no payment. There's no guarantee that you'll earn thousands. Beware! This is just another product that wants to take your money.

Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

What is Take Surveys For Cash?

If you go into the site, you'll be introduced to the system with a tagline “Discover a Weird Trick I Use To Make $3,500 per Month.”

The site says that by signing up with them, you'll most likely make thousands of dollars monthly, with not much hard work in your part.

On the sales page video, you'll hear about someone named Jason White, who is said to be behind Take Surveys for Cash. There's a person speaking in the video and showing some proof of earnings.

However, there's no way to tell if this person is the founder or just an actor, or just a spokesperson in front of the camera. These are already warning signs of something fishy.

If by some chance that Jason White is indeed the “King of Paid Surveys”, then he should be well known and mentioned in major news agencies. Well, you can find several Jason White through an online search. However, I can't find any reputable news source of the said name dubbed as a survey king.

There's not a single data anywhere else about his identity, other than the self-announcement that he is the King of Paid Surveys. There's no other information about the founder in social media platforms nor he even has a personal website.

Inside Take Surveys For Cash

When you're on the site, you'll read statement that you'll get a $50 dollars bonus once you finished your first survey. It's uncommon for survey sites to give you this bonus just for joining.

After have given your email, you will be informed that the reward is a restricted offer. This will make you feel hooked for the bonus. Little do you know this is a trick for you to join before thinking over that's something isn't right. I've checked the site and the offer really stays there, not as restricted as you will first think.

Further down at the sales page, as soon as you click one of the large call to action buttons, it will show you a payment fee for $39.  Click the “Join Now” and you'll immediately be redirected to a checkout cart

Now if you click the back button to go back to previous page and then try to click the exit button, you'll be given a notice that the offer reduces to $27. Then if you try to exit again, it reduces to $12

If you happen to accept one of the sales pitch or downsells, and you eventually pay – you'll be able to get inside the member's dashboard.

Inside the member's area of Take Surveys For Cash, you'll be shown salespitches and banners.

These ads are shown to prepare you for an upsell inside your dashboard. You'll see the member's area titled “Getting Started” with six steps:

Step 1– Learn How To Use Take Surveys For Cash

Basically, this just shows an introduction to the product. It will show you around the member's area, with nothing special. This is your basic tour.

Step 2– Learn How To Make $593 Per Day

This section is not as bad as it looks, but you have to be cautious. It shows a list of Binary Trading systems. What you need to know here is that you need a substantial deposit here to get started. There are also some affiliate links here that help the owner of this program earn commissions.

Step 3 – How Do Paid Surveys Work

Shows you how to fill out the survey forms. Provides some tips on how to do it so you will qualify for the high paying surveys.

Step 4 – Tips On Maximizing Your Earnings

This will show you how to speed up filling-up the form using an auto-fill program. It also provides some tips on how to use this auto fill software (note: this is an upsell). This software claim to help you take paid surveys twice as fast. It says it has tools and instructions to help you earn more.

Step 5 – Start Taking Surveys

Here, you'll get survey sites list where you have to register. Take note that there are regions or country restrictions.

Step 6 – Learn Other Ways To Make Money Online

You'll find here, some instructional materials on other methods to make money online.

Who is Take Surveys For Cash For?

Take Surveys for Cash is for those who want to earn some money every month just by answering surveys online.

This seems to be applicable for students, stay at home parents, retirees or workers with extra time in their day. This can be an option to earn extra for those working in long hours or those working on temporary jobs.

This program is also for those who like to share their interests, opinion, or information through surveys.

Though at first look, it sounds legit and simple that you only need to fill up the form on sites to earn some income, I would be honest to you that it's really not the case. 

The Truth About Take Surveys for Cash

I looked more into Take Surveys for Cash to see if it has the red flags for you not to join the survey site. As a precaution, I always make it habit to look into unusual strategies of a program.

Red Flag #1 – You Need To Pay 

No real survey sites will ask for money for them to let you join. There's definitely no compelling reason for you to pay for registration just for you to have access to paid surveys. If you research other similar programs, most companies actually offer free sign-ups and trials to attract users.

I don't like registering on a site that will ask me to pay just to have access to a list of paid surveys. This type of program should never cost any money just to let you join. Established survey sites like Swagbucks, FusionCash and Survey Spot, that are free, will actually caution you against such ‘paid for access surveys'.

Red Flag #2 – Sales Page

Their sales info specifies that you can earn up to $3,500 a month and on some occasions make $500 from surveys every day.

The truth is, you need to go throughout a couple of hours to find and sign up on the sites. Even then, answering surveys can take up 20 minutes to an hour.

There's also the situations where you will not get accepted from a survey or the form you've submitted will not get approved

As mentioned, most of the surveys that pay, range from $0.25 to $5. Surveys can be limited so it's not realistic to earn thousands of dollars every month. 

Red Flag #3 – Secret Training

When buying the program, you're paying for the “secret method” to help you earn thousands of dollars with surveys.

The fact is, once you're inside, all you get are a couple of basic tips, survey sites list, and upsells. Registering for Take Surveys For Cash won't give you any hidden strategy to earn thousands on a monthly basis.

Things I Like About Take Surveys for Cash

If you’ve read some of my other posts, you've seen that there are other paid survey programs I recommend. However, such surveys wouldn't make you thousands of dollars as a regular monthly salary!

The Taking Surveys For Cash is a legit method at a quick glance if you want to make some additional funds. On average, most people make $10-$50 per month occasionally answering questions in surveys.

For a complete beginner, you don't need any special technical skills to apply the tricks provided in Jason White's course.

In a cost per product standpoint, $39 is affordable. It provides you basic tips to increase your earnings in paid surveys. The program also provides you access to a list of surveys from around the world.

Unfortunately, signing up in these sites is straightforward, with no more need to ‘pay for a guide' just to become a member.

Is Take Surveys for Cash A Scam?

Take Surveys for Cash isn't necessarily a scam. However, taking into account the red flags I've mentioned above – I Do Not Recommend That You Pay For It.

There's no assurance that the tips you will get will work for a longer period. Earning back the money you paid after taking several surveys may take some time. This can take you lots of hours a day to find the right surveys and then filling out the forms. It could even take you 2-3 months just to get back the $39 you paid.

The promises of $3,500 a month are quite possible online, however, this is downright impossible just on paid surveys. If you really want to earn thousands of dollars so you could quit your day job, earning affiliate commission is still a much more viable option.

Even if you receive the survey sites list, you can easily find these through the search engines for free.

Taking surveys is just a simple method to earn online. It's possible to earn a small amount in the beginning. So, it's an existing method to get some extra income.

However, for Take Surveys for Cash saying that you can earn thousands per month without much work, that sounds dubious to me.

For them to say that you can make as much as $3,500 per month, just by using a so-called secret method is a warning signal.

You can make a decent amount of money on paid surveys, though achieving a full-time salary is not realistic. It's just not possible to make an amount this big.

Wealthy Affiliate Login

How I Started A Small Business Online

Don't easily fall for work at home programs that provide tips of easily found information and aggregated sites that you can search online.

Paying for just $39 to help you earn more than a thousand of dollars online is not realistic. It's too good to be true that you'll earn $3,500 monthly in paid surveys. You need skills and experience to get this amount of income on the web.  

Well, you might be looking for ways to earn big amounts online. Like you, I've searched for methods to make more cash on the Internet. I've taken a lot of courses and tried different strategies for years

I was finally able to develop a plan to earn more money to help me quit the job on a 9 to 5 company. Now, I'm earning through online income through commissions and consultancy fees.

My higher income sources now help me afford the necessities in my life, while also having more time for things I love to do.

If you like to know the strategies that I use to help me earn up to a 5 figure profit by staying and working at home, I recommend that you check out my free guide to help you guide through the steps to achieve the things you always dream in life.

This guide will help you truly achieve what you want for yourself. Note: You need to work hard, it is a primary requirement.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Take Surveys For Cash review. Please do share this information with your friends so they can make a wise decision to improve their way of life.

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2 thoughts on “Take Surveys for Cash Review: Is This A Legit Program To Help You Quit The Job?”

  1. This is really another platform that is not helping people to make money online. Because after reading your review, I understand that take surveys for cash does not offer surveys to you but just tips on how you can take advantage of survey platforms and make money. I do not think just for that information, one needs to pay $39. It is very expensive for some information or tips that you can find for free online. Not worth it!

    Thanks for sharing

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