Tecademics Review (Is it a Scam?)

Tecademics Review (Is Tecademics A Scam?)

Most Updated Facts About Tecademics You Must Know After Chris Record Left (2018)

Welcome to my most updated Tecademics review (September 2018)

Have you ever thought what happened to Tecademics after its founder Chris Record left the college early 2018?

I bet you won’t know much if you are neither its students nor affiliates.

I can still find many outdated reviews about Tecademics including its old products and mlm-affiliate system which is already obsolete.

Hardly can find any reviews about the college after its recent restructuring.

In this review, I’ll share with you the most updated information about Tecademics after Chris Record left, replaced by Jim Piccolo as Chairman.

Tecademics Review Summary

Tecademics Review (Is Tecademics A Scam?)Product Name: Tecademics

Founder: Founded by Chris Record in August 2016 (Current Chairman: Jim Piccolo)

Product Type: Internet Marketing College

Price: Startup tuition fee is $10,000. Current tuition fee is unknown (quite secretive, will explain later)

Best For: Anyone, but you might have to go to Arizona, USA

Summary: Tecademics is an Internet Marketing College (not accredited with any regulatory body) with a physical campus in Arizona, USA. Currently they might not be offering any online courses and you have to travel to Arizona to attend their classes.

Rating: 60/100

Recommended: Yes, if you live in Arizona, USA or ready to travel there.

If you live outside of Arizona where travelling is a problem, then I highly recommend you to start with my top recommended program.

This program allows you to learn at the comfort of your home.

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What is Tecademics?

Tecademics is an internet marketing program founded by Chris Record, a very controversially well-known entrepreneur in both MLM and digital marketing industry.

I admire Chris Record for his vision in starting Tecademics. Here’s the video of him sharing his vision of Tecademics.

And I bet you will want to enrol once you watch the video …. but hang on and decide only after you finish reading this review.

Tecademics offers structurally design, step-by-step internet marketing education.

It is produced with the combined effort of both academicians and industry practitioners that makes Tecademics unique and well received by students.

Chris Record believes via this combination, students are able to gain both mainstream education and also practical knowledge to make money online, giving them a competitive edge.

Despite having a full-fledged campus, Tecademics is not recognized by any authoritative body as a college.

Arizona Campus

Chris understand the importance of networking among digital entrepreneurs, therefore decided to have a physical campus.

He setup Tecademics campus in Arizona, USA consisting of facilities such as co-working loft, labs and studios.

Tecademics Campus in Arizona USA

Flexible, Co-working Space.

A 7,500 sq ft collaborative co-working space is provided to the students. Be it you are working alone or with a team, the flexible workspace makes it easy for you.

Co-working includes basic facilities such as wifi, power outlets, coffee and video/audio studios. It is ideal as project-based office.

Tecademics Co Working Loft in Arizona USA

The Lab

Collaboration is what makes successful entrepreneurs.

Students attend physical classes in the Lab, a learning environment carefully designed with comfort that encourage communication among students.

Tecademics Lab in Arizona USA

The Studio

Tools and facilities are prime to becoming a good marketer.

The Studio is designed for students to create audio and video content to capture stunning photos, film viral video, and record weekly podcast.

Tecademics Studio in Arizona USA

Tecademics Startup Products

Tecademics started with 3 main products namely TEC, IMPACT and MASTER. You are considered an ELITE if you have access to all 3 products.

I will just briefly introduce as the startup products are no longer available after Chris Record left.

TEC is the foundation of Tecademics courses. It is a 100% online learning for beginners at $100 per month.

IMPACT is a 12-month home-study program costing a one-off of $2,000. These are advanced programs and for more experienced marketers.

MASTER is a 2-year course program costing a one-off $10,000. Opportunity to get one-on-one mentorship at the workshop.

These courses were priced too high, way above what they were really worth. It is good that they discontinued.

Suitable for beginners my Top Recommendation Here!

Marketing Model

One of the many ways to earn money online is to become affiliate of Tecademcis.

Tecademics pays affiliates to market their startup courses, then sponsors other associates to develop a team to expand the sales network, sort like a MLM.

To activate a product as affiliate, the only way is by buying the product or selling to customer.

Once activation sale is made, Tecademics pays 20% to 40% commission, depending which MLM tier you are in.

To cut the story short, on February 23, 2018, Tecademics ended its mlm-affiliate program after sold all of its 3 startup products.

The Founder Resigned

Chris’s vision is to see his students achieve proven results in their digital business.

And he prefers learning through application rather than getting academic credentials.

Seems like, Chris Record and his business partner Jim Piccolo have different vision.

In mid 2017, after a private equity firm invest in Tecademics, the new Tecademics transformed in line with Piccolo’s vision, and Chris left.

New Products replacing the old ones

When I browse through Tecademics website, I can’t find the 3 startup products and its mlm-affiliate program anymore.

All the links were taken down. Even its blog section returned with invalid page.

Tecademics Blog

Unless you click on the member login (which I doubt any non-member will do), you won’t find more information about its current courses.

From the member’s login page, I found 3 different courses Tecademics currently provides. No information about the tuition fee on its website.

Tecademics 2018 Courses

Should you need to get more information, the only way is to contact Tecademics directly.

By doing more research I finally found this link which is not openly published in Tecademics website, not even on their member login page.

It shows a list of 16 INDIVIDUAL SUCCESS PATHS™ (maybe the name is changed to Systematic Path Process (SPP)™ - as shown on Tecademics member login page).

  • Agency Start Up
  • Digital Asset Brokering
  • Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs
  • Drone Pilot
  • Ecom Foundations
  • Ecom Management
  • Ecom Mastery
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Ad Specialist
  • Lead Generation Strategist
  • Online Video Marketing Specialist
  • Pay Per Click
  • Print On Demand
  • SEO Strategist
  • Social Media Ad Specialist
  • Social Meda Manager
Tecademics 2018 Course 16 Individual Success Path

Tecademics seem very secretive and cautious about the information it publishes on website.

Guess they are concern on module leak. Otherwise I can’t find any reason as to why their courses are not openly published. 

Pros & Cons of Tecademics

The resignation of Chris, the lack of information on the new Tecademics and some negative comments by students and affiliates lower my confidence toward this college.

Regardless, there are still something that I like and don’t like about Tecademics.

What I like about Tecademics?

The Great Vision. Chris Record’s vision of combining academics knowledge and practical implementation are commendable.

The structured step-by-step lessons introduced by Chris is indeed what is lacking in the industry.

Most higher learning institution treats digital marketing as an ancillary product. Such big scale college like Tecademics focusing on digital marketing education is indeed innovative.  

Reputable Founder. Chris is a very successful internet marketer and was top performer in MLM industry.

A very energetic guru who always provide good advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

I trust anyone will be honoured if given the opportunity to learn from him.

The Do-As-You-Wish Lifestyle: You might not have to attend college like other students.

Even though there is a massive 25,000 square feet college of Tecademics, you can still learn at the comfort of your home.

Studying at your own pace is a plus point.

No one can stress you on punctuality but discipline is highly required. (Learn how you can get organized at home to earn money online).

Awesome Face-to-Face Networking. Tecademics understand the loneliness of working alone facing your laptop day and night.

With the physical campus, you get the opportunity to meet the brightest minds face-to-face. This gives you additional learning opportunities.

What I don’t like about Tecademics?

Location is in Arizona. The only campus they have is in Arizona.

To enjoy the benefit of face-to-face networking with its members, those who are not staying in Arizona has to travel.

Unless you have some money for travelling, otherwise the campus means nothing to you.

I believe many people might not have the luxurious to do so.

If that’s the case for you, I would recommend you to start with My Top Recommended Internet Marketing Training.

Tuition Fee. I can’t really comment on the current price tag as there is no information found on the internet.

However, the initial startup tuition fee of $10,000 is quite high for many people. And I don’t think the current price will be anything lesser.

This tuition fee does not include cost of business such as subscribing for tools and equipment.

Unless you have additional cash to spare for the business, I won’t recommend you to this program.

If you don't have that much amount of money to invest, I would recommend you to check out My Top Recommended Internet Marketing Training which you can get started for FREE!

Is Tecademics A Scam?

Like what I’ve shown earlier, there are still people having negative feeling about Tecademics.

Some didn’t manage to get their prize money while some feel that quality of the courses did not meet their expectation.

However, I don’t think Tecademics is a scam.

When Chris resigned from Tecademics, the site has put in every effort to create a FAQ page and keep everybody informed about the change.

This proves that the college are doing their best to provide information to students and affiliates on its restructuring.

If Tecademics is a scam, I don’t think any scammer will go through such hassle to make things right. Many will just leave the site and run away.

The New Tecademics Is Secretive

However, I find Tecademics more secretive after its restructuring.

As I am a person who demand for transparency, I feel more comfortable if Tecademics can publish complete information about its college. 

It should make information easily accessible to all, particularly information about its products and tuition fee.

Unlike Tecademics, the program that helped me start this blog is very transparent.

And the small price paid in exchange for a comprehensive step-by-step training is indeed worth it.

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In this program, there are beginners who managed to earn money without even paying for advertisement. 

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8 Comments on "Tecademics Review (Is it a Scam?)"

  1. Timm Mullowney | October 4, 2018 at 6:40 pm | Reply

    While researching for legit place to earn money online, I didn’t come across Tecademics. Lucky for me as I can’t afford such high tuition fee either. Found Wealthy Affiliate instead. At least affordable to me. This program works  but guess I need to put in more effort if I want to quit my current job. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more of your sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing such informative post about Tecademics. Having to drive to Arizona and learn internet marketing is crazy. I think Tecademics is just too paranoid not to share more information about their training. I am glad I found wealthy affiliate and not Tecademics. Otherwise, I might had joined them and pay huge course fee. 

  3. Fantastic article. Searching the web to find ways to earn money online I came across your article. I had heard about Tecademics and was interested in finding out about it. You’re article gave me all the information I need. I don’t think I want to join something where you have to travel to go to classes and the biggest thing it sounds as you said to secretive, I wouldn’t feel confident in what I was getting into. I really like your recommendation and Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a great place to learn affiliate marketing. I will be Joining and see where it takes me. Thank you so much for this well written review.

    • I just can’t rationalize the reason that Tecademics is not publishing sufficient info about their courses online. But I believe if anyone wants to do business online, then he/she should learn online. Learning offline is only for networking purposes I  suppose. That’s why I decided to start my blog with Wealthy Affiliate.

  4. There is just so much scam out there and Tecademics sounds fishy if yo ask me. Great for sharing all this information but since I started in Australia with my online journey I would have not been able to travel to the classes 🙂 Good info and I am glad I trusted my guts with this one. Thanks

    • I won’t be able to travel too as I started in Malaysia! But if I have the chance to go Arizona, I will sure visit this college to find out more. So I can add more details into my review.

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