Textbroker Review for Writers: Many Jobs but Low Pay

Textbroker seems like a dream come true for all freelance writers. Choose from thousands of writing jobs and you are on your way to earn money online, writing for others.

Is Textbroker good for freelance writers? (2018)

Textbroker seems like a dream come true for all freelance writers. Choose from thousands of writing jobs and you are on your way to earn money online, writing for others.

Right on the very moment you are reading this article, many others are writing day and night, just like a content machine. And they get paid for every word written.

So why wasn't I doing the same? Instead choose to write for myself on my own website?

I suggest you read my review on Textbroker to find out why I am not following what others are doing. When finish reading, let me know if you too prefer to write for others or yourself.

Textbroker Review Summary

Product Name: Textbroker

Founder: Founded by Jan Becker-Fochler in 2005

Product Type: On-demand, unique written content

Price: Writers register for free. Writing fee depend on individual writer’s rating

Best For: Suitable for beginners who wants to gain experience and improve writing skills or freelance writers who can write massive content quickly to earn quick buck

Summary: There are many writing jobs but low pay. If you can write, there are jobs more lucrative than Textbroker.

Rating: 50/100

Recommended: Yes and No, depends on situation. Suitable for writers who are beginners. 

Introduction to Textbroker

Text Broker is a website for writers to earn money online. It is real, functional and definitely can provide some writers quick buck to turnaround.

Even though its homepage may not have modern design, it is indeed a no-nonsense, genuine site.

I am not a writer for Textbroker. This review is based on feedback from Jack. He resides in U.S. and offers writing services in Textbroker.

According to him, Textbroker is real and is easy to get a job. Jobs are plentiful compared to other writing sites.

However TextBroker didn’t pay much and guess this is the reason why it is difficult to earn money as freelance writer.

When I checked with Jack, he told me “it’s tough earning money here”.

Get Started with Textbroker

It is not easy to start as writer with Textbroker. In fact they demanded a lot.

This includes contact details such as mobile number, address, a list of skills and expertise, and PayPal email address. Guess this is to ensure only serious writers apply, I am not sure too.

Textbroker only accept writers who are permanent residents of United States. Took Jack around ten minutes to register and proceed to the next page.

Textbroker writer input

This message is shown after a writer submitted 250-word writing test on Textbroker

According to Jack, he had to complete a 250 word test to qualify as writer in Textbroker gigs.

Upon submission he had to wait about five days for Textbroker to evaluate and revert with categorization of writers according to skills submitted.

Then, Jack has to take a selfie-style picture together with his valid form of identification as proof of identity.

He doesn’t feel comfortable having to release such personal information to the site but has no choice because he needs to constantly explore new businesses.

This includes providing writing services to earn money online.

This is an image of writer dashboard after logging in to Textbroker

The Way Textbroker Works

A big portion of the jobs come through Textbroker’s OpenOrder queue whereby clients place order for writing job.

Another type is the DirectOrder category and here, client can select specified writer based on biography provided. Under this category, writer can charge whatever amount they want. Writers have the option to choose too.

There are thousands of writing job placements on a page by clients for writers to choose from.

In order to improve writer’s quality of work, Textbroker prepares a team of experienced editors to “regularly rate your articles”, thereafter provide feedback.

According to Jack, such support from Textbroker has helped him get higher paying gigs.

As a start, each writer is labelled as either two, three, four, or five stars to define specified rate a client pays per word. The rate is designed as follow:

Textbroker self service price
The different rates of writers

Jack told me prices seem fair but it didn’t really excite him.

Guess it is because he is earning more by writing for his own website.. 

And he will only write for Textbroker when there is free time.

It Took 12 days to be Accepted to Textbroker

It is only after 12 days of repeated submissions, Jack received an email from Textbroker saying he was accepted as a 4-star writer.

He has always been an excellent writer with many years of experience writing online but was not satisfied graded to only earn 2.4 cents per word in Textbroker.

Regardless, Jack continued to write his biography and attached examples of previous jobs to attract potential clients.

Seriously, for a mere few dollar per article, I wonder whether any client would bother to read through all the previous jobs just to choose the best writer. Isn’t it too much of a work to do?

Anyway, you still can find lots of writers willing to go through these motions.

Perhaps the thoroughness of the process reflects a satisfied client based, and in turn creates more income for Textbroker’s writers.

On the OpenOrder jobs listing page, Jack selects projects listed under the four-star category. Topics that he had already written include automobiles, business, pets, health, beauty and diet.

Jack has written few pieces of articles for Textbroker before I requested for his review.

According to him, Textbroker only transfer money to writers on amount of $10 and higher. His experience as a four-star writer can be summarised in the paragraph below:

“There are tons of work I have to do. Projects were easy with little difficulty, but there are so many restrictions.

For instance, if you are writing about an individual, you can’t use a full quote because Textbroker’s crawling bots will detect plagiarism on content written elsewhere and returned back to you.

Although Textbroker indicated that four-star articles were most popular, there are only fewer jobs available for writers who fall into this category”.

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Essentials and Reviews of Textbroker

From the perspective of writers, online reviews of Textbroker were not really impressive.

The common complaints include writer ratings and the amount paid for an article is too little. Some angrier reviews include the excessive demand by clients for writers to do additional in conducting subject specific research and often lead to rewrites.

Most writers feel they should be paid more.

Positive reviews mostly come from the clients’ side. Unlike writers, clients are really happy with the cheap price and writers who meet their demands. Guess this is common everywhere.

Textbroker obviously favour and bias toward protecting the interest of clients. It claims the ability to provide consistent 100,000 choices of writers to meet clients’ content needs.

With plagiarism check, each content is unique and can be created in 15 languages through its various platforms.

Textbroker’s benefit includes providing guidance to clients on the fundamentals of managing and developing content at different price point in the form of text and videos on its “Expert Center.”

It contains explicit knowledge for businesses that have doubts on the need for good content to strengthen their online presence. Obviously, clients will be convinced and concluded with the need to engage writers from Textbroker.

Looking at the number of clients’ satisfaction, Textbroker’s client strategy seems successful.

I too was convinced to engage their services and signed up as client (unlike writers, clients can come from different countries).

Textbroker client registration
Note from Florence: I have signed up as client. Will try out Textbroker from the perspective of client and provide update of my review here later.

Get Paid by Textbroker

Jack told me there are 3 stages to be eligible receiving payment by Textbroker.

First the site requested a W-9 form printed out and signed (officially, the "Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification”), only pays via Paypal and finally will only release payment when the writer’s account accumulated $10 or more earnings.

Of course, provided its content is being accepted.

Payment is timely and normally will be transferred the next day via PayPal account. Real straight forward.

What I Like About Textbroker

  • The site is functioning well and easy to navigate
  • The “Expert Center” provides sufficient information for writers and clients seeking content.
  • Tons of jobs to choose from.
  • Textbroker is indeed a real and ideal place for new freelance writers to start earn money online.
  • There are helpful keywords and information gathering guides on each project.

What I Don't Like About Textbroker

  • The pay is considered low, around a penny or two a word.
  • Textbroker demanded a lot of personal information, which many writers might not be comfortable providing.
  • You probably will run into problematic clients who demand for subject specific research that require rewrite after rewrite. Jack met one such client too, and extremely upset.
  • It is not available for writers who are not permanent resident of United States (I am not from U.S.)

Who is Textbroker for?

Somehow or rather I agree with Jack to only use Textbroker when there is free time or as backup when times are tough.

Seriously, the earnings from this site is only around a penny per word and there’s no way any writer can get rich by focusing here.

Even for Jack, a 4-star rating earning 2.4 cents per word, it requires five hundred of 1,000-word articles to make enough money to cover an average car payment in my country (here’s where I come from).

Accomplishing this century mark requires more than 1,500 writing hours (almost 6 months earnings of 8 hours working per day) and that’s assuming none of the content is sent back for rewrite!

Of course if you can write quickly enough to hit the 500 projects goal, then it is still possible to earn a decent living. That’s provided if you could write as fast as less than 90 minute per 1,000 words.

Nevertheless, there appear to be enough work demanded by Textbroker’s clients on the site.

You literally become a content machine when you focus to earn money online from Textbroker.

Looking at the situation and reviews of most writer, I somehow or rather feel that there won’t be much satisfaction in the work. There’s just too little reward for the effort you put in.

Textbroker is definitely not ideal for freelance writing as a whole. Low prices mean it will take a freelancer more time to achieve financial freedom.

It is in fact a good example of why freelance writers struggle. There’s nothing can be done to reverse the situation though.

When clients demanded low prices, writers have no choice but to comply in order to earn a living.

But is this the way you want to short-change your talent?

I would only suggest this site to new writers who just started to provide freelance writing services.

Textbroker can be a good place to practice and improve own writing skills with experienced editors who are ready to provide advice.

But definitely not a long term nor sustainable mean to earn money online.

As a writer, you possess an in-demand talent that can easily earn you tons of money. I would say writing for other people is called the “active income” because you are trading your time for money.

Why not write for yourself and start earning passive income stream like how I do through Affiliate Marketing?

Let me quote myself as an example ….

What I am doing here is also writing. But the difference is “I am writing for myself” and not others.

I find my business niche, build my own website, find affiliate products to sell and start earning passive income.

I write to provide value to my readers and in return I earn commission when people click on my affiliate link to make a purchase. All I do daily is just to write topic that I am passionate about!

If this make sense to you, start create free account at Wealthy Affiliate. This is where I start writing for myself and earn commission.

Once joined, you will then be on your way to earn money online - doing what you truly love!

Your Next Step

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