The #1 Seed In Your Internet Jungle

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Finding a SEED product is Important

There are various money making opportunities for the unemployed whether it is promoting a product online or offline. With either way, it is often not easy to find a good product that can convert well and also allow you to eventually expand into other markets. Your ultimate goal is for the people who initially buy your product to also buy your next products. If you have proven that you can be trusted by delivering a product to your clients and they love it, then it should be much easier to get their business when your new item hits the online marketplace. The 1st product you promote is very important and will be your SEED to more new products in future.

Example of my SEED product

For example, I am in the process of creating a set of video where I teach students on various techniques needed to perform nail care and manicure service. My area of expertise lies in the field of nail care of which I've been blessed to acquire over 10 years of experience working as a Nail Technician (change my profession since 5 years ago). My target market will be those people who wants to DIY their manicure at home or to learn this basic skill for a living. I realize that if I want to branch out and sell different similar products later, I will have to pick a product that these students would also enjoy. From the various nailart designs produced by my students, I will launch my 2nd product which is a book full of nailart designs. This Nailart Design Book will be given away for free to existing students, crediting their contributions but sell to new students as reference for practical application. Branching out even further, a nail service related forum would be established as well as more advanced nail technician classes will be conducted for graduates of my 1st video course.

It is amazing to see how all this began from the planting of one little seed

Marketing is a Numbers Game

As we all know marketing is a numbers game and the bigger number of people you have on your marketing list the better your chance of survival and dominance. Think about your online marketing seed before you plant it. You want to plant something that will grow into something huge. When you look into the jungle you see an incredible array of trees. That is what you should want your seed to turn into. The trees in your Internet jungle will be represented by the vast amount of names on your email list who want your first and additional products. The product you create should also appeal to as many people as possible. Being an unemployed, the more you need to carefully use your limited resource to invest in a SEED that can be branched out into a bigger forest.

It all starts with that tiny Internet marketing seed.

We must have dreams, big dreams and seeing those dreams become realities is quite inspirational and shows that building a business online is real. No one in your circle of naysayers can argue with your results unless they choose to be up against the truth of your success.

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