The Super Affiliate Network (Honest Review From A Skeptic)

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Is Super Affiliate Network A Pyramid Scheme?

Affiliate marketing is a great way to start a small business online. What you need to do is to create a website, join an affiliate network, select a product and start promoting it.  

However, in order for you to make a sale, you must first acquire good online marketing skills.

You need to find a good training program, leverage on effective tools and hangout with a supportive community that can help you succeed. 

Without these 3 things, you might take longer time to see results.

Look, I am not saying you can't start by searching for free training online. If you have ample of time, why not? 

However, by following a proven step-by-step method, your route to success can be shorten.

The last thing you want to do it to start from a wrong foot. 

There's this Super Affiliate Network program that was widely promoted by many marketers in the past 2 years. 

Like other Make Money Online (MMO) program, this system claims to help you create your dream lifestyle and a true long-lasting freedom.

Here's a review video from a member of Super Affiliate Network.


The 2 tier commission scheme and a series of tiered membership levels are similar to pyramid scheme used by MOBE and Digital Altitude, two mlm companies that were recently shut down by FTC. 

Here's what a typical scam as defined by FTC in the case of Digital Altitude. 

Defendants' program consists of a series of tiered membership levels, each with a membership fee higher than the last. Defendants pay a consumer only when the consumer recruits new consumers to join the program, through commissions on the new consumers' membership fees. Although Defendants' program ostensibly provides business coaching that will help members build a successful business, the goal of that “coaching” is to persuade the member o purchase a higher membership tier – Source FTC.

To give Super Affiliate Network benefit of doubt, I decided to do a search on this program so you can have an honest review from me. 

I want to let you know upfront that I am not an affiliate of Super Affiliate Network, despite almost wanted to join while doing my research.

All the sales copy and advertisement sounded too tempting and irresistible until I found out the real truth.

Here's my honest review on Super Affiliate Network.

What is Super Affiliate Network?
How Does Super Affiliate Network Works?
How To Make Money with Super Affiliate Network?
Is Super Affiliate Network A Scam?
An Honest Verdict From A Skeptic


Product Name: The Super Affiliate Network

Founder: Started by Misha Wilson in year 2016

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing System

Price: From $1 to $34,997

Best For: Anyone who does not mind to continuously invest in higher price ticket investment using hard earned money

Summary:  The Super Affiliate Network is a company that continuously promote various “business opportunities” to its members by offering 6 tiered membership levels. In order to earn more, members are required to buy into high ticket membership – as high as $34k

Rating: 30/100

Recommended: No

What is Super Affiliate Network?

Super Affiliate Network is a global community of entrepreneurs scattered across the entire world with one common goal: to make a difference, do what they love, and live a lifestyle of abundance and freedom. 

It was founded by Misha Wilson in 2016 with basic online marketing training and monthly additions to help people grow their existing business or start one if you do not have any. 

If you are a complete newbie, the basic training inside Super Affiliate Network is good enough for you to understand about how this industry works but it won't be good enough to make you sufficient income, unless you continuously subscribe or pay more. 

Like what I mentioned earlier, there are in fact a total of 6 tiered membership with the lowest basic membership starting at $47 per month to the highest MAUI membership at a cost of $34,997.

Other than providing you with online marketing training, there will also be a personal coach assigned to help you. 

However due to rapid growth, there were complaints from members on the non-responsiveness of their coach. Some members even quit this program due to lack of support. 

If you decided to start an online business by promoting Super Affiliate Network, its compensation benefit can be very tempting.

You can earn up to a few thousands dollar per sale if you are positioned at the highest tiered membership which I'll explain later. 

Once you become their affiliate, you will be given various done-for-you marketing materials so you are able to earn money on an auto-pilot once you managed to build a list. 

One of the materials looks like the one below which you can easily create using WP Profit Builder tool.

Similar to CB Passive Income which is a legitimate affiliate marketing program sold on Clickbank, when someone subscribes using any of the lead capture pages that you promote, you make a commission when they buy.

On top of that, Misha will continuously send emails on your behalf to your subscribers with the intention to get them into buying the offers. 

You literally have no control over the content of email Misha is sending out. 

The sending frequency is so high that sometimes it can leave negative impression on your subscribers. 

Do you want to spend money getting these leads and what you get in return are dozens of  unsubscribes?

How Does Super Affiliate Network Works?

To get started, you can either try their 7 day free trial or start at $1 for 30 days basic membership, thereafter, you will be charged $47 per month to gain access to more training content inside this system.

When you login to Super Affiliate Network, you must first complete all the 18 modules training, (the first 7 modules must be completed within 30 days upon joining) before you are able to get your affiliate link to start promoting this system. 

Those members who didn't meet this criteria will not be eligible to promote Super Affiliate Network. 

After you've completed all the 18 modules, you must schedule a live chat with your personal coach to unlock to the next few videos. 

Misha releases one new training video each month on different topics so members are aware of the latest marketing strategies. 

Other than the 18 modules, monthly training and personal coaching, you will also be invited to join The Insider Club which is a private Facebook Group consisting of Super Affiliate Network's members. 

Up-to-date, there are more than 6,500 members inside this community.

How To Make Money with Super Affiliate Network?

Here comes the interesting part. How can you make money with Super Affiliate Network other than leveraging on existing online marketing training to grow your business?

Most members who pay for Super Affiliate Network will choose to promote this program with the hope to earn passive income on auto-pilot. 

The founder, Misha once said “the only job you have as a marketer is to sell people into the business, thus getting their skin in the game in order to put them in a position to make something happen”. 

In short, like Lead Power System which is a similar program but with much lower investment, Misha is asking you to focus on recruiting people to take up their business opportunities.

This is also the strategy taught inside Super Affiliate Network.

Your personal coach will share with you all about this business and encourage you take up higher tiered membership plan so you can earn more.

This program is all about business opportunities.

Seriously, have you ever seen anyone providing in-depth reviews about the quality of training inside Super Affiliate Network?

I hardly find any at all. If you have, please do share on my comment. 

Most people are reviewing about its 2 tier commission scheme and the multi-tiered membership levels that promises you to earn more as you move up each tier. 

With 6 tiered membership offered inside this system, each membership will only be available to you at a higher price that.

Only by paying more, you will be given the “licenses” to earn more.

I won't be explaining in detail about each type of membership but one thing you need to know is that if you want to earn $1,000 commission per sale, you need to go for Pro membership that can cost you from $997 to $2,497. 

Highest level of membership is MAUI where the cost to join is from $12,497 to as high as $34,997.

Of course, at this level, you can earn up to more than $7,000 per sale.

To make a commission on Pro or MAUI program, you have to purchase that level of program or above.

You commissions can increase on a package if you purchase that package or a more expensive package. 

As mentioned earlier, this is quite similar to the business model used by MOBE and Digital Altitude, encouraging their members to buy into higher tier membership that cost thousands of dollars.

Today, both companies were shut down by FTC, thanks to their “pyramid scheme” business model. 

Will Super Affiliate Network lands themselves into this situation in the near future?

Is Super Affiliate Network A Scam?

At this point, I think you should be able determine whether Super Affiliate Network is the right program for you. 

The question to whether Super Affiliate Network is legit or another scam is no longer relevant. 

If you ever want to consider Super Affiliate Network, the main issue should be about your capacity to continuously re-invest your hard earned income generated from this system into paying for a higher tiered membership price that is going give you another opportunity to make more income. 

Don't forget, that's provided if you can managed to make your first pot of gold. Can you really make it?

In Super Affiliate Network, their business philosophy is the more you can invest or the higher risk you can take, then the more income opportunities you can enjoy.  

But can you really make REAL income from Super Affiliate Network or merely getting more “income opportunities” again and again as you invest more?

Then here comes another question, “at which point will you stop buying into those high ticket business opportunities?”

An Honest Verdict From A Skeptic About MMO Program

The reason I invest in any online business opportunity is the same like anyone who wanted to do this – that's to enjoy the freedom of time, money and being able to go places that I like anytime I want. 

Isn't that what you want too?

I strongly disagree to anyone who wanting to invest into Super Affiliate Network as this program is not going to give you the lifestyle that you want. 

What you are going to receive are more and more offers that will suck the money out from you up to a stage that you can no longer tolerate. 

By the time you realize this mistake, you might have wasted too much time and resources into a business opportunity that's not going to help you achieve your dreams.

If you are serious about starting a small business online, I strongly encourage you to join Wealthy Affiliate, an affordable yet proven online business system that has helped many newbies to earn a 6 figure income, some even 7.

Inside this system, you can learn everything that's taught inside Super Affiliate Network and start earning decent income, as you take consistent actions by following their step-by-step guide. 

You can even become their FREE lifetime member anytime when you are ready to explore. 



Head over to Wealthy Affiliate now and register for a FREE Starter Membership where you'll get:

    • Step-by-step authority blogging training
    • 2 free websites & hosting
    • License to promote WA

Wealthy Affiliate Signup for Free Starter Member


I hope my sharing on this Super Affiliate Network has managed to reveal the truth to you about this affiliate marketing program. If you have any experience with Super Affiliate Network, please do leave me a comment below. 

Please also share this review with your friends on Facebook and Twitter so they too will receive an honest review to make the right decision.

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6 thoughts on “The Super Affiliate Network (Honest Review From A Skeptic)”

  1. Ever since I left my job I always try finding ways to make money online. I too was approached to join Super Affiliate Network and that’s how I found your review. All the YouTube reviews I’ve watched often try to promote this program. Luckily I found yours that really gives me critical input about Super Affiliate Network. I read about this Wealthy Affiliate some time ago. Can you share with me your experience too?

    1. I started my online business after joining Wealthy Affiliate. It’s an awesome training program for anyone who wanted to start a small online business. Inside this program, you can find the most up-to-date online marketing training, proven tools and a supportive community of small business owners helping to grow your business. What I like most about this program is the affordability to join. I only pay less than $20 per month to gain access to 25 free websites, unlimited training on all areas of online marketing (SEO, blogging, email, sales funnel, ecommerce, dropshipping, ppc, facebook, etc) and the opportunity to network with super affiliates. You should consider to register as a free Starter member to try it out. 

  2. I think reviews like this are absolutely needed.  First off that is some big money being asked for some of the upsells in Super Affiliate Network.  I also think the name of the opportunity is misleading as it is more of a network marketing program as opposed to an affiliate program.

    Thank you for taking the time to write this review to help educate people who might be thinking of spending a bunch of money on an opportunity that isnt so good.


    1. Hi Dale, 

      Thanks for reading my Super Affiliate Network review. Seriously, I think a complete newbie might not be able to quickly make money from this program unless they are willing to invest more into paid advertisement. That’s something I am still not doing it as free traffic are so much better and sustainable if doing the right way.

      In fact I was lucky to have found Wealthy Affiliate. Otherwise, I might be lured into some other Done-for-You system that is cheaper like Elite Marketing Pro or Power Lead System. 

      No doubt both are great programs, however I believe with comprehensive affiliate marketing skills, the money that I earned can doubled or tripled easier.  

  3. It’s a really detailed and honest review on Super Affiliate Network, Nice work! There are many websites that claims they can help us make money online, but turns out just another pyramid scheme. It’s helpful to have this kind of review! You’ve mentioned about Wealthy Affiliate at the end, it is able for you to compare how Wealthy Affiliate is better than Super Affiliate Network? Looking forward to your reply, Thank you.

    1. Hi Mark, 

      Thanks for reading my review. 

      In fact Wealthy Affiliate and The Super Affiliate Network are two completely different online marketing programs. The former focuses on free strategies whereas the latter on paid strategies. 

      As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, we were taught to start an online business from scratch. We stared by finding a profitable niche that we have passion about, create website and content surrounding that niche and finally find profitable affiliate products to promote and make money. 

      Despite focusing on building an authority blog, we also learn about creating landing pages, email auto responders, sales funnels, dropshipping, ecommerce, YouTube mareketing, Facebook, and many more. 

      Unlike Super Affiliate Network that do everything for you where you just need to promote their system with your unique affiliate links, in Wealthy Affiliate we learn to promote all other products that you can find online. 

      Members do not only create website based on make money online niche but also other niches that you are passionate about. 

      I chose Wealthy Affiliate to start my online business because this program is not only affordable but also provide comprehensive top notch quality training that’s very suitable for beginners to intermediate marketers. 

      You should start with a FREE Trial if you are interested. Absolutely free with no credit card required. 

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