How Genuine The Wealthy Affiliate Review Is

How Genuine is Wealthy Affiliate's Reviews (fake or real)

Can Wealthy Affiliate Genuinely Made You Successful Online?

There is increase in people who want to learn online marketing with the hope to earn some extra income for retirement, quit current employment to live a dotcom lifestyle, or even just to work from home and earn extra time for themselves and their family. Whatever reason it is, more and more people are looking online.

However, many especially Asian choose to learn online marketing by attending physical workshops rather than watching online videos or attend webinar which can cost lesser. There is an obvious lack of trust in online content thanks to the many illegitimate sales pitch that gave online marketing a bad name.

But, is it possible to grasp the fundamental of online marketing over the internet without attending  physical workshops? YES! In fact, there are many legitimate platforms teaching people real ways to earn money online. Most are from western countries like United States and Canada. One that I personally know and learned to blog is Wealthy Affiliate. I never regret since then.

When I try to Google search the keyword Wealthy Affiliate, there are a total of 476,000 results showing good reviews by thousands of bloggers. So far, I've yet to see any review about Wealthy Affiliate as being a scam. But how genuine Wealthy Affiliate reviews are? Why isn't there any review that actually gave negative comment about this platform?

What is Wealthy Affiliate About

What is Wealthy Affiliate About?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online community subscription-based platform founded by two online marketers Kyle & Carson from Canada in year 2005. It quickly became a very popular for creating and growing successful online marketers, thanks to its simple and easy to understand e-learning content. In fact, it offers more than simply providing blogging know-how to its community. Wealthy Affiliate also adopt positive thinking when offering guidance and support to its fellow members.

Few main components offered in Wealthy Affiliate include Training, Tools, Support & Communication, Ambassador program and Affiliate program. Let me explain a little of each component here before you decide whether the many Wealthy Affiliate reviews are genuine.


There are 2 main certification training provided by Wealthy Affiliate mostly in the form of video and text – Certification Course and Affiliate Bootcamp. The former is for members who want to create & monetize blog in a niche other than online marketing whereas the latter is for members who choose online marketing as their blog niche. For example, if you choose “dog training” as your niche to start online marketing, then you should start with lessons under Certification Course. Lessons under these 2 main certification trainings consist the basic of online marketing which focus mainly on how to create a SEO opttimized blog with high quality content that can attract traffic and monetize.

WA certification courses

WA Affiliate Bootcamp

However, because online marketing is a discipline whereby marketing strategies are constantly evolving (due to changes in consumer behavior), therefore Kyle & Carson decided to include “Classroom” into the Training component. So what does “Classroom” means? It consists evolving topics about online marketing such as video marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, pay per click, local marketing and many different types of online marketing so that members can join the discussion and be kept update with the changes in marketing trend.

Wealthy Affiliate - Video Marketing Classroom

There is also a platform for senior online marketers to share their knowledge via live video recording. They normally will conduct live video classes every week so that more members will be updated with the latest marketing trend.

Wealthy Affiliate Live Video Training


Other than the extensive training content to show members how to succeed online marketing, Wealthy Affiliate also provide free tools for keyword research, link tracking & analytic and rapid writing to be used together for the development of individual blogs.

One generous tool provided by Wealthy Affiliate is the free website hosting and domain using WordPress website builder namely SiteRubix. It consists of more than 2,000 beautifully designed templates for you to choose from. A member can host as many as 50 websites in one single premium account. If interested, you can start to create your own blog by simply key in your preferred domain below.

Support & Communication

Being member of Wealthy Affiliate, there are 3 ways you can get support either from the owner personally or other members. First is via live chat, then private message and the one that I find most effective is via posting questions to all members. Why is posting questions more effective than a live chat?

This has really got to do with the incompleteness of its live chat feature where you can hardly get your question answered. The entire chat screen is a group chat… hey, I am referring to hundreds of members chatting at the SAME time in the SAME chat room!

Whereas by posting questions “openly”, you will definitely get more than 1 answer in less than 24 hours – sometimes within seconds! And the answers are directly pointed at you.

Ambassador Program

An Ambassador is someone that is an active, helpful participant of the community at Wealthy Affiliate. They naturally engage with others. They help others. They ask questions when they need help. They are the proactive entity within the community.

Wealthy Affiliate has allocate a budget to be included in their Ambassador program throughout the year. Those that have Ambassador qualities and those that “retain” high rankings within the community will be contacted and be rewarded based on their active participation in the platform.

Affiliate Program

Here is where we reveal why the many positive Wealthy Affiliate reviews can be found on search engines. To promote this platform, one of the task given under Affiliate Bootcamp is to write a review on Wealthy Affiliate. Members are taught to write review based on some examples shown on this platform. Therefore most of the blogs owners who have gone through Affiliate Bootcamp will definitely have written review on Wealthy Affiliate.

This seems like cheating right? NO!!!! The owner does not ask members to write only good reviews, but also teaches them to write “areas of improvement” of this platform based on individual experiences. That's why the ineffectiveness of “live chat” were discussed earlier. 

So what do you get when you promote Wealthy Affiliate? By inviting people to Wealthy Affiliate via your affiliate link, you will earn $1 credit once each free member (standard member) update their profile. Yes, it's just so simple.

If the free member decided to upgrade their membership to become paid member (premium member), you will get commission up to a maximum of 50% of the total premium membership fee paid (depending on whether you are free or paid member).  Below is the commission schedule.

WA Commission schedule

My Personal Opinion

After reading this post, you must be wondering “How Genuine The Wealthy Affiliate review is”? I would say up to 95% of its reviews are genuine. This platform has indeed grown me to become better in creating blogs, promoting affiliate products, build subscriber list, improve social presence in various social media networks, and many more. I've met many friends through this platform too.

I would strongly encourage my friends to join Wealthy Affiliate. You should too. However, if you think Wealthy Affiliate can earn you lots of money in the shortest time ever, then I would advise you to look elsewhere. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate teaches real ways to earn money online, however this can only be achieved with patience, continuous learning, hard work and consistently take action. If you are willing to do all that I've mentioned, then I strongly recommend you to subscribe Wealthy Affiliate for FREE here.

Do let me know your experience with Wealthy Affiliate after you try. I would love to hear more reviews about this platform.

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  1. Florence,

    You have created a really nice review here. It is both visually pleasant and the content well written and easy to take in.

    Thank you for covering the WA program, you make it sound perfect. If I had not already joined I would be doing so now.


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