The Wealthy Affiliate Review Is Real or Fake?

The Wealthy Affilite Review is Fake or Real
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The Truth About Wealthy Affiliate Review

There are many Wealthy Affiliate positive reviews you can find on the internet with some that are real and some that are fake, or exaggerating.

I bet if you landed on this page, your intention is to find out whether the Wealthy Affiliate review you saw earlier on is real or fake.

I've seen many Wealthy Affiliate reviews created and shared on social networks mostly in the form of an article, video posted on YouTube or infographic.

These reviews will tell you how good is Wealthy Affiliate and asked you to try the program as free Starter member.

Whereas in very rare cases, some reviews will tell you to stay away from Wealthy Affiliate as these positive reviews are fake with the intention to make you buy.

When there are 16 million Google search results from the keyword Wealthy Affiliate, I bet you must be confused on which of the Wealthy Affiliate review is real.

In this post, I am going to share with you what is Wealthy Affiliate about and whether the Wealthy Affiliate review is real or fake, supported with whatever proof I am going to disclose here.

What is Wealthy Affiliate About?
Wealthy Affiliate Training, Tools & Support
Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate
Negative Reviews of Wealthy Affiliate
Are Wealthy Affiliate reviews real or fake?
Should You Join Wealthy Affiliate?

What is Wealthy Affiliate About?

Wealthy Affiliate is a subscription-based affiliate marketing learning program founded by two established marketers Kyle & Carson who lives in Canada.

It was introduced in year 2004 and has quickly became well-known for producing successful super affiliates with its simple and easy to follow online training.

Other than focusing to teach members how to make money with niche marketing strategy (particularly through blogging), this program also encourage positive thinking among its community.

Few main components offered inside Wealthy Affiliate member dashboard include Training, Tools, Support, Ambassadorship and Affiliate program.

In the following sections, I am going to share with you in detail about each component before giving you an idea on how to make money with this program, then sharing about the truth in Wealthy Affiliate review.

Wealthy Affiliate Training, Tools & Support


Two Types of Official Training: There are 2 types of official training provided inside Wealthy Affiliate, that are called Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp.

Online Entrepreneur Certification is a 50 module training and suitable for people who want to create & monetize a blog in niches other than online marketing.

For example, if you choose “beauty” as your niche to start online marketing, then you should start with lessons under Online Entrepreneur Certification.

Here's step-by-step on how to start a beauty blog with readily identified profitable micro-niches, keywords and affiliate product to promote.

Affiliate Bootcamp on the other hand is a 70 module training for people who want to promote Wealthy Affiliate and other money making program in their blog.

Both types of training focuses on how to create SEO optimized content to drive targeted traffic to your blog, so you can make money online.

Classroom Training: To add more choices for members to expand their business by leveraging on other make money strategies, Kyle & Carson introduce “Classroom” concept into their training component.

So what does “Classroom” means?

Classrooms consist of topic not directly related to niche marketing such as video marketing, sell on Amazon, dropshipping, eCommerce, social media marketing, email marketing, pay per click, local marketing and many different types of online marketing strategies to help you make money online.

This is also a platform for experienced marketers to share live video or text tutorial so new members can benefit from the experience of others.

Live Weekly Webinar: As its name indicates, this training program is LIVE every Friday evening (est time), and will share with members on the latest strategies and techniques to grow your online business.

Wealthy Affiliate Weekly LIVE Webinar

If you want to know in detail about what's included in each Wealthy Affiliate training, you can find out from here.


Other than the extensive training content to show members how to start a small business online, Wealthy Affiliate also provide free tools that is necessary to make this business works.

Tools that are provided together with your premium membership where members are not required to pay extra include keyword research, website builder, link tracking & analytic, and content writing tool.

I guess two of the most valuable tools inside Wealthy Affiliate member dashboard are keyword research tool called Jaaxy and website builder tool called SiteRubix.

Both are two very important tools you must have to successfully create a cash generating blog.

Using Jaaxy, you are able to search and identify the most profitable keyword to be used in your content with no restriction on the number of searches you are able to do.

SiteRubix on the hand is a complete website builder tool that comes with 2,000 beautifully designed website templates, website hosting, SSL security, extreme site speed, and site health analysis.

It is very easy to start a website with SiteRubix. You can even start one for FREE now. Just enter your prefer domain below to get started.


There are times when you can be stuck while building your online business.

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you can get help from anyone inside the community (including its owner and your dedicated coach) via …

1. Live Chat
2. Private Messaging the owner, technical team & other members
3. Posting Questions Openly

By posting questions “openly”, you will almost get more than 1 answer every time in less than 24 hours, and sometimes within seconds!

Seriously, I think there's no other better way to get your problem solved other than posting questions openly.

The best is the more participative you are in helping other members, the higher is your ranking inside Wealthy Affiliate member area, and the more likely you are going to build your authority in online marketing niche.

This indirectly can help you build and boost your blog ranking on Google, leveraging on

A member who reaches the status of Wealthy Affiliate Ambassadorship might even be rewarded with free premium membership!

Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

Here is where I reveal why there are hundreds (or maybe thousands) of positive Wealthy Affiliate reviews found on search engines.

To promote this platform, one of the task given under Affiliate Bootcamp is to write an honest review about Wealthy Affiliate.

Most blog owners who started their lesson with Affiliate Bootcamp will be trained step-by-step to write a comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate Review and post on their blog.

That's the same for me. Here's my Wealthy Affiliate Review, at least an honest one on how I feel about this program.

To make $1 credit from people who signed up for a free Wealthy Affiliate Starter membership account, many new members will start to write positive reviews about this program with the hope to earn that dollar.

It gets even more exciting if you are a premium member as you get the chance to earn commission up to more than $175 per year.

Below is the compensation plan of Wealthy Affiliate.

WA Commission schedule

That's the reason why you can find so many positive reviews about Wealthy Affiliate.

But are these even real? Let me share with you what was taught inside Wealthy Affiliate before you decide whether the review is real or fake.

Inside Affiliate Bootcamp training, Wealthy Affiliate insists that members must not falsify statements and must only write honest review based on their research findings or experience with any product.

Wealthy Affiliate members is trained not to falsify statements within actual product reviews

And inside product review training video, there is one important section where Wealthy Affiliate teaches its members to write about “What I don't Like About Wealthy Affiliate”.

With this training in mind, I wrote an article specifically about “5 Things I don't Like About Wealthy Affiliate”.

I believe training inside Wealthy Affiliate is unbiased and the Wealthy Affiliate review is real but maybe with exaggeration from some members.

Negative Reviews of Wealthy Affiliate

If you really did a thorough research on Wealthy Affiliate, there are also a handful of negative reviews about this program created by its competitors or other make money online program owner.

Here's one complaint from owner of Evergreen Wealth Formula that claims Wealthy Affiliate members are creating fake reviews about his program, thus ruining his brand.

Another example is MOBE, an internet business-coaching scheme that was promoting a bogus online business opportunity to retirees and veterans.

MOBE claims Wealthy Affiliate members are calling their program a SCAM, and they even initiate a legal case against Wealthy Affiliate a few years ago.

But the real truth is, MOBE was shut down by FTC because their scam was exposed and confirmed, exactly the same as what was reviewed by most Wealthy Affiliate members.

If you or anyone that you know is a victim of MOBE, here's what you can do to recover your investment.

Are Wealthy Affiliate reviews real or fake?

Like what I mentioned earlier, Wealthy Affiliate Reviews from its members are real despite there is a marginally small number of reviews that overly praised this program.

Those are from members who are either very new to this industry or those who want to make quick money. And I believe for these people, their business will not last long.

If anyone want to achieve success with Wealthy Affiliate, having patience and consistently take action is really the key.

There is no magic here. Hard work is a must and persistence is what you must hold strongly to until you achieve success.

Unless, you have patience, otherwise, never start your online business with Wealthy Affiliate.

Should You Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Personally, I never believe there'll be one program that is perfect. There must be people who like or don't like about a program.

Deciding which program to join or how successful you can become is all entirely about you.

Like for me, I choose Wealthy Affiliate and continue to stay with them for a few years until now because I truly believe this program can help me achieve my goals of having financial and time freedom – which is gradually happening now.

Another reason why I choose this program is also because the niche marketing strategy taught inside has proven work by many influential marketers such as Neil Patel and Pat Flynn.

Furthermore, I am not ready to pay for advertisement and prefer free traffic strategies instead, which is in line with the focus of Wealthy Affiliate.

If like me, you too want to learn proven free traffic strategy to start a small business online, then I guess Wealthy Affiliate is a great program to start with.


Head over to Wealthy Affiliate now and register for a FREE Starter Membership where you will receive 2 free websites, 10 free training lessons and 7 days free access to learn from SUPER AFFILIATES.

Wealthy Affiliate Signup for Free Starter Member

However, if you prefer quicker way to make money online and do not mind to invest a thousand dollar a month for paid advertisement, then Stack That Money or CB Passive Income might be a better choice.

Either way, you can make money once you acquire the skills and know-how.

I hope now you already have in mind whether the Wealthy Affiliate Review is real or fake.

If you find this post valuable, do kindly share on your Facebook or Twitter.

Additional Resources

Below are my recommended tools & program to make money from affiliate marketing and email marketing:


  • Wealthy Affiliate – The best program to learn how to start a small business online with niche marketing focusing on free traffic strategies
  • CB Passive Income – The best done-for-you automated sales funnel system, created by a Clickbank top affiliate, proven to increase conversion
  • WP Profit Builder – A very affordable yet powerful page builder tool suitable for newbies who are cost-conscious

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15 Comments on "The Wealthy Affiliate Review Is Real or Fake?"

  1. Florence,

    You have created a really nice review here. It is both visually pleasant and the content well written and easy to take in.

    Thank you for covering the WA program, you make it sound perfect. If I had not already joined I would be doing so now.


  2. There is no better and more comprehensive platform to use for an affiliate marketing blog website than WA. From hosting, support, training, community and writing tools WA provides the whole package and you will not find anything missing. 

    That’s why I like it. Because I don’t have to login to different platform just to get the tools, It’s all so comprehensively provided inside Wealthy Affiliate members area. 

    I would say most Wealthy Affiliate reviews are real!

  3. Wealthy Affiliate is exactly what it says it is, not a get rich scheme, they all say it takes time but most of us quit before we make it I’m sure.  I have even quite a few times because I can get quite impatient when I feel I’m not getting anywhere.

    But I quickly figured out it takes time, so the best thing is to forget about a lot of aspects and just concentrate on writing great content that helps people.  Wealthy Affiliate has loads of helpful training, videos and yes you get 25 free websites, so you can try all different niches.  If most people wrote an honest review they would say that they don’t make any money in the first year, but then it slowly goes from there if you do it right.  It is a real business that has been around a long time, but most people enrolled in WA aren’t giving it their all, but that is the same with all communities and businesses.  Thanks for the review!

    • That’s right. There are just too many people that gave up their business in less than a year. They literally forgot that in order to achieve success, having patience is really important. 

      Unlike paid traffic where you can see results immediately, but if you are focusing on free traffic which is a more sustainable ones, it can take anyone from 6 to 18 months to see result. 

      The best I think is to start with Wealthy Affiliate while you are still having a stable income. And when you started to get sufficient income from your online business, that’s the time you can quit your job. 

      That’s what I did too – first join as Free Starter Member, then pay for Premium and finally build my online business while waiting to quit my job… soon. 

  4. Thanks for taking your time to provide such valuable information. I stumbled on wealthy affiliate program while I was searching for genuine ways to make money online. I didn’t know about affiliate marketing and the tons of opportunities available online until I took their free offer. Looking back now, It was the wise choice that I made in starting my business with them and you’ve been honest about the platform in your review. Thanks for the good information you’re providing. 

    All the best in your business.

    • Yes, providing honest review is something taught inside Wealthy Affiliate. That’s why I always hold on to this principle in every review that I’ve written. 

      Despite there are some reviews about other product that seem to discredit them just to promote WA, but one thing I am sure is Wealthy Affiliate is truly one program that has helped many people including myself to make money online. 

      If there’s any other program I would recommend other than focusing on free traffics, that would be CB Passive Income, Stack That Money and My Lead System Pro. All these program focuses more on paid traffic but are equally good. 

  5. Thank you so much for this in depth review! It’s always good to get some ideas about if an affiliate marketer actually knows what is the right thing to do. 

    Clearly Wealthy Affiliate offers a ton of amazing resources! 

    I would say the product reviews made by some members might not live up to the standard set by Wealthy Affiliate but that’s real. I really hope your post can reach more people so they are fully aware of the real truth hidden behind these reviews. 

    Btw, do you happen to know where I can get any free automated funnel system that I can give out as freebies to generate leads? 

    • Hi Christy, thanks for reading my post. 

      On the free automated funnel system, you can try The 5 Minutes Funnel. This system not only provides marketer with free automated sales funnel to generate income, you will also receive free training on how to drive traffic and allow to access to your own leads. 

      Don’t think I can find any free funnel system as good as this. Even Wealthy Affiliate is not providing. I strongly recommend you to try this out. Is free anyway. 

  6. I’ve been struggling to get my head around internet marketing training for quite some time now, and I quite like the look of these weekly live tutorials that the Wealthy Affiliate offer – is there a choice to go back over previous viewings?

    I’m also interested in whether or not Wealthy Affiliate supply some kind of landing pages plugin to help their members create lead capture pages with templates that’re proven to convert? 

    • I’ll first answer your question about the live weekly tutorials replay. Yes, if you ever missed any tutorial, replay will be up at member’s area in a couple of days. And it will stay there forever with updates posted. 

      On your second question, unfortunately Wealthy Affiliate does not offer any kind of landing page plugin for members. If you are looking for a powerful landing page plugin with template that’s proven to convert, then I suggest you to try WP Profit Builder

      You can read my WP Profit Builder Review here. 

      This is the only plugin I use to create various landing pages to get leads and sales. Here’s one page I created with WP Profit Builder.

      Hope this helps.

  7. I found your page while I was researching for wealthy affiliate review to get inspiration for my next article. Great that I found yours. 

    Btw, I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate. It has been very enjoyable learning from this awesome program. I love the training about niche marketing. 

    Have you been a member for long? From your article, it seems that you really understand about Wealthy Affiliate. Must have been long with them. 

    Can you share with me about your personal experience with this program?

    • Hi, glad to meet another Wealthy Affiliate member here. Yes, I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for almost 4 years. Never regret since I joined. This program has helped me quit my C-level job and work from home. 

      Seriously, I’ve joined so many programs before I finally landed with this awesome one. Inside Wealthy Affiliate, I met my mentors who have provided me with good support when I first started. Without them, I might have given up trying to make money from affiliate marketing. 

      There are many ways you can make money after learning from Wealthy Affiliate. Here are 3 ways how I do it. If you are interested to know more, do connect with me inside member’s area. Here’s my profile link

  8. I agree with you that the tools, training and community at Wealthy Affiliate are the real deal. They do not make you false promises and tell you that you can be rich in two hours if you join them. They do promise you hard work. I think that anyone truly looking for a way to create a good online business should give this a look.

    Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a good investment. 

    • That’s so true. I never regret joining this program despite they focuses to teach free traffic strategies to start a small business online. 

      But one downside about Wealthy Affiliate is they don’t have great affiliate promotional material for members to promote this program. What they provide is only some simple looking banner ads which I think is quite outdated.

      Many programs provide email swipes, great looking banner ads, social media post and ready-made product articles. One of such program is Sqribble.

      I guess maybe their intention is to promote Wealthy Affiliate through member’s review to create a fair supply and demand environment. This way will indirectly push this program to continuously improve their offering to compete with other similar program. 

      Otherwise, if they don’t improve, more WA reviews will inclined towards negative rather than positive reviews. 

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