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Create Beautiful Website and Landing Pages Fast & Easy with Thrive Architect

With today's modern age, more and more people are looking into pursuing online ventures. Many starts to build their online business and make money through a website.

Unfortunately, not all business owners know how to build a website from scratch – this is when Thrive Architect enters the picture. 

Claimed to be among the best WordPress page builders today, Thrive Architect has been gaining popularity for people who want to engage in online business without website design knowledge.

But are you sure it matches the requirements of your business design preferences? Building a website can be costly and the last thing you even want is to throw your money down the drain over a plugin that does not suit your needs.

What is Thrive Architect?
Inside Thrive Architect
Who can use Thrive Architect?
The Truth About Thrive Architect
Things I Like About Thrive Architect
Is Thrive Architect A Scam?
How I Start A Small Business Online

Before we jump right into the meaty part of this article, I'd like to thank you for taking time to read this review.

As someone who earns a living with an online business, I understand the need to find a reliable program that would help me build the ideal site for my business.

I've made a number of reviews over sites and programs that claim to provide convenience and opportunities to people. Unfortunately, I was able to identify that a majority of programs and sites online are not legit or plain scams.

In this review I'll share with you my honest take on the Thrive Architect WordPress website builder – whether it’s worth investing in or is it just another scam.


Product Name: Thrive Architect (

Founder/Owner: Founded by Shane Melaugh in 2013

Product Type: Visual Editor and WordPress Page Builder

Price:  $67 per site license up to $97 for 5 licenses

Best For: Small business owners with less knowledge on website building

Summary: Thrive Architect is a fantastic visual editor and WordPress page builder that allows users to simply use drag-and-drop features as they build their website. It provides quick and effortless website editing and building experience without the need for technical knowledge.

Rating: 9/10

Recommendation: Definitely YES!

What is Thrive Architect?

Thrive Architect is a drag & drop visual editor and landing page builder for WordPress founded by Shane Melaugh in 2013. It is an updated version of its predecessor – the Thrive content builder, which had limitations with regard to its features and functions.

The main selling point of this product is that it allows anyone to create their ideal website within moments without the need for any knowledge on CSS or HTML coding.

The best part about using this product is that compared to its competitors, it is actually affordably priced at $67 per site license or $97 for 5 site licenses. Or you can opt to get all Thrive products for a monthly membership of $19/month.

The amount of time you invest in using this program will depend solely on your ideas and creativity. For every idea and design you have in mind, you won't need to bother about starting from scratch with all the coding and image editing part of work.

Thrive Architect provides you with features and functions that quickly materialize your ideas with just a few clicks of a button. Simply drag and drop the functions and features you want for your ideal website and watch as your page or website unfold within minutes.

Thrive Architect also comes with pre-designed page templates for marketers who prefer not to spend too much time designing individual unique page design.

Inside Thrive Architect

Regardless if you're new or an expert in building websites, you'll find Thrive Architect the more convenient and comfortable platform to work with. It comes with new and improved features which far outweighs its competitions.

Improved Dashboard: One thing that is noticeable from this new and improved dashboard against its earlier version and from its competitors is the simple and less clutter look that is still comprehensive.

The video from Shane Melaugh below shows how a user can manage all themes and features from the Thrive Architect Dashboard, making it a centralized place to manage everything that happens as you build a page.

Powerful Sidebar Editor The sidebar has already been an impressive feature to begin with however was further brought to the next level to up its powerful functionality for all kinds of projects. This drag and drop functionality allows users to easily pin any preferred editor elements on a page.

Also, depending on the device, users are able to hide elements to relieve the working screen with unnecessary tools and elements – this is especially useful if you're building a page for mobile users.

As you create content, you will also be able to edit texts and manage all its features such as colors, font, text transformation, and many others.

Compatible With Any Theme and Template: Apparently, Thrive Architect doesn't have any problems with themes and templates coming from other WordPress products. It comes with excellent compatibility on all kinds of themes aside from its own, and is showcased in a full screen section to help designers maximize their work space.

One common conflict which designers have in using a particular theme and template is that it does not match or is not compatible with other products – Thrive Architect is a big exception.

The older version of Thrive Architect already has a good number of template selections however this improvement elevates the theme to wider and vast choices of templates.

Effortless Customization: Every designer will always have a particular idea which they want to incorporate in a theme or template. Thrive Architect enables effortless customization for designers whenever they want to manage what they have in a page.

Among the things that designers are able to control and manage include the split layouts, backgrounds, background sections, margins, padding, and many others.

This is yet another great feature from Thrive Architect because while everything is pretty much laid out, users can still add a personal touch into what they're building.

Who can use Thrive Architect?

The company says that anyone can use and take advantage of this product for their website design and list building ventures despite having less or even zero knowledge about coding and online marketing ventures such as SEO.

Personally however, I think that, to be able to make full use of this product, you will still need to have a little bit of understanding about the basic features of WordPress such as menu bar, sidebar, header and footer – the good news is, these are simple to understand.

At least you should be able to recognize your work space and what purpose does each button do. It would be great to understand first the basics of using templates and themes in WordPress by simply checking out tutorials in the dashboard of Thrive Architect.

While Thrive Architect is not for everyone, it is easy to comprehend and use given a bit of knowledge about building websites on WordPress.

The Truth About Thrive Architect

Indeed Thrive Architect is a powerful as well as efficient page builder, however it's not for everyone – at least not for those who are not willing to spend time exploring features this plugin.

While it comes with great features and advantages, it also comes with a few flaws. I have identified them based on my personal experience.

Truth #1 Content Lock-ins

Most page builders today come with some sort of content lock-ins. Content lock-ins occur whenever a plugin is disabled – this causes a pile of ugly shortcodes in the page which cannot be removed automatically and will require manual removal out of the default WordPress editor.

Whenever this happens users simply just opt to delete or redo the entire page as tracing the shortcodes in the editor takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, if you use the plugin once, you will be left to use it forever!

This is the same for Thrive Architect. The difference is probably it’ll look less messy compared to Profit Builder as it doesn't use any shortcodes.

Truth #2 No Pre-Designed Templates for Blog Posts

Unlike other themes like MH NewsDesk, everything in Thrive Architect is customizable. You’ll need to design your own standard theme for the blog post using Global Theme that allows you to manage templates, symbols headers and footers.

Well, depending on how you look at it, this limitation can be one of the pros too if you prefer to have a unique layout for your blog.

Things I Like About Thrive Architect

One thing that I like about Thrive Architect is that it is rich in helpful features to assist beginners. It comes with a good array of tools and elements to help users make a decision regarding the layout of their page.

As you install the theme on your WordPress blog, you get a quick walkthrough of the building process through the tutorial videos.

While it is just so easy to drag-and-drop elements and items you like in building a website, it also comes with almost everything that you need to customize your page.

It is also worth to note that Thrive Architect has a good price compared to its competitions. The $67 package alone lets users update their plugin without limit with a year support per website. Considering what you get out of the price, you're already getting more than you paid for if you check on other products.

In case you come across some challenges and issues from using the product, you can simply reach them through their website. Also, they have a very active YouTube channel and a wide array of updated videos to assist users of their dilemmas in using the product.

I believe that it is definitely worth investing in this product without having to worry about not understanding a single line if code.

Is Thrive Architect A Scam?

Certainly not a scam!

Although as mentioned earlier, you will need a bit of knowledge about building a website, Thrive Architect is still a real bargain at the price of $67. It just requires some steep learning curve if you’re new to this.

The user-friendly drag & drop feature, affordable price, and extensive training tutorial make it an ideal product to use for beginners and even for expert builders.

Although it has some disadvantages as mentioned earlier such content lock-in and the need to build your own blog post templates, it does not cause any considerable inconvenience.

If you want to build better content and landing pages, give Thrive Architect a try.

How I Start a Small Business Online

Just like you, I've also rummaged through and scrutinized all possible tools to build my blog. I've used and tested so many page builders before and find Thrive Architect with the most user-friendly interface, I can ever find.

My experiences and hard work taught me how to identify good marketing tools and opportunities to build a full-time income online. Anyone who is able to put enough hard work and heart into their work can surely achieve success.

If you have the plan to earn money by starting a website, I advise you to check out my free guide on how you can start a small business online, one that has helped me quit my c-level job and work at home.

I hope this Thrive Architect Review helped in your decisions to start building a website. If you liked this review, please do not forget to share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Also, if you have comments and suggestions about this review we'd love to hear them!

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4 thoughts on “Thrive Architect Review: Your Ultimate WordPress Landing Page Plugin”

  1. AnnetteCristina

    Question on the content lock. In your review, you say that if you use it once you’ll be stuck with it forever? What if you simply deactivate the plug-in? Sounds risky. How does it compare to something like Lead Pages? I have some experience with landing pages so I feel comfortable building out my own directly on my site using Photoshop CSS. 

    1. Leadpages is a conversion platform that includes page builder, A/B testing, funnel system and all other features critical to improve conversions. Whereas, Thrive Architect is only focus on creating landing pages such as homepage, sales page, lead generation page, webinar page, etc – only part of Leadpages. Furthermore, Thrive Architect requires users to already have their own hosting. I am using Thrive Architect because my business model is on building my blog to earn money, not on conversion strategy. Do email me if you need more explanation. I’ll be more than happy to share. 

  2. I must say I’m impressed with this review, I love the fact that it SEO enabled, I’ve been looking for a plugin to create landing page for my websites and I’m glad I came across this review, but my question here is should this not work effectively to my taste, is there going to be a money back guarantee?

    1. Yes, there’s a 30 days money back guarantee with strict “no-extension policy”. As Thrive Architect is indeed a very reputable company, therefore, even their policy is clearly spelled out. Seriously, I doubt anyone will be dissatisfied with such awesome landing page creator. This is my Thrive Architect Affiliate Link if you are keen to try out. 

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