Thrive Themes Membership Review: Best Tool To Promote Your Affiliate Program in 2019

Welcome To My Thrive Themes Membership Review

As you landed on this page, I believe you must be trying to find out what is Thrive Themes Membership and whether the WordPress plugins inside this membership offer the best conversion features to help you successfully promote any affiliate program.

Before I continue, I must congratulate you on taking the initiative to do research about this product when considering whether to invest.

I fully agree that Thrive Themes offers great plugins that work with most of the WordPress themes in the market. That’s why I use their plugins on many of my websites and promote them to earn an affiliate commission.

What is Thrive Themes Membership?
How Does Thrive Themes Membership Works?
Who is Thrive Themes Membership For?
The Truth About Thrive Themes Membership
Things I Like About Thrive Themes Membership
Is it the Best Tool to Promote Your Affiliate Program in 2019?
How I Start a Small Business Online

However, despite this is a great tool that has made me some commission, there are certain things it lacks when compared with competitors such as Elementor Pro, Divi Builder and Beaver Builder.

That’s why you must read my review to know exactly what are the plugins it offers and whether it can aid to improve your conversion.

In this review, I will lead you deep into Thrive Themes plugins and share with you the pros and cons including how you could benefit from this membership.

Now, let’s get straight to the review and find out if Thrive Themes Membership offers the best tools to promote your affiliate program.


Product Name:
Thrive Themes Membership

Founder/Owner: Shane Melaugh and Paul McCarthy

Product Type: Membership Subscription for WordPress conversion plugins

Price: Thrive Membership for $19/month and Agency Membership for $49/month when you opt to pay annually

Best For: Website owners, bloggers and affiliate marketers

Summary: Thrive themes membership consists a collection of powerful WordPress plugins to help website owners, bloggers and affiliate marketers convert site visitors to become subscribers, potential buyers or customers.

It started with a WordPress page builder called Thrive Architect that consists of pre-set blocks or widgets to help users build professionally looking pages without the need for any coding skills.

Although the plugins inside Thrive Themes can support conversion of most WordPress site, however the theme builder that can enable sitewide theme customization is still being developed.

It’s therefore critical for Thrive Themes to quickly complete its final stage of developing a Thrive Theme Builder in order to become more competitive.

Regardless, Thrive Themes is still one of the best conversion tools in the market that’s affordable and effective in delivering its job.

Rating: 9/10

Recommendation: Yes, a real bargain.

What is Thrive Themes Membership?

Thrive Themes is a subscription-based membership that lets users gain access to a set of 10 WordPress plugins and 10 basic WordPress themes. All plugins are designed to help users build highly converting sites and pages to grow any business.

Founded by Shane Mclaugh and Paul McCarthy in 2013, the plugins offered inside this membership are compatible with most of the WordPress themes available in the market.

One of the most popular plugins inside this membership is called Thrive Architect, a page builder that offers multiple drag and drop widgets, pre-set block designs and page templates to build sales page, opt-in page, webinar page and many others pages to increase conversions.

Originally, this platform was designed to lighten up the load for designers and website builders. However, after years of improvement and tests, it has now transformed into a full-fledged conversion tool.

Thrive Themes Membership Pricing

There are 2 types of membership namely Thrive Membership costing $19/month suitable for individuals and entrepreneurs, whereas the other one is called Agency Membership costing $49/month suitable for agencies and web designers.

All plans come with the same plugins and themes. The only difference is the plugins/themes on for Thrive membership can be installed on 25 of user own sites and the plugins/themes on Agency membership can be installed on 50 of users and their clients’ sites.

All the plugins inside this membership can be purchased separately if you just need a few of them.

What’s Inside Thrive Themes Membership?

As Thrive Themes subscription-based member, you are able to gain access to all its WordPress plugins and themes respectively as shown in the image below.

However, the WordPress themes such as FocusBlog, Luxe, Ignition, etc are quite conservatively designed and therefore Thrive Themes is currently in the process of developing a new set of themes and a dedicated Thrive Theme Builder plugin to add more customization into existing themes.

Despite it’s unknown when the new plugins will be introduced but at least it is already in its future plan. A detailed explanation about Thrive Theme Builder is explained in the video below.

Now, let’s get deeper into each of the existing plugins and discover how it can help you convert your website into a cash-generating machine.

Thrive Architect – A page builder plugin that is compatible with most WordPress themes in the market. It lets you build attractive pages by simply drag and drop pre-set elements or widgets across your page. For people who are not design-savvy, Thrive Architect has more than 150 collections of pre-designed page templates that make designing landing pages easier and faster.

Thrive Optimize – A simple A/B testing plugin designed to be used together with Thrive Architect so you could conduct split tests on different variants of your landing pages directly from your WordPress site. Some variants you can test include headline, image, button, text and many more.

Thrive Leads – This is a potent list building plugin that lets both the beginner and advanced users to create a conversion-focused opt-in form, displayed as popup lightbox, sticky ribbons, in-line forms, slide-in, scroll mat and many more. It comes equipped with some helpful features such as content marketing report, conversion report, A/B testing, and more.

Thrive Clever Widgets – Almost all WordPress themes come with widgets for sidebar, header and footer. These widgets are used primarily to place banner ads, opt-in forms and content that you want to feature on your site. However, once the widget is placed, it will be shown universally across all pages. With Thrive Clever Widget, site owners are able to show the customized widget on a specific post or page to ensure content relevance. This way, you can create highly targeted, highly relevant widget content that shows in specific posts, categories, tags, post types etc, allowing exact audience targeting.

Thrive Headline Optimizer – It allows you to set multiple headlines on a single content to show your visitors when they landed on your site, thereafter test each headline and decide on the best converting ones that can get more attention, clicks and comments on autopilot. Thrive Headline Optimizer is the most effective, most statistically robust WordPress Plugin, allowing you to test headlines on your very own website.

Thrive Ultimatum – This is a scarcity marketing plugin for WordPress. With the Thrive Ultimatum plugin, you can add countdown timers on your pages and run scarcity campaigns, enticing your viewers with the impression of limited supply and time-sensitive offers to encourage them to take action before the timer runs out. Most amazingly is this plugin comes with a locked-in whereby even when your visitors change device, emails or clear their cookies, the countdown timer will still operate with time-sensitivity. This means, your visitors can never cheat and when an evergreen offer ends, it really ends.

Thrive Ovation – Testimonials are perfect for overcoming objections. That’s why Thrive Themes introduces Thrive Ovation, a testimonial plugin that enables you to gather, manage and publish testimonials directly from within your site using attractive editable templates. You can create new testimonials using existing forms, turn your best WordPress comments into your testimonial or gather testimonials from social platforms. With this plugin, you can elevate the trustworthiness of your page through the testimonials.

Thrive Quiz Builder – Quizzes are the most engaging and most shared content on the web. This quiz builder plugin allows you to easily and quickly create conversion-optimized quizzes to embed on your own site then share on Facebook or other social media platforms. It is ideal for businesses that want to run online quizzes to increase engagement, email lists, social shares, and gather data to discover what your visitors are interested in.

Thrive Comments – The existing comment system in the native WordPress site is not optimized for conversion. Thrive Comments takes comment feature to an enhanced level by encouraging engagement from your commenters. With this plugin, you can encourage visitors to upvote or downvote comment, share the comment on social networks, get your best comment on the top rank and even offers valuable resources to first-time commenter in exchange for their email.

Thrive Apprentice – Creating online courses should never be too difficult, expensive nor time-consuming with Thrive Apprentice. Back by the limitless page building power of Thrive Architect, this intuitive plugin can aid in creating stunning online lessons, chapters and modules quickly like how a professional web developer does.

I would say that Thrive Themes membership has provided almost all the essential tools and learning resources for anyone to start generating a decent income through funnel marketing, even for a complete.

With Thrive Themes, you will never need to pay additional to learn about funnel marketing, unless you decided to do so for whatever reason.

Here are some of the benefits you get to enjoy by becoming a member of Thrive Themes.

Thrive Blog

Whether you are a member or a non-member, you can get access to Thrive Blog that consists of various innovative content about tools offered by Thrive Themes, product updates and latest tactics to improve conversion and sales.

To name some, they are “How to Get Clients Fast: 15 Actionable Strategies You Can Deploy Today, JPEG vs. PNG: Why Image Formats Matter for a Fast Website, and Another Amazing Architect Update: November 2019”.

Thrive University Courses

The Thrive University is a collection of guides, videos and text courses to help users implement conversion strategies using their WordPress plugins. Courses are categorized into the following.

  • Grow Your List
  • Create Landing Pages
  • Write Better Copy
  • Create A Funnel
  • Increase Conversions
  • Build A Website
  • Thrive Themes Hacks
  • Premium Course

The courses that members can get for free depend on the individual types of membership with the principle that the more products that you purchase, the more courses you’ll be able to access for free.

This means, as Thrive Themes member, you literally can gain access to all courses, except for those premium ones.

Below are the three types of access given to members.

  • Thrive Individual Product User: Courses on accessible to members who purchase one or some of the plugins
  • Thrive Member Exclusive: Members who subscribe for a monthly or yearly membership to gain access to all plugins
  • Premium Course: Courses you need to pay additional for.

For non-members, you can opt to sign up for Thrive University courses separately without becoming Thrive Themes member.

Free Lifetime Plugin Updates

Unlike other similar tools where you need to pay for the plugin’s new updates, Thrive Themes members will get these updates free for life – even if you buy the plugin separately without becoming its paid subscriber.

Awesome Support Services

There are 3 ways you can get your questions answered when encountering any challenges in using the plugins inside Thrive Themes.

First is to search for answers inside its Knowledge Base, second is to post a question on its Support Forum and finally if you still can’t get your problem solved then you can create a private Support Ticket and get advice from their experienced support team.

For me, I normally will get my problem solved just by doing a search on their extensive Knowledge Base to get quick access to documentation and video troubleshooting.

Who Is Thrive Themes Membership For?

Thrive Themes is a great option for website owners, bloggers and affiliate marketers who want an affordable yet effective conversion tool to grow their business.

It’s also suitable for agency business owners who provide lead generation services to local small businesses that do not require too advanced automation and A/B testing.

The Truth About Thrive Themes Membership

To be honest, so far, I am a satisfied member of Thrive Themes and I can hardly find anything that’s not good about this platform.

However, if there’s anything you need to consider before investing in this platform, then below are some you must be aware of.

Truth #1: Challenging Learning Curve for Beginners

As Thrive Themes offers as many as 10 WordPress plugins to help implement your conversion strategy, there’s bound to have some learning curve involved, particularly for a complete beginner.

Unless you have the determination and patience to learn from its extensive online courses, otherwise, it’s not advisable to start as a paid subscriber.

I would suggest that you start with its page builder plugin called Thrive Architect if you are unsure whether to subscribe for all plugins. At least you can get your website up and running with minimal investment.

For experienced users, I highly recommend you to subscribe for Thrive Themes Membership.

Truth #2: Theme Builder is Still Not Ready

As I mentioned earlier, Thrive Themes is currently developing a theme builder to work with existing WordPress themes in order to allow sitewide design customization.

However, after 12 months of development, the Thrive Theme Builder is not ready yet. Despite, the existing page builder Thrive Architect can do customization for site pages too but it’s not handy enough to support sitewide customization.

Therefore, it’s critical for this platform to quickly complete and launch the new Thrive Theme Builder in order to make its offerings more complete.

In the meantime, member can only utilize existing page builder to do the work. Despite it’s a little cumbersome, but at least it still gets the job done.

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Things I Like About Thrive Themes Membership

Being an active user of Thrive members, I particularly like the support, opportunities and knowledge base provided by this platform.

For instance, you can submit your site for the professional team in Thrive Themes to review whereby your site stands a chance to be featured inside their website review webinar or website review blog post.

This will be a great chance for your site to gain brand awareness and possibly gets high-quality backlinks from Thrive Themes.

Another thing that I like most is clutter-free dashboard navigation.

Whether you are a member who purchases a single plugin or a member with monthly or yearly subscription, you’ll gain access to “Members Only Content” that consists of only your dedicated resources without the hassle to search for it.

Seriously, being a person who feeds on knowledge, I really adore the free courses and resources provided by Thrive Themes.

With so many rich and useful content, there’s no need for anyone to pay additional to learn the latest tactics on lead generation and funnel marketing.

Is It The Best Tool To Promote Your Affiliate Program In 2019?

Yes, Thrive Themes does provide the best conversion-focused WordPress plugins at an affordable price to help you grow your affiliate business. I would say it’s indeed one of the best conversion platforms in the market.

Whether you want to focus on free or paid traffic as part of your conversion strategy, this platform has all the features ready for you.

The SEO-optimized fast loading page template is great to support page ranking on Google SERP for organic traffic.

Whereas the comprehensive A/B testing offered on its Thrive Optimize, Thrive Ultimatum and Thrive Headline Optimizer plugin can help you stretch every dollar spent on the advertisement to get more profits.

With Thrive Architect, Thrive Comments, Thrive Ovation, Thrive Quiz Builder and Thrive Apprentice, you can create professional-looking pages where your visitors may not only view your content but also engage, comment, vote, learn, and perform other actions that can contribute towards improving your Google ranking.

I highly recommend anyone to become a member of Thrive Themes.

How I Start A Small Business Online

I started to promote affiliate products by creating a niche website that offers an honest, reliable and unbiased review of online business opportunities and marketing tools. This includes providing tips and useful resources to help people start a small business online.

As I continue with this journey, I realized it’s critical to invest in a great conversion tool to improve my site layout, conversion rate and ultimately get more sales. That’s why I decided to join Thrive Themes and use some of the plugins.

If you too are keen to make a full-time income by leveraging the best conversion strategies to promote affiliate products, then I suggest you give Thrive Themes a try. At least you’ll get free courses and will not need to pay additional to learn the trade for a start.

Alternatively, if you want to start a niche website and get free SEO traffic like how I get started, then I suggest you get my free guide to start a small business online.

Inside this guide, you’ll learn the step-by-step action I took to help me quit my c-level job and still earn a decent income at home.

I hope after reading my Thrive Themes Membership review, you are able to have a better idea of how this conversion platform works.

Do share your thoughts about this platform if you decided to give it a try. And if you find this article helpful, I hope you can share it on your Twitter and Facebook.

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