TryMyUI Review: Can User-Testing Help You Earn A Living Online?

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Welcome to my TryMyUI Review

I am sure you found my website because you want to make extra money online. Undeniable, user testing has becoming more and more popular in make money online industry, however we can’t deny the fact that some people managed to make money will others don’t.

For people who are not familiar with this industry, you might find the word user testing unfamiliar. However to website and app developers, it’s very common to engage user-testers to improve their digital products.

User-testing is a job that can help digital product owners understand how people interact with their platforms so they could make adjustment to improve overall user experience.

TryMyUI, is one such platform that claims to provide user-testing work opportunity to anyone who’s willing to spend 20 minutes to earn $10 by providing feedback on their client’s website.

But, can you really earn a full-time living becoming user-tester?

In this TryMyUI review, I’ll give show you the truth on how it works and whether it’s worth your time providing user-testing services to them in return for a decent income.

What is TryMyUI?
Inside TryMyUI
Who is TryMyUI For?
Things I Like About TryMYUI
The Truth About TryMyUI
Is TryMyUI A Scam?
How I Start A Small Business Online


Product Name: TryMyUI (

Founder/Owner: N/A

Product Type: User-testing platform

Price: Free registration as testers

Best For: Anyone who currently has a stable income and want to spend free time to earn extra money online.

Summary: TryMyUI is similar to a Get-Paid-To platform that offers opportunity for people to get a job as user-tester and earn extra bucks.

Rating: 70/100

Recommendation: I highly recommend this to anyone whose goal is just to earn additional income as a supplement to their existing full-time income. However, if you goal is to earn a full time living online, then it's better you get my free guide to start with.

What is TryMyUI?

TryMyUI is a platform founded in 2010 that brings together business owners, web developers and app creators with real world users aka “testers” to get user views, thereafter make improvement to their digital products.

In short it’s a platform for website or apps developers to understand how well is user experience on their digital product.

TryMyUI allows clients to request for test and users to offer their services through 100% online interaction. There’s no need for the client to engage with the testers physically. Just like the popular freelancing platform Upwork, all transactions are conducted through the web.

This platform has a very simple and clean design whereby upon landing on its homepage, you’ll be given two options to either get paid to test as a tester or get free trial as a client.

In this review, I’ll be explaining to you from the perspective of a tester who want to make extra money with TryMyUI.

Inside TryMyUI

Register with PayPal and TryMyUI: To get started, all you need is to have your PayPal account ready and register as tester with TryMyUI using the online form provided on their platform. You are required to confirm your email before being granted access to its dashboard.

Provide Demographic Information: Once inside, user has to provide their demographic information so TryMyUI will be able to match suitable client’s digital products. For your information, each client requires tester with specific demographics and therefore not all jobs are available to you.

Download TryMyUI Software: Before you even get started, there’s a software named TryMyUI Recorder you need to download. This software is to record your screen and your voice which you’ll use to give feedback during the test.

Proceed Qualification Test: There’s a qualification test you have to take after you register. This qualification test will determine whether you are suited for the job.

If you are unsure on what feedback clients are looking for, there’s a 1-minute sample video to guide you through so you are aware of the type of genuine feedback they want you to provide. This can help you pass the test. You'll be notified of the result within 24 hours to a few days time, thereafter get the gig to start a real test on the digital product, once accepted.

The most important rule you need to follow in order to get higher chance of acceptance is to ensure that all the feedback you gave are genuine and not cosmetically produced.

Think from the perspective of the client, would they pay someone to give a generic feedback like “That’s great”, ‘This colour is cool” … and so on? If you are the client, you won’t too, right?

So, give your real and concise feedback that consist only of useful information that can help the client make improvement to their digital products.

Start The Real Test: When you receive a gig from client, there'll be a link inside the email where you’re required to download files containing tasks & instructions. Make sure you read the instructions carefully and do the sound check with the recorder software before launching the test website to start real testing.

As this user-testing job is conducted in English, it’s a no-brainer that you must be fluent with English.

Despite each test lasts about 20 minutes, I would advise you to allocate at least 45 minutes as you’ll have to answer 4 questions that can easily add another 5 to 15 minutes to our time.

One thing you must know is you might not receive payment for each test. If the client is not satisfied, they will be given a replacement test at no cost. This means, the job will be given to the next person in queue and you’ll not get paid.

Get Paid: For payment, TryMyUI pays $10 per test through PayPal every Friday upon approval.

Who is TryMyUI For?

I’ve reviewed many “get-paid-to” sites such as SurveySpot, Survey Club, Fusion Cash, and Swagbucks, I would say the business model used by TryMyUI is quite similar, even though it pays more.

There’s no limit to the number of test you can do, but according to TryMyUI, a tester will only receive a couple of tests per week which is less than a hundred dollar per month.

If you are just thinking to earn some extra money during your free time so you can pay some of your bills, then TryMyUI might be able to help.

To be very frank, user testing can’t replace a full-time job. This type of earning potential is only meant for people who already has a stable income yet want to earn extra bucks or a freelancer who want to add an additional income to existing business.

It’s definitely not for anyone who eyeing to earn a full-time income online.

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Things I Like About TryMyUI

It makes sense to join TryMyUI for multiple reasons.

  • The signing up process is free and there is no registration fee.
  • It’s easy to earn a little extra money, especially if you are flexible with time and always sitting in front of the computer  
  • The payment is weekly and transferred into your Paypal

The Truth About TryMyUI

Despite TryMyUI is proven to help many people earn extra money, there are some issues you must be aware of before deciding whether this platform is the right one for you.

Restricted to Paypal: TryMyUI only pays through Paypal, and this means residents in countries not supported by this type of payment method cannot participate in user-testing.

High Speed Internet Needed: Forget about becoming user-tester if the country you live in can’t provides good internet infrastructure. There’s a consistent need to ensure connectivity during each test session.

Getting Paid is Not Guaranteed: There are not many test available yet many people are competing for the job. Therefore, if the client is not satisfied for the test you provide, then you can be spending time doing without getting paid.

First Come, First Serve: You must respond immediately to offers, which means you need to be constantly alert with notification from TryMyUI.

No Passive Income Potential: Yes, you can make extra dollars from TryMyUI but there’s no way you can stop working in front of your desk if you want to passively generate income online. Unlike affiliate marketing, TryMyUI offers no passive income potential at all.

Is TryMyUI a Scam?

TryMyUI is definitely a reliable and legitimate job opportunity to earn extra money during free time.  

The website pays out money on time but it’s not enough to substitute for a full time job. Because of this, people who expect to generate full time income often complain about not getting enough gigs, clients refused to pay and the income earned is not sufficient.

Therefore, it’s very important to read about TryMyUI before even considering to become tester. To a bare minimum, there’s a need to manage expectation as this platform is really not meant for people who are not currently earning any stable income.

If you want a platform to earn a full-time living online, then TryMyUI is definitely not for you.

How I Start A Small Business Online

It’s very common for people to trade time for money and I was no different. Prior to starting my small business online, I used to work as a c-level executive, earning a decent 5 figure income.

Despite my earning is considered well above average, I truly understand that my preferred lifestyle is still to achieve flexibility in my work schedule and at the same time can earn passive income.

That’s the reason why I started this blog to earn passive income. To tell you the truth, I’ve tried so many program that promises anyone to make a living online with little to no effort required, which never happen, at least not to me.

To truly profit from any business, not only are you required to work hard and consistently take action, but also to follow a proven business model that can produce result, like how I did mine.

If you are really serious to start a small business online and earn a living working at home, I suggest you try the business model that helped me achieved this.

At least it’s free to start and you’ve nothing lose if you do not like it.

Thank you so much for spending time reading my TryMyUI review. I hope you can share this with more people if you find it useful.

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3 Comments on "TryMyUI Review: Can User-Testing Help You Earn A Living Online?"

  1. Try MyUI seems interesting…

    It pays more than doing surveys and is cheaper than Swagbucks.

    After reading your review, it seems that this way of making money is useful to fit around your current job.  

    Like you said, it requires time and effort but I think it is hit or miss, which could actually mean a waste of effort. I think that is a pity as TryMyUI seems to have the potential of offering a great service.  They should improve it so affiliates can make more money easily.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Just yesterday, I applied for TryMyUi. I was not able to get to the part where I need to participate the qualification test because the app took much time to download and Ingot turned off with the tutorial video because it doesn’t sound and look professional. I was having doubt to join because unlike User Testing, their process of getting and taking the test seem complicated to me. Now that you talked about it, I might as well try again so I can have to two Get-to-be-paid platform.

    Thank you for your review and assurance that it’s ok to apply in TryMyUI. I don’t have problems with PayPal account because that’s what I really use for my online transaction  Also, i agree with you about affiliate marketing. It’s a right decision fore those who wants to earn more than your regular job as long as you put effort and time.

    • I tried such platform before but can’t give me the full-time income that I need and that’s why I never touch get-paid-to sites anymore. Affiliate marketing is still a better option, at least I managed to earn decent income that helped me quit my c-level job.

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