Unbounce Review: Is This Your Ultimate Landing Page Builder for 2019?

Welcome to my Unbounce Review

One of the greatest challenges of online business owners is to create professional designed landing page to generate leads and sales.

As not many people have the time as well as the knowledge to build his or her own landing page, therefore they opt to subscribe for a good landing page creator, that's simple and easy to use.

There are many landing page creators in the market and to name some, they are LeadPages, Instapages, Lander and Optimize Press.

What Is Unbounce?
How Does Unbounce Work?
Who Is Unbounce For?
The Truth About Unbounce
Things I Like About Unbounce
Is Unbounce A Scam?
How I Start A Small Business Online

Today, I am going to review Unbounce, another highly priced landing page creator used by many businesses around the world that seems to surpass all its competitors in terms of its high quality features and extremely effective support team.

First, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read this review before making your wisest decision on whether Unbounce is one suitable tool for your business.

Let me first be upfront with you. I am not an affiliate of Unbounce and in no way associated with this company. What I am going to give you is just my honest review and nothing else.

Despite, there are many positive reviews about Unbounce, there are also some drawbacks you must know.  

Personally, I think this is a great landing page builder. Read to find out what is Unbounce about.


Product Name:

Founder/Owner: CEO Rick Perreault & 5 other co-founders

Product Type: Highly effective conversion platform

Price:  Essential Plan $79/month, Premium Plan $159/month and Enterprise Plan $399+/month.

Best For: Ideal for marketers who focus on lead & conversion strategy using landing pages to get leads and sales

Summary: Unbounce is a feature-packed and powerful conversion platform that offers more features than its competitors. It comes with highly converting landing page templates, created through years of research into behaviour of 64,000 landing pages with 74 million visitors. Users do not need to know HTML, JavaScript, PHP or any coding to get the most out of this platform.

Rating: 8/10

Recommendation: Yes, for experienced marketers or agencies who have higher budget

What is Unbounce?

Founded by CEO Rick Perreault and 5 co-founders, Unbounce is a conversion platform and landing page builder, providing you the convenience to deploy landing pages, popups, as well as sticky bars to convert leads and sales.

To use this platform, you don’t need any HTML, PHP, JavaScript or any technical knowledge to use it.

Despite it comes with higher price compare to its competitors such as LeadPages, Lander and Instapage, many marketers and agencies still prefer to include Unbounce into their conversion strategy.

There are 3 membership packages you can choose from.

Essential Plan at $79/month: Create 75 landing pages with 8 basic sticky bars and popups including A/B Testing.

Premium Plan at $159/month: You get double the landing pages, popups and sticky bars of Essential Plan, including the feature to create client’s sub-accounts, premium integration and AMP landing pages.

Enterprise Plan at $399+/month: This is a custom-made plan to cater for individual client’s need. A Dedicated Launch Specialist and Customer Success Manager will be assigned in this package. You can get 375+ landing pages, 40+ pops and sticky bars.

If you have no experience building landing pages, it will probably take you more time to get used to using Unbounce as it’s more complicated due the extensive features offered inside this platform.

One good thing about Unbounce is that it provides a comprehensive list of video and text tutorials that can guide you through step-by-step on how to create your first landing page from ground zero.

After you successfully built your first few landing pages, building the next one will become much more easier and quicker.

Depending on individual experience, creating conversion pages in Unbounce can be as simple as just spending a few minutes time.

This video below shows how easy and fast a user creates a basic landing page using Unbounce.

How Does Unbounce Work?

Compared to other landing page builders, you'll immediately notice that Unbounce has a rather unique interface.

Considering that it is an all-in-one platform, you'll get more features that allow you to achieve optimized conversion results.

With the extensive features, no doubt it can potentially cause much confusion to beginners, but this also indicates that this conversion platform offers a wider range of designing and marketing options.

Below, you can find some of the advanced and helpful features which make Unbounce preferred by the most renown marketers, despite its high price.

Massive Template Collections

When it comes to creating a landing page, it all boils down to templates. What's good about Unbounce is having more than 100+ high converting landing page templates to choose from.

All of which are ready to use and can guarantee high conversions because of its advanced designs and themes.

Among the most popular templates used by business owners include the O-SaaS which is designed for showing off products on a landing page, O-Book for ebooks, O-Consultancy for consulting businesses, Getting Started templates, and many others.

All templates are customizable and editable to match your design preferences.

Likewise, using the templates do not require any coding skill. With drag and drop widget, designing work can be completed efficiently.

On top of that, all templates are optimized for both PC and mobile. This means you don't have to create two landing pages using separate platforms. Just shift between the two views to monitor real-time changes.

A/B Testing

If you want to make sure that your landing page is converting well, you will need to perform a series of tests and comparisons between pages that aims for the same goals. This process is called A/B testing.

A/B testing involves comparing two test pages to determine the winning page that delivers better conversion. Once you have identified the page with higher conversion, you can then perform further improvements to the page to optimize conversion.

In addition to common A/B testing features you can find in other landing page creators, Unbounce can uniquely help you identify prominent issues within your page.

It will suggest certain areas that will need improvements such as the need to change the background color, relocate button, shorten texts, and many more.

By taking advantage of the A/B testing features inside Unbounce, you will be able to focus less on the pages with low conversion and more on pages that deliver results.

This feature highly improves business growth and reduces risks whenever working with landing pages.

Landing Page Analyzer

If you're not too keen about comparing two versions of your landing page to identify possible issues then you can simply opt for the landing page analyzer.

Just as the name implies, you get a special kind of tool that analyzes your landing page for you.

The landing page analyzer goes through each code of your page and identifies any potential issues and provides a comprehensive summary to all problems.

While the A/B testing feature allows you to compare your page with another version of your page, the landing page analyzer can compare your page to your competitions.

With this, you'll be able to determine how well your page is competing at a global scale.

Included in the report are your page's loading time, social tags, trust and security, speed, insights over page requests, SEO status and others.

Who Is Unbounce For?

Unbounce is definitely for everyone regardless of whether you are a tech junkie or just someone who has zero knowledge about coding.

However, the main drawback in using Unbounce is the expensive monthly subscription that cost from $79 up to $399+, depending on the package you take.

If you are an experienced marketer that depend highly on creating landing pages to drive sales, I believe Unbounce will be a perfect fit for your business.

However, if you are thinking to subscribe the lowest plan which is Essential at $79, then I suggest you to opt for Thrive Architect, an alternative with a similar option but priced way cheaper.

The Truth About Unbounce

Despite Unbounce is an excellent conversion platform, as mentioned earlier, there are still some drawbacks they’ll need to make improvement.

Here is the truth about Unbounce that only users might be able to relate.

Truth #1: Integration Issues

Indeed from the start of this review, we are already amazed by the power-packed features of Unbounce. However, its integration capabilities is not always functioning properly.

There are people complaining about not being able to integrate their pages with WordPress website or Facebook.

While some say this problem can easily be remedied with a bit of tweaking in the system, but unfortunately not all users can perform such tweaks.

Nevertheless, this issue is insignificant and can be resolved by sending a support ticket.

Truth #2: Highly Priced

While Unbounce indeed offers awesome features, it’s not affordable to everyone. Users with a small budget will find investing in Unbounce impractical.

Like what I mentioned just now, if you just need basic functions offered via its lowest entry plan, then it’ll be more feasible to use Profit Builder that equally come with highly converting pages, sales funnel and split-testing.

Truth #3: Steep Learning Curve

Many people, particularly a complete beginner in this industry will inevitably feel overwhelmed with the steep learning curve to master all the features of this platform.

It all boils down to how well a person is able to learn and whether this person is persistent enough to brace through all challenges throughout the journey.

Things I Like About Unbounce

Other than its drag and drop feature and the 14-day free trial, another unique feature I like is its Landing Page Analyzer, the only one in the market leveraging AI technology.

This feature provides users with a more detailed analysis touching the aspect on SEO, page performance, copy analysis, trust & security, and many more, thereafter recommending actionable feedback.

Compared to other landing page builders over the net, Unbounce also comes with more features and elements such as:

  • Script Manager
  • Mobile Layout Assistant
  • Built-in Google Fonts
  • Free images from Unsplash
  • Auto Image Optimizer
  • A/B Testing
  • Two-step opt-in forms
  • Targeting Options
  • Integration Options
  • others

These features will help improve control and manageability when it comes to the design and functionality of a landing page.

Is Unbounce A Scam?

Unbounce is not only a legit platform but one that is highly reputable and provide excellent value to its users.

In fact, it’s a gem to all experienced marketers who focus on conversion strategy to grow their business, earning an impressive 4.5 out of 5 rating in Capterra (a popular review website).

Despite it’s considered very costly, but the value it provides to users is way more than what you pay for.

How I Start a Small Business Online

Landing pages are indeed an integral part of business marketing especially if you're looking to improve leads and sales.

However, if you are just starting out as a marketer, Unbounce might not be necessary at early stage, so you could save some money.

I started my small business online, not with Unbounce but by following a proven program that offers training, tools and resources at an affordable price.

Do check out my free guide to start a small business online if you are keen to know the exact strategy and follow the step-by-step method I took.

This proven method has enabled me to quit my c-level job and still earn a decent full-time income at home.

I hope you find my Unbounce review valuable. Please share this with your friends so they too can make the wisest decision on whether this powerful conversion platform is necessary to grow their business.

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2 thoughts on “Unbounce Review: Is This Your Ultimate Landing Page Builder for 2019?”

  1. Hi Flo!

    Your review of Unbounce is terrific. Didn’t know that anyone can create such insightful and critical review without even buying into the product. All these time, I though only people who have tried the product is able to write review. But you definitely prove me wrong. So many considerations you pointed out tactfully. Just like you, I won’t consider Unbounce at this time even though it’s a very advanced conversion tool. Just not for me yet. Thanks for the thorough review!


    1. You are welcome John. In fact, what I did was just to use my research skill to create unique critical review as I believe this can better point out areas to consider. Sometimes, even people who tried the product might not be able to give good suggestions. It all depends on what’s the need of each users. 

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