Usana Review: Deep Look Into A Reputable MLM Opportunity

Welcome to My USANA Review

Today is definitely a good day to enlighten ourselves with another eye-opening review!

Health and Personal Wellness is a flourishing business at present, which is a lot of companies have tapped into this huge opportunity, and USANA Health Sciences is not an exception.

What is USANA?
Inside USANA
Who is USANA For?
The Truth About USANA
Things I Like About USANA
Is USANA A Scam?
How I Start A Small Business Online

So today, I am going to give you my unbiased review about USANA Health Services, a popular MLM company that promises to help you reap a huge income by selling its world-class health and personal care products.

My aim for this review is give you a deep insight about the company.

Is it true the USANA Health Services is a world-class MLM company? Will joining this business make you rich?

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I know that you are as excited as I am in finding the truth about USANA Health Services. If you’re ready, then let’s begin.


Product Name
: USANA Health Sciences

Founder/Owner: Dr. Myron Wentz

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $29.95 + upsells

Best For: Anyone with great leadership traits, who is passionate to promote health supplements and personal care products

Summary: USANA Health Sciences is a reputable MLM company selling world-class science based health supplements and skincare regimens. Although it offers an enticing opportunity to earn a full-time income, there are many things that you must know about this company before you decide to jump into the business.

Rating: 7/10

Recommendation: No

What is USANA?

Founded by Dr. Myron Wentz in 1992, USANA Health Services is one of the biggest nutrition and skincare MLM companies and a top-rated direct selling brand for the sixth time, that sell science-based products.

The company prides itself as the only company with world-class products and claims to help people by earning beyond a full-time income becoming one of its associates and distributors.

USANA Health Services is probably one of the most outstanding MLM companies which have given me a good impression, apart from Essante Organics, Jeunesse, Neways International and LifeVantage

Unlike any other company, USANA’s founder Dr. Myron Wentz is a true scientist with a PhD. in microbiology and immunology. He has a team of scientists who are PhD and MD Degree holders and are dedicated to science, research and developments of health and personal care products.

Dr. Wentz is also a 2007 Awardee of the prestigious Albert Einstein Award for outstanding achievements in life sciences.

If this is your first time hearing about MLM, it is a legitimate business model that gives members a multi-tier level income opportunity.

As opposed to a pyramid scheme, it is legal and justifiable through the products it sells whereas pyramid scheme is a total opposite.

In a pyramid scheme members are convinced to recruit people to join their sales team in order to get a share of the income their downline makes.

There’s a very thin line between MLM and pyramid scheme. Oftentimes, it’s even harder to expose the latter because some companies disguise as MLM by purportedly selling genuine health products.

If you want to know more about pyramid scheme, feel free to check the FDC explanation about pyramid scheme.

Moving forward with USANA Health Services, I can tell that its products are unique, high-grade, and highly exceptional. I will explain to you later in the next section why its products are world-class.

The impressive leadership is undeniable but how much longer can it claim superiority over its products? Is it safe to trust this company and invest your money with the expectation to reap bigger income and benefits than any other MLM company?

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Inside USANA

USANA’s products are generally divided into three categories: Nutritional Supplements, Diet & Energy, and Personal Care.

USANA’s World-Class Health Supplements

USANA’s bestselling product is the CellSentials in Vita Antioxidant and Core Minerals, which is claims to nourish, protect and renew cellular health.

These essentials contain 800 IU Vitamin D per day, which is higher than more multivitamins. As per instruction, best results is acquired when you take 2 pills from each bottle, twice a day.

The pair is sold $53.95 with 112 capsules per bottle which is equivalent to a 28-day supply to be consumed day and night, which is pretty reasonable for beginners.

USANA’s Nutrimeal Shakes is also one of the company’s popular dietary supplement that claims to help you jump start your weight loss journey. The Wild Strawberry Nutrimeal flavor is always the top option for only $30.95.

All you need to do is replace your regular meal with a 500ml of Nutrimeal shake. Since it contains a low-glycemic index, it reduces your carbohydrate cravings, provide energy, and keep you feeling full throughout the day.

If you want to learn more about USANA’s variety of products, you may check out its product page.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s salivating with the yummy-looking Nutrimeal Shakes, but let’s cut through the noise and get to the bottom of how you can make money with USANA Health Sciences.

Make Money with USANA Health Sciences

I dread writing about the compensation plan for many MLM businesses as it's really complicated and difficult to understand.

But in this section, I will try my best to explain to you as simple as I can about how you can make money with USANA.

It only takes $29.95 to get started with USANA Health Sciences. The fee includes a Welcome Kit and various learning resources to help members start the business, which makes it a pretty affordable.

To make money with USANA, you can choose between signing up as a Preferred Customer or an Associate.

Being a preferred customer, you’re able to purchase products at 10% discount. If you set your purchase to “Auto-Order” you will get another 10%, which gives you 20% discount in total.

Auto-Order means that you’re ordering the product every month and USANA will automate the online ordering process for you.

On the other hand, being an Associate, you’re able to enjoy more perks and have the chance to earn bigger income from product sales, commissions, and bonuses.

To become an associate, you will have to fill-up the USANA associate online application form and purchase the starter kit which costs $45. It is a very small investment which can turn very costly because of inventory loading, which I will explain to you later in the following sections.

There are 6 income streams that can be created from an USANA’s compensation plan.

Retail Sales: This is the most direct way of earning money from USANA whether you’re an associate or a preferred customer. Basically, you will earn profit by purchasing USANA products at their preferred or discounted price and then sell at the suggested retail price.

I can’t promise that this will be the easiest and fastest way to earn money like many other reviews state because selling health supplement can be very challenging. Selling products takes direct and insistent language, which many people are not gifted with.

The rest of the income sources below are only available to Associates.

Weekly Commissions: Associates can earn a 20% commission depending on how many points their downlines make. The idea is to fill out your left arm and your right arm with people you recruit into USANA. Then you make sure each downline keeps getting filled with new members so you can get the weekly commission.

Lifetime Matching Bonus: This type of income is only generated if you and your downline earn a certain rank. Basically, you will get 2.5% to 15% bonus if your downline becomes a “Premier PaceSetter” or “Premier Platinum PaceSetter”.

Eventually, you will be forced to not only focus on yourself but also help your downline recruit more people so they earn a certain rank, otherwise, you wouldn’t get this bonus at all.

Below is the breakdown of the Lifetime Matching Bonus depending in your rank level:

Incentives: When you become an Associate, you will have a chance to get awesome incentives from USANA ranging from luxury travels, cars, cash bonuses, and even plaques of recognition. This types of incentives are given to only a few Associates every once in a year.

Leadership Bonus: If you become a Gold Director or above you will have the chance to participate in a 3% worldwide weekly bonus pool.

But honestly, it is almost impossible to get to this level. In order to get to the Gold Director level, you need to pass through 7 lower levels.

Convincing people to sign up as members and helping them reach their own monthly sales quota to earn bonus is difficult. I bet you will give up before reaching this level.

Elite Bonus: You will earn an Elite Bonus if you become a top earner in your rank. USANA claims to have over $1million of total group sales volume divided among the qualifying top 40 income earners every month.

If you happen to reach this level that is $25,000 each top earner.

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Who is USANA For?

USANA is best for people who are persistent during tough times.

As with any MLM business, your success is largely dependent on people who will join your downline and who make enough sales to make you eligible for bonuses.

Eventually, you will be forced to help them make more sales, which is now double the effort than making your own small business to earn money.

In other words, when you’re not hardworking enough, you can’t live the life you want with USANA.

Even so, there’s no guarantee to get rich with MLM.

I bet many people who joined USANA as associates have remained as they are even after some years, and never really climbing up the rank.

The Truth About USANA

As I said earlier, here is the truth about USANA Health Sciences that you must know before deciding to sign up to the company.

Truth #1: Potential Pyramid Scheme

Honestly, the only way to make reasonable money with MLM is to recruit people to join the company.

To stand a chance of long-term success with USANA, you need to have at least two active downlines who are also successful in this business.

This tight requirement forces you to recruit people, and help your downline recruit more people to make your flow of income consistent.

Consequently, you will focus more on selling the opportunity of making money instead of promoting their products, risking to get involved in pyramid scheme.

To be very honest, people can simply buy cheaper supplements in drug stores and the only way to lure them to join your business is bait them with the idea of making money.

Truth #2: Costly Investment Due to Inventory Loading

Although it only requires $29.95 to join USANA, you’ll eventually be forced to engage in inventory loading to get the bonuses which I mentioned earlier.

As with USANA, you need to purchase a certain amount of products every month and accumulate enough points to keep the business going.

What if you don’t reach the required number of points? Or worst what if people are no longer interested of buying your products?

If you are new to “inventory loading” it is also known as “bonus buying” where associates overspend on USANA products to meet personal or group volume requirements to rank up, unlock bonuses, or be eligible for bigger incentives.

If you want to know more about inventory loading, please feel free to read more about it and learn its consequences.

Truth #3: Many Associates Fail to Make Enough Money to Recover their Initial Investment

If you look closely to USANA’s Income Statement, you will see that people are actually struggling to make money with the company as much as they failed to make full-time income.

This is quite interesting because if you are new to MLM, you will think that USANA member’s are making great money because of how big the numbers are on the last column.

But if you look closely to the second column from the left, you will see that there are only 4 to 9 percent active Associates. This means only a very few people have made it to the top and earned full-time income.

On top of that, according to USANA’s income disclosure, there are 87% of associates who fail to make enough commissions to recover the cost of their initial investment.

At least 67% of all associates did not make any commission at all and 74% of the company’s are earned by only 2.31% of top associates.

If you want to learn more about USANA’s income disclosure report, you may check it out here.

Truth #4: Low Earning Potential Especially for Beginners

This is another surprising truth which I found after reading thoroughly through USANA’s disclaimer.

If you read point number 2, the company has clearly admitted that most USANA associate simply join the company to improve their health and purchase products at a discount.

What happens to the money-making opportunity that it currently being widely promoted?

Here’s a more revealing truth. The company also said that “only a small percentage” of Associates are actually selling USANA products “full time”.

This is a clear indication that the company is not the best choice for you if you want to earn a full-time income lest your dream of becoming rich and living the life you want.

Things I Like About USANA

The top-notched science-based products are some of the first of the many things I liked about USANA. The company’s products are undeniably impressive and their claims are backed with real statistics and experiments. 

USANA launched a worldwide “Apple Test” which compares Usana’s supplements with other multi-vitamins.

In this test, the apple is immersed in the solution containing the different vitamins for 5 days. At the end of the test, you will see that the apple soaked in USANA remained clean and fresh while the others went rotten.

I also liked that USANA has received multiple awards for its health supplements. In fact, its dietary supplements have been used by more than 2000 athletes around the world

For purposes of recruiting members, this is quite a convincing evidence to entice people to join the company. Aside that the products are effective, they are also reputable and trusted by professionals.

Most importantly, USANA has been around for more than 25 years. The fact that it can remain an industry leader says something about it. What it does is something exceptional.

However, despite how “juicy” USANA might sound, I still do not recommend making it as your primary source of income.

The products might be of decent quality but they aren’t strong enough to solely sustain your income without recruitment.

As you go through the MLM process, you will soon discover that it is easier to sell the concept of the opportunity than to sell products, which will lead to pyramid scheme or inventory loading, which I will explain to you in the next section.

Is USANA A Scam?

USANA is definitely not a scam. It is a legitimate MLM company driven by its mission to help people live a healthy lifestyle while making money by selling their products and inviting more members to sign up to their company.

This is overtly shown from their world-class products and efforts in helping people around the world.

However, I cannot say that this is a good company to start with if you are looking to make a good living.

Needless to say, there are people who have progressed with USANA. But there are more people who struggled to make it work.  

The need to nurture downlines and help them make sales, while also taking care of your own business is physically and mentally draining.

It takes time and a bunch of effort to groom, train, and help new recruits only to find out at the end of the day they quit because of the tedious process of multi level marketing.

If you are serious about making money, I would rather choose affiliate marketing.

Instead of selling products from just one company, affiliate marketing allows you to choose and promote products from different companies.

As opposed to MLM, its opportunities are not restricted.

How I Start A Small Business Online

Overall, USANA is a legitimate MLM business with worldwide recognition.

However, just because it is popular doesn’t make it the best option if you’re looking for a serious opportunity to earn a full time income while working remotely.

Like you, I too have searched for a legitimate business opportunity until I have found a proven strategy that helped earn a decent income without overworking myself – that is affiliate marketing.

If you are ready to make a difference in your life and live the life you want, please feel free to grab a copy of my free guide and follow through the process I use.

This guide is free so you’ll ultimately lose nothing upon trying it out.

Again thank you for reading my USANA review. If you find this review useful, please feel free to share this review in any of your social media accounts.

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6 thoughts on “Usana Review: Deep Look Into A Reputable MLM Opportunity”

  1. Thanks for clarifying the difference between multi-level marketing and a pyramid scheme. I always thought they were the same thing. It sounds like this company has good quality products. They actually have a very knowledgeable scientist who designs all the products.

    Guess it only works for people with specific talent for MLM business. Not for me though…. 

    1. Not for me too. Tried that, done that but just can’t get into MLM and make money. Affiliate marketing is still the best option for me. At least I managed to quit my c-level job and still earn a decent income from here. 

  2. Great review! It’s very difficult to find an MLM opportunity that is actually recommended, so I’m not surprised to find another one that’s not recommended here, even with a decent rating. With MLMs I’ve noticed that there are always grandiose promises that more often than not fall short. MLM is definitely not for me as I can’t take face-to-face selling. Affiliate marketing is still better but how can I start quickly? 

  3. This information is really helpful and I have learned a lot from it. I join a particular network and it didn’t work but I had the plan of rejoining just to make an extra income and now that you are offering such a helpful tool so that anyone can build a business online then I will consider taking a look at it.

    You have really search a lot in the Usana MLM, how do you do your search in other to get such valuable information from the company?.

    I’m glad reading this post and I will come back to this site to have such valuable information again.

    1. In fact, I was approached by a Usana member and that’s the reason why I do research online to get all the facts. Great to know that you find this information useful. 

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