VO Genesis Review: Is This Program Legit To Train You As A Voice Over Talent?

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Welcome to My VO Genesis Review

Having received numerous inquiries, I've decided to investigate this next program. If you've been searching, finding, and looking for an honest VO Genesis review to give you all the facts – well, lucky you! I've covered everything you need to know about the site. 

You'll get my overall judgment based on what I've found about the program. You'll get an inside peek after you registered and see for yourself if what you pay is valuable for a voice-over training module.

When I first heard about VO Genesis, I immediately got curious since it claims that it helps you earn hundreds of dollars per week, working as a Voice Over Talent.

Its sales hook is ‘As long as you can read and speak', and claims that you can earn and get work for videos, commercials, documentaries, and other media.

What is VO Genesis?
Inside VO Genesis
Who is VO Genesis For?
The Truth About VO Genesis
Things I Like About VO Genesis
Is VO Genesis A Scam?
How I Start A Small Business Online

I've been running a small online business in the past few years and have developed the knack to spot a shady product, so after hearing about VO Genesis I decided to explore the whole course. 

You might be asking: Is VO Genesis a legit income source?

Or is this another unscrupulous paid program that takes advantage of other people, looking for extra ways to earn on the Internet. 

Be sure to finish through the whole article if you like to know the truth about VO Genesis. 


Product Name: VO Genesis

Founder/Owner: Jenny Lewis (Upon investigation, it’s developed by SuccessVantage)

Product Type: Training Module

Price: $39 downsells to $19. Two upsells of $47

Best For: English Speakers looking for Extra Income

Summary: The VO Genesis is a legitimate voice-over training course. The program includes a PDF eBook and training videos to get you started as in the voice-over industry.

However, there's a lot of misleading and exaggerated claims on its sales page and videos. The high earnings are too good to be true for voice over jobs. It's possible for you to find the same information that this course offer if you do a simple search on Google and YouTube.    

Rating: 4/10

Recommendation: Not Recommended

What is VO Genesis?

VO Genesis is a voice-over training module that promises to help you learn and get trained in jobs that involve ‘voice-overs'.

This info product is created by Success Vantage Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based company that started as a digital education developer. Currently, they have diversify their business to manufacturing in-house brand personal care, and health supplements, with the brand Truegenics

VO Genesis claims that you can start earning money as a voice-over artist in video games, radio ads, documentaries, commercials, animation, dubbing, software audio, film dubbing, audio books, and other jobs that need audio recording.

There are a few types of sales pages that promote VO Genesis on the web. All the sales page introduce the owner as Jenny Lewis whom I believe is only a spokesperson since the real owner is SuccessVantage.

One sales page promises to reveal “the secret to making $1,000 per hour” whereas another promises to reveal “a weird loophole to make $8,520 a month”.

All videos will show you testimonials of three people who can make thousands of dollars online.

Another difference is that one sales page is giving you direct access to buy the product and you only give your email upon checkout, whereas the other one expects the site visitors to provide their email addresses prior given access to the sales page, shown below.

Depending on which sales page you landed on, you’ll be offered VO Genesis at various price points. It can be from as cheap as $19.95 to $39.95.

I must give credit to Vantage Success for able to create so many variations of sales page with their dynamic landing pages. I bet they must be using either Unbounce or LeadPages as their landing page creator to make this possible.

Up to this point, I find VO Genesis somewhat suspicious. As I did additional research, here’s what I found out.

Inside VO Genesis

Before I continue to show you what’s inside member dashboard of VO Genesis, if you are new to voice over industry, I suggest you watch the video below.

This video will show you the fundamental of becoming a voice over artist.

As soon as you pay the registration cost, you can now access the VO Genesis membership dashboard.

However, you will not see your training modules just yet, since you will be offered with 3 new upsells masked under the tab “Recommended Resources” inside member dashboard.

Quick Cash Machines ($47) – This additional program claims to provide you built-in websites to help you promote your new ‘Voice Over business'

Multiple Streams Of Income ($47) – This extra course shows other methods to make money, not necessarily about voice over jobs.

Voice Over Insiders Guide ($37) – This product provides tips and additional information on voice over work, excluded from the program’s main course outline.

After you get through the upsells, you'll get VO Genesis program which is made up of a PDF ebook and videos.

Ebook in PDF Format: The 93 page PDF Ebook is made up of 6 chapters that generally discusses everything about the voice over industry such as work description and types of works available. It also discusses what you need for your ‘voice-over career' on topics like building a studio, recording, editing your voice-overs, and job applications.

Training Videos: There are 5 training modules inside the video section, with a total of 15 videos.

Module 1 (1 video) – The first one shows you how you can register on freelancer sites, with tips on how to find, bid and apply for voice-over jobs.

Module 2 (1 video) – This video provides a guide on how to have quality voice using gadgets like a mic and Computer It also gives tips on setting up on Mac or Windows.

Module 3 (1 video) – For the third video, you will learn about voice demos and recording. It also discusses the four different voice tones you can use in creating the demos: Natural Speaking Voice, Commercial Voice, Narrator Voice, and Selling Voice.

Module 4 (5 videos) – This next module talks about the software you need for recording, editing, improving, and enhancing your audio. Some of the topics include tips on editing, trimming, removing noise, and how to export on best file formats.

Module 5 (7 videos) – For the final module, it provides strategies to ace your voice-over applications and interviews. There are different techniques mentioned like being calm when the reading script, varying vocal intensity, using a strong voice, making use of quiet voice, emphasizing nouns, using whisper voice, breathing correctly, and taking advantage of periods/commas for breaks.

Who is VO Genesis For?

VO Genesis is for those who want to get into the voice-over industry. If you've always wanted to be a voice talent or voice actor, it provides applicable guides and tips.

This program is also for those with a naturally good voice like singers, DJs, call center agents, and other voice jobs – looking for additional avenues of income.

The course is suitable for new entrants who do not know the ins and outs of the voice-over trade. VO Genesis also provides you a guide on how to put together your recording studio.

If you have no technical skills, they also show you how to record, edit, enhance, and export your work.

Basically, this product is suitable for a complete beginner. So the next question is, can you earn a full time living becoming a voice-over artist as easy as they claim.

The Truth About VO Genesis

For the given price of VO Genesis, whether you bought it with regular or discounted value, it’s interesting to know if this is worthwhile to pay. Would you spend time implementing what's laid out on the modules?

Well, let's look further to see if you get the money's worth of this voice training course.

Truth #1: Neatly Packaged ‘Free Information'

For any casual Internet user who hears about VO Genesis for the first time, they can easily be enticed that the program is good.

However, as soon as you go through the contents, and try out the given guidelines, you'll discover that it's not that easy.

Also, the information you get are not really ‘secret insider stuff' or ‘loophole' to the voice talent industry. The sales pitch is done in a way to get you hooked on the idea that a voice-over work can be learned from a ‘neatly packaged course' that requires a payment.

The reality is you can easily find in Google the information you find in VO Genesis.

A simple search of the phrase ‘Voice Over Guide' shows you a lot of sites from real and professional voice-over professionals providing helpful information in their blogs.

And they're free!

Truth #2: Fictional Owner

Another sign that's something not right with this program is that the program developer, Success Vantage used a spokesperson named Jenny Lewis.

The question I have is why do Success Vantage didn’t mentioned that they are the ones who created the training modules?

If the training that VO Genesis provide is helpful for those looking to get into the voice-over industry, shouldn’t they be proud to tell the public that they’re the product developer behind this “awesome” training course?  

Upon investigation, it's difficult to find any available information on Jenny Lewis. Most authors would have social media profiles, but not here. Jenny Lewis is such a common name that it’s very likely a pseudonym.

Truth #3: Unbelievable Huge Discounts

This voice training program is strategically priced at $97, slashed down to bring the price at $39.95.

If you're like me, who try to leave the page and clicked ‘stay' to take another look at VO Genesis, it offers a downsell price for $19.95.

If you're not familiar with this tactic, it's commonly used by low-quality programs to push for the sale such as used in the list of programs below.

In case you decided to give VO Genesis a try and got inside the members' area, you'll be sold with upsells before you can even get to the training modules.

Truth #4: No Social Media Pages

VO Genesis has no official social network pages like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter. Most of the time, companies set up official social networking profiles for their product to help spread awareness and also as a way to connect to the public.

The only social pages you can find about VO Genesis comes from affiliate marketers and promoters looking to earn commissions from purchases of the program.

Truth #5: Voice Over Work Has a Lot of Competition

Voice Over skill is not something you can easily learn from reading PDF and watching 15 videos. Most speaker type of jobs requires personality and good natural voice.

For a newcomer, it’s very difficult to compete with those already in the market for a long time. You need to be cut out for this work and professionally trained in person.

You can go through the modules all you want, but it would take you time to get good with the skill of a professional voice over talent.

Also, on whether you can master the skills of voice over talent depends on factors such as your learning acumen, how good are your voice, hours of practice, and produced demos. 

There are intense competitions in the voice-over industry since the income is so lucrative. Most clients look for specific types of voices and you never know if your voice type would be in demand for many projects. 

Yes, there are new voice-over talents that get hired. They do in the same way just like actors get hired in acting gigs.

However, getting into these jobs is just like applying for any ordinary job. Companies want professionals with specific experience for a particular project.

Even if you were able to follow the training and were able to find a gig after months of practice, you have to follow through and find new projects.

Also, don't be shocked on the number of ‘voice over talents' you'll go up against in auditions and freelance projects.

A quick look at Fiverr shows more than 7,300 results – around 4,600 male and 2,300 female talents – with new aspirants joining every day.

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Things I Like About VO Genesis

The VO Genesis does have some good stuff. The program does provide organized and outlined information on everything you need to know about voice-over work.

They provide a background of the industry, types of equipment/software you need, helpful vocal training, script reading tips, things you need to do in auditions among many others.

It's priced affordably at $39, or $19 if you took the discount.

Since this course is under ClickBank, it has a 60-day money-back guarantee. ClickBank’s return and cancellation policy ensure customers satisfaction after every purchase of a product. However, sometimes it can be a pain processing refund request.

That being said, if you want to give VO Genesis a try, you can do so without the feeling that you've been ripped off.

Is VO Genesis A Scam?

VO Genesis is not a scam. However, I'm fairly confident that there are better places to learn the skill you need to become voice-over talent.

The cost of $39 is quite reasonable for the ‘package information' you get, but it doesn't provide the necessary support for members.

The PDF and the videos are all there is. Not surprisingly, you can get the same voice-over information by searching on Google and YouTube, without paying a cent.

If you ask me, would VO Genesis training help you make money? Maybe!

Remember that you need to develop the skill of a professional voice actor to get hired on gigs.

You'll be the one that practice, record, edit, produce demos, build the portfolio, market your skill, and audition for projects.

Don't try to think that just by taking the training, you'll mystically earn thousands of dollars! It's just far from reality.

After a thorough review, I do not recommend VO Genesis.

How I Start A Small Business Online?

To earn money as a voice-over talent is not that different from any profession. You have to be an expert in what you do before any media company or a small client trust you with their project.

If you're not sure that you have what it takes to succeed in voice-over jobs, I suggest that you first evaluate your voice quality and technical know-how. You need to find out whether you are suitable for the job.

Well, there’s a possibility that you were only captivated by VO Genesis claims of lucrative income. Honestly, just like you, I've looked into several digital products like this course.

Fortunately, through hard work and after several years of studying, trials and errors, I found the best method to earn a full-time income and now have a legit work at home business.

You can also build your way towards financial freedom. The method that I used is proven effective by many online marketers, that’s the reason why I like to share this to you in my free guide.

Do you have any experience in VO Genesis, please let us know in the comments section. Also, please do share this post to your friends on Facebook so they can be informed and make the right decision

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2 thoughts on “VO Genesis Review: Is This Program Legit To Train You As A Voice Over Talent?”

  1. AnnetteCristina

    Wow! You’ve really done your homework. This review is excellent in that it’s non-biased and very thorough. Thanks for outlining each of the videos and their upgrades. It appears to be a decent beginner course that offers lots of information all in one place. Sure, I’d be able to find similar stuff online but that would require hours of searching. So, thanks for taking the time to put all this great information together for us. 

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