VoxxLife Review: Does It Offer The Best MLM Opportunity?

Welcome to My VoxxLife Review

Let me guess. Someone close must have introduced VoxxLife as a new MLM opportunity where you can earn money without constantly reporting to a physical office.

I know you are very excited to know whether VoxxLife is one of the best MLM opportunities. I too have been intrigued about the supposedly profitable business opportunity it offers.

That's why, I decided to review Voxxlife business opportunities, one that promises to help you earn extra income through an MLM multi-tier commission structure.

My aim for this review is to give you a deeper look into its unique compensation structure and help you arrive in a smart decision.

Are Voxxlife products better than Nike and Adidas? Will it truly help you earn extra income just by working from home?

I’ve joined a few MLM businesses such as Jeunesse, Young Living, and Modere but none seems to work well for me.

What is VoxxLife?
VoxxLife’s Most Popular Products
How to Make Money with VoxxLife
Who is VoxxLife For?
The Truth About VoxxLife
Things I Like About VoxxLife
Does VoxxLife Offer the Best MLM Opportunity?
How I Start A Small Business Online

That is why I decided to stick with one simple yet proven business model that I discovered while embarking on my entrepreneurial journey – one that has allowed me to quit my day job and still earns a decent full-time income while working remotely.

If you want to learn how I earn a full-time income at home, please feel free to check out My #1 Recommendation.

Please don’t get me wrong. There are people who have succeeded with MLM business given the right combination of skills and marketing techniques.

However, that person is not me as I dread of face-to-face selling.

That’s why you must continue reading to find out whether this MLM business is for you.

Now here’s a deeper look into VoxxLife on how you can make money with this business opportunity.


Product Name:  VoxxLife

Founder: Jay Dhaliwal

Product Type: Athletic Socks and Insoles MLM

Price:  Choice of $200 for Bronze Builder Kit or $400 for Silver Builder Kit or $600 for Gold Builder Kit + $40 for Membership Fee

Best For: People who believe in this product

Summary: VoxxLife is a legitimate MLM company that sells HPT-embedded socks and promises to earn money through its multiple-income structure. While VoxxLife does not require monthly autoship order and personal volume requirements every month, there are still a lot of things you must know about this company if you’re considering to invest. Reading this review will definitely help you make a better decision.

Rating: 6/10

Recommendation: No and I'll explain why

What is Voxxlife?

Founded by Jay Dhaliwal, Voxxlife is a unique MLM company that sells HPT-embedded socks and insoles.

HPT means Human Performance Technology, which is supposedly to stimulate brain-stem homeostasis for improved performance of the athlete wearing the socks or shoes.

It’s also good for people who want to improve their blood circulation, relieve leg pain and swelling.

MLM, also called network marketing or referral marketing, is a legit marketing model that relies on the non-salaried workforce, normally called members or distributors to develop and expand the company’s sales networks by recruiting new members.

Unfortunately, many people often mistook MLM as a pyramid scheme as it follows the conventional method of continuously recruiting new members to earn a multi-tier commission.  

Unlike a pyramid scheme, a legit MLM company will not only focuses to recruit members but at the same time ensure valuable products or services are delivered to their clients.

Pyramid scheme, on the other hand, will mask their tricky business with offerings that have little or no value to the consumer.

If you want to learn more about the characteristics of a company employing a pyramid scheme, it’s best to refer the FDC explanation about a pyramid scheme.

VoxxLife Most Popular Products

VoxxLife focuses on foot health, which you can hardly find in other MLM companies. Today, the company offers two main flagship products which are VoxxLife Insoles and VoxxStasis Socks.

Both products feature Human Performance Technology and wearable neurotechnology which can improve athlete performance and relieve pain for adults suffering from foot problems. Voxx Stasis is their line of athletic performance socks that costs around $30 to $45 per pair.

Voxx Sol is their line of insoles that help improve balance and stability, relieve 95% of foot or back pain issues, and is more suitable for adults. It costs around $45 to $50 per pair.

Overall, VoxxLife’s products are quite advanced and impressive but take note that HPT products will always be a hit or miss.

This means there is always a possibility that these technology-driven products might not be effective on everyone, and that’s including you.

As VoxxLife is one reputable MLM business established for some time, therefore in this review, I’ll not focus too much on explaining about the products but rather will focus on how this business opportunity can give you a good option to quit your day job.

How to Make Money with VoxxLife?

Despite their unique products, Voxxlife is pretty much your typical MLM business where you sell products and recruit members to earn money.

The difference is there are two distinct types of membership namely Practitioner and Associate.

Everyone can become an Associate when subscribed to $40 as a paid member.

However, to become a Practitioner, only approved wellness practitioners such as doctors, pharmacists, certified nurses, and other medical professionals approved by VoxxLife are eligible to participate.

Practitioners are automatically be accorded a 50% profit margin for each product sold once they completed a personal purchase of not less than $400 on any products.

Similar to a Practitioner, an Associate is also required to pay $40 membership fee.

The difference is rather than having to make an expensive initial purchase to start earning money, an Associate can opt to purchase individually selected products at a minimal wholesale sum of $200 to qualify for Bronze bonus, $400 to qualify for Silver bonus or $600 to qualify for Gold bonus to start this business. Each type of bonus will give you different value which is as shown below.

Should you decide to join this business at the time you become a member, then it’s advisable to purchase its Launch Kit during sign-up. These Launch Kits offer a pre-set selection of products at a greater discount, priced at $200 and $600 respectively.

This is only a one-time offer for people who have decided to invest in this business, right from the start.

Launch Kit consists of marketing materials, a pair of socks, a replicated website for a year and a discounted rate for product purchase.

There is NO monthly purchase requirement and all of your online sales, commissions, and referrals are tracked within your online back office.

Both Practitioner and Associate will automatically earn an additional 25% commission on any direct sales made through their VoxxLife replicated website, that’s given to all members.

VoxxLife compensation plan offers a total of 7 leadership ranks you can earn commission down 8 levels. As usual, in order to become a millionaire with MLM, you need to elevate yourself up in ranks.

When you become a VoxxLife Associate, you are not qualified to earn residual income yet. You need to advance to Level 2 and recruit 2 active Associates as your downlines in order to earn commissions from the sale they make.

VoxxLife pays commissions up to 8 levels deep but in order to generate all commissions, you’ll need to continue ranking up.  

Here are the 4 types of main income streams you can make with VoxxLife.

Direct Personal Sales

As mentioned earlier, regardless of whether you are an Associate or a Practitioner, you are eligible to earn a 25% commission when anyone purchases through your link. You do not need to advance to any rank in order to be eligible for this commission.

However, if you want to earn a higher commission rate for personal direct sales, then you must advance in rank to become Director and beyond.

Direct Recruitment Commissions

You will advance in rank to become a Qualified Associate when managed to recruit a new Associate who completed his/her minimum purchase. At this point, you are eligible to earn a 20% commission on all their personal sales, which is a Level 1 commission.

Indirect or Residual Commissions

Starting from a Qualified Associate, you can earn a 2% to 2.5% commission on the sales that your indirect downlines make, called residual commissions.

However, the levels of residual commission that you are entitled to earn depend on which rank you are in.

In general, the higher is your ranking, the more levels of commission you are entitled to. When you reached the Director rank, you can earn up to 8 levels of residual commission.

Leadership Bonus

On top of your direct personal sales and residual commissions, you can also earn 5% to 20% leadership bonus when you reach the rank of a Director and beyond.

In order to become a Director, you need to nurture 2 team leaders, 2 qualified associates and maintain a $200 personal purchase monthly.

Who is VoxxLife For?

VoxxLife is best for highly-persistent individuals who have the ability to self-motivate, self-learn and have the passion to build successful teams.

It would be better if this person is health conscious and has a health-related or athletic background such as health professionals, sports coaches, athletes, or physical education teachers who has the authority to convincingly stimulate potential buyers to make a purchase.

Although VoxxLife may seem to have a very simple MLM structure with no monthly autoship and volume requirement, it still requires you to continuously recruit new members in order to generate bigger profits.

This means you’ll have to continuous do face-to-face recruitment and conduct meetings in order to motivate and engage with your downlines to do the same.

Unless you use effective marketing & recruitment strategies to grow your team, otherwise it is hard to progress with MLM and earn a decent full-time income.

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The Truths About VoxxLife

As promised earlier, here are a few things about VoxxLife that you must know before making any decision to partake your hard-earned money.

Truth #1: VoxxLife is More Expensive than Popular Brands

VoxxLife sells products around $35 to $50 for a pair of HPT-embedded socks whereas popular brands like Nike and Under Armour are just around $20 for at least 6 pairs. 

Despite VoxxLife socks are technology-driven, it’s undeniable that most consumers will consider the price before making any purchase.

Unless the customers you met are health-conscious individuals, otherwise it might be challenging to convince any purchase.

Truth #2: No Income Disclosure

I’ve tried to do my own research but I cannot find any information about VoxxLife’s income disclosure. Although it has a very simple MLM structure and probably a more generous compensation plan, the fact that it doesn’t have an income disclosure can be quite appalling.

MLM companies are required to publish their income disclosure for transparency. The absence of VoxxLife in fulfilling this requirement shows that the company is trying to hide some important truth from people who are interested to invest in this business.

Truth #3: Product Effectiveness Can Differ Subjectively

Although VoxxLife claims that their products are backed by science, the effect may not be the same for everyone.

As per research, some people say VoxxLife HPT-embedded socks are good but there are also some people who are disappointed with the products.

Things I like About VoxxLife

I like the fact that VoxxLife does not force Associates to maintain monthly autoship orders and volume requirements in order to continuously earn a commission. Moreover, its products were independently tested by SportTesting, which showed 98% effectiveness in relieving foot pains.

Despite, both strong indications can strengthen the credibility of VoxxLife, however its failure to publish distributor income disclosure turns me off.

Why would a company want to risk defying regulations by hiding some unknown truth from the public?

This makes me wonder whether VoxxLife is really one MLM business opportunity that can help anyone make a full-time income at home.

Does VoxxLife Offer the Best MLM Opportunity?

Many people believe that they can easily earn money with VoxxLife, thanks to its low cost of entry with no autoship yet only requires a minimal one-time purchase to qualify for commission.

But they are not aware that Associate is still required to make a minimum monthly personal purchase starting from $100 once you reach Level 3. Without fulfilling this requirement, you can’t advance in ranks. The higher you rank, the more personal purchase you need to fulfill.

That’s why I can’t say that VoxxLife is one of the best MLM companies in the market. Like most MLM companies, the success of each distributor highly depends on factors such as personal perseverance, the extensiveness of existing client networks and availability of MLM experience.

VoxxLife shares with you the great MLM business opportunities they offer, but they didn’t tell you the sacrifices you need to make, the rejections you need to face and the time you need to spend on building more teams. Worst still, they didn’t even disclose their distributors’ average earnings.

If you just want to take advantage of its lucrative multi-tier income opportunity to earn a simple full-time income, then I suggest you leverage affiliate marketing business model, in addition to your existing face-to-face recruiting.

At least, affiliate marketing is a profitable business model that only requires basic effort to earn a decent full-time income.

This way you will have an alternative business model to grow your network without the need to constantly deal with too many people.

Below is the comparison between an MLM versus an Affiliate Marketing.

 MLM Affiliate Marketing
Restricted to products from a single company Sell multiple products from many companies
High product investment No product investment
Complex commission system Simple commission system
Face-to-face rejection No rejection
Team effort required No team is required
Endless member recruitment No member recruitment
Active income Passive income

Despite affiliate marketing is a simpler and more direct business model, hardly anyone can become a millionaire with this business model.

That’s why it’s only for people who just want to earn a full-time income that can allow more time flexibility.

Of course, if you want to become a millionaire, then MLM business might be a better fit. This also means more stress, greater responsibilities and tougher challenges that you must be ready to endure.

How I Start A Small Business Online

I used to do MLM for a short while but the tremendous need for effort in product promotions and recruitment made me quit. That is how I ended up starting a small business online doing affiliate marketing, which is a much direct and simpler business model.

Unlike MLM, affiliate marketing doesn’t restrict you to a single brand. It lets you promote multiple products from different MLM businesses via your own website, therefore allowing you to earn a passive income.

If you too prefer such a way, I suggest you get a copy of my free guide to start a small business online and follow through the process that I took to make this work for me.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my VoxxLife Review. If you find this information useful, feel free to share it on any of your social media channels.

However, should you decided to join VoxxLife or you’re already in this business, do share with us your experience by leaving a comment below.

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  1. This MLM companies is quite different from others I have interacted with in recent times.

    I really love the products they offer at VoxxLife but I think the price tags placed on each of the membership is too expensive and not many persons can afford this. Affiliate marketing is my best bet right now.

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