Ways To Avoid Scams Online

In fact there are many ways to avoid scams online. I am sure if you are reading this, you have most probably searched on internet about online marketing and chances are you may find some stories of people being scammed. Well, if you have never been scammed, then you are extremely lucky.

So, how do you define scam? Most people feel scammed when one of these things happened after purchasing products related to internet marketing niche online.

  • Do not see immediate result after 3 months
  • Many upsells after the 1st purchase.
  • Lousy after sale support
  • Product is confusing and quality is not up to expectation

If one of these falls under your definition of scam, then I am sorry to say that 90% of all websites in “Make Money Online” niche are scams. Let's find out some ways to avoid scam online.

Online Scam #1: No Experience Nor Skills Required

One typical way many marketing gurus get you in is to claim that you do not need any experience nor any technical skills in using computer. Some even go to the extent to say that the only amount you need to pay is the investment to buy their product.

How can you make money online without technical knowledge when the 1st criteria to succeed online is to have a website? (here's how you can build free website)

If it is so simple, there'll be many who are successful already. Isn't this too good to be true?

Every business needs some sort of experience or a basic level of knowledge.

Without this, there is no way you can run your business let alone make it sustainable.

Online Scam #2: Get Rich Overnight

Wow… this is something we always hear from marketing guru – “Learn how this guy makes $30,000 in just 1 week using my system”. Does this sounds familiar to you?

At one glance, you should be able to know that this is definitely a scam!

No business in this world can make you rich without you investing your time and money.

Even if there is, it will not be sustainable. Share with me if you know any business that has made you rich overnight and it is still sustainable – I would love to invest!

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it must be a scam.

Online Scam #3: Done For You System

Systems, systems and systems!

In today's internet marketing world, many claim that their system is the “short-cut” to your success.

Yes, I do agree that having a system is very important and contribute significantly towards success. But how exactly does their system works?

Most internet marketing guru's so-called systems are based on the same basic principle of the business. Have professionally designed squeeze pages, a funnel and lots of auto-responder emails.

Then they will “scam” you with this concept ..

What You Need Is Just To Drive Traffic To The Squeeze Pages That I've Created For you

This sounds great right?

NO! Think again, if they have done all the technical work for you, don't you think they will also get the email list which you paid for from buying ads?

In short, you are paying for their list. This is on top of selling you their system!

I would rather put in more effort to learn how to do all these myself so that I am in control.

However, if you prefer short-cut and do not mind to share your list with others, you may want to consider buying CB Passive Income 3.0 from Patric Chan.

I've tried his system and it really works to build your subscriber list.

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Online Scam #4: Upsell You Cannot NOT Buy

It is very common to upsell you products one after another and it is OK to do so. However, the upsell product must not be a critical product that you must buy in order to succeed.

The seller should have given you sufficient information on any hidden cost that you may need to undertake in order to succeed like other successful customers shown on his sales page.

A seller who genuinely wants to help you will not keep critical information from you.

If you are ever offered with any upsell which gave you no choice but to buy in order to continue with the program, ask for a refund immediately.

Most digital products online has 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Online Scam #5: Excessive Money Back Guarantee

Here's the interesting one. Like what I mentioned just now, many products sold online has Money Back Guarantee.

It is not an indicator of scam, but in the internet marketing world, you need to be extra careful with this term.

If a marketing guru is so proud of his product, why would he want to offer you this guarantee?

Let me explain further.

A Money Back Guarantee in the online marketing world is to give you the perception that the seller is genuine. You need to be careful if the seller mention this many times in his sales page.

An honest internet marketer who is confident of his product does not need to use “Money Back Guarantee” to make you buy. Instead, he will let you try the product for free as he's confident that you will like his product.

Here's one seller that never allows “Money Back Guarantee” as he only sells high quality affiliate marketing tools and online lessons.

Online Scam #6: No Product Support 

If you can't find any way to contact the seller, you should not be buying the product. In business, you constantly need support from all parties.

Don't buy from people you can't easily access to.

To test whether the seller is genuine, you can try to contact the seller and ask him some questions before buying making the purchase.

If he's willing to answer your questions quickly even before you made the purchase, then you may consider to proceed further.

But if you don't get any response in a couple of days, then it may be a scam.

My Unique Ways To Avoid Scam Online

To determine whether a product is legitimate, I will normally make a product search online and look for information from page 10 and beyond as those are the pages not ranked high on search engines and very likely information are genuine.

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Other than that, I'll also do a search on the seller and see whether this person really exist.

Many marketers use persona to sell products which are of lower quality. Two examples are 60 Minute Profit Plan and Second Income Center.

The more REAL a seller is, the more credible he is.

Try to connect with the seller via their social media profiles and check their response. In this way, you will be able to know whether they are real person and willing to help you.

Managing Expectation

Lastly it is about managing expectation.

The word “scam” has different meaning to everyone.

Some pay $7 and expect a $700 product value and consider the product a scam when it does not meet their expectation.

Whereas, many buy a product and do nothing about it then start telling others that the product does not work.

We all know with either way, it is not possible to succeed …

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For me personally, I will not determine that a product is a scam without trying my best to make it work.

Also I do not think all products with Money Back Guarantee are scams as I've tried some that work for me.

Therefore, you will hardly see any of product that I review be labelled as scam.

I would advise if anyone of you want to buy a product online, make sure you ask as many questions as possible to manage your expectation before buying.

If you want to avoid scams online, ready to find real ways to earn money online, want to learn more and believe success comes with continuously effort, then I do have something to share with you.

You can learn almost everything about internet marketing with this awesome online marketing education platform that provides 10 FREE training lessons to get you started online.

Here's the link where you can access the free lessons. Start now and enjoy your learning.

Thank you very much for following my article and if you have any recommendation on Ways to Avoid Scams Online, do leave me a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Ways To Avoid Scams Online”

  1. You bring up some good points about avoiding scams online and what to watch out for.

    Ultimately if anything sounds to good to be true it almost certainly is. These guru’s are selling people on a dream of push button riches, nothing more.

    To make money online for real takes hard work and dedication. Thinking otherwise it setting yourself up for failure. Thanks for sharing this article with us!

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