What Is American Online Jobs? (The Truth Exposed!)

What is American Online Jobs

Is American Online Jobs A Scam?

Before I tell you whether American Online Jobs is a scam or not, let me be very upfront with you.

Despite I joined American Online Jobs, I have not earned a single cent through the platform.

I am just reviewing this website as there are many people whom I know are keen to do part-time jobs to earn extra income.

American Online Jobs is not a scam like what other people are saying on the web. In fact is a legit website helping people to make extra income.

However, unlike how its name indicates, there is no jobs offered inside this website. The name American Online Jobs itself is misleading.

American Online Jobs is not a job recruiting company, neither is it a connecting platform for people looking for part-time jobs.

Its hyped up promotion that claims to help you earn $700 to $1,600 per week is suspicious.

This American Online Jobs review will show you how it can help you make extra income so you can decide for yourself whether American Online Jobs is for you.

What is American Online Jobs?
Process of Joining American Online Jobs
How To Make Money with American Online Jobs?
Can you make $1,600 with American Online Jobs?
American Online Jobs is A No-No To Me
My Best Make Money Online Opportunity


Product Name: American Online Jobs

Founder: Founded by Brenda F. Rosenberg in 2018 (not sure)

Product Type: An affiliate marketing program

Price: Free to join as member

Summary: A low quality affiliate marketing program that act as an intermediary platform to offer various paid survey opportunities to make money online. Inside member dashboard, you can find basic training on how to make money. These training can be easily found on YouTube. There are two ways you can make money with American Online Jobs, one is to do surveys and another is to promote American Online Jobs

Best For: Nobody

Rating: 20/100

Recommended: No

What is American Online Jobs?

American Online Jobs is website that provides opportunities for anyone who want to make money doing surveys or as their affiliate.

It was founded by Brenda F. Rosenberg in 2018.

Inside member's area, you can find training, make money with survey opportunities and some other make money online opportunities to start with.

When American Jobs Online first started, there's only a few training video lessons provided to members. However, in less than a year, training lessons were increased to 9 videos.

These training teach you about …

1. How to make money with American Online Jobs
2. Difference between referral marketing & MLM
3. List of surveys you can join
4. How to promote on Craiglist, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.
5. How to setup American Online Jobs website

I believe Brenda did put in her effort to add more value into her business but most training are very basic stuff you can easily find on YouTube.

There are indeed more to be done to improve customer experience and build trust.

Some include improving process of joining American Online Jobs which I'll discuss later, setup privacy & about page on its homepage and change the way American Online Jobs is promoted.

I guess due to its name, people who visited their website were given the impression that this company offers part-time job opportunities.

The truth is, there is no job opportunities at all. What they offer is only make money online opportunities involving taking surveys.

Misleading information can be avoided if proper information is provided in visible places.

Process of Joining American Online Jobs

I really don't like the process of joining American Online Jobs as it starts by asking people to take pre-screening survey before you can proceed to the next step.

First, I am not comfortable doing a pre-screening survey when I don't even know anything about this company.

I've tried to search on Google about American Online Jobs but I can't find the about page, privacy page nor income disclaimer page of this company.

The few websites that I found are review sites of Wealthy Affiliate members and some directory listing sites. Most review sites concluded that American Online Jobs is a scam.

Second, I think it is rude for American Online Jobs to jump straight to get information of its visitors without proper introduction.

Anyway, after you completed the pre-screening survey, you will be taken to Step 2.

In Step 2, you are required to watch a short video and sign up for a third party website that is called InboxDollars.

There will be a video to teach you step-by-step how to sign up for InboxDollars.

InboxDollars is a legitimate survey reward site that will give you a $5 credit immediately when you sign up. However payout rate is low among other similar program.

For step 2, there are people being directed to Swagbucks or Online Flex Job too. Both are survey or get-to-paid sites, but not all are legit.

I guess the sites you are directed to depend on the setting of its owner, Brenda.

Once you completed step 1 & 2, you will be directed to complete the 9 video lessons that I mentioned earlier.

These 9 short videos will share with you basic information on how to make money and build your affiliate website including driving traffic from various sources.

What American Online Jobs wants from you is to join survey sites and other affiliate program they promote.

This includes Survey Junkie and GetResponse affiliate program with links under some video training.

Below is example of the first training inside American Online Jobs member area.


How To Make Money with American Online Jobs?

There are typically 2 ways to make money with American Online Jobs.

One is to do as many surveys as you can and the other is to promote this program as their affiliate.

Let me first explain about taking surveys.

If you already have a stable income and are just thinking to earn additional income, then it might be possible to make money doing surveys.

Each completed survey can earn you few pennies to a few dollars.

However, you won't need to register with American Online Jobs to make money doing surveys.

You can register directly with 1 to 2 reputable survey companies like Swagbucks or FusionCash and start making money with your free time.

Please do avoid survey sites like Survey Club or SurveySpot as both have high rate of complaints.

Another way you can make money with American Online Jobs is by doing what this website is doing – that's to get people who want to explore make money opportunities to sign up for American Online Jobs.

You will then receive a commission when …

1. People sign up for American Online Jobs
2. People sign up for survey sites recommended by YOU using American Online Jobs system

But how much can you earn if your referrals are just earning a few hundreds per month?

Can you make $1,600 with American Online Jobs?

I have never heard anyone doing surveys can make up to $1,600 a week.

On average a person who diligently participate in surveys can only make around $200 to $300 a month.

That's provided if the survey companies pay in cash and not reward points or gift cards.

Unless you are planning to make money like how American Online Jobs make money which is to refer survey sites to people, otherwise I can't find any other ways you can earn up to $1,600 a week.

Having said that, I don't believe anyone can make such income by just promoting American Online Jobs. There must be other affiliate program you need to promote as well.

For me, I would not want to promote any make money opportunities that misled people into believing they can earn up to $1,600 a week by just doing surveys.

Intentionally provide misleading information to others for the benefit of oneself is not that ethical right?

Another downside about American Online Jobs is the lack of disclosure on how this program will be using your personal data.

There is no privacy policy nor affiliate disclaimer page on this website. This highly indicates that your personal data is not protected!

American Online Jobs is A No-No To Me

Despite American Online Jobs is not a scam but it has an element of intentionally concealing the truth from people who want to find make money opportunities.

Furthermore, too much time will be wasted for people who try to explore how to make money with American Online Jobs.

As I said earlier, doing survey after survey is only going to make you a few hundred dollars richer each month.

It's not going to make enough money for you to quit your 9 to 5 jobs nor pay your mortgage.

Imagine if you use the time spent doing surveys to promote affiliate products that can make you a commission from minimum of $50 to $400 each like CB Passive Income that comes with a legitimate and proven done-for-you system?

Or maybe promote subscription-based product like Elite Marketing Pro or My Lead System Pro that can even give you an annual RECURRING income from minimum of $100 to $1,000 per subscriber.

Can you see the huge opportunities you can choose from?

My Best Make Money Online Opportunity

Honestly, I never want to make money doing surveys as most survey companies only pay pennies.

Furthermore, once you register for one, you will start to be bombard with more offers in your mailbox.

If you want to promote American Online Jobs as an affiliate, the basic training inside can't help at all.

Unless the training provided is comprehensive and can cater for my needs, otherwise I won't join.

If like me, you too prefer to build a real business online that can help you achieve financial and time freedom, I highly recommend you to learn from the community that has helped me start mine.

You can start by register for a free trial account at no cost to you and without credit card required.

The best part is, your personal data will NEVER be shared with anyone.

You can read my review about this community or learn how I make money learning from them.

Alternatively, if you want to get started now, please follow the instruction below.


Head over to Wealthy Affiliate now and register for a FREE Starter Membership where you will receive 2 free websites, 10 free training lessons and 7 days free access to learn from SUPER AFFILIATES.

Wealthy Affiliate Signup for Free Starter Member


I hope you now understand, despite this program is quite misleading, but America Online Jobs is definitely not a scam.

It is just a low quality affiliate marketing program that is not good enough for anyone who want to quit their job and work full time at home.

If you have any experience with America Online Jobs, do leave me a comment below.

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12 thoughts on “What Is American Online Jobs? (The Truth Exposed!)”

  1. julienne murekatete

    Thank you for sharing this great review on American Online Jobs.

    To be frank I am very upset when I read about scam program because I was scammed many times by those low quality program that make empty promises to help anyone make money.

    I really don’t trust American Online Jobs as its promotional video is too misleading. Any newbie can easily fall into such scam. 

    Never will I ever recommend American Online Jobs to any of my friends as I don’t want to join this unethical marketing just to make quick bucks.

    I registered for Wealthy Affiliate but I can’t find you inside this program. What’s your WA profile link? 

  2. Wow! It is crazy how people get creative and start those schemes in order to make money at the expense of desperate people and/or individuals that have the scarcity mindset. They keep on selling you information that you easily find on YouTube. We have to stop falling for these scams. Anyway, keep on dropping that good content.

  3. Thank you for sharing this great review about American online jobs 

    trying to make money by doing survey is most likely be a waste of time, most likely this website keeps redirecting you to another website and the only thing that they one is to take your information so they can sell it to other people and start bombarding you with a ton of junk emails. Hopefully more people after reading this info don’t follow to this programs.

    1. Yes, luckily I created a dummy yahoo mail before I gave them my email. Now my inbox is full of emails from strangers. Thanks to American Online Jobs. 

      In fact, if we find privacy policy in any program that admit they will sell our personal data, we should not be giving in the very first place. 

      I won’t join AOJ if I am not writing a review about this company because they don’t even have any privacy policy nor terms of usage at all!

  4. Hey Florence,

    Honestly, this is the first time l heard about AmericaOnlineJobs and the name is truly misleading. l would says it’s just another survey site that why a Pre-screening is a prerequisite prior to sign up. There is no way you can earn $1,600 a week by just taking surveys and promoting AmericaOnlineJobs. That’s absolutely incredible. 

    Previously, l am also doing surveys during my leisure time but the earning is too low and very few survey available so l quited.  Now l have my own web business, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thank you for sharing your review.

    All the best.

    1. Hey Hiew, you are also a member of Wealthy Affiliate? I joined since 2015. What about you? Do connect with me inside Wealthy Affiliate too. Here’s my profile link

      1. Hey Florence,

        Yes, l have just connected you inside Wealthy Affiliate. I see you have much success with Wealthy Affiliate. Which state are you from? I am a Sabahan.

        Keep in touch and all the best to you.

  5. Thanks for sharing about Americanonlinejobs. I would say this is another scam and nobody is going to make any money from here. The chances of making a fortune out of this site is almost impossible and definitely not recommended by me to anyone. So you started your online business with Wealthy Affiliate too? I am also doing this. It’s indeed great community to hangout with. Real training and proven strategies. Anyone who wanted to start a small business online should really join Wealthy Affiliate. 

    1. Yes, I totally agree with you. Wealthy Affiliate is 10x or 100x better than American Online Jobs. And strategies taught are even used by many successful marketers to make money online. Have you completed all the trainings inside this program? I’ve done both Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp. And currently exploring Classroom and attend weekly live Webiner by Jay. There are just so much to learn but so little time. 

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