What Is Five Minute Profit Sites About: Scam or Legit?

What is Five Minute Profit Sites About
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Five Minute Profit Sites by “Chris Parker”

It's the same old tactics again! The Five Minute Profit Sites, probably created by Chris Parker is using the same old black hat tactics to coax you into believing that making money from affiliate marketing is quick and easy.

However, compared to Profit With Alex that was no longer selling as of to-date, I would say Five Minute Profit Sites is an improvised version, despite it is still very low quality.

Five Minute Profit Sites claim to help you start making $519/day in just less than 5 minutes and 17 clicks!

I can guarantee you that this is another suspicious and hyped-up claim to make you buy the product.

Again, it uses emotional trigger and make people buy out of curiosity.

As the price is only $37 with 60 days money back guarantee, most people will give it a try with the hope to see miracles.

Too bad, you won't!

There won't be any miracle in making money if you are not putting in enough effort.

In my Five Minute Profit Sites Review, let me reveal to you the truth about how Chris Parker uses the same old tactics to lure people into buying this useless software that can't help anyone make money as claimed.

What is Five Minute Profit Sites About?
How Does Five Minute Profit Sites Work?
The Ugly Truth About Five Minute Profit Sites
Is Five Minute Profit Sites A Scam?
Best Program To Learn Affiliate Marketing


Product Name: Five Minute Profit Sites

Creator/Owner: Sam Smith (fake owner). Most probably the owner is Chris Parker (unverified).

Product Type: A landing page with customized domain and low quality sales funnel to promote ClickBank products

Price: $37 + 3 upsells

Best For: The owner and black hat marketers promoting this product

Summary: Five Minute Profit Sites is an extremely low quality hyped-up product sold on ClickBank that can't deliver as promised. Its sales video provides highly misleading information with the intention to coax visitors to buy.

Rating: 5/100

Recommended: No

What Is Five Minute Profit Sites About?

Five Minute Profit Sites is a automated niche website creator software that claims to help anyone build a “high converting websites” that can make a lot of money on auto-pilot.

But the truth is those hyped-up claims made inside its sales video are just misleading and unrealistic.

In fact Five Minute Profit Sites is just a pre-made landing page that you get based on the domain you choose from pre-determined names inside the system.

Below is the landing page of the “website” you will get from Five Minute Profit Sites.

As there are more than one customer, the only thing that will changed is the Site Title, depending on the domain that you choose.

To make money from this “website”, what you need to do is to get as many visitors to your “website” and make them click the “download this private system” button.

Once your customer download the so-called private system, they will receive a list of free make money online resources.

Each pdf/ebook/video will promote some affiliate products with your ClickBank links.

When someone buy, you make an affiliate commission.

Not that difficult right? Wait, I need you to think again….

If you really think through, you can find tons of flaws in this system which I'll reveal one by one later.

Before that, let me explain to you the steps you need to take in order to claim your “free website” inside Five Minutes Profit Sites, which is not really free.

How Does Five Minute Profit Sites Work?

The screenshot you see on top is the 3 main steps you need to take in order to claim your “website” once you login to members' area.

Let me briefly explain to you the steps…

1. Connect your ClickBank account to FMPS
2. Choose a pre-made domain name as your website
3. Sign up for AWeber, an email marketing tool
4. Connect your AWeber account to FMPS
5. Start driving traffic to your “website”
6. Wait to see money inside your ClickBank accoung, if you are lucky

The steps are pretty straight forward and simple.

But do you really think you can make money from affiliate marketing with these simple steps?

Look, I've reviewed so many ClickBank products that come with a starting price of $97, $67, $47 or $37 with some discounts later one when you don't buy.

And there will be at least some upsells inside each system that promises you quicker and easier money if you are willing to invest more.

To name some, they are Auto Chat Profits, 60 Minute Profit Plan and The AZ Code.

They just repeated the same tactics over and over again to give people the impression that making money online is quick and easy, even for a complete newbie.

Here's the typical tactic they use to coax people into buying low quality system that can hardly make you any affiliate commission.

The Ugly Truth About Five Minute Profit Sites

Unknown Onwer: You will never find out who the owner is. Despite checking into its terms, privacy policy and even affiliate disclaimers, none of these documents reveal identity of the real owner. You can't even find them inside ClickBank.

Inside the sales video and even the affiliate promotion videos, they will always use a narrator or spokesperson. Why is that so?

The owner knows that those are low quality products. And to maintain their reputation, they will never disclose their true identity.

Free Licensed Product: Just like Auto Chat Profits, there's no such thing as free licensed software. There must be some way these products is going to make you pay.

The big button with “…. FREE SOFTWARE LICENSE” on their sales page is misleading.

They just want to coax you into give out your email address despite you are not buying after realizing there's cost involved…

Upsells & Hidden Cost: No doubt upsells are common in any program promoting online business opportunity, but if you are not able to make quick and easy money as claimed inside the sales video without buying those upsells, then there's definitely intention to deceive.

Look at the screenshot below….

Five Minute Profit Sites Upsell

Apart from the $37 front-end product, you will be pushed to buy 3 more upsells.

1. FMPS Faster Profits ($197)
2. FMPS Double Your Profit Sites ($187/$137)
3. FMPS Traffic Tsunami

There're in fact more!!!

Remember the email autoresponder, AWeber you need to sign up? That's going to cost you $19 per month.

It's a good product, but it should be made known in advance inside the sales video that you have to buy in order to use the system.

Unlike CB Passive Income where you can proceed to make money without AWeber, in Five Minute Profit Sites, you can't.

I've not yet include the cost of getting traffic…..

Outdated Traffic Strategy: There are indeed some traffic training inside this program but most are outdated tactics and don't work anymore.

For example, one of the traffic training is teaching you to leave a comment with your affiliate link on another person't blog and forum. Hey, that's so outdated.

I received so many spam comments with affiliate links everyday.

At one glance I knew those are the tactics taught inside these low quality program.

If you are using this tactic 10 years ago, most probably it can still work but no longer now.

I'll never approve such spam comment and let others steal my traffic away.

What about the fact that Five Minute Profit Sites expect you to start with Solo Ads?

Let me tell you the truth.

Yes, solo ads is indeed the fastest way you can get clicks to your affiliate link. But if you are a complete newbie, it'll be very risky to start with paid traffic.

I am not saying it's not possible to get return for every dollar spent, but you need to have the skills to identify genuine seller and get the best price.

With the basic training provided inside this Five Minute Profit Sites, it's not possible at all.

Your Business is Controlled By Others: First, you do not know the seller. Second you don't own the domain neither do you own the hosting.

If this program is discontinued for any reason, there's high probability that you are going to lose your site. By that time, you won't even know who you can recover the site from.

All the traffic you invested to build over time will be lost forever!

Currently Profit With Alex and Auto Chat Profits (barely one month since launched) were discontinued.

Who knows what's going to happen to those people who build their “automated sites” with these program.

I guess the only good thing about Five Minute Profit Sites is that this program comes with 60 days money back guaranteed.

At least you can get your money back if within 60 days, you don't see any result.

Is Five Minute Profit Sites a Scam?

I never like to call another program a scam.

But since there's intention to deceive, I would say Five Minute Profit Sites is indeed very near to be called a scam.

To the bare minimum, they are using black hat marketing tactics to make people buy. That's very unethical.

At the beginning, you were told it's free but when you are about to give out your email with the hope to receive free license, only to realize there's cost involved.

Don't you feel cheated?

Furthermore, the “website” is not even yours!

My advice to anyone is to stay away from this program …

Best Program To Learn Affiliate Marketing

The training inside Five Minute Profit Sites are mostly outdated and you'll be wasting your time scrambling through all the useless resources.

Look, e-marketing industry is evolving very fast and all marketers must be ready to learn and innovate new traffic strategies continuously.

To keep up with the trend, there's a need for you to learn from the right program with the right mentor.

If you prefer to see results quicker, then there's no better way than to apply paid traffic strategies.

I suggest you to learn from Stack That Money forum or get Patric Chan's CB Super Affiliate Training so you can get started on the right foot.

Both are highly credible program that deliver proven results.

For me, I started my small online business with a program that focuses on free traffic strategy. This program has helped many people make 6 to 7 figure income, even for complete newbie.

But the downside is there're a lot of work involved and it takes 3 to 6 months time to see results.

If like me, you too prefer to apply free traffic strategies, then I suggest you to get a copy of my free guide to start a small business online.

Inside this free guide, you will find the exact strategy I use to build my online business and start making affiliate commission.

I hope you enjoy reading my Five Minute Profit Sites Review. If you have any questions about making affiliate commission, do leave me a comment below.

Additional Resources

Below are my recommended tools & program to make money from affiliate marketing and email marketing:


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  • CB Passive Income – The best done-for-you automated sales funnel system, created by a Clickbank top affiliate, proven to increase conversion
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16 Comments on "What Is Five Minute Profit Sites About: Scam or Legit?"

  1. Hello,

    Your review on Five Minute Profit Sites is really comprehensive and helpful. In fact, I must tell you that this is the first time I heard about Five Minute Profit Sites. But the tactics used inside its sales video look familiar to me. Another program that’s also selling at $37 with many pop-ups. 

    To me, this system doesn’t sound real and I don’t think anyone can make money by just using the system. I hope more people can find your site to prevent them from falling prey into this low quality product. 

    I am very new in e-marketing industry. Can you share with me about free traffic strategies? Is it about sharing post on social media platforms?

    • Hi Salim, thank you for reading my Five Minute Profit Sites review. This is just another low quality system that can’t help anyone make decent income online. No reputable marketer will ever promote this product. 

      If you want to start making money without the need to pay for traffic, then I suggest you to select a profitable niche, create a website, ranked on Google and get free traffic. Sharing on social media platform is part of the strategy to get free traffic but it won’t be effective unless you have huge social media followers. 

      To learn how to get a lot of free targeted traffics, you can try to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate free Starter Account and try whether this is the way you want to make money online. 

  2. WOW! Another Chris Parker project? I really liked your earlier post about his other earning opportunity.

    I don’t like ClickBank products, because they have no good payment options for the Affiliates (to Europeans). I like products that pays in PayPal, Skrill, Neteller or in cryptocoins. I don’t use checks and I have to wait 2-6 weeks to receive my earnings.

    But the biggest problem with ClickBank is it’s very difficult to find good program that provide real training that can help anyone make decent income online. I’ve tried searching but can’t find any at all. Do you know any ClickBank program that’s good? 

    • Yes, it’s indeed difficult to find good product inside ClickBank but it doesn’t mean there’s none. I found one very good product called CB Passive Income which is a done-for-you funnel system that help complete newbies make money by just driving traffic to the funnel. 

      There are many done-for-you funnel system out there but I would say the one provided by CB Passive Income is really hiqh quality and proven to increase leads and conversion. Here’s CBPI 5 Minutes Funnel System provided FREE by this program which I find very attractive.

      If anyone interested to start affiliate marketing without creating own funnel system, then I highly recommend CB Passive Income. At least there are a few good training on solo ads, YouTube marketing and Facebook marketing inside member’s area. Click here to find out more. 

  3. That’s obviously just a cheap landing page. Anyone can create landing page with some kind of free plugin. There’s no need to buy Five Minute Profit Sites at all. I wouldn’t want to spend so much time and money promoting a page that can’t generate long term income for me… let alone one that’s not owned by me!

    Seriously, there are too many such low quality program sold on ClickBank just to target people who are new to internet marketing. I’ve heard about Patric Chan. Is he really credible? 

    • Yes, Patric’s training is indeed very high quality. There’s no hyped-up sales video and he always cautioned people that hard work is required to achieve online success. 

      Personally, I’ve tried CB Passive Income and CB Super Affiliate Training program and both are super high quality. It’s definitely worth every cent I’ve invested. 

  4. Florence,

    I appreciate the work you put into determining that Five Minute Profit sites is not a completely legit site.  These types of sites prey on the unwary and those who are most likely experiencing financial hardship already, and then just takes advantage of them.  

    By providing detailed reviews such as this, you are really helping those who might fall for these types of operations.  

    Other than Stack That Money and CB Passive Income that focus on paid traffic strategies, is there any program you can recommend to me that teaches free traffic strategies like SEO? 


    • Hi Ellen, 

      Thanks for your compliment. I am just doing my part to prevent more people from falling into such hype-up sales video and buy product that can’t help anyone make money online. 

      If you want to learn SEO, I suggest you check out this program called Wealthy Affiliate. I started my small business online with this program and it really help me and many others make money online. 

      To know the exact strategy taught inside Wealthy Affiliate, I suggest you get my Free Guide to Start A Small Business Online. 

      Inside this guide, I share the exact strategy I use to build my business including some tools and resources you may need to start one. 

      Hope this helps. 


  5. Hi Florence! I’m starting to distinguish platforms that are scams from those that are legit, thanks to reading your blog. I must say thank you very much!

    Concerning “Five minute profit”, based on what you have taught us, from the very moment I read the sites name I cataloged it as a scam. Because the name is trying to insinuate we can earn fast money. And legit sites don’t operate that way.

    Thank you for unmasking their intention to deceive! But I still have a question. You say the website they provide is not ours. What makes a website ours?

    • Hi Henry, 

      Thanks for your compliment. I write product reviews because I enjoy doing it. Analyzing the various promotional tactics other marketers use helps me understand this industry better and also to avoid scam. Been scammed too many times, so become slightly smarter… lol.

      If you want to make any website yours, first you must OWN that domain. For example the domain http://www.ClickWebSuccess.com is owned by me completely as I register this domain under my name via Wealthy Affiliate. 

      Second, you must make sure the hosting provider allows you to transfer your hosting to another provider whenever you want to. Only host your website with a reputable hosting provider.

      Previously, I use Hostgator and Namecheap paying around $200 per site, but now I transfer all my websites to Wealthy Affiliate as this platform provides free SSL security, accelerated speed and 24/7 technical support. 

      Because I am a Premium member of this affiliate marketing program, therefore all these facilities are included in my membership. I can even host up to 25 websites and get weekly updated training on affiliate marketing. That’s on top of the 120 official video lessons taught inside this platform. 

      That’s a great deal for the annual membership fee that I pay. I suggest you try out the hosting inside Wealthy Affiliate so you too can own your domain and hosting. Here’s more about Wealthy Affiliate if you are interested to find out. 

  6. Florence I really appreciate your professional review of Five Minute Profit Sites. 

    Your thorough yet tactful approach definitely helped me understand more about this low quality Five Minute Profit Sites system. The hype-up sales video is really what people should be cautious about. Seems like a scam to me. 

    Seriously, I won’t try even it only cost $37. It’s not about the money but is wasting my time learning through training lessons that can’t help me make any money. 

    I never heard of Stack That Money nor CB Super Affiliate Training before. Seems like good program to start affiliate marketing too. Will definitely check it out. 

    Oh yes, just to let you know that I got your Free Guide too. So informative. Will definitely share this free guide with my friends. 

    Thank you so much for your recommendation. 

    • Hi Cheri, glad to know that you enjoy reading my Five Minute Profit Sites Review. I choose to start writing review on make money online program because there are just too many scam out there … and I was a victim too when first started.

      I don’t believe cheap training can be good. For me, high quality training that can help anyone make money will never come as cheap as $37 one-time payment. This is never going to happen. There must be some catch or upsells after you buy into the product. 

      Btw, after you read my Free Guide, I suggest you head over to SiteRubix and start creating your first WordPress website. It’s entirely free to register. At least there are some training for you to start and it’s entirely free for lifetime. 

      All the best!


  7. Hello Florence,

    I’m interested in everything related to affiliate marketing. Can you make money by being affiliated? I am a beginner in how much time can I generate my first income? I am looking for a serious company that provides very good training and above all that has fast and effective support because I have many doubts. What platform would you recommend me? 

    Thank you very much for your help. Claudio

    • Hi Claudio, 

      Great to know there’s another person interested to start an affiliate marketing business. In fact affiliate marketing is a term about promoting another person’s product to earn a commission and there’re many ways you can do it.

      My best way to do affiliate marketing is by creating rich content in niche websites. Some people call this SEO-optimized content marketing. 

      What I did is just to create a website that contain post surrounding a topic, find affiliate products related to that topic and promote inside my post. When people click on my affiliate link and buy, I earn a commission. 

      To understand more about affiliate marketing, you can read my post on beginner’s guide to affiliate marketing. 

      For a complete beginner, you can start see results within 3 to 6 months time if solely relying on free traffic strategy. And if you want to earn decent income from affiliate marketing, that’ll take you 1 to 2 years, depending on consistency of your work.

      However, if you are wiling to pay for advertisement (of course it comes with some risk of losing your investment), then you should be able to see results quicker. 

      I start my small online business by register a FREE Starter Membership with Wealthy Affiliate before deciding to pay for Premium. As a free Starter member, you can get 2 free websites (lifetime), 10 free training lessons (lifetime) and 7 days access to learn from super affiliates. 

      I suggest you to try this program to see for yourself whether it is good for you. So far, I am happy with Wealthy Affiliate that has helped me and many others start a small business online. 

      I hope it’ll do the same for you. Cheers!

  8. I guess this Five Minute Profit Sites will soon be take down like Auto Chat Profits too. Otherwise,there will be more people talking about this scam. i think you are too kind not to say this program is a scam. Anyone should just stay away from this low quality program. 

    I saw you review on Stack That Money. Seems very expensive to pay $99 per month as member. Did you subscribe after you wrote that review? 

    • I haven’t subscribe to Stack That Money yet as I am still focusing on driving free traffic via creating SEO-optiimized content.

      But to start with paid campaign, I’ve recently realized that even Wealthy Affiliate, the program that helped me start my online business has included a very comprehensive training on Bing & Facebook advertisement campaign.

      Guess I’ll just start paid ads by following the step-by-step training inside first.

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