What is FusionCash About? (Earn Extra Income $$$)

What is FusionCash About

FusionCash Survey Looks Promising

If you are searching for real ways to earn money online, I guess you might have hit upon get cash survey sites which seem quite legit.

However, this might not be how it seems to be. It will take you long time before you can cash out any money as the minimum earning to entitle for cash payout is quite high.

Alongside survey panels like SurveySpot and SurveyClub that I DO NOT recommend you to join, there are also get-paid-to (GPT) website like Swagbucks that not only pays you for surveys, but for doing other activities that form part of your daily routine.

Another GPT site is FusionCash which looks quite promising to me if you want to earn some extra money.

We'll check out what FusionCash offers and decide whether it is for you.

What is FusionCash?
How Does FusionCash Works?
How to Get Paid?
Who Can Join FusionCash?
Good Things I Like About FusionCash
FusionCash Complaints
My Verdict on FusionCash


Product Name: FusionCash

Founder: Not Available

Product Type: Get-paid-to-try offer site

Price: Free

Best For: People who already have a stable income but still wiling to spend extra time trying new offers/products to earn up to few hundred bucks a month

Summary: FusionCash is a legit get-paid-to-try offer site that only pay out in cash. No gift card policy. 

Rating: 85/100

Recommend: Yes, only for people with stable income. If you want to start a small business online so you could quit your day job, then I advise you to get a copy of my free guide below to get started. 

What is FusionCash?

As I mentioned earlier, FusionCash is a get-paid-to try offer (GPT) site. They earn money from advertisers who pay them when get people sign up to try their products or services.

If you register with FusionCash, they will share advertiser money with you when referring you to complete those offers.

Rather than spending millions on advertising which people usually ignore, these advertisers engage FusionCash to pay people who are willing to try out their products and services, ultimately buy if they like it.

It’s a win-win situation for advertisers, FusionCash and consumer like you and me.

Key Features.

  • $5 sign up bonus
  • Residents of USA and Canada only
  • Only pay in cash – PayPal, check or bank deposit

Many ways to earn doing simple tasks

How Does FusionCash Works?

Just like other GPT or survey sites, you need to sign up with FusionCash to earn money completing simple task. Once joined, you are eligible to choose from a variety of tasks to earn money. These include:

  • Doing surveys – emailed directly to your inbox or access to some of them through your account dashboard
  • Shopping through FusionCash’s site to earn cash back from your purchase
  • Listening to radio
  • Watching videos
  • Searching on the web
  • Referring friends or family, which will earn you between $1 to $5 each
  • Completing offers – Freebies or “Risk-free Trial”


Freebies are what most newbies start with. All you need to do is fill up your email address, home address and/or full name.

Most freebies offers tend to be short and sweet in the form of surveys, newsletters, signing up for a new site, etc. It is quick and easy to do with usually a one page registration you have to fill up.

Some people might think it is easy to game the system. But bear in mind, FusionCash only pays for valid information. There is a 30 days period where this company will validate your information before you can cash out.

If the advertisers come back and tell them the information was crap, you won’t get paid. Site like FusionCash has mechanisms in place to fight this fraud.

Advertisers are willing to pay you because they need valid information so they can continue to email you other offers. So they need real information.

It might seems easy to earn money signing up for freebies. But you don’t really get paid that much for this. Be prepared to expect anywhere from $0.05 to $5.00 per completed offer.

No matter what, freebies tend to be the easiest way for newbies to make money with GPT sites. Since FusionCash doesn’t require credit card information, most people feel comfortable doing them.

So initially these are the type of offers I suggest newbies to start with.

“Risk Free” Trial

Among the make money opportunities in GPT sites, risk-free trials are most profitable. However, they also created many scam complaints lodged by members which I’ll discuss later.

Just like Netflix offers on TV or the web, you are allowed a 30-days free trial before they deduct monthly subscriptions from your credit card if you don’t cancel them.

That’s how “risk-free” trial offers are.

You get paid to try cool products if you are willing to provide your credit card details. Many people might not feel comfortable doing this but in order to get paid a commission ranging from $5 to $100+, they will just do it.

To really earn money doing trials, you must get organized and create a record on when to cancel if you decide the product is not for you. Reading the fine prints on terms & conditions of each trial can prevent you from losing more than what you earned.

Please keep in mind the advertisers sincerely want you to give their product or service a fair evaluation. That's why you're being paid.

Again, don’t ever think of gaming the system. If you sign up today and cancel the very next moment or tomorrow, this action can get you banned from doing further trials.

To be fair, you should really give the offer an equitable amount of time. I suggest you to stick with offers you really have an interest in so you won’t feel as though you are earning by “working”.

Who knows you might discover offers that can really bring value to you or your family.

These 2 are basically the types of offers you will be doing. However, if this doesn't appeal to you at all, you can still make money with FusionCash by just taking surveys or other things listed above.

How to Get Paid?

Every survey or GPT site has a payment threshold. For FusionCash, once you have reached $25, out of which $15 must be from personal earnings and not referrals, you will be able to get paid in actual cash – a check via mail; direct deposit to your bank account; or a PayPal payment.

It will be approved by the 20th of each month once you request a cash out. And the money will reach you 1 to 5 days later. There is no processing fee to enable such transaction and you will get paid as you earned.

Who Can Join?

FusionCash is only open to people residing in Canada and the U.S. who are aged 18+, or U.S. residents aged 13-18 who have parental permission to join.

Let me repeat again. Never think of gaming the system as FusionCash is serious about not allowing multiple accounts. Only one account per person, per household, per computer and even per internet connection.

You can risk losing your account even if you log into your account on a different computer or a public internet connection.

Yes, they are strict with imposing such rules but this is also to protect the interest of their client so to avoid greedy members who answer the same survey many times using multiple accounts

If you are residing outside of these 2 countries, then I suggest you to get a copy of my free guide to start a small business online if you want to make more money.


Good Things I Like About FusionCash

Seriously, FusionCash is truly a one-of-a-kind site, standing by their motto of “no catch, just cash”.

This company has paid out cash over $3 million in 12 years and rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau, which is not easy to achieve.

One thing I like about FusionCash is its chat feature for members to discuss and share information. There are over 1 million posts to-date and chats are highly active.

If you are an active contributor, FusionCash will further reward you $3 extra every month for helping other members. That’s additional way to earn from this company.

Joining the website is completely free and you instantly get your first $5 reward upon joining.

I believe the best thing about FusionCash is that they do not play gift card games at all. And this is also the only GPT platform that allows you to link up your bank account to your membership.

But if in any way you are not comfortable linking your bank account, you can always choose to receive payment by mail, or get paid via PayPal.

Anyway, not all offers require your credit card information. You are free to choose No Credit Card offers instead if you are one of those with trust issues.

The paying rates with FusionCash are incredibly good. It might be true that some people ended up with offers that are crap, but you too can be making $8 to $10 an hour.

Not bad for someone who want to earn extra money doing simple task. With patience and consistence, you can make in the range of $200 to $300 a month.

Just like Swagbucks, there are so many ways you could make money with FusionCash.

Almost everything you do on the web can give you rewards. This includes watching videos, listening to the radio, shopping online, and doing get cash surveys.

FusionCash Complaints

Just like other GPT or survey sites, as soon as you sign up for an account, you will received tones of emails, advertisements or even spams.

This is what you have to accept unless you select other ways to earn extra money. For instant through affiliate marketingpublish an ebook or start a beauty blog which are some of the common online businesses others are doing at home.

There is no way you can get away from those spams if you choose to earn money from GPT or survey sites. Well, to prevent messy inbox, the best is to register FusionCash with a secondary email.

Another risk that you must be aware of is that some offers include receiving a product at home for a trial period.

No doubt these activities pay more but you must remember to cancel your trial before it expires. Otherwise you will end up paying for the product rather than earning from FusionCash.

Do keep in mind that some product trial might cost you money to begin with, but if they offer a payment many times higher than what you invest, it is still worth it.

Despite FusionCash payout is consider reasonable, it can’t help you to quit your 9 to 5 job and earn money working at home.

This program is only able to make you a few hundred dollars richer every month and you must still maintain a stable job to pay your bills.

If you would like to choose one program that can allow you to earn money working at home, then I suggest you to check out my free guide to start a small business online. 


My Verdict on FusionCash

No doubt there are some of the cons which are common in the GPT industry, I strongly believe FusionCash is legit.

I think the many complaints on the web is caused by the misconception people had about making money this way. They just don’t understand how GPT and survey sites work.

If you think by doing surveys and simple tasks on FusionCash can let you earn enough to pay your bills, then you are totally wrong. It’s not going to happen.

Yes, FusionCash has my vote and I encourage you to join, but provided your intention is just to earn additional few hundred dollars a month.

But if that’s not what you want, then I suggest you get my free guide to start a small business online. that can allow you to quit your 9 to 5 job, if you consistently take action and put in effort. 

Regardless what your choice is, just take action on something rather than waiting or talking about it for as long as you can remember.

Trust me, taking action is the only way to succeed in this industry.

I hope you already know what is FusionCash about and able to make a decision based on my review. Do leave a comment below if you have any experience to share or other suggestion to earn money online.

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