What is Listverse About? (Is It Worth Your Time?)

What is Listverse About

Write For Listverse and Get Paid $100 per Article

Have you wonder what is Listverse about?

I’ve come across this platform since 2010 where writers claimed to earn $100 per article published.

If this is true, will this be a good platform for new writers to practice writing, like what Textbroker offers.

Or is it only for experienced writers who are already writing to earn money online?

One more question that I really like to find out is .... can anyone really earn money online writing for Listverse?

To quench my thirst for the truth, I did some research on Listverse.

Here is what most people agree about Listverse.

Listverse is a huge compilation of cool, interesting and bizarre lists of things happening in this world. The quality of content is actually very good and it’s fun just browsing around reading the lists. Ranging from scientific, to entertainment, to topics about lifestyle, Listverse is anything but “ordinary”. You can definitely find unexpected content from this website.

From my initial research, I found out many writers claimed that Listverse approves content and pays writers within days. These are mostly reviews or comments few years back.

But is this still the same now?

Let us discuss what is Listverse about and how writers can earn money from this website.

Listverse Review Summary

What is Listverse AboutProduct Name: Listverse

Founder: Founded by Jamie Frater in 2007

Product Type: User-generated online content publisher

Price: Free for readers and writers earn $100 for every article published

Best For: Native English writers who have 10 items of original bizarre stories to share

Summary: Listverse is not a scam but neither will it be worth your time, especially if you are new to writing. The competition is fierce and only a handful of articles can get accepted. You won’t feel good writing a high quality article without getting paid for your time and effort. There is odd chances that your article will be approved.

Rating: 55/100

Recommended: Only for experienced writers who do not mind spending tons of research hours or days to produce one unique article that has odd chances to get published. Definitely NOT for New Writers!

If you are a new writer, then I highly recommend you to start with my top recommended program to earn money online writing.
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What is Listverse About?

Listverse is a user-generated online content publisher that only showcases unique, extraordinary and bizarre articles submitted by writers from all over the world.

Writers get paid once article pass the scrutiny of the site’s editors

It is a simple submission process. You just need to write according to its guidelines, submit, get approved, and get paid.

Unlike other freelance writing websites where you need to register to submit, in Listverse, this is not required.

As long as you can write English, you are eligible to earn from Listverse.

Who are Listverse For?

Many people go to Listverse to read about unusual things that happen around the world.

But there are some, mostly writers who go to the website to research nature of its content and read article submission guidelines with the hope that this can increase the chances of their article being approved by Listverse.

Listverse, ranked 9,109 on Alexa ranking and claimed itself can attract more than eight million readers with over 30 million pages of content every month.

With the aim to intrigue and educate their readers with a variety of rich content, the website has six main topics in science, entertainment, lifestyle, society, general knowledge, and bizarre.

Listverse publishes at least three approved articles every day, selected from hundreds of submissions they received daily from writers looking to earn money online.

With so many submissions but only 3 approvals, this means that there are odd chances of getting your article approved.

One criteria to qualify writing for Listverse is the article submitted must be original.

Sqribble Writers are also required to follow strictly their guidelines before any article can be considered.

More on how to get accepted by Listverse will be discussed later.

There is no need for you to submit pictures or videos if you plan to write for Listverse. Their editors will take care of this.

In the past, all articles submitted to Listverse will be read and reviewed by the company’s editors with feedback provided, even though it is rejected as stated in their website

However, it is no longer the case now as stated in their Listverse Author Guide shown below.

Listverse reject without feedback

How Writers Make Money?

If you are thinking to make money with Listverse, then I would say the process is pretty simple.

Writers just need to create 10 items in the article, submit and wait for result.

Once your article is approved, you get paid $100 via Paypal within 30 days.

There is no alternative payment available so you need to at least have a Paypal account to receive payment.

Even though the process to make money with Listverse is simple, this doesn’t mean it is easy to earn money writing from them.

The company has strict rules and guidelines when it comes to the kind of article they would accept.

As pointed out earlier, the 10 items in your article must not have been published elsewhere.

There are tons of research you need to do.

Not only do you need to check existing content on Listverse to avoid duplicates, you too need to make sure that the content you wanted to write has not yet been available on other sites as well.

I’ve tried to search their site for existing list. It’s not straightforward and their search feature doesn’t seem to work at all.

For example, I searched for a list about “creature” that is shown on their home page, and search result shown error like below.

What is Listverse About _ Listverse search error

I didn’t really bother to find out what’s wrong technically.

Being put in such situation shows that Listverse makes it difficult for writers to start with the right content.

But how can you know what is the right topic to begin with if there’s no way you can do a research on this website?

From its homepage, I can only conclude that Listverse loves hidden knowledge or unsolved mysteries, misconceptions, and unique topic.

The last that this website will ever approve is common or ordinary topic.

Please refrain from starting with topics that fall into the category of self-help, sports, adult, personal stories, gaming or illegal content as these are not accepted at all.

Despite personal opinion is not acceptable, but if you think your opinion can fit in perfectly on Listverse, make sure you back up with facts from reputable sources or face outright rejection. Wikipedia as a source is not accepted.

Currently, Listverse only accept articles from native English speakers and those who are not will be rejected. This shows Listverse have very high standard of the English language.

What is Listverse About _ Only accept native English speakers for list submission to Listverse

On top of the strict guidelines, there is also strong competition to get your article published.

As I mentioned earlier, Listverse only approves 3 articles daily, selected from hundreds of submissions. It is rarely that they will publish more.

This means competition to get approval is very tough.

It is suggested that the article submitted should be about 1,800 words.

Unlike last time where articles get approved within days, now be prepared to wait for 2 to 4 weeks before they respond.

According to its founder Jamie Frater, Listverse is taking longer time to respond because the company wants to give writers more of a chance to be accepted.

What is Listverse About _ Listverse Complaint Jamie Frater

Recently there are cases reported by writers that Listverse either delayed in payment or failed to pay for articles published on their website.

No explanation is given by the company on this allegation.

What is Listverse About _ Listverse Complaint by realwaystoearnmoneyonline_unstable payment

What I Like About Listverse

I am sure now you should have a better understanding about Listverse. Let’s discuss why I would recommend this platform to earn money writing.

  • No signup is required to submit an article.
  • Simple and easy to follow submission process.
  • Earn $100 for every 1,800 words approved.
  • Unlimited article submissions

What I Don't Like About Listverse

Despite Listverse can potentially provide good source of income for writers, there are things that I do not agree about them. Here are reasons why I will not recommend this platform for writers looking to earn money writing.

  • Tough competition. More than 150 submissions but only 3 articles approved daily.
  • Low chances for approval.
  • The $100 fee does not commensurate with tons of hours or days spend on research & writing
  • Cases reported that Listverse doesn’t pay on time or pay at all

Is Listverse a Scam?

Despite many negative comments about Listverse lurking on the internet (mostly because of list got rejected and late payment), Listverse is NOT a Scam.

There are people who regularly receive payment from this platform too.

Many writers spend at least 15 to 50 hours to create a single piece of article.

I would say the amount of time you spend writing an article to earn $100 might not worth the effort.

And if you are not a native English writer, I would advise you to stay away from this platform.

Listverse will never approve your article if your English is not perfect.

Neither should you try to earn money with Listverse, if you are a new writer.

For beginner, I highly recommend you earn money with my No. 1 Recommended Program. 

Listverse is An Odds Game

The bottom line is Listverse is a platform that pays writers, but the compensation is highly unpredictable because the odds of your article getting approved is very low.

Out of 150 or more submissions, only 3 will be accepted and get paid. Listverse requirement is too strict and hard for writers to earn money from them.

As a writer, I can imagine it will be extremely frustrating to put in all your energy into an article only for it to be rejected, not due to quality of writing but due to unfavourable odds.

This factor alone makes it hard for writers to rely on Listverse as a stable source of income.

I don’t think Listverse is something I would try to earn money from writing, and I urge you not to either.

If you are looking for a way to earn money online, WRITING, hit the button below.

I hope you enjoy my sharing on “what is Listverse about” review to help you to make the right decision.

If you find this article useful, please help to share via Facebook or Twitter.

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26 Comments on "What is Listverse About? (Is It Worth Your Time?)"

  1. Thanks for sharing your review of Listverse and what it’s about. I’m glad to know that it’s not a scam, but you clearly explained that it can be difficult for one’s work/article to be approved. $100 per article does sound nice, but it does seem like it’ll be a little hard to come by. It’s nice to know that no signup is required, but spending tons of time on research to make sure your article is fully original and has not be talked about already can be tough. Even though it’s not a scam, I’ll still look around for other writing platforms. Have you used Listverse a lot?

    • Nope. I’ve never try Listverse but my friend did. He tried a few times but just so tough to get his article accepted. That’s why I decided to find out about Listverse and wrote this review. I think starting a blog and promote affiliate products. At least you just write once but can earn many times.  

  2. I would have walk away after hearing how much work you really have to do.  Researching their content is just one bit of time I would need for myself.

    Only 3 accepted per day?  I am definitely walking away because 1800 words of great content can’t be written quickly. I could probably only make $100/month writing for Listverse.

    Good luck to those who try

  3. This was a very interesting article.  I have been searching through different sites for my daughter so that she can make some extra income writing articles and content.  I’ll let her know about your review on Listverse.  Very informative!!!  You have provided a lot of detail and you have a great site.  Great review.  

    • Thank you. Great to give her such exposure too. If she’s a new writer, I suggest that she write for Textbroker. Is easier to be accepted as writer in this platform. A good place for her to learn too. Of if she wants to start a blog and earn money selling affiliate products, then maybe can try Wealthy Affiliate. 

  4. Listverse sounds like it would be okay for very experienced writers or if you had an unusual topic that they would like and approve for publication. Still, $100 one time is not that great when you can spend the time writing for your own blog and having affiliate links where you could earn a lot more over time.

    Thank you for a clear and thorough review of Listverse to keep me from wasting my time getting involved in something that wouldn’t work out to very good pay.

  5. Great review!

    Listverse is an interesting beast. I am a regular user of the platform and I admit I do find it very interesting.

    I think you are right about Listverse, it is not a scam, but to make money out of it seems to be tough. From what I can tell as a reader is that Listverse tends towards a type of writer. The articles, while different topics all seem to sound very similar. This maybe due to some of the editing the Listverse do to article before they post, but I think that is unlikely.

    It is kind of like TED talks, they are all different topics, present by different people but they all seem to follow a template and have a similar ‘tone’ to them.

    Perhaps if writers study what Listverse is currently posting then they might be able to pick up on the trends and get possibly make more money out of it. However, this would mean even more research time like you mentioned.

    Thanks again for sharing!

  6. Man Listverse has some steep competition for just $100. Spending 15-50 hours on a post and can’t guarantee a spot in those of three posts posted. I can say not worth the time to post there. plus if your English isn’t spot on you are definitely disqualified. I see it as legit to but only for the experienced writers.

    Me personally I would rather post on my blog, promote affiliate product and earn money. Anyway Listverse content is really cool. Good for reading purposes. 


  7. Listverse doesn’t seem like a great idea for new writers, since it is so unlikely that you will get accepted for your writing.

    The odds do not seem to be in your favour.The payout could be better for all those hours of work put into writing and reseaching.  It would not seem like something that I would want to put a lot of effort into because of the low approval rate.

  8. Hi! Earning through writing online may sound like kind of a dream. But I also know it can be possible. I have been exploring a handful of opportunities and come across the recommendation of Listverse.

    Thanks for explaining that articles submitted to this platform rarely get approved. That as beginners, there may be better ways of earning money writing.

  9. Hello Florence Ki thank you for sharing your review on Listverse. From you deep and comprehensive review right on this page, I can see that Listverse is definitely not a place for new writers and I think definitely not a place for most advanced writers too. It will be a thorn in the flesh to write an awesome content/article and not get approval after submission. The competition is so high and only the fittest will survive.

  10. Hello Florence,

    I found your article because I write a lot of content for the internet and am always keen to diversify into something new and something innovative.  What what I read about listverse it certainly is innovative but more to the benefit of the website owners.  If you owned the site it could turn into a gold mine,  for the rest of us I fear you are right in your assessment.  I can think of a handful of more efficient ways to make money online.

    One question: If you get rejected, do you get to keep the content and publish it elsewhere?


    • Of course. The content belong to you and you are free to do whatever you like as long as it is not accepted and paid by Listverse.

  11. $100 for one written article.  Wow that really sounds too good to be true.  Initially that title is what drew me to read the post.  What i’m wondering though.  Is that if readers get to read the posts for free, then where does the money come from for such a huge payment.

    I don’t think i would take on the challenge of writing for Listverse.  As stated only 3 articles are approved daily out of potentially hundreds submitted.  That’s crazy levels of competition right there.

    Checked out your Top recommended program too.  That looks way better option than Listverse. 

  12. Wow. $100 is a huge money these days. But I don’t think it is worth wasting so much time, data and sleep for. The competition on this platform is just too high. Well anyone who thinks he/she can win should give it a try. As for me, I will rather take my time to build my online business than to waste my time writing top notch quality article expecting $100 only to get disappointed. Thank you for sharing

    • I won’t write for Listverse at this point of time too. But don’t mind to give it a try when I have more free time. Like you, I am focusing to build my online business. At the stage of writing my second ebook. Luckily I’ve found a very powerful ebook creator software that makes creating ebook super easy. Otherwise I would end up spending weeks doing it like how I did last time. If you too are creating ebook, I highly recommend you to use the tool that I am using. 

  13. Thank you for sharing all about Listverse, am happy to know that its not for new writers like me, because I would have been so angry submitting an article I must have spent hours researching and putting together only for it not to be approved.

    This article of your have saved a lot of precious time for new writers who might have been thinking of submitting some of their time spent article for an expectation, only for the hopes to dashed because of high competition.

    You did well for this review, as I appreciate it, I know many more do out there.

    Thanks, I now know more.

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