What is SurveySpot About? (Legit or Scam?)

What is SurveySpot About

Get Paid Survey with SurveySpot

Survey sites have been known as legit ways to make money online.

But there are opportunist who take advantage of newbies and try to create scam out of these survey opportunities.

Not only will you be wasting your time giving out personal information that won’t make you any money, but sometimes people do get scammed for subscribing to low quality program.

That’s why I decided to write this SurveySpot review so you’ll be spared from scams.

Although there are many people who feel SurveySpot is legit, but I am here to tell you it’s a waste of time doing survey with them.

There are better survey sites out there if you really want to earn extra bucks.

In this SurveySpot Review, I will share with you my honest review at the same time recommend you other survey sites that can provide better opportunities.

SurveySpot Review Summary

What is SurveySpot AboutProduct Name: SurveySpot

Founder: Survey Sampling International founded by Tom Danbury and Beverly Weiman

Product Type: Community Survey Site

Price: Free 

Best For: Nobody

Summary: Despite SurveySpot is not a scam, there are many negative comments about this platform in recent years. Some didn’t get paid, others get their account closed for no reason. If you want to earn cash, I would recommend you to either join better survey companies or join my favourite program below!

Rating: 10/100

Recommended: I do not recommend anyone to earn money with SurveySpot.

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What is SurveySpot About?

SurveySpot is an online community that offers you the opportunity to get paid for your opinion. 

Owned and operated by Survey Sampling International, it was launched in 2000 with the aim to support companies in brainstorming and create new products or offerings.

This is done by getting feedback from targeted audience like you and me – anyone who want to participate in surveys.

SurveySpot facilitates matching the right surveys at the same time reward you for your valuable opinion and time spend.

Like other survey sites, SurveySpot offers different kinds of rewards.

These 4 major rewards that include cash payout through PayPal, gift cards to Amazon, iTunes and airline miles.

In their 2013 Terms & Conditions, you are only entitled for cash out when you reach a threshold of $50.

This means, if you can’t reach this redemption threshold, your money will be stuck in SurveySpot.

In principle, this looks like a great opportunity to earn extra income as it has cash payouts through PayPal.

SurveySpot appears to be legit and not a scam.

So how can you earn money with SurveySpot?

Earn Money with SurveySpot

In order to participate in SurveySpot, you must be resident of United States and Canada.

There are 2 ways you can earn money from SurveySpot. One is to complete a survey and another is to enter Sweepstakes.

Completing Surveys: After you register and filling up your profile with them, invitations to fill out survey will be emailed to you when there’s one available according to your demographics.

It is not possible to earn cash directly. What you get after every survey you complete is points for redemption later on.

In general, you will earn about 50-100 points per survey whereby each point is worth $0.01 USD.

Despite it is uncommon, some surveys do pay up to a few hundred points.

Sweepstakes Quarterly Prize Draw: According to SurveySpot, in addition to the points rewarded for completing a survey, you’ll also earn even when you are disqualified from a survey.

How can it be possible?

Yes, it does but it is difficult.

The best way to describe is just like finding a needle in a haystack.

For each survey you take (whether you complete the survey or disqualify from the survey), you earn an entry into their $10,000 quarterly prize draw.

This means you can earn a total of $40,000 cash per year if you are lucky.

Inside their T&C, it stated that each person is only entitled to one entry to their sweepstake.

Each quarter SurveySpot will pick 1 winner to receive this grand prize.

I don’t have to explain more. You should know the odds of winning!

Although online survey sites seem like easy money, it actually is one of the toughest way to earn money online.

You can hardly find anyone who tell you that they can earn decent income by just taking surveys.

I would rather earn money by becoming affiliate of SurveySpot or earn money writing a blog than spending my time doing surveys.

Issues with SurveySpot

Users' views and opinions are very important because it shows you what people are saying about SurveySpot.

From my research there are still mixed comment about this survey site. Here are snapshots of users’ comment from some review sites


SurveySpot Review Issues 2

The recent comments are mostly negative ones compared to those before year 2010.

As you can see SurveySpot website is still recorded the latest update in year 2015. This also means they have not been updating their site for few years.

I've done a summary on major issues of SurveySpot as listed below.

Sqribble They seldom offer cash prizes: If you are looking to earn cash with SurveySpot, then you might be disappointed.

Rather than spending time writing answers in a survey, it would be quicker to grow your cash by writing an eBook.

It is so easy to create one professionally looking ebook and you can list on Amazon to sell immediately.

What SurveySpot commonly offer today are sweepstake entries. If you check their FAQ, they no longer list the number of reward points you might get.

There is lack of precise information about the number of sweepstake entries or even how frequently you may expect to be getting the surveys.

Rate of disqualification can be very high. You will be qualified for a good number of surveys offered by SurveySpot.

It is very common that you will be kicked out after you are almost completing your survey with all the reasons they can think of or maybe without any reason given.

In one case, when someone raised a ticket and tell them about similar issue, this person was unsubscribed without justification.

Not Enough Surveys Available: You have no control over the amount of surveys you are invited to take. It all depends on your demographics.

For example, if a cosmetic company wants to handout surveys to people who have visited their store, you will be excluded if you've never been to one.

What SurveySpot is offering other than reward points is the many uncertainties you are going to faced when doing your survey with them.

You are not able to determine your success solely depending on the effort you put in.

This is because the kind of surveys that are available fluctuate according to market demand.

This opens up to more uncertainties. To earn money from surveys is an odds game!

Disqualified For Surveys: Even if you’re invited to do a survey, you might be disqualified after wasted all the time to fill out the survey.

It won’t happen during initial stage of filling out the survey. In most cases it will usually happen when you are halfway through or even towards the end.

Spending time without getting paid is really frustrating!

High Payout Threshold: Most survey sites typically require you to make at least $10-$20 before they allow you to redeem your points for a cash payout.

But SurveySpot has high payout threshold of $50. With so little surveys and high disqualification rate, I bet you can’t even get paid once a month.

Swagbucks is an exception to this as their payout threshold is very low at only $3.

But you still will be putting in a lot of time doing work that only gives you few pennies.

Do you think it is worth your time?

Is SurveySpot Legit or Scam?

Personally I believe SurveySpot is legit and does pay its members to take online surveys. At least it is free to join, unlike most scam websites that require sign up fees.

But this survey site can’t give you consistent income, neither can it make you rich.

It is a waste of time doing survey in this site.

Not only will you not be getting cash reward due to high payment threshold, you will also be losing out other opportunities that can earn you 100x more than what SurveySpot is offering.

Should You Join SurveySpot?

Seriously, I won’t recommend anyone to join SurveySpot.

The site has a lot of negative comments, ambiguity and uncertainties which I don’t feel comfortable when it comes to sacrificing my time and effort.

On top of that, I am not a fan of point system neither is sweepstakes.

Lol.... I don’t think I will have that kind of luck to win prizes.

Other than looking at the years of establishment, when I join any program to earn money, I must make sure these 3 things are presence.

  1. Effort is the main contributing factor towards achieving success;
  2. Payouts is attractive, consistent and can provide decent income; and
  3. The company is reliable and shows real life success stories.

I can’t find any of them in SurveySpot.

In fact, many online paid surveys sites out there having common issues: insufficient surveys, high disqualification, low paying, high payout thresholds and other issues with payouts.

I do not recommend anyone to join these online survey sites either. They are a terrible way to earn money online.

Your time is worth way more than a few pennies.

But if still want to join survey sites, then I would recommend you to join the ones with the best reputation such as Swagbucks and Inbox Pays.

Other Alternative to Surveys

Like you, I’ve been searching for ways to earn money online so I could quit my 9 to 5 job and start working at home.

But along the way, I was scammed so many times with low quality program and promises that were never delivered.

While I was on the verge to give up, the good news is I found something that even a complete newbie can start for free.

I’ve joined this program called Wealthy Affiliate and that’s where I’d learned to build my online business to start generate passive income.

It’s a training platform that teaches you how to build a successful online business in a niche that you are interested in. This program is very easy to understand and better still if you start as a complete newbie.

To know more, please read my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

I am not saying that doing surveys is not going to earn you any income. But the massive amount of time spend doing surveys and the almost zero probability of earning a decent income turn me off completely.

I hope by reading this review, you can have better understanding of what is SurveySpot about, the downside of starting with surveys and also learn other choices you have to earn money online.

If you find this article useful and want to let others know about the reality of doing survey jobs, please help to share via Facebook or Twitter.

10 Comments on "What is SurveySpot About? (Legit or Scam?)"

  1. I have often wondered if surveys bring in any appreciable amount of cash. After reading your review on this particular program, Surveyspot, I have my answer. It seems like too much effort and too much of my time to bother. When I get telephone surveys’, I have learned to to brush them off. They will tell me that it will only take a couple of minutes, and then 10 minutes later, I am still on the phone trying to answer questions. It’s nice to meet another member of Wealthy Affiliate, I have been a member for going on 2 years. It is well worth the membership fee.

  2. Frederick Owen Jr. | November 6, 2018 at 5:08 pm | Reply

    When I first started online, I admit I did mess around with a few of those survey sites. You get paid peanuts if you even get paid at all and the time you spend taking the surveys could be better suited doing something else. I have a friend who does a survey site (not this one), and by the end of the year, he usually takes home a $450 Nike gift card. He enjoys doing them while he watches tv etc. Just not my cup of tea.

    • In fact people do earn decent income from doing survey many years ago. But because there are too many people joining the industry, therefore it became saturated. I guess maybe your friend joined Swagbucks, a reward website that not only reward you for doing survey but also other simple task that you do everyday. Is possible to earn few hundred bucks from this program as there are more than 10 ways to earn from there. 

  3. unfortunately,  there is a lot of scamming nowadays. The thing about earning money with surveys in my case is that I think earning ten cents for the time I invest in it is such q small amount.  Where can I earn at least ten dollars? It is a lot of time. 

  4. Kyle Ann Percival | November 6, 2018 at 5:24 pm | Reply

    Hi Florence,

    Thanks for your detailed and honest review of Survey Spot, including reviews by actual users.

    I have tried several other survey sites to try to make a bit of extra income and none have compensated me appropriately for the amount of time I put into them. It looks like Survey Spot is no different. 

    My main complaint is similar to that of other reviewers, that you are mid-way through completing a survey before they tell you that you don’t qualify…so discouraging!

    I have come to the conclusion that surveys are not the answer to making extra money. I will be looking into one of the other methods you recommended for generating an income online.

    Kyle Ann

  5. Hi friend,

    Thanks a lot for this review on SurveySpot. I have personally tried my hands on online surveys sometime ago and realized that it was just some waste of time. I mean you will perform different tasks assigned to you ONLY to be given $0.002. So you can imagine how long you will have to work a day just to make $1. 

    One of the most annoying thing is that, you will try to participate in some of the surveys offered on the site and you will be told that you do not qualify to do it just because of where you live in the world. I did it just for some few weeks and then I decided to quit. I didn’t even bother to cash out my money since it was too small. 

    So, YES, I will rather recommend affiliate marketing to anyone who really wants to make money online.


    • Survey can only provide some extra income but definitely can’t allow you to quit your day job. But if anyone really want to do survey to earn extra money, Swagbucks is a better alternative. It allows participation for more countries too. 

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