Wishpond Review: The Marketing Tool That Provides Business Lead Generation Services in 2019

Welcome To My Wishpond Review

Business lead generation is said to be one of the most important approaches to ensure business growth and in order to do it correctly, you need to create landing pages that can convert on your site.

Unfortunately, many local businesses do not know how to do it effectively and therefore engage freelance marketers to provide business lead generation services to them.

Whether you are running your own business or as a freelance marketer providing lead generation services to local businesses, you need tools to help you deliver results effectively.

Wishpond is one of the many marketing tools that can aids you in building eye-catching landing pages to attract leads and get more sales.

What is Wishpond?
Inside Wishpond
Who is Wishpond For?
The Truth About Wishpond
Things I Like About Wishpond
Is Wishpond A Scam?
How I Start A Small Business Online

In this review, I am going to share with you what is Wishpond and whether this tool can help you to efficiently grow your business or deliver high conversion value to your clients if you are earning a living as a freelance marketer.

To let you know upfront, despite I own online business and earn a full-time income both from promoting affiliate products and providing marketing services to local business, however, I am in no way associated with Wishpond, neither am I receiving any benefits from them.

That's why you can be assured to only get the most honest, impartial and unbiased review from me.

If you want to know how I start this business, I suggest you check out my free guide to start a small business online.

Now, let’s get right to the review and find out if Wishpond is worth your investment.


Product Name:

Founder/Owner: Ali Tajsekandar

Product Type: Lead generation platform for generating, managing and nurturing leads

Price:  Basic plan for $45/month, Pro plan for $78/month, and Growth plan for $129/mo

Best For: Wishpond is best freelance marketers, agencies and businesses that focus on conversion strategy to grow their business.

Summary: Wishpond is known to be an all-in-one solution for businesses to generate, manage and nurture leads. This platform features an intuitive drag-and-drop visual editor that allows agencies, freelance marketers and businesses to design and build their landing pages without the need for technical knowledge or coding.

However, its basic plan is not affordably priced and might not be suitable for marketers who just want to build aesthetically appealing landing pages and do not need any testing.

Rating: 7/10

Recommendation: Yes and No which I’ll explain later

What is Wishpond?

Wishpond is created by Ali Tajsekandar in 2009, known to be an all-in-one solution for small businesses when it comes to lead generation and nurturing.

This platform features an intuitive drag-and-drop visual editor that allows agencies, freelance marketers and businesses to design and build their landing pages without the need for technical knowledge or coding.

One notable marketing feature of Wishpond is its ability to let users create segmented lists according to visitor’s interests, location, and activities around the web.

With this unique feature and various landing page templates, users are able to effortlessly create sales funnel that targets specific audience segment and converts.

Attached below is a quick introduction about Wishpond.

Price of Wishpond

If you want to use the Wishpond platform, you can opt to sign up for three plans whereby the main differences in each plan lies with the number of leads and user accounts you can create.

Sadly to say, you’re only able to do A/B testing if you get their mid plan at $99/month as it’s not available in their basic plan.

The pricing plan shown above is only applicable if you pay yearly. Should you decided to pay monthly, you’ll have to be prepared to pay 45% more of the yearly price.

Compared to OptimizePress, Unbounce, Instapage and ClickFunnels, Wishpond is considered quite affordable.

However, if you are just starting out and only need to create aesthetically appealing landing pages, then I suggest you either opt for LeadPages, Lander App or Thrive, Architect, as it’s way much cheaper.

But then again, affordability is not the only thing that you want from the page builder. Ultimately, it’s about which tool can offer the features that you need to grow your business.

Let us take a deeper look at what’s inside Wishpond.

Inside Wishpond

The great thing about building landing pages using Wishpond is that you don’t need to be knowledgeable in coding to work.

With the help of its intuitive visual editor, you can build simple to sophisticated landing pages and published on Facebook pages, your own website or host on its platform.

Wishpond Landing Page Templates

Wishpond offers more than a hundred ready-made landing page templates that you can use right away for any niche. These templates are also flexible and customizable according to your preference to add more personal touch to your design.

You can include a number of elements in your page such as image, text, texts, call-to-action button, testimonials, social shares buttons, checkboxes, drop-down menus, and many more.

Of course, if you are an advanced user and would love to have a coding option out of your builder, you can simply do so since the platform is coding enabled.

Wishpond Pop-up Forms

Despite pop ups can be quite a nuisance, it’s undeniably proven as an effective feature to quickly prompt clients to take action on your page.

With pop-ups, marketers are able to grab the attention of site visitors and inform them of the latest offers, promotions, discounts and ask them to subscribe for newsletters. Here are some of the ways to use pop-ups.

Exit-intent: This pops up will appear whenever your site visitors are trying to exit your page. It’s the last chance to convince them to take action on your offer.

Page scroll: A pop-up control option to let site visitors see your offer at all time while scrolling through your page. It’s normally placed at the top or bottom on either side of the page, so your visitors will not be blocked from their intended view.

Timed appearance: This is a control option that lets you decide when you want to show your pop up.

Entry appearance: This serves as a welcome message or a pop up that shows up as soon as your client enters your page.

Click to appear: A pop-up form that shows whenever a client clicks a link, a button or image.

While these form templates are pre-designed, Wishpond also allows users to customize or personalize each template by adding javascript. You can add social sharing buttons to your popups (for Facebook, Twitter, and G+) too.

Landing Page A/B Testing

Among the most prominent features of Wishpond is the A/B testing feature that let users test the performance of each landing page within a sales funnel.

Users are then able to identify which page works best to meet respective marketing goals and make changes or further improvement to pages that're not delivering results.  

With Wishpond A/B testing feature, you can test each color, call-to-action button, text, overall designs and many other aspects of your landing pages to make sure only the best page is used in your advertising campaign. It’s available to test pop-ups too.

Despite A/B testing is an important feature for all marketers to optimize conversion, however, it’s not available in the basic plan.

This means, if you are running an agency business to provide business lead generation services to clients, then you must get the advanced plan that cost $99/month.

Here’s an image of what your analytics in the A/B testing looks like that shows “color” as a variation on this test.

Wishpond Lead Data Management

As mentioned earlier, Wishpond allows users to segment their list inside a separate section on lead data management.

This section lets you arrange leads according to the category that you want. Here are the five main areas in the lead data management feature.

Stats gives you the number of page views, leads opening frequency, and campaign conversion rate from various links.

Leads let you understand the details of your subscribers which include their profile data, activities and the categories/list they are sorted to.

Visitors are those people that viewed your page but didn’t convert on your form. Wishpond tracks these visitors and when they finally convert upon re-visit your page or from other campaigns, the data can tell you when they convert and eventually their accounts merge into their new lead profiles.

Lists allow you to see which leads are part of which categories/lists. It is one of the most important section to check for different list segments especially if you are creating different smart lists and static lines using marketing automation

Lead Properties enables you to view all the custom lead properties across from all your campaigns.

Social Competitions and Contests

Among the best practices and techniques to gain traffic and interest from potential clients is through competitions and contests and you can do it with Wishpond.

These competitions and contests can be published and run on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter where traffic is at its best. By being able to target clients from these social media websites, you can have almost guaranteed higher conversions.

Each contest page allows elements and fields such as checkboxes, dropdown menus, images, multiple questions, and many others. If you want to add a code in your page, you can also do so through the advanced CSS and Java editor in the settings.

There are 10 amazing types of social media contests and competitions options to create your contest as shown in the image below.

To name some they include sweepstakes, photo contest, coupon, vote contest, and Instagram hashtag contest.

Marketing Automation Inside Wishpond

With various marketing automation capability inside Wishpond, you can then nurture your leads and convert them into paying customers by apply consumers’ data gathered from lead data management section.

Some features of marketing automation include….

Send Automated Emails: As soon as a client shows interest in what you are selling, your page can immediately send emails to your client’s email address using the autoresponder function inside Wishpond. This function activates after the client shows a period of activity on your page.

Real-Time Analytics: With real-time analytics, you are able to monitor and gauge the performance of your page and your campaign. This can also help you in pointing out the issues and the best characteristics of your page or your campaign.

Integrations: The ability to integrate your page with other platforms, tools, and third party applications provide a wider range of coverage for your page.

Among the integrations include CRM, email marketing app, help desk app, webinar app, team chat app, greeting card, live chat, survey app, phone and SMS app, e-commerce and analytics & connection integrations. Here is a full list of Wishpond integration partners.

Who is Wishpond For?

Wishpond is best for businesses or marketers who focus on creating sales funnel as part of their conversion strategies to expand individual businesses.

It’s also suitable for freelance marketers who are just starting out to provide business lead generation services for local clients.

This conversion tool offers simple yet powerful features at affordable pricing allowing freelancers to manage multiple client accounts and manage teams for different projects.

The best is Wishpond can instantly create beautifully designed reports for all your marketing campaigns so you could effortlessly show your clients their campaign results.

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The Truth About Wishpond

Wishpond is indeed rich in features and functions to help users build a landing page with high conversion. However, there are also a few things to consider when making a decision to investing in this product.

Truth #1: No Advanced Feature & Segmentation

Wishpond offers global stats for all the campaign without region-based or country-based report. There’s no deep segmentation based on events, lead behavior, and the stage the lead is currently at in terms of buyers’ journey and demographics like location, age, gender, etc.

I would say its marketing automation suite is very basic and nothing unique compared to other providers with similar pricing. This means, if you need more in-depth segmentation on each email campaigns, you’ll need a more advanced tool.

Furthermore, you can only nurture your leads via SMS, landing pages and emails. If you want multi-channel approach towards connecting and nurturing your leads via push notifications, mobile notification, and advanced social integration, then Wishpond might not be the best option.

Truth #2: Limitation in Basic Package

It’s quite sad to learn about the cap of 1,000 leads and unavailability of A/B testing in its basic package that cost quite a considerable sum of $49/month.

This is a challenge for new marketers who has a tight budget yet need to gather more than a thousand leads.

In fact, Wishpond basic plan is less competitive compared to Leadpages, another provider that offers unlimited leads at only $25 per month.

Despite the next package that follows the basic plan only cost $78/month offering A/B testing, there’s still a cap at 2,500 leads.

With these 2 limitations, I believe it’s most likely that Wishpond is only suitable for freelance marketers or agencies who provide business lead generation services to clients with a higher budget to invest in lead marketing.

Things I Like About Wishpond

The thing I like most about Wishpond is its extensive integrations with more than a dozen third-party software & apps which is a more comprehensive offering than most of its competitors.

You can tie together with almost every single imaginable, from email marketing automation platforms to CRM's, Webinar platforms to payment gateways.

Another thing that struck me is the quantity of professionally designed yet fully-customizable SEO friendly templates for specific industries.

These templates are laid-out with best practice knowledge that new marketers need and the pros will appreciate.

Wishpond would be a great option for a marketer with no active subscription to any email automation tool as this platform is stacked with a fully-functional email autoresponder to help build your list, communicate with your clients, and automate promotions. This is definitely a plus point for Wishpond.

If you do not have any in-house expertise to start your campaign, you can try out their JumpStart program whereby a team of dedicated experts will work with you to set up a custom marketing strategy, made specifically for your business.

Is Wishpond A Scam?

Wishpond is definitely a legit and the world’s easiest marketing platform for generating, managing and nurturing leads. It’s never close to being called a scam at all. This effective lead generation tool can aid in creating your very own sales funnels to get leads and convert them into sales.

With its superb phone, email and live chat support, vouched by many of its existing clients, you can be assured to get all your questions answered and problem solved

If you’ve planned to create sales funnel, want to use the simple tool and yet do not mind the price and cap instilled on the number of leads, then you might want to consider giving Wishpond a try with its 14-days trial.

Otherwise, if you just want to create professionally designed landing pages and make your website aesthetically appealing, then go for Thrive Architect that only cost $97 for a 5 license package with more than 100 free, customizable templates.

How I Start A Small Business Online

A smart landing page builder that helps to create pages without much effort is indeed a must-have for every business.

Although I find Wishpond among the best tools in the market, I’m not very keen into using it for my business as for now.

This is because I am already using Thrive Architect to build my pages and integrate with AWeber, at the same time using both tools to provide business lead generation services to my existing clients.

This integration has enabled me to quit my c-Level day job and has generated a consistent income for me. Now, I work at home at my own convenience.

If you want to learn more about how I generate income from my business, feel free to check out my free guide to start a small business online.

Once again, thank you very much for reading my review on Wishpond. Do share your thoughts about this awesome tool in the comment box below. And if you find this article helpful, please share it to your Facebook friends.

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11 thoughts on “Wishpond Review: The Marketing Tool That Provides Business Lead Generation Services in 2019”

  1. Wow, I find it amazing that Wishpond does not provide A/B testing in their basic plan. All marketers, especially beginners, need to be testing and improving their promotional material. Years ago, I made a one-word change to a headline, that resulted in an 85% improvement in the response rate. If I had not been testing, I would have never made the change or get a major improvement in my results. So, in my opinion. Wishpond is a non-starter for newbies.

  2. Nice review! I think wishpond is a very good business tool for an online business. I wish they offered more with the basic package because it would have been very helpful for small businesses like mine to enjoy these great features and grow. It is really suitable for big businesses.

    You said that they have an integrated auto-responder service, is it possible for one to move it from their platform? I mean, if I do not want to use wishpond anymore, can I take my email list?


  3. Oh great, a friend of mine has decided to start up a small online business and was looking for a way to get a landing page and also generate leads. I’m happy you say that wishpond is good for those that are just starting off. I think I will recommend this to him, at least, hell be using this as a start up till he knows his way around. I like the way your write this review. Great eye opener here.

  4. I always like this kind of product, especially when their services are all kept ‘in house’ like they offer here, but more often than not, I’m completely put off by the amount of money I have to spend to get their services. 

    Unfortunately, it seems as though Wishpond follows this trend – the price is not at all suitable for most businesses that are relatively new. Don’t they have some sort of trial setup for a few weeks that’s free?

  5. Thanks for the excellent review of the WishPond platform. I had not heard about this solution for lead generation but the concept behind it is a valid one, so I am not surprised that it has been developed. Lead generation is an important part of any business, and without targeted and qualified leads, businesses will not be around for long.

    Having said all that, in looking at the features that come with the platform, I think the price is a bit high for what you get. There are cheaper solutions out there that will cost you a lot less. Small businesses will not want to spend that much and they can use the extra money from the cheaper solutions for paid ads, etc.

    The starting level price of the platform is quite high too and the features you have are limited. I agree that for an Agency, this might not be a good fit, as clients will want to know in much more detail what the stats are for the leads and actions, and you will have to use other platforms to get these type tools.

    There are very few all-on-one platforms out there, unfortunately. I have tried many and still, I am looking for one that does it all. Having to duck-tape together a system seems like such a pain, and it is, but there is no one solution that I have found. This WishPond may work for some, but it will not meet the needs of our Agency for our clients. You have saved me some time today!

  6. Wow.. didn’t know that Wishpond is much more expensive compared to Leadpages. I always thought Wishpond might be cheaper. Btw, does Wishpond have agency features like Landingi? I was told that if you are running an agency, it’s better to get Landingi as it’s more comprehensively package to deliver more value to clients. Is this true? 

    1. To certain extent, Wishpond does allow multiple accounts so yes, agency accounts is possible. But that’s quite costly and is not as robust as Landingi. I still suggest using Landingi if you’re running a full-fledged marketing agency. 

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