Young Living Review: Make Money Selling Essential Oils

Welcome to My Young Living Essential Oils Review

I know a lot of you are waiting for this review. I too am very excited to finally see through this seemingly promising product.

So today, I decided to write a review of the Young Living MLM company after I received several emails requesting me to look through it.

Young Living Essential Oils is a popular, therapeutic-grade essential oil MLM Company based in Utah that aims you help you earn a full-time income by selling its products while living healthy.

What is Young Living?
Most Popular Young Living Essential Oils
How To Make Money With Young Living Essential Oils?
Who is Young Living For?
The Truth About Young Living
Things I Like About Young Living
Can Young Living Helps You Make A Decent Income?
How I Start A Small Business Online

Will this company helps you reach your dream lifestyle? Can you trust this company to give you relief from bodily pains as it claims to be?

I know a lot of you are looking for ways to earn a full-time income online and avoid the hassles of the daily commute.

I too have searched for several ways to earn a decent income while working remotely until I have found a proven strategy that enables me to quit my c-level job and start earning from home.

If you want to learn how I managed to do this, please feel free to check out my My #1 Recommendation.

Meanwhile, if you’re ready to find out the truth about Young Living Essential Oils, then let’s get the ball rolling.


Product Name: Young Living Essential Oils

Founder: D. Gary Young & Mary Young

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing Company selling Essential Oils

Price: Basic Starter Kit $45 and Premium Starter Kit $150 to $210

Best For: People who want to make extra money by selling essential oils

Summary: Founded by Donald Gary Young in 1993, Young Living is a Utah-based MLM company that sells therapeutic-grade essential oils and other related products at the same time offers legitimate MLM business opportunity for people to earn a decent income.

The fact that it doesn’t require a recurring fee to stay as a member is quite a convincing feature but to qualify for bonuses and commissions, members are required to maintain monthly sales volume. There are more things you should know about this company making it wise to read first before joining.

Rating: 8/10

Recommendation: Yes, if you do not mind the challenges of running an MLM business

What is Young Living?

Founded by Donald Gary Young in 1993, Young Living is an Utah-based MLM company that sells therapeutic-grade essential oils and other related products. It claims to help people combat disease by leveraging the natural healing wonders of the products it sells.

Like many MLM company, Young Living also offers the opportunity to earn money through retail sales, bonuses, and commissions.

If this is your first time to hear about MLM, it is a legitimate business model where you can earn money by selling products and recruiting downline. The combination of these features sets it apart from a pyramid scheme.

While MLM is legit, a pyramid scheme is an illegal business hiding under the guide of MLM. In a pyramid scheme, people focus more on recruiting new members to earn commissions and bonuses, but not selling products.

In many cases, it’s hard to bust a pyramid scheme because some companies hide the truth by purportedly selling products. If you want to know more, do check out the FDC explanation about pyramid scheme.

Now, I’ll dig into Young Living Essential Products website and find out about its most popular products and how you can make money from this MLM company.

Most Popular Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils are basically divided into two categories: singles and blends.

Single essential oils are pure oils with just one ingredient while the latter is a combination of two or more essential oils.

Young Living has different other product categories like wellness products, dietary essential oils, roll-ons, and massage oils.

It has over 100 different essential oils, which are made from natural ingredients like Angelica, Basil, Bergamot, Black Pepper, and Blue Cypress.

The bestselling Young Living Essential Oils are Peppermint, Lavender, Frankincense, Thieves Essential Oil Blend, RC Essential Oil Blend and Purification Essential oil Blend.

Each of the little bottles contains 15ml of oil with prices ranging from $25 to $48. Despite, most are slightly more expensive than many on-the-counter brands, usage is only two drops at a time to enjoy their fresh scent.

I love its Roll-on as I can easily apply to my body while on the move. The Tranquil Roll-on particularly helps me to have peace of mind while traveling on a long-distance flight.

Other popular products of Young Living are the “Thieves” collection, which includes personal care and home cleaning products.

The Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste is claimed to have Eucalyptus and Rosemary ingredients that will keep your breath smelling fresh for only $14.85.

The Young Living products are undeniably high quality but more costly too, which is why I was very skeptical about whether anyone can truly earn a full-time income as its MLM distributor.

We will find the answers as we dissect how you can make money with Young Living.

How To Make Money With Young Living?

Just like other MLM companies such as Rodan+Fields, Jeunesse, Usana and LifeVantage, there are two ways you can earn through MLM business which is through Retail Sales and Bonuses or Commissions from recruiting new members.

Young Living is no exception.

There is a total of 10 rankings in Young Living as per the image below and as you move up the rank, you’ll open up more opportunities to earn bonuses, commissions, and perks.

Only members can purchase Young Living products after register and log into the Young Living Virtual Office.

If you are not a member, then all your purchase will be made at the retail price and completed online by another member.

To join as a member, there’s no fee involved and you just need to buy its Basic Starter Kit at $45.

However, if you have the intention to earn various bonuses, commission and build an MLM career with Young Living Essential Oils, then you will eventually invest more to become its distributor by purchasing their Premium Starter Kit with price starting from $150 up to $210 one-time purchase.

Once you’ve paid this amount, you’ll become a Distributor entitling you to start selling products, recruiting new members to sign up into Young Living Essential Oils website and start earning the various bonus.

At first glance, the step is very simple which is why many people are convinced to join this company. However, MLM business is only for certain types of people and I’ll tell you the reasons why after sharing the various income you can make from MLM business.

Young Living Essential Oils reward Distributors primarily using Unilevel MLM Plan which is an unlimited width plan, that allows you to sponsor only one line of distributors.

This is one of the oldest and most popular MLM compensation systems with mainly three types of compensation which include sponsor bonus, fast start bonus and level commissions used to increase the stability of the Unilevel structure and to make the team active.

Depending on which rank you are in, here are the few ways you can earn money with Young Living MLM company.

Retail Sales

Selling Young Living essential oils is probably the most straightforward way to start earning with Young Living.

When you become a member, you can purchase Young Living products with a 24% discount and sell them at their suggested retail price. The difference between the original price and the retail price will be your profit.

However, I can’t promise that this will be very easy. Selling products face-to-face with various people is a time-consuming investment and might not be worth your time.

That’s why in order to make a decent income from MLM business, you need to focus on recruiting new members and build more distributors.  

Start Living Bonus

To entitle for Start Living Bonus, you must become a Distributor whereby your total personal purchases must have at least 50 Personal Volume (PV). Each PV will cost around $1.50 to $2.00 depending on PV assigned to the individual product.

That’s why most people will be convinced to buy the Premium Starter Kit that comes with 100PV to become a distributor in exchange for the opportunity to earn a one-time Start Living Bonus of $25 if they managed to recruit a new distributor who purchases the same kit.

Fast Start Bonus

For the first 3 months, distributors are eligible to earn Fast Start Bonus which is 25% commission based on total monthly PV, kept at a maximum of $200 per member per month.

On top of that, the same distributor will also earn 10% for the first 3 months’ PV of the new member that your downline recruits, which is kept at $80 per person per month.

This is to encourage new members to become active with promoting Young Living Essential Oils products while still at the beginning stage so they will be interested to continuously run this business.

Unilevel Commission

Unilevel Commission is a multi-tier bonus based on the volume generated by your group. This entitlement is only available to distributors who managed to keep their monthly purchases at 100PV.

This means, in order to qualify for the Unilevel Commission, members are required to make monthly purchases up to 100PV.

Depending on which rank you are in, there’s a total of 5 levels of Unilevel Commissions you can earn from a total of 8% up to 24% of total Personal Group Volume (PGV).

Although this may look like a passive income to you, don’t expect to earn this bonus while you just sit around.

Honestly, you would have to help your downline generate sales and recruit more members to join Young Living for you to be eligible for this bonus.

If your downline is not as hardworking as you are, chances are you would never get this bonus and might end up doing recruiting again and again.

Generation Commission

Generation Commission is only available for members who have achieved Silver status, which is 5th in rank.

To qualify for Silver, you need to achieve a monthly total of 4,000 PGV with at least 2 legs with a minimum of 1,000 PGV each.

In short, not only you're required to keep a monthly group sales amount of around $8,000, you also have to make sure each of your legs can generate a total of $2,000 sales respectively in a month.

That's quite a lot of effort you need to put in to help your members make sales and recruit downlines.

There is a total of 8 levels Generation Commission you can earn money from depending on the rank you achieved.

Starting from as low as 2.5% of PGV, qualified members can earn up to 21.5%. This means the higher rank you achieved, the more money you can earn.

The truth is not many people can reach the Silver status as it requires much selling and determination to nurture your downlines in order to reach that required volume.

Other bonuses include Rising Star Bonus and Generation Leadership Bonus whereby payout is based on the number of shares member managed to accumulate based on all Young Living commissionable sales.

Definitely, there’s no question that Young Living is one of the most promising MLM companies in the world with a pretty simple compensation plan.

Even so, there’s no guarantee that this MLM business can provide you a sustainable income to maintain a decent living.

Like most MLM business, Young Living’s compensation structure indirectly will force you to sell products and recruit people in order to earn bonuses and commission which can be very frustrating.

I bet not a lot of people can last many years playing around the MLM business.

Who is Young Living for?

Young Living is best for people who are highly resilient, have the initial investment to pay monthly to keep sales volume and willing to take the risk in a 50-50 venture.

MLM business might seem a promising undertaking especially for people who are desperate for a money-making opportunity online. However, not everyone who joined MLM has ended up with the millionaire’s lifestyle projected by most MLM companies.

Just like any other conventional business, MLM can take a lot of effort, time, and investment to earn large bonuses and commissions. Put it simply, you need to be very income-oriented, highly persistent and can fork out a lot of time to close deals, recruit and nurture your members.

And you can’t give up when facing rejection.

Yes, it might be true that MLM offers unlimited opportunities but it can be highly stressful and challenging to sustain in this business.

Unless you are ready to continuously take the challenge, otherwise it might not be feasible to jump straight into this business.

The Truth About Young Living

It’s undeniable that Young Living offers great products and commission system but there are things you need to know about this MLM companies before deciding whether this is the business you want to invest in.

Truth #1: Low Income Potential

Despite being in the business for more than 20 years, Young Living can’t give most people a decent income, which makes it not a wise option if you’re looking for a simpler way to earn money from home.

Like many other MLM companies, Young Living 2017 Income Disclosure states that only less than 3% of members have gotten past the Silver rank and majority of the members have only made it to the second level with an average annual income of $906.

It’s not enough to support basic needs not to mention that you still need to maintain personal volume every month.

Truth #2: FDA Warning About Its Essential Oils

There’s nothing wrong about Young Living’s products not being FDA approved. They are only home remedies or alternative medicines with no proven-therapeutic claims, which is why they don’t need FDA’s approval.

The problem is that many of its distributors have advertised the products as if they were drugs that can cure diseases like Ebola Virus.

In 2014, the Food and Drug Administration has called the attention of Young Living for making misleading claims about how its products can combat diseases.

But just so you know, Young Living products are not FDA approved so if you want to become its distributors, you should restrain from advertising it as a drug.

Truth #3: Possibility For Inventory Loading

Although Young Living steers clear from a binary compensation plan, its compensation structure is paid out mainly on volumes. This means that you need to reach a specific personal volume or group volume in order to keep the bonuses and commissions coming.

To maintain your personal volume and group volume, you and your group would have to generate a minimum required sales every month.

Eventually, you could be convinced to stocked up Young Living essential oils just to make up for the numbers in order to reach the minimum requirement to earn a commission.

The cycle can go on endlessly making it very hard to recoup whatever you’ve spent on inventory loading and we know this action form part of a pyramid scheme.

Truth #4:  Bad Customer Reviews About its Customer Service

There have been a lot of bad reviews circulating on the internet about Young Living’s customer service, which can be quite disappointing considering its image as a reputable company.

The disadvantage with having bad reviews about customer service is that people will be too focused on the negative rating thereby putting a difficult challenge for distributors to convince prospects in joining the company.

How can you excel in a company if what other people are telling about its customer service is true?

Things I Like About Young Living

Young Living doesn’t pay its members according to a Binary Compensation Plan, which is one of the few things I like about this company.

Many MLM companies use Binary Compensation plan wherein a distributor first need to generate left and right legs before earning a commission.

With Young Living, you can start earning commissions the moment your first level downline starts buying products from the company and more commission if they can recruit people who in turn buy Young Living products.

Like Optavia, Young Living is more focused on selling products and helping downlines generate sales to reach personal and group volume requirements.

However, despite how beautiful-sounding it is, there is no guarantee that Young Living will make you rich.

As I’ve already discussed, the need to maintain personal and group volume requirements will only convince you to engage in inventory loading, which makes the whole investment expensive.

Aside from that, it is a common problem with most MLM companies that members struggle to make a decent income due to its overpopulated market.

With the challenging nature of this industry, it is really hard to make decent money with Young Living even if you spend full-time selling and hounding all of your relatives to join you.

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Can Young Living Helps You Make A Decent Income?

Young Living is a legitimate MLM business that sells essential oils and other related products with the aim of helping people earn money while leveraging the natural benefits of its essential oils.

While Young Living may have sparked a little hope in your hearts to earn a huge chunk of cash, I have to be upfront and honest with you – there are only a few people who have gotten rich with MLM.

Yes, Young Living can indeed help people make a decent income but it's not as simple as you might think.

If you want to leverage MLM multi-tier income system to earn more money, I suggest you promote multiple products from different MLM companies using affiliate marketing method.

At least, you won’t face the hurdles to do face-to-face selling and continuously recruit new members yet at the same time can earn multi-tier commission, focusing genuinely on promoting products online.

I think affiliate marketing is still the best way to promote MLM products.

How I Start a Small Business Online

There are a lot of reasons not to join MLM than why you should join this business.

In fact, I used to do MLM for a short while but I eventually quit after realizing there was too much effort involved and the return was very small.

That’s how I ended up starting a small business online promoting affiliate products, which is simpler than to make money with MLM.

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn a real passive income after consistently taking action for some time. There is no need to do face-to-face selling nor invest in expensive products at all.

Please do not get me wrong. I am not saying that MLM is not a good system. Just that the method used is too complex and challenging for me.

If you too prefer a simpler way to earn a full-time income from home, do get my free guide and follow through the process.

At least that’s the exact step I took to finally quit my c-level job and work at home.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my Young Living review. If you find this information useful, feel free to share it in any of your social media channels.

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9 thoughts on “Young Living Review: Make Money Selling Essential Oils”

  1. It is so amazing seeing a legit brand operating as part of MLM . Trust me, it’s not very common. This is a comprehensive review about  Young living essential oil. And I’m sure to a certain extent that with their long years of operation, customers and affiliate marketer will not have a reason to blame themselves doing business with them. All goodies that comes with this brand are eye-catching and it is somehow triggering my interest in becoming their affiliate.

    1. Yes, I am also interested to become their distributor so I could promote their products online. Heard Jeunesse, another MLM company is encouraging members to do the same too. Maybe I should try out with Young Living Essenntial Oils too. 

  2. As a former MLM distributor, I am quite intrigued of these new MLM programs that promote essential oils. In what I’ve heard, many people are experiencing great results not only with the products but also with the business model. That brought a question to my mind wondering what kind of compensation plan are they using, or these companies are using. Are they requiring their members or distributors to spend a certain amount of money called “maintenance” on a monthly basis just to remain eligible for downline commissions? If yes, are the money they are making enough to cover the monthly maintenance?

    1. Hi Gomer, it’s require to keep a minimum purchase in order to qualify for commission and bonuses in Young Living Essential Oils. However, I wouldn’t say that’s the most important criteria to look into before investing in this business. Ultimately, it’s all about the level of persistence a person can demonstrate throughout the journey. Unless you are highly persistent, not afraid of rejection nor face-to-face selling, otherwise MLM won’t be suitable. 

  3. Thanks for taking your time to engage in this amazing research. I have heard about MlM businesses before and how time consuming they can be before income can made. This review on young living has really helped me because I was introduced to this platform by a friend and was told it was different from others. I think I would still have to stick to affiliate marketing. Thanks

  4. Hi Florence, I have yet to see an MLM company that put their members above before profit. MLM concept involves so much work but too little gain. Almost all of these companies reward the early birds. I believe if anyone is just trying to earn a decent income, but not to become a millionaire, there must be better way than investing in an MLM company. Bottom line is there has to be an easier way.

    1. Well, MLM is not a bad business model. Just that the conventional face-to-face marketing might need some innovation. That’s why I suggest applying affiliate marketing when promoting MLM products and recruiting members. At least it’s simpler and requires lesser effort. Of course, if your intention is to become a millionaire with MLM, then building teams is a must and meeting people can’t be avoided. 

  5. Wow that’s some disturbing figures, Florence!

    It’s sad to see that people aren’t reaching the higher levels but I think a lot of people actually saw this coming too, it’s actually pretty hard to convince people to join MLM day by day. I have a friend working in Young Living and what’s worse is that even she was puzzled when some of their distributors make claims like essential oils can cure brain tumor or cancer in order to make sales. 

    1. You are right. Actually it’s very difficult for MLM companies to control misrepresentation by members. That’s why it’s quite a risky business to invest with concern that any act by members might caused the company to be shut down due to being labelled as a pyramid scheme. That’s why I always stay away from MLM to minimize risk. 

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