Youngevity Review: Is It Your Key to Financial Freedom?

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Today I am going to review Youngevity, a popular health and wellness MLM Company that aims to help people earn extra money through the multi-structure income opportunity.

My aim for this review is to give you a deeper look into this ostensibly fascinating business opportunity and ascertain how you can make money through the multi-level income opportunity it offers.

Will the multiple products in Youngevity give it more advantage over other MLM business? Is Youngevity the key to your financial freedom?

What is Youngevity?
How to Make Money With Youngevity
Who is Youngevity For?
The Truth About Youngevity
Things I Like About Youngevity
Is Youngevity Your Key to Financial Freedom?
How I Start A Small Business Online

I know most of you are searching for a legitimate way to earn extra money during your free time.

I too have ventured several opportunities until I have found a proven way that works for me to finally able to quit my c-level job.

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Meanwhile, if you are excited to know whether Youngevity is finally the key to your long-desired financial freedom, let’s get the ball rolling.


Product Name: Youngevity

Founder:  Dr. Joel D. Wallach

Product Type: Nutritional MLM Company

Price: $125 Welcome Kit

Best For: Highly persistent individuals who want to become millionaire

Summary: Youngevity is a well-established nutritional MLM company that is publicly traded on NASDAQ.  It offers a legit business opportunity for anyone to become a true millionaire.

However, it’s not as easy to become success with this company as there are a lot of things you need to understand aside from the fact that it’s well-established.

Rating: 7/10

Recommended: Yes, if you don’t mind the challenges that come with MLM business

What is Youngevity?

Founded by Dr. Joel Wallach in 1997, Youngevity is a popular MLM company that distributes health supplements and related products such as beauty, personal case, sports drinks, and other food items.

Its name is inspired by the combination of Young and Longevity and like other MLM businesses; it provides you the opportunity to become a millionaire with its lucrative compensation plan.

If this is your first time to hear about MLM, it is a legitimate business model that involves continuous member recruitment and product promotion in order to earn multi-tier income.

However, it is often mistaken as a pyramid scheme as there are too many recruitments involved, apart from selling.

The only difference is that while MLM focuses on distributing genuine products to customers, a pyramid scheme merely depends on recruiting people to receive monetary rewards.

In most cases, it’s hard to distinguish a pyramid scheme from a legitimate MLM business because it uses products to hide behind its true color.

If you want to learn more about what is a pyramid scheme, please fee to check out the FDC explanation about pyramid scheme.

Youngevity Most Popular Products

Youngevity offers more than 5,500 different products ranging from health supplements, homecare, beauty, food and beverages, and essential oils.

Its flagship product is called “90 For Life”, a plant-based health supplement that aims to replenish the 90% of essential minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that the body loses after digestion.

The starter package of “90 For Life” costs $125 for a 30-day supply.

It includes 1 canister (480 grams) of Tangerine mix, 1 canister (480 grams) of Osteo-FX liquid for bone health, and 90 soft gel capsules.

How to Make Money with Youngevity?

As I mentioned earlier, in Youngevity, you need to sell products, recruit new members, and build multiple teams in order to make a huge income.

To get started you must first become a Youngevity distributor by purchasing the $125 Welcome Kit which has some materials and training.

However, since you are starting a business your capital doesn’t end up there.

Eventually, you will have to purchase the 90 For Life starter pack work $125 or any of its available start-up packages which costs up to $500 for either the Healthy Start, Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, Coffee or CEO Packs.

This is to ensure that you fully understand its products before even promoting to other people, which is a norm in any MLM business.

In the following sections, I will explain to you how you can truly make money via their MLM compensation plan.

Youngevity’s Compensation Plan

I have to say Youngevity is one of those MLM businesses with complicated compensation plans which I’ll try to explain in a simple manner and focus only on the most important things that you should know.

As you can see, there are 13 rankings in Youngevity starting from being an Associate to being Black Diamond Ambassador.

When you first become a Youngevity distributor, you start at the rank of an Associate. At this level, you start earning a retail commission at the same time eligible to make a 5% commission on the sales made by other distributors you sponsor to join Youngevity. 

You can also earn another 5% two levels down if your recruits also go on to sponsor new distributors. The good news is that you can earn more if you advance to the second rank as a Brand Associate.

All you have to do is increase your personal spending from $50 to $100 per month. When you become a Brand Associate, you can earn 8% on two levels in your downline plus 7% on the third level.

With Youngevity, the key is to sell more products to increase your monthly spending and recruit people to join your downline in order to advance in rank and unlock more bonuses.

As you move up the ladder, you unlock more commissions, perks, and bonuses which I will explain to you in the next sections.

Coding Bonus

You can start earning $15 to $90 Coding Bonus when you become a Sales Associate or SA-A on the code, which ranked 3rd on its distributor ranking system.

However, this type of bonus only generates when one of your personal enrollees purchases a CEO Pak which costs $500 within 7 days after joining.

In short, you need to convince your enrollee to make such purchases, sometimes even though they don’t really require the products.

Car Bonus

The Car Bonus is a monthly paid bonus starting at $800 on the third month of qualifying at any Star Level, which is put towards a car lease.

In order to qualify for the 1 Star Executive rank, you will need to have a minimum of 12 personally enrolled qualified brand associates or higher for the first month and become a 2 Star Executive rank in the second month.  Then you get the bonus in the third month.

Global Revenue Share Bonus Pool

You can receive 0.5% of the total global sales of Youngevity only when you reach the Senior Vice-Chairman Marketing Director rank. 

There are indeed many opportunities to earn a higher income and get all the perks being a distributor of Youngevity. However, its compensation plan is quite complicated and not easily understood by a newcomer within the industry.

If you are keen to invest in this MLM business opportunity, then I suggest you get a deeper understanding of its compensation plan before starting.

Who is Youngevity For?

Youngevity is best for highly persistent individuals who can self-motivate, focus on product-retailing and have the passion to build teams and nurture people to become successful.

Just like other MLM businesses such as IsagenixJuice Plus and Usana, Youngevity is not the easiest path to become financially independent but it’s definitely one that can give you massive income if you ever made it.

Personally, I think there’s just too much effort and time required to progress through this career path. Unless you are ready to invest a lot of time and money into MLM business, otherwise it is not for you.

The Truth About Youngevity

Despite Youngevity can help anyone become a millionaire, however, there are things you must know before investing in this business. Here are some you must know.

Truth #1: A lot of Inappropriate Health Claims

In order to sell products and generate income, Youngevity distributors have marketed the products as if they are prescription drugs that can cure diseases, like diabetes, autism, ADHD, anxiety and Acoustic Neuroma. 

A database of video files where patients are supposedly prescribed to take Youngevity as a treatment to their various diseases is available here.

In fact, on the purported test tube study of Anti-Cancer and Anti-Inflammatory Efficacy of Youngevity products, it claims to reduce 95% of cancerous cells, which is highly doubtful considering that until now medical professionals still haven’t found a cure for cancer.

This claim should not be used as a promotional tool as it can be highly misleading.

Truth #2: Expensive Investment Due to Inventory Loading

Although it may seem that you will only need a small capital to start a business with Youngevity, the need to purchase a certain amount of products every month to continue being eligible for commissions make it expensive.

What if you can’t meet your monthly minimum quantity? Subsequently, you can easily be convinced to increase your personal purchases just to qualify for commissions.

This act is also known as inventory loading or bonus buying wherein distributors would buy more products than they could sell or consume in order to continue receiving incentives from the company.

And when many distributors started to do the same, the company can potentially be accused of operating a pyramid scheme which is illegal.

Truth #3: Conflicting Claims Against its Product Effectiveness

As with all health supplements, the mixture of negative and positive feedbacks on Youngevity products only proves that it can’t absolutely work for everyone. 

For me, the best way to stay healthy is to eat the right kind of food, have a balanced diet, and regular exercise. It is free and definitely safer.

Things I Like About Youngevity

Youngevity as a publicly-traded company with a symbol of YGYI at NASDAQ and a member of Direct Selling Association (DSA) are few things that I like.

I am also impressed with how Youngevity has taken the market by storm with its continuous growth.

As you can see from the graph below, the company has shown a steady increase in sales from $85 million in 2013, $134 million in 2014, to $156 million in 2015.

However, the growth has slowed down starting in 2016 and finally incurred a loss in 2017.

Although Youngevity has demonstrated a good growth record, I still would not recommend joining this company as it’s too complicated just try to understand its compensation plan.

Now that Youngevity is barely making any profit, it might be more difficult for distributors to make money.

It boils down to the bottom line that MLM business is just a 50-50 situation and does not give absolute success for everyone who joins it.

Is Youngevity Your Key to Financial Freedom?

I cannot say that Youngevity is the key to your financial freedom. Despite it outnumbers other MLM companies in terms of establishment, it is not the type of business that’s simple enough to allow you to generate income while you sleep.

Youngevity requires you to have an open-mind, outgoing personality and passion for selling and recruiting to earn a decent income.

If you want to take advantage of its multi-tier income opportunity, I suggest you leverage affiliate marketing strategies in addition to your existing face-to-face recruiting tactics to earn a commission.

This way you don’t have to actively deal with different people, thus lesser effort and resources is needed.

Below is the comparison between an MLM versus an Affiliate Marketing business to show that the latter might be a more sustainable business model for anyone who just wants to earn a decent income.

 MLM Affiliate Marketing
Restricted to products from a single company Sell multiple products from many companies
High product investment No product investment
Complex commission system Simple commission system
Face-to-face rejection No rejection
Team effort required No team is required
Endless member recruitment No member recruitment
Active income Passive income

By looking at the comparison, there’s no doubt that affiliate marketing is a simpler business model that only requires basic effort to earn a decent full-time income.

Of course, if your intention is to become a millionaire, then MLM will be a better choice, and that comes with tremendous stress and effort to convince people to do the same.

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If you too prefer such a way, I suggest you get a copy of my free guide to start a small business online and follow through the process that I took to make this work for me.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my Youngevity Review. If you find this information useful, feel free to share it on any of your social media channels.

However, should you decided to join Youngevity or you’re already in this business, do share with us your experience by leaving a comment below.

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5 thoughts on “Youngevity Review: Is It Your Key to Financial Freedom?”

  1. Well, as much as Youngevity can improve the individual financial situation with its impressive compensation plan, it is often not so easy. The existing product issues and complaints would only reduce the chances of closing sales. This is especially true when applying on a highly competitive niche in health and wellness. Don’t think I  want to take the risk investing in any MLM business. 

  2. Hi Florence. It looks like Youngevity is a great opportunity to make a massive amount of money. But I don’t think it’s easy to run this kind of business. Too much selling and recruiting involved. Just can’t take the stress of being rejected again and again. Worst still if we give up half through the journey and disappoint relatives who supported us when we first started. That would be a real disappointment. That’s why I rather don’t start any MLM. 

  3. I have some experience with such companies and it’s far from easy to make any money with the kind of products they sell. It’s not bad but usually they are over-priced and you have to run all the time to find customers. Personally it’s not the ideal work for financial freedom, on the contrary you have to work extra hard to make very little. There is no comparison between this and affiliate marketing as the second is super easy for anyone to start and with some effort create a successful business.

    1. I absolutely agree with you. At least affiliate marketing does not require face-to-face selling so there’s no rejection too. 

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